Melody [version 0.11b Extras]

You play a session musician who has had a busy lifestyle, having worked in various cities and towns across the country. This has been your life, ever since you graduated from college, where you attained a degree in the field of Music. Once returning home, you decide to leave the place you grew up in, to start a new life and a fresh start in another town. You have also decided to take a break from the job you know so well, to focus on a brand-new career. You’re just not sure what that will be yet. In order to keep the money coming in, you decide to take up a job offer, tutoring Melody, the niece of a woman you meet by chance via an online marketplace. Melody is currently studying music in college, so having an experienced tutor is pretty important for her chosen career path.?..

+ Gallery password for v0.11
+ Changelogs
The main focus of this version is to fix the bugs you’ve reported since the update came out.

Your relationship with MELODY is now set to go off in two different directions, depending on if you are dating her or if you two are just friends.
If you’re just friends, then is this seemingly unbreakable bond you have with her about to finally be broken?
Will you go back to your previous life with your ex Bethany?
Or will you stand up to her so you can continue your happy life and relationship with another?
If you are dating Melody then you find yourself in a position to take more control of her career as her manager.
But have you allowed anyone else the chance to perhaps disrupt this perfect duo that you have?
Do you know for sure if three, really is a crowd?
Speaking of which, Melody’s BFF SOPHIA made her intentions known to you during the last update.
So the question is, what are you going to do about it during this week of the game?
Do you think you can get any closer to having a relationship with both girls at the same time?
Your lock and unlock combinations with these characters will determine what outcome you will get in the next few updates, and this update too.
Your casual encounters with the sexy Asian XIANNE continues if you are on her path.
But if you are on one of the other girls paths, then it could be “sayonara” to Xianne for the very last time in this update.
Again, keep an eye on your relationship settings. Also look out for an incredible erotic scene with Xianne about halfway through this week of the game.
AMY and REBECCA unfortunately won’t feature much in this update, but they will definitely feature in next months Week 13 release.
You will however be in contact with both of them during Week 12, and discuss your plans to be with them, if all goes according to plan…

Game Endings
As you may well know by now, the end of “MELODY” is almost upon us, which means that some of the paths in the game will be coming to an end.
There are TWO ENDINGS in this update. One good, and one bad….
If you have the walkthrough, then you will be able to find one of these two endings. The other ending you will have to try and find for yourself.
On the bad ending, things are made unspeakably worse during the final scene on this path. Let us know if you can find it!
Two more endings to the game will feature in next months release. And please keep in mind, just because specific characters paths are coming to an end, doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t feature later on in the game in some capacity 😉 😉

Extra Scenes
– 3 x sexual positions with Melody in the hotel room (animated scene)
– Blowjob from Sophia (animated version)
– 69er scene with Sophia (bonus scene)
– 2 x sexual positions with Sophia in her bedroom (animated scene)
– Blowjob from Melody (animated scene)
– Fingering Melody (bonus scene)
-2 x sexual positions with Melody in the apartment, morning (animated scene)
– Blowjob from Melody (bonus scene)
– Cowgirl morning sex with Melody (animated scene)
– Xianne fingering Sophia (bonus scene)
– Xianne going down on Sophia (bonus scene)
– Xianne using strap-on dildo on (bonus scene)
– Oral performed on Melody (bonus scene)
– Reverse 69er (MC on top, animated scene)
– 2 x sexual positions with Melody in the apartment, evening (animated scene)
– Melody and Sophia shower together (bonus scene)
– Sophia masturbating while you and Melody have sex (bonus scene)
– Izzy cowgirl sex (bonus scene)
– Izzy doggystyle sex (bonus scene)
– Izzy doggystyle anal sex (bonus scene)

Now that MELODY is playing more shows, where does her career go from here?
If you are dating her, when are you going to let everyone know about your blossoming romance?
What happened to her guitar, and how will yours ex’s use this against you both?
Are you ready to stand up to Bethany and put an end to things with her, once and for all?
If you’re just friends with Melody, are you really prepared to leave her in the hands of another, so you can be with one of the other girls?
Do you trust Hank and his team at the record label to do what’s best for Melody, even if you stay with Melody or not?

As we teased in the last update, Melody’s BFF SOPHIA has now taken more than a passing interest in you.
How will you approach this situation, especially if you are also seeing Melody?
Even if you’re just friends with Melody, how do you think she will react when or if she finds out that you’ve been fooling around with her best friend behind her back?

