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Beauty and the Thug [version 0.3.5b]

By the time she was eighteen, our heroine knew everything about her future. She was the best student in her high school and knew anatomy and physiology like the back of her hand. Being a doctor was her dream, her passion. But everything changed in one moment…

+ Changelog
Fixed a bug where you can’t make Amy stay in certain situations
Added a screen with Beach Ball statistics that you can see after each game set
Added two cheat codes bb+ and bb- .They add +20 / remove -20 skill points from all the girls
If you have already seen all four punishments and Queen Fetish Mode is on, you can pick up a punishment
Fixed some other minor bugs

Added one more game day
Started Amy’s route
Added some home routine with Amy
Added the third visit to the doctor
Added jogging with Amy
Added next day morning scene with Amy
Added some beach routine with Amy
Added Beach Ball play with Amy
Added 13 punishments for losers (4 x 3 for girls, 1 for guys)
Added one more background melody
Added 5 new gallery entries
Added 10 new hints
Interface update – Added the ability to name your saves or delete unused ones. You can activate or deactivate it in the Preferences
Fixed numerous typos
Added more than 2000 new renders and 1250 animations (1140 beach ball and 110 other lewd animations)

Added two game days
Progress of Bondage Fetish from 25% to 65% (avoidable)
Added two laundry events wit Sandra
Added fifteen new hints to help with new content
Added 8 new gallery entries
About 1,600 new renders and 60 animations
Fixed a few bugs
Fixed some typos
Two new cheat codes (see the attached pdf file)

Added two game days (finished Week 3)
Initiated Amy (lesbian) route
Progress of Watersport Fetish from 25% to 50% (avoidable)
Added numerous beach events with old and new characters
Added a few dozens of new hints to help with new content
Added 7 new gallery entries
Over 1,500 new renders and 13 animations
Two new audio tracks
Fixed numerous bugs

Added five game days
New Sandra events (for Sandra-lover and Sandra-friend)
New gynecologist event
New library event
New work event
New game feature: final stats screen
New game feature: ability to skip Prologue, the first day, or the first week after the first playthrough
New game feature: game hints. Now, if you get stuck, you can see suggestions what you can do in your current situation. There are 287 hints in total.
Significant progress of Anal Play – from 46% to 75%
New toy: an inflatable buttplug
Now, Lisa can wear Ben Wa Balls or Buttplug during most of her home routine and some outdoor actions.
1800 new renders and 50 animations
Fixed some bugs, no GH on Hunter’s route
Updated game gallery
German and Italian translations

• Added Day 13 and 14 (week 2 weekend);
• Monday, June 15th is a Groundhog Day;
• Added two huge events – dating Hunter on Saturday and Sunday;
• Added landlady Maria event – Lisa may get spanked for being naughty;
• Over 1,500 new renders and 30 animations;
• Added 5 audio tracks;
• Added 10 new gallery entries;
• Fixed numerous bugs;
• Updated over 1,500 old renders to improve their quality.
• Italian, Brazilian, and German translation;

• Added Day 10 – 12 (June 10 – June 12);
• You can also play Day 13 as a Groundhog Day;
• New Car Wash event. Lisa may decide not to put on her bra for car washing;
• A new big event – visiting a gynecologist. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Lisa is healthy;
• A new unique feature in nswf game industry – a non-perverted gynecologist!
• New location – Lavatory on the beach. Quite a big scene;
• New beach event with Charlie;
• New nude adventures when Lisa goes to the left from the public beach;
• Beach topless photo session;
• A few smaller extensions for the beach – watersport events in several locations and reading textbook;
• New events with Sandra in the Laundromat;
• New location – Glory Hole in club “Paradise”;
• new fetish – Cum Play;
• Skype conversation with Hunter. This time, Hunter has a chance to convince Lisa to do something lewd;
• New toy – Ben Wa balls. Lisa can clean or cook wearing Ben Wa balls;
• One more new toy – Anal Beads. Lisa can use them at night;
• New lewd dream with Lisa, Dolly, and Dolly’s new friends;
• Three new fetish videos;
• Watersport practice in the bathroom;
• Lisa can visit Book Store routinely;
• Fixed the bug with Sandra’s first sex scene, where the game often crashed. Also, if Sandra has sex with Lisa, she always asks her husband for permission;
• A few other bug fixes.
• Entirely reworked the cheat system. Now, you have sliders for all fetishes, cooking skills, and progress in math.
• A few new cheat codes for Hunter and Sandra;
• 20 new gallery entries;
• German translation;
• A new concept for new animations: one long animation (30-60 sec)

