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The Lust Hero [version 0.18]

Professor D. Range, the supervillain mastermind, manages to escape from his confinement, the maximum security prison where he was taken after his last defeat.
He is hell-bent on revenge. The Order of Purity, a group of superheroes seeking to eradicate crime and imprison everyone who opposes the current goverment of Righteous City, are his main target. In order to face them, he has to find allies and reform his legendary team of misfits, the Scavengers.
On his journey, the genius but a bit absentminded protagonist has to face lustful and often hilarious events to reach his goal and to discover that nothing is as it seems to be…‚Äč

+ Changelogs
New questline: The hidden assassin
New location: St. Margaret Cathedral
– 3 new interactable characters, dialogues etc…
– 1 new item
– 1 unlockable research, craftable

Fiona – Ph level : 2
Eloise – Ph level: 1

Fixed the bug which prevented unlocking the PH neons once the Enchantress pushed to PH level 2.

Cherokee – Ph level : 4
Rosalie – Ph level: 2

Under the hood:
DLD0 added as an interactable to the Laboratory at home.
Beside the usual chat option, after the Hololens are crafted, a Status report option will be available on interaction with DLD0. This option opens the Status screen where the actual progress with each side-character girls can be tracked.


Storyline: The Ship

Lin – Ph level : 4

Storyline: Enchantress transformation

Cassandra – Ph level : 2
Beatrice – Ph level: 3
1 new transition scene (home)

Storyline: The Infiltration

Harley – Ph level : 3
Fiona – Ph level: 1

Under the hood
– The MC name is now persistent through saves. You can rename the MC anytime in the Preferences menu.
– Bundle function added to the Inventory as a workaround for the glitch which sometimes add ingredients to multiple slots. Now, clicking on the Bundle icon these items will be merged automatically.
– Tease option is no longer removed from the Chat options after a character reaches Ph level 2.

Storyline: Shadows of the past – Part I.

Cherokee – Ph level : 3

– Fix for the bug which prevented some players to access the Ph level 2 content for Cherokee.

– Adding a save file description can now turned on/off in the options menu
– Renaming the MC is possible either by clicking his name in the textbox or in the options menu
– 2nd save location added (requires the user to grant the permission to access external storage which is requested at game start. If it’s not granted, the game is shut down.)

New location: Axion Clinic
– 3 new interactable characters, dialogues etc…
– 1 new item
– 1 unlockable research, craftable

Mimi – Ph level : 3
Cassandra – Ph level : 1
Rosalie – Ph level : 1

– Fix for the bug which caused crash on entering Lenny’s house.
– Fix for the bug which caused the latest image for Julie in older versions to not appear.

Julie Ph level: 3
Beatrice Ph level 2
1 new office transition
1 new university transition

Ph level increase now costs two pens for each level (Originally it costed two for Ph level 1 and three for each consecutive level)

Under the hood
Picture size optimization – the game size is now ~100MB slimmer

Release date: 25 February, 2020
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Superheroes, Parody, Hardcore, Corruption, Interracial, Handjob, Footjob, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Animated, Cosplay, Exhibitionism, Female domination, Male domination, POV, Sci-fi, Teasing
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Alteus
Platform: Windows / Linux / Android
Version: 0.18 + Walkthrough
Language: English
Size: 1.14 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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