College Life [version 0.3.9 Full]

This game tries to blend RPG maker game with visual novel. In the environment of college you have almost unlimited possibilities and who didnt have some sexal fantasies about schoolgirls or teachers, right !? Oh, yeah, this is 18+ content so stay away if it does offend you…

+ Changelog
-added over 230 new images
-added 7 new animations (over 680 images)
-added over 180 new image variants of older content
-added 2 new animation variants for older content (over 520 images)
-finished side quest “Plug In!”
-added one big event and one smaller event as part of the side quest
-added one big event that expands visit to the beach
-added really small events that expands studying and finding book at library, walking in the city and traveling by the bus (to the beach), plus small expansion during morning study at Kara’s room
-added 4 new conversation topics tied to the overall content of this update
-added 2 new songs to the music player and 1 new ambient track to one of the new events
-edited and updated most (I’ve probably missed some) of older Kara’s events that could be affected by not wearing any underwear (or wearing something else)
-due to various circumstances it was possible to end up in Kara’s room after midnight, at which point the MC froze indefinitely. Now she asks you to leave as she’s supposed to
-Jessica was at two different spots at the same time in her bedroom due to missing condition check
-it was impossible to get any of Joan’s selfies on a day when you’ve already got a selfie from Kara
-added marker in front of the classroom 201 door, before the very first class starts
-when talking to Kara, if she says “I’m still thinking about it.” during “How are you without the sweater”, time won’t move anymore, as it’s a super short conversation and it doesn’t make sense
-sleeping at Jessica’s after a date caused freezing
-time was moved by two hours onstead of one during first part of Kara’s “First Touches”
-it was impossible to go with Jane and buy new clothes for MC, if “Planning the Date” part 1 was finished
-sometimes the game started to lag, after MC picked up Jessica for the threesome date, due to couple of switches being switched in wrong order
-it was impossible to start Kara’s “Kink Talk” at the blanket thanks to wrong condition check
-during Joan’s “Date Expansion” MC used condom, even when “Go bareback” was selected

v0.3.8.2a Hotfix 2
-fixes freezing after MC invites Joan on a date
-fixes random freezes after using the phone

Actual new content
Threesome with Jane and Jessica. Now it’s complete 😉
-added 8 new animations with at least 2 points of view (over 850 images)
-added 150 new images
-added 1 animation to Jane’s “Becoming Best Friend” event (another 60 images), plus made it easier to get the sex scene
-added small conversation at the end of the “Two Plus One Equals…” event to bridge the old content with the new
-added ‘Planning the Date’ event
-added ‘Three Is the Way’ event
-added around 40 music tracks that play during events
-added 11 songs that play during free roam
-completely remade title screen
-remade most of the player’s phone and it’s functionality
-added music player and ability to control it to the player’s phone
-(finally) created character sprite for dorm receptionist
-changed resolution to 1080p as even higher standards have become norm
-recreated Jane’s “in towel” sprite to be more like in towel and less like in a robe
-removed “Where are you?” options from messages, as they were superseded with HUD long time ago
-fixed missing wall shadows in library
-fixed missing conversation menu in Kara’s “Beach Visit” event after the unique conversations are seen
-fixed switching between dresses during conversation in Kara’s “Beach Visit” event
-fixed buying ticket for opera costs no money
-fix for Jessica’s conversation about her apartment that was never set as seen, so it showed everytime while in her apartment
-fixed Kara’s status when it gets to the “friends” level.
-Cerid (2nd signature girl) didn’t recognized player, if he interupted her and Jessica during first visit to the infirmary
-player will get more massage skill points when repeating the first massage lesson and while the level is “sausage fingers”
-(hopefully) fixed missing phone button on screen be completely remaking the way the phone is shown
-Jane’s ‘Locker Blowjob’ event in gym can now be triggered even at time when she’s in women’s locker room
-fixed Mrs. Anderson’s tab in Characters showing up before meeting her
-fixed bug during Jessica’s ‘Shower Fun’ event, when cumming inside didn’t happen, ifif the option was presented after certain amount of repetitions
-during ‘Meeting Penny’ event sometimes images didn’t match the spoken lines. Also time didn’t move after the event ended
-game now correctly tracks, if you had first unprotected sex with Joan during ‘Afternoon Fun’ event or during ‘Date Expansion’ event
-side quest ‘One Last Big Gesture’ can be started right after Kara receives her sundress
-fixed a bug during Joan’s massage, if the first or second massage happened for the first time, when she’s your lover