• added Day 9 (June 9, Tuesday);
• you can also play Day 10 as a Groundhog Day;
• new big beach event related to the main storyline;
• Car Wash event;
• new location – night club Paradise;
• a lot of events for Blow Job, Pussy Play, Anal Play, Exhibitionism, and other fetishes.
• new fetish – watersport (fully avoidable);
• extension of cooking – food play;
• extensions of the bed play;
• three night-time fetish events;
• fixed some bugs;
• 11 new entries in the game gallery
• Italian and German translation;
• the game contains now 12232 renders and 1086 animations;

• added Day 8 (June 8, Monday);
• you can also play Day 9 as a sandbox day;
• MC is getting more sensitive; starting from the second week, she can have more than one orgasm a day;
• added a new dream;
• added one main storyline event;
• extended morning events;
• extended bathroom and shower events;
• added shaving;
• extended car wash event;
• extended home workout and jogging events;
• extended cooking: MC can progress from a dummy to a newbie;
• added one new location – library & bookstore;
• added four home activities – reading textbook, reading erotic books, bondage practice, and Internet research; the last one appears only when required;
• mc can invite Sandra (as a friend or as a lover); added a lot of sex activities for them;
• added three fetish nighttime events and two practice events;
• initiates two more fetishes – ass eating and watersport (will be developed in the next versions);
• added one more toy – ben wa balls (will be used in the next versions);
• added 14 entries of the game gallery;
• Italian translation;
• the game contains now 11266 renders and 1073 animations.

v. 0.1.0b

v. 0.1.0a
• added Day 7 (June 7, Sunday); MC can have a short date with Hunter, spend the whole day with her new friend Sandra, and stay alone;
• you can also play Day 8 as a sandbox day;
• added several fetish events;
• added a few scenes for the bedroom, shower, and bath;
• added a new optional fetish – armpit fetish;
• now, you can save MC’s fetish skills and retrieve them when you start a new game (experimental);
• added 10 new entries in the gallery;
• slight additional compression of files;
• fixed some bugs;
• implemented Italian translation; German translation is in progress;
• the game contains now 9553 renders and 914 animations.

v. 0.0.9a
• added Day 6 (June 6, Saturday); the first scene with MC’s best female friend;
• added a few scenes for the bedroom;
• updated interface for bed play events, play in the shower, and some daytime events;
• slight additional compression of game files;
• new hotkeys: M to show/hide top menu; K to show/hide stats menu;
• fixed some bugs in Beauty and the Thug;
• implemented Italian and German translation;

– added Day 4 (June 4, Thursday);
– added Day 5 (June 5, Friday);
– added 8 fetish events (6 in bedroom + 2 practices);
– added and extended a lot of scenes for foot fetish, blow job, anal play, pussy play, teasing, and exhibitionism;
– two new toys in Adult Boutique; a lot of related animations;
– widely extended bedroom events; a lot of new options; the more you learn – the more you get;
– added some new audio tracks;
– fixed some bugs in Beauty and the Thug;
– hotkeys for switching hairy/shaved; press A to toggle hairy/shaved armpits; press P to toggle hairy/shaved pubes; use still can reach Accessible menu via Shift+A;
– bonuses for my tiers: veeery skimpy home outfit and two aprons (also, veeery skimpy); will be available for all player in the next updates;
– “time loop” – you can replay the last day a many times as you want preserving everything you have learned;
– the biggest update in terms of new renders; the game contains 7188 renders and 777 animations;
– 32 new entries in the Gallery (a few scenes are made in advance for the future versions and are available for patrons only.)

Beauty and the Thug v0.0.6c
– added Day 4 (June 4, Thursday);
– added 6 fetish events (5 in bedroom + 1 practice);
– new Drunken Monkey event;
– added more animations for bedroom events, showering, and bathing;
– added/extended a lot of short scenes for foot fetish and new exhibitionism level;
– added new ability – going out pantieless and sleeping without panties (requires maximal available exhibitionism level);
– added ability to change your outfit (or panties on/off toggle) for the mall, laundry, grocery, and Red-Lights District (requires maximal available exhibitionism level);
– now you can buy sweets in the grocery – mood increasers;
– now, you’ll get a notification any time when MC’s skills or characteristics got changed – mood, health, arousal, cooking skills, fetish skills, and money;
– added 13 new entries in the gallery;
– added cheat code system. All cheat codes are on my Patreon and Subscibestar for free;
– added some new audio tracks;
– minor bug fixes in Beauty and the Thug;
– minor changes of dialogues;
– the game contains about 4850 renders and 620 animations.

