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Big Brother in Space [version 0.10.0]

Take a look at the Big Brother game in a new way! Now you will find yourself on a spaceship, along with beautiful lustful companions…

+ Changelog
230 new images
50 new animations
two new events with Lisa, one with Alice and Kate
changes to the schedule to add Kate on Monday nights

v0.9.2- 0.9.4- Bug-fixes

– added new paths to Ann’s quest
– extended Kira’s quest
– extended Kira’s events with sex scenes
– over 280 new images
– over 150 new animations

– complete rework of the opportunities to new character quests
– added a VN mode
– fixed a few bugs
– added/extended some of the repeatable events to reflect the story progression in 0.8.0

– 7 new steps in the ‘Blog’ opportunity (4 new scenes)
– 5 new steps in the ‘Schoolmate’ opportunity (3 new scenes)
– ~100 new animations
– ~150 new images

– added the Festival event
– over 120 new animations
– over 280 new images
– a couple of new characters

– 150 new images and animations
– extended the event with Alice when you massage her feet or shoulders while watching TV (Ann should be gone to Eric’s place)
– extended the event with Alice when you apply sunscreen at the pool
– new event with Kira in the bathroom
– a new voyeur path for the event with Kira while she watches TV at night
– extended the event with Lisa while you help her with her homework
– new event with Ann when she’s doing yoga (drug her the night before to make it easier with the random chance)
– bugfixes

– added new quest “Schoolmate”
– added new steps to “Lisa”, “Kira”, “Alpha” and “Omega” quests
– added ~400 new images and animations
– new 6 new repeatable events, some of which have multiple variants

– over 80 new images
– 10 new animations
– added new steps in the Alpha/Omega and Party opportunities in Big Brother in Space
– added or extended several repeatable events:
* Alice’s blog
* Ann and Eric watching TV
* Leaving a Xenomorph egg under Alice’s pillow
* Alice leaving and getting back from the club
* Massaging Alice (now you can convince her to take off her pants / top if you progress enough in the ‘Party’ opportunity even if you didn’t give her the nose spray during the day)
– refactored the early opportunities, so they don’t depend on events
– improvements on the “Opportunities” screen, so you know when an opportunity depends on another
– Added Olivia to the “Characters” screen

– 270 new images
– 25 new animations
– 4 new quests:
– Alpha / Omega (depending on your earlier choice regarding Eric)
– Blog
– Party
– Spiders
– one new dream scene (if you’re feeling nostalgic about the original BB, I think you’ll appreciate it)
– a few new / extended repeatable events

– started Lisa’s quest
– added events with all the girls where you can use Alice’s drugs on all of them at night (check on them in the morning to see the effect)
– added dreams with Kira and Alice+Lisa when you use the drugs on yourself
– expanded Kira’s TV event at night
– 20 new animations
– 180 new images

– new characters in the game: Kira and Eric
– new and extended events with Alice
– new events with Kira and Eric+Ann
– ‘Blackmail’ opportunity is finished
– two new opportunities: ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Kira’
– one new minor character introduced: Zenta

– ~25 new animations
– ~160 new images in Big Brother in Space
– new character stats screen

Initial Release – Big Brother in Space

Release date: 11 May, 2024, 2024
Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, sci-fi, inc, milf, voyeurism, monster, sandbox, big ass, big tits, teasing, parody, animated, oral sex, spanking
Censorship: NO
Developer: Lewd Fiction Games
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 0.10.0 + Ic Patch + Cheat Mod + Save
Language: English + German/ Spanish/ Italian patch
Size: 4.05 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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  1. Endless keystrokes and nothing happens when the creator will learn, it is tedious, like going to work and no fun

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