-added 75 new images
-added new event called “Pizza Night”
-added conversation that leads up to the event
-added conversation that unlocks sleeping in Samantha’s apartment
-updated all internal systems, so the sleeping at her apartment actually works
-fixed potentional bugs around dinner event with Samantha and Joan, when MC doesn’t join them in time, or if the new “Pizza Night” happens a the same day
-I had some other bug reports, but I didn’t get to them in time. They are first in line, though

added all (over 190) previously not rendered image variants for the content from 0.3.6 version of the game
added 4 events to the galery (2 for Jessica and 2 for Kara)
with that, the Becoming Best Friends with Kara has been updated to use the 1st/3rd person view system instead of the original choice menu
fixed bug in the same event, when after finishing it, game would still act like MC is in Kara’s room, even though he wasn’t

added 120 new images
added 2 new animatons (another 60 images)
added new conversations to Jane and Jessica that starts the next event
added new event called “Two Plus One Equals…”
added new event called “This Time You Get New Clothes”
added new event called “Beach Visit”
fixed waiting in Jessica’s apartment, if you have the key to it
fixed bug, where HUD didn’t show Kara’s correct location, when she was in the city
adjusted Jessica’s schedule to fit Penny’s original schedule
when conversation with Kara ends in the library, the images are cleared from the screen in not very smooth fashion
when player agrees to workout with Jane for the first time, if player tries to talk to Jane before changing clothes, the hud doesn’t dissapear
talking to Jane, while she rest on a bench in the gym can result in “missing” image during the conversation
when player visits Jessica in the infirmary, he says that he “read” about the massages, even if the quest is started via the alternative start
spying on Jane in dorm bathroom was broken due to wrong conditions, since “No Television Tonight” was added to the game
spying on random girls in the dorm bathroom was bugged and only two out of four options were ever shown
during 2nd masssage lesson, ability to switch between points of view stayed available, under some conditions, even though it shouldn’t have been
it was possible to make Jane cum durring your first sexual interaction due to badly placed condition update
text messages to Joan on day 10 are now more fitting the circumstances
latest update caused issues when spying on Joan in the bathroom
it was possible to fast travel to Crighton Street from Westside before it was intended
closet, where MC has his swimming trunks at Joan’s room is now more visible
it was possible to get the conversation with Kim reminding MC the talk with Joan, right after the “First Tub with Joan and Kim”, thus being scolded for not doing something just a minute after being told to do something
if talked to Joan, and she mentions that she got the job, her new daily schedule kicks in, and she appears at a new location, but the HUD didn’t recognized that
it was possible to trigger a script that handles the start of “Covered Skin” side quest, when visiting the boutique with Jane. Upon returning to Downtown alone, the quest would start, even though the trigger conditions wouldn’t have been met anymore
it was possible to give Joan her new underwear while wearing swimming trunks or the suit, even though in the scene MC clearly wears his casual outfit
when player rode by a bus with Joan, time didn’t change, if player chose to talk to her and then told her “Never mind…”
it was possible to trigger “Moving Penny” event early on the moving day, if player entered Jessica’s apartment previous night after midnight
Jessica’s 3rd nude photo couldn’t be obtained, unless player just left her apartment at the required time
In “Sexual Education”, when MC shows Joan the porn site, time moved by two hours instead of one
In “Sexual Education”, time moved even when Joan had no questions. That was unintentional
In rare occasion, a kissing skill +1 got stuck on screen, when MC kissed Kara after giving her new dress for the opera
There were some reports that first sex with Joan led to a crash. I couldn’t replicate it, but there was a similar bug like in Jessica’s lover event, that I’ve solved, so I’ve added a same solution to the Joan’s event. Hope that helps
When Joan tells detective, what happened to her, she says it happened at wrong amount of days ago
Added option to throw away condoms to the trash bin MC’s room
When buying phone to Samantha, wrong variables are set, causing to receive a notebook on top of the phone when picking up a package
When Samantha’s bruises disappear, and MC approaches her during breakfast, he doesn’t notice it, even if it the first time he sees her without the bruises