Beauty and the Thug v0.0.5c
– fixed bug on Day 2 where you can’t reach Good mood if you don’t go to the groceries in the morning;
– added some missed renders
– added Day 3 (June 3, Monday);
– added 5 Fetish events;
– added some more animations for bedroom events;
– new feature: Stat Screen (instead of Skills Screen) where you have access to shaved / not shaved options, skills, and all other features;
– new feature: Inventory menu (part of Stat Screen) where you can check how many supplies and what kind of toys you have (one toy + supplements for now);
– new feature: Ability to change MC’s outfit (from Stat Screen.) Works for home wear and sports suit (if you got access to skimpier options);
– new feature: Gallery to make sure you have watched all content. Besides this, MC will gladly give you a hint on how to open each image;
– all futa/trans content is optional now;
– small changes in MC’s appearance: better asset for MC’s breast
– small changes in MC’s appearance: unshaved pubes is bushier now; labia majora are hairy as well (shaved pussy is still available);
– access to game fonts for non-native English players. Find fonts that work for you, rename them with my fonts’ names, and copy them to the game/fonts folder with replacement;
– the game contains about 4200 renders and 580 animations.

Beauty and the Thug v0.0.4c
– added Day 2 (June 2, Monday)
– added four fetish events
– added a lot of animations for bedroom events
– updated some existing animations to make them better
– reworked over 200 existing renders to make them better
– added new feature: you can change MC’s appearance right from the game menu in real-time. Now, you can look as any scene with different options just in several clicks!
– some minor changes in dialogues in Beauty and the Thug
– game contains about 2900 renders and 500 animations

– fixes the bug that doesn’t allow you to watch any movie except for erotic and makes some content unavailable.

Beauty and the Thug v0.0.2
– Added ability to shave armpits, pubes, both, or nothing;
– Added images and animations for all shaving options. Now the game contains 1501 images and 183 animations;
– Dolly and the character of the porn videos use the shaving options that you like;
– Compressed images without visible quality loss. The final v0.0.2 archive is even smaller than v.0.0.1;
– Fixed some animations to make them hotter and more realistic;
– To avoid problems with Patreon, now Amy is the best friend of MC, not a sister. Please, don’t input “sister” instead of your bestie’s name;
– Some minor editing of dialogues.

Implementing the shaving options required to do major structural changes to the game code. Old save files will not work.

Beauty and the Thug v0.0.1
– Beauty and the Thug Initial release. 905 images, 83 animations;
– Includes the first day, June 1 (+ prologue).

Where can I find cheat codes?
On the game website.

Is it going to be a long game or a short story?
It’s not a fast-fap game. I wrote a serious story about true love and true friendship, hard choices, and their consequences. It’s hard for me to judge how good the story is, but I really hope I’ll make you care about the protagonist.​

Is it a visual novel or the sandbox?
It’s a visual novel with sandbox elements. Some days, there will be script events; some days, you will be able to do whatever you want. But if something is going to happen on the 1st of July, it will happen on the 1st of July whether you are ready or not.​

Does the game has a lot of grinding?
The game has very little grinding. I’ll try to do all repeatable event to be as different as it possible. And for sure, you won’t need to repeat X 50 times to obtain Y.​
There will be very few wrong choices; most of your decisions will cause what route you will choose and what fetish you will develop, but they won’t lead to bad end (though several bad ends are still present.)​

Does the game has lesbian content?
The protagonist falls in love with a male or female character or with both of them. Some initial interactions with a male character are not avoidable. After that, you will be able to choose a pure lesbian route. Also, there will be some lesbian side characters.​

What fetishes exactly can the protagonist develop? How does the fetish system work?
You can read it here:
At first, a few words about the fetish system.
There’re 18 types of fetishes the main character can learn. To progress, MC has to:

Watch related porn at night before sleeping, OR
Have some practice to understand learned material better, OR
Make Internet research to find out more about watched material.

For being able to study, MC has to be in a good mood, healthy, and quite aroused. The more extreme fetish, the higher parameters MC has to have.
Sometimes you’ll need to buy/find special things. For example, MC can’t insert anything in her ass larger than a finger if she doesn’t have any lube; or, MC has to buy ropes if she wants to progress in bondage.
Handjob, foot fetish, pussy play, anal play, and exhibitionism are available from the start. For others, you’ll need to meet some requirements progressing in available fetishes to a certain level.
Progress to a certain level of fetish opens additional actions during sexual scenes and allows you to buy more stuff in a sex shop.

