Paralogue / Fallen Doll [version 0.4.9]

The Paralogue is a series of transitory game builds serving as a full scale upgrade of Fallen Doll and a concept prototype of Fallen Doll’s sequel. As a frontier research and military base revolving Yuggoth, the newly discovered Kuiper belt dwarf planet unbeknownst to human race until late 21 century, Archimedes orbital station harbors a pair of sentient military AI mainframes which can project their sentience unto any synthetic body with a positronic brain: Erika (Electronic Recon-Infiltration Combat Agent) and Alet (Assault-Type Lite).​..

+ Changelog
14 New Experiments

New Outfits:

Alet: Libero
Erika: Succubus Mistress
Dr,Anya: Duct Tape Fixes Everything

Weekly Store:
Dr.Anya: Herdsman’s Daydream
Various bugs and exploits addressed.

v0.34 Cracked
New language: Tranditional Chinese
Dr.Anya’s Voivode Command Uniform
9 New sex scenes and new voice acting for Erika’s forced scenes
Better optimization and asset compression (the file size is now roughly 4GB)
Auto benchmark and better presets for new players
More detailed texture and mesh around the Dreamer’s rear, if you get what I mean
Better ahegao and tongue
Improved environment and sperm visual effects
Bug and translation error fixes

v0.33 Cracked
Revamped butt physics
Dynamic seminal fluids visual effect for shooting outside
Alet’s New Costume: Ribboned Christmas Gift
Erika’s New Costume: Holy Night Surprise
Minor bug fixes

New Sex Scenes:
Erika Dreamer V 12
Erika Ghast V 03
Erika Deep One A 03
Anya Basatan A 03
Anya Ghast V 01
Alet Dreamer F 02
Alet Dreamer A 06
Alet Deep One A 03

New Languages:

Korean Localization
Environment sound effect volume setting
New Sex Scenes:
Alet Hybrid V 05
Alet Dreamer A 05
Alet Dreamer F 01
Anya Elder Thing V 03
Anya Ghast B 01
Anya Dreamer H 02
Anya Basatan A 02
Erika Byakhee V 03
Erika Hound B 01
Erika Yith A 04
New Outfit Set:
Dr.Anya: Miskatonic Scholar
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
Fixed a problem causing DoF not possible to turn off
Texture fixes

New Costume:
Erika’s Erotes Dancewear
New Languages:
9 New Scenes:
Erika + Dreamer A 04
Anya + Byakhee B 01
Anya + Byakhee V 01
Alet + Deep One V 03
Anya + Lloigor A 01
Anya + Lloigor V 01
Anya + Ghast A 01
Erika + Ghast V 02
Anya + Dreamer H 01
Stability and performance improvements based on update 0.30
DOF and resolution setting now works as intended
Fixed a bug regarding male sound volume and transparency settings
Translation fixes
VR Version thoroughly debugged and overhauled for different headsets

Added dummy UI buttons for the Campaign and Harem Mode
Added Russian support (beta)
New Monster:
9 New Scenes and 1 Rework:
Erika + Ghast A 01
Erika + Ghast V 01
Anya + Ghast A 01
Erika + Hound Handjob 01
Anya + Dreamer Footjob 01
Anya + Dreamer A 03
Erika + Byakhee Handjob 01
Anya + Erika Double Dildo 01
Anya + Erika Lesbian 01
Swallow option for Erika + Deep One Handjob 01
Now you can edit the Denier value of Erika’s maid uniform.
Pose switching gadget no longer interferes with menu operating.
Known Issues:
Penis skin sliding is not functional due to a bug in this engine version.

Additions: This update focuses on Dr.Anya’s sex scenes.
New partner: Elder Thing
New Sex Scenes:

Anya+Elder Thing V 01
Anya+Elder Thing V 02
Anya+Basatan V 01
Anya+Dreamer V 08
Anya+Dreamer A 02
Anya+Basatan V 01
Anya+Hybrid V 01
Anya+Byakhee A 01
Alet+Dreamer A 04
Erika+Yith A 03
Reworked all Erika+Byakhee scenes
Various animation tweaks for previous Anya scenes
New Erika dress changing visual effects
Reworked Ahegao Mode (Expressions are tweaked and no longer static. Now only triggered after reaching multiple orgasms without switching to another pose.
Can be turned off in the options)
Better jizz on skin visuals
New Erika voices
Remade the stockings and heels for Erika’s Night Maid set
Fixed a display bug when byakhee is set as transparent

9 New Sex Scenes (Full list in the download links)
Anya’s new costume: Banya Bathrobe
Suffocation and new facial expressions (