added 35 new images total
2 new selfies from Jane, 4 from Jessica, 1 from Joan, 1 from Kara, and 3 from Samantha
updated random event with new variants – 3 in the Main Hall, 1 in Campus park, 3 in gym
new voyeur opportunities, 2 in women’s gym locker room, 1 in stadium locker room, 1 in Mrs. Anderson’s apartment bathroom
finished Jessica’s free day feature, with new schedule and 3 small events
drawn new sprites for Penny and Jessica
This is Penny

added over 90 new images (there are like 3 or 4 that you won’t be able to see for now)
added 3 new animations (230 images)
added new event «Moving Penny»
added new event «Redeem the Reward»
added two new conversations that tie to the new events (trigger them, basically)
updated «Breakfast Time» event at Jessica’s, so you can enjoy it even if you’ve slept over in the suit (even for the very first time, if you play from the start)
added unique lines to «Shower Fun» and «Breakfast Time» that can be seen on the day of Penny’s moving (highly recommend to sleep at Jessica’s the night before)
implemented backend logic for future content — Jessica’s free day, and Penny’s daily schedule
added two small events from Penny’s daily schedule — spying in shower, and checking on her in her bedroom
fixed bug where an image got stuck on the screen, if player abruptly ended 3rd massage lesson, instead of satisfying Jessica

added 50 new images
added 2 new animations (technically 6, which is another 180 new images)
added beginning of a new side quest called “Plug In!”, You can’t finish it right now, it was an afterthought, but it’ll be good.
added new event called “Kink Talk”
added new event called “Beach Visit”, there are two versions of this event – you’ll see
updated world map, so it a small shoreline
updated side quest “Hot Tub Entry”, to accommodate changes made by the “Beach Visit”
added small trigger event that will unlock the beach, just drive the bus towards the sea
added 3rd massage lesson to the galery (here are the two new animations), and updated it to use the 3rd/1st person system I’ve talked about so much in the past
fixed bug where clicking on an arrow in 1st person would move forward a text
readded missing image in achievements, that I’ve accidentaly deleted in previous version
fixed bug, where MC’s skill would decline after time, even if he improved said skill during that time period

added 80 new images
added new main quest called «Next Classes»
with that comes two new classes Math and Political Science (with skills etc.)
added new side quest called «The Matchmaker»
with that comes two events
added second signature event that triggers the side quest
added a lot of new characters, most noticeble are Mr. Park, Mrs. Brighton, Naraya and Heather
added option to work out at gym alone
added option to study on MC’s computer and modified option to study at library
added a couple of maps that expands the Main Hall and Dormitory
modified Player menu to give more information
fixed bug where a wrong image was shown at one instance during the event where MC was introduced to Jane

added over 450 new images (including 5 new animations from two points of view)
added missing animation variants from “Bend Over” event with Kara (183 new images)
added new conversation with Jane about the massage in the infirmary
added new event “No Television Tonight” in MC’s room
added new side quest “A Whole A Hole” tied to the event above
added 5 new selfies – 3 with Jane, 2 with Jessica
added Joan’s 1st three events to the gallery
rerendered part of the Joan’s first event
fixed bug, where a player could get stuck in endless loop of message spamming if the player accepted to go with Joan to buy swimsuit at 18:00
fixed possible trigger issues with Kara’s “Bend Over” event
fixed bug, where turning on/off fullscreen mode in the options menu wasn’t saved
while buying a swimsuit with Joan, if you mention tanning issue with the 3rd suit and then suggesting her to buy that suit, the option should be disabled for next round