1) HANDJOB. Quick progress, obvious result. Opens Blowjob and some other fetishes.
2) BLOWJOB. Up to deep throat.
3) FOOT FETISH. Quick progress, obvious result. No connections with other fetishes, just for fans.
4) PUSSY PLAY. Using a variety of sex toys. Up to fisting.
5) ANAL PLAY. Using a variety of sex toys in her rear hole, buttplug. Up to anal fisting.
6) PUSSY EATER. MC gets addicted to the taste of vaginal juices – her own and the other girls.
7) ASS EATER. MC gets addicted to rimming.
8) CUM PLAY. MC gets addicted to the taste of cum, feeling cum spurts on her body, and even in her panties.
9) EXHIBITIONISM. Up to crazy actions outdoor and in front of other people.
10) TEASING. Teasing and edging before cumming. Up to ruining orgasm.
11) ORGASM DENIAL. A logical continuation of Teasing. Asking for permission to cum. Edging without cumming. Up to wearing a chastity belt.
12) ANAL ONLY. Continuation of Anal Play and Orgasm Denial. Up to permanent vaginal sealing piercing and losing options for vaginal sex.
13) ENEMA. Up to huge enema loads and prolonged enema retention.
14) PISS PLAY (Watersport). Up to piss drinking, wetting herself in public, not peeing without permission.
15) URETHRA PLAY. Stuffing her piss hole with sounds and other objects.
16) BONDAGE. Variety of poses, shibari.
17) MASOCHISM. Spanking, clamps, needles, and a lot of other painful stuff.
18) PET PLAY. Up to pet lifestyle.

As well, MC’s gonna have periods, but without physiological details – just having tampon inside. This is optional.

The more progress in a certain fetish, the more hardcore/kinky scenes you will see. All hardcore scenes are avoidable.​

How do fetishes influence the storyline?
Fetishes have no influence on the main storyline. The only exclusion – you have to have some progress in blowjob for the straight route. Though, your fetishes drastically change what will you see. In other words, they don’t have any effect on IF a particular event will happen; they do have an effect on HOW the particular event will happen.​
Also, your fetishes have an impact on some side characters. If you’re an exhibitionist, then everybody is an exhibitionist as well (and don’t say that it’s not realistic!)​

Will the main character become a total slut?
She may behave as a slut unless she falls in love. In this case, she will be faithful.​

Will there be a watersport?
Yes, it’s one of the fetishes MC can develop and progress it to really hardcore stuff.​

Will there be a futa/trans content? Is it avoidable?
The game has a few futa/trans content, but it’s not its central point. There will be an avoidable side trans-character. Since v 0.0.5, all futa/trans content is avoidable.​

Will there be incest?
Of course not!!! It’s illegal!!! Unless you input “sister” instead of your best friend’s name.​
It mayhap that I’ll remove all incest-related content if I have problems with Patreon. It’s not my fault if someone uploads an incest patch, though.​

Where are cheat codes?
On my Patreon and Subscribestar. You can get them for free (look for the post for Sept 03, 2021).

What makes this game differ from 99.9% of other games?
I can name you at least three features that make my game unique:​

A combination of a sensual love story with really hardcore content. You may say that it’s not very unique, but let me finish several weeks, and you’ll see what I am talking about.
The way how MC gets corrupted. Usually, you have in the beginning an innocent virgin girl that turns into a slut. In my game, you will have a pretty normal girl with some sexual experience that gets deep into some kinks at the end.
The ability to choose how your character would look like: shaved or unshaved. You have four options:
bald pussy and shaved armpits;
hairy pussy and shaved armpits;
bald pussy and hairy armpits;
hairy pussy and armpits.

Your choice has an impact not only on your protagonist but on some side characters as well.

​I realize that there are many incredibly talented creators here, and many are much more experienced than me. But it doesn’t stop me from having a dream to make the best game ever

+ Cheat Codes

Release date: 31 March, 2024
Genre: 3DCG, Anal sex, Animated, Exhibitionism, Female Protagonist, Footjob, Futa/ Trans, Handjob, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Romance, Sex Toys, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, BDSM, Bukkake, Incest
Censorship: NO
Developer: Ze-gam-eZ
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 0.3.5b + Walkthrough/Cheats/Gallery Unlock
Language: English, Italian, German, Spanish
Size: 7.68 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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