Or is it not totally inconceivable that Melody would be against having some fun with both of you in the near future?
Your lock and unlock combinations with these characters will determine what outcome you will get in an upcoming update.
What about if you’re not seeing Melody, but she is becoming closer to Sophia in a more physical and romantic way?
Or if that isn’t happening, what’s really happening behind closed dorm room doors between Sophia and the sexy oriental stunner XIANNE?
AMY and REBECA unfortunately won’t feature in the update, but they are eagerly awaiting to be reunited with you
(if you are on either of their paths) in the next update, where their paths will inevitably be concluded.

Points system
Now that the Melody relationship and friendship paths are separated, should make it easier to gain “Melody points” if you are seeing her.
If you are close enough to the 275 point mark, then Level 6 is attainable in this update, which will leave just one key left to obtain.
Make sure to use the walkthrough to collect all 37 points on offer during this week of the game.
As always, there are some bonus, alternate and animated scenes (for the $20+ Patrons) and some new sexual positions too! 😉

Scenes with audio
We’re slowly getting the audio we want for specific scenes featuring Melody, and this update features her playing and singing a fairly popular cover on acoustic guitar near the back end of this update.
For those that have the walkthrough, we’ve decided to try something new this time around.
During the sex scenes in this update, you’ll notice that we have suggested a “Recommended Track” for you to have playing during these scenes.
You can simply search for the song and artist through YouTube, Spotify or any other audio streaming platform. All you need to do is have the song begin playing from when these scenes start.
Of course, these songs are our own suggestions, but feel free to choose something more to your taste if need be.

Also, if you’d like to suggest a specific song and artist for any of the sex or romantic scenes that happen in any of the other weeks of the game so far, please post them up in our comments section below and we’ll consider your recommendations.

Another new feature that we’ve added to Melody for this update is the Instagram icon, which you will find in the top right-hand corner of the home screen.
Click on the Icon to take you directly to Melody’s very own Instagram page!

Friendship Path
The friendship path has now been added in for Melody, to make it possible to have a proper eventual ending with some of the other female characters in the game.
We’ve had to work a lot harder than usual just to be able to fit this extra part into the game, and it was necessary because of the point the visual novel is currently at.
Also, we’ve noticed that there’s been a lot of comments from fans who would prefer to end up with one of the other girls over Melody.
So, it made complete sense to implement a friendship path for this update sooner rather than later.
If you have any intentions of being with one of the other girls in the game other than Melody, it is highly recommended that you go back to the point in Week 7 where you can choose to not see Melody romantically (see pic below).
Or if you prefer not to go all the way back and play through until Week 10, what you can also do is when you begin this update (Week 10), go into the Melody menu and then to “Other Girls”, then set her from “Unlocked” to “Locked” to put Melody on the FRIENDSHIP path.
Keep in mind, if you choose not to date Melody, you will no longer see any “New Relationship Level Unlocked” notifications.
However, some Melody points may still register if you’re no longer on her path though.

About the Walkthrough
If the Melody options are displayed in the walkthrough, then these now will only be relevant to those that are on her relationship path, including the points allocated for each choice.
Some of these scenes with Melody between Week 7 and Week 10 will be different and they have been adjusted if you choose not to date her. Feel free to play through and see some of the changes that we have made!
We’ve left several “Notes” for this week of the walkthrough, to give you some helpful clues on how to unlock specific scenes with certain characters.
Please make as many saves as you feel necessary in order to go back to certain points of the game quickly, rather than having to restart from the beginning of Week 10 each time.

Game endings
The first of what we hope will be several different endings in the game will feature in this update.
It is however a BAD ENDING, but also a logical ending on specific paths if you have chosen at least two in particular at the same time.
This will be one of only a couple of bad endings in the game, with the rest ranging anywhere between good to amazing!
If you have the walkthrough, it is listed how and when this BAD ENDING will occur. But if you prefer not to know how it will happen, then best to try and ignore it! haha
Please keep in mind that if you lock or unlock some of the girls during Weeks 9 or 10 in the game, then some scenes may not make sense.
If you’ve made specific decisions in the last update, then that already effects the events of this update.
One of those examples is if you chose to leave town with Amy (Unlocked) or if you decided to breakup with her (Locked).
Choosing to “Unlock” Amy after you decided to end things with her in Week 9 will mean some of the dialogues and scenes won’t make sense after you change that setting.
So please be mindful of that.