added 30 new images
rerendered 100 images for the Locker Blowjob event with Jane
added 1 new animation for the same event (4 variants – total of 120 new images)
The blowjob scene is now available in the gallery
added two new events with Samantha – Unexpected View and Crying In Bed
added directional arrows to the 1st/3rd person view system, and it will be utilized at appropriate situations
finally added all achievements from previous two updates (plus this one)
fixed bug where an image got stuck on the screen after a conversation with Joan on the Campus bench and/or the talk in the bus ride that immediately follows

added 50 new images
rerendered 1st massage lesson (over 40 images)
added two new animations to the “drunken” sex event with Jane
added “Super Smart Phone” side quest
added “Family Dinner” event
added “Getting Job” event
updated “Dinner” event for situation when you organize the “Family Dinner” but go to this one instead
rerendered that “Dinner” event images to match the latest look of Kim and Joan
added first version of the Gallery mode to the main menu
updated the look of other custom menus
updated “Drunken” sex and 2nd massage lesson to utilize latest 3rd/1st point of view system
updated RPG Maker MV engine to the latest version (may fix some issues with the latest version of MacOS). That caused a change of the save files location. Please read article linked in the download post to import save files to the correct folder.
fixed issues with missing image during lates Joan’s conversation topics at various locations

added over 90 new images
added 7 new animations, that’s over 700 new images (all the dress, shave/not-shaved and point of view variants)
added new event in Kara’s room called “Bend Over”
added new event in Anderson’s apartment called “Date Expansion”
added new event in Anderson’s apartment called simply “Breakfast” with Joan
added feature to switch between 1st and 3rd person view (only for “Bend Over” event, for now), I will update older compatible events in near the future
fixed bug, where Samantha bruises were healed before they should have been
fixed bug, where Samantha’s sprites where showing up randomly in her apartment
I want to say another bug, but I can’t remember. I have to write it down when I’m fixing it…

added over 80 new images
finally rerendered those noisy images with Kara at the opera
added new side quest called “Photo! Shoot!”
added new event called “TV with Wine”
added new event called “Looking For Job”
added new event called “Photoshoot”
added 3 new conversation topics (you should better finish before the second mentioned event 😉
added small event to recognize Sam’s healed face
added small breakfast event
revisioned fix for missing HUD on day 10 (hopefully it’ll for for everyone now)
fixed bug, where you could talk with Sam about visiting the headmaster before you actually did

v.0.2.7a Hotfix
There has been several reports that the HUD disappears on day 10 after the events with Joan transpire. I’m unable to replicate the bug itself, but i’ve added command at the end of the event to force the HUD to show, if it is hidden. I’ve also added the same command to MC’s bed, so if you have missing HUD, go sleep to MC’s bed and it should fix the problem.
Please, report if you had this problem and if the fix worked for you. The rest, who doesn’t have the problem, feel free to ignore this fix, you don’t need it.

Save file
Some of you asked for this, so here it is. Everithing is finished in this save, except for the “Family Reunion” quest and some of the selfies are not collected. If you return to your room, you’ll be promted to change your name, so you won’t have to play as Mike 🙂
Well, the’s all for now. Enjoy yourselves and see you soon.

fixed rare bug, where part of Joan’s “So Here I Live” quest may trigger, when MC enters his room while Joan’s changing inside
fixed broken bus navigation on the city map, when player was using a mouse instead of keyboard
fixed embarking the bus from the Crighton Street, where MC teleported for a moment to Downtown
removed scripts from empty doors at the Crighton Street
fixed bug, where it was possible to walk over Sam, when she’s in her bed
fixed bug, where the game would freeze when the MC is going to exit a bus during the bad ending of “Family Reunion” quest
fixed Joan’s HUD info for the bad ending of “Family Reunion” quest
fixed missing batroom door at Sam’s apartment, when she’s not in there
fixed bug where HUD would disappear after spying on Sam

New update is here and with it the conclusion of the main quest that you could have seen in the last update.
Let’s not sugarcoat it. It’s a little bit smaller than the last one, but there’s a lot of background work that you don’t see. I haven’t had a decent rest for almost a year and I can see it in the work that I’ve done. I really need the vacation that is planned for the next month.
Anyway, I hope you’ll like, how the quest is finished and hopefully you’ll be interested more in the new main character. That’s right! With this update Samantha becomes one of the MC’s main interests. I know you want to see some others to be added to this list, but I’ve planned this move for a very long time and the fact is, Joan and Samantha were and still are the main reason, why MC went to the college in the first place.
But if you don’t like Sam, there are options that will practically end her story without losing the game.

added over 70 new images
added 3 new events as the second part of the “Family Reunion” quest. These parts are called “Going Home”, “Train Back” and “New Apartment”
added small event with headmaster as a part of conclusion after the main quest ends
added two small phone call events as a part of the conclusion
added two new maps – “Crighton Street” and “Samantha’s Apartment”
added Samantha’s sprites
created first version of Sam’s daily schedule
updated HUD with Samantha’s character
added one conversation topic for Sam, unlocked after the encounter with headmaster
added couple basic events at Sam’s apartment – “Watching TV”, “Reading in Bed” and “In the Bathroom”
updated bus transportation from everywhere to the new location
removed option to postpone the start of the “Family Reunion” quest, as it is now unnecessary, since the quest is now complete
fixed bug, where MC acts like he doesn’t know about Jane’s new outfit during her lunch event, even though he went to buy it with her

Hotfix for 0.2.6
Sorry, guys.
There’s a bug, where the new content won’t trigger, if you play with save that is past the day 50. Now the bug should be fixed.

This update contains roughly half of the main quest about the situation that was hinted during the intro of the game and then later, when later Joan arrived at the scene.
There are 4 outcomes (I call them endings, but it’s not accurate) of quest and they will be expanded and finished in the next update.
You will be able to save and continue from that spot, once the content is added. You’ll be able to postpone this content, so you can do other stuff, before you do this. (This feature will be removed, once the whole quest is implemented)
That’s it. Enjoy and please, share your thoughts.
Btw, updated guide will be finished tomorrow, but I think you won’t need 😉

added over 110 new images
added new main quest called “Family Reunion” that will start on day 50 or later after sleeping anywhere except Joan’s room
the quest is separated into 4 events (so far) – Phone Call, Train Travel, The Visit and The Outcomes
there are 4 outcomes and one abrupt ending to this quest (so far), so be careful for the wrong options.
there were some bugs, bud did I fix them? I will have to check later…

v0.2.5 Full:
New content
There’s a new side quest that will allow you to see the scene from the image above. But that scene is more of follow up to that quest than a part of it. You’ll see.
I’ve created a repeatable sex scene, that pretty much combines all the previous actions into one scene with a few additions. It is designed to be expanded upon with new positions in the future updates.
Big part is a walking around the city. Now you know, what Kara does, when she’s nowhere to be found. You’ll be able to “explore” (more like accidentaly stumble upon) couple parts of the city. And one starts the aforementioned side quest.
There are some other bits. You’ll be able to see Amber again, Kara’s massage is updated and the scene with the blowjob has been enhanced with somewhat new animation. It has been pointed out to me, that her first attempt was too good. So now she sucks a bit more, in sense that she’s worse at it. But next time she can do better and suck a bit more, in the literal sense.
There are also four images, that for some reason were rendered for over a seven hours each and still were barely at 50 %. They are there just to paint the whole scene and aren’t necessary. But I hate them, so I will edit them and fix them for the next release.

– added over 220 new images (including animations)
– added 1 completely new animation and 2 animaitons created out of previous ones
– added new side quest called “One Last Big Gesture”
– added new event called “Walking Around”
– added two new events as part of the side quest
– added new event called “Going to the Opera”
– added new event called “Regular Sex”
– extended the massage option at the picnic site
– fixed bug where an image was stuck to the screen after finishing the boutique event during “Tub Accessory” side quest, if certain conditions where met
– I have a huge feeling that I didn’t fix some bug, but I can’t figure out what it was. Sorry about that. Hopefully somebody will report it again

Release date: 31 March, 2022
Genre: RPG Maker MV, 3DCG, Voyeurism, Anal sex, All Sex, Oral Sex, Seduced, Corruption, Pervert, Voyeur
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: MikeMasters
Platform: Windows / Android
Version: 0.3.9 + Guide + Save + CG Images
Language: English
Size: 3.14 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]


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