About Week 10
This update we feel is a fairly even amount of screen time dedicated to the main female love interests in the game.
MELODY as always will be the main focus, and we get to see her and the MC’s reaction to the future superstar losing her virginity the night before.
How will it affect your relationship with Melody moving forward? How will affect her career now that she’s signed on with Hank’s record label?
If you’re on the friendship path, you’re just as committed to Melody’s career as you would be on the relationship path.
However, if you’re contemplating being with one of the other girls in the future, this may change a lot of things for you both.
Will you stay on as Melody’s manager, or will you choose to leave town to be with another?
One person that might be affected by this is AMY, Melody’s gorgeous aunt.
Did you agree to leave town with her in Week 9? Are you both ready to tell Melody about the two of you dating?
Or are you still trying to delay things because you’re seeing both Melody and Amy at the same time?!
Tread carefully…
Your favourite girl-next-door REBECCA is back and as fans of the redhead hottie already know, she’s coming home soon after securing a prestigious job in the big city.
Get ready to make a big decision regarding your future with, or without the shy, sexy and sweet Rebecca.
You wanted more of SOPHIA? Well in this update, that’s exactly what you’re going to get!!
But just enough for you to probably demand even more scenes with the confident, cute blonde who seems to be open to date just about anyone! Could that anyone by you?
And if you’ve started seeing the young, multi-employed Asian girl XIANNE, you can decide here just how much further you want to go with her.
Maybe she has more to offer than just another hot, oily massage?
Something we also like to do is to put little “Easter eggs” in both of our current games. Some of these things could be certain nods or character cameos from our other game, lines from well-known movies or even song lyrics, or famous singers or artists that we’re paying homage to in our own special way!
Look out for a few more of these in this update 😉

Scenes with audio
We have added some more audio into this update, mainly in the scenes where Melody sings or plays guitar.
Our team is completely aware that a game which has a music theme should ideally have plenty of music/audio in it.
And it’s something that we are continually working on improving.
However, choosing the right music and going through the right channels for this has not always been easy.
So, we’re being very selective of the music we include with each update.
But once the game is completed, then applying more audio throughout each week of the game will definitely be something that will be a high priority when that time comes.
Audio now features in selected scenes of the game between Weeks 5 and 10.

Lewd Gallery
As you probably know from our recent preview posts this month, the Lewd Gallery will have eight pictures of Sophia for this month, because she was the overwhelming winner for our voting poll.
We have also included eight special pictures that are dedicated to Isabella (or “Izzy”), simply because she hasn’t featured in the gallery before.
Next month’s Lewd Gallery will be dedicated to Amy, because of all the main characters, she’s the only one remaining to have not featured as yet.

Extra Scenes for $20 Patrons (SPOILER ALERT):
Note: “Bonus” scenes will feature if you make the right decisions during the game and if you are on that character’s specific path.
– Squeezing Melody’s breasts in the shower (animated version)
– Fingering Melody’s pussy in the shower (animated scene)
– Handjob from Melody in the shower (animated scene)
– Exposing and licking Melody’s breasts (bonus scene)
– Blowjob from Becca (animated scene)
– Titfucking Becca (animated scene)
– Missionary with Becca (animated scene)
– Spooning sex with Becca (animated scene)
– Reverse cowgirl sex with Becca (bonus animated scene)
– Doggystyle sex with Becca in the shower (animated version)
– Doggystyle sex with Melody in the sound booth (animated scene)
– Missionary sex with Melody in the sound booth (animated scene)
– Doggystyle sex with Amy in the carpark (animated scene)
– Missionary sex with Amy in the carpark (animated version)
– Blowjob from Amy in the carpark (animated version)
– Handjob from Xianne in the shower (animated version)
– Blowjob from Xianne in the shower (animated version)
– Doggystyle sex with Xianne in the shower (animated version)
– Blowjob from Melody in the dorm room (animated scene, two angles)
– Missionary sex with Melody in the dorm room (animated scene)
– Doggystyle sex with in the dorm room (animated scene)

Release date: 31 July, 2019
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Romance, Animated, Creampie, Corruption Dating Simulator, Oral Sex, All sex, Anal sex, Vaginal Sex, Corruption, Sexy ass, Beautiful ass
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: MrDots Games
Platform: Windows / Linux / Android
Version: 0.11b Extras + Walkthrough + Lewd Gallery 1080p
Tablet: It isn’t required
Language: English
Size: 2.27 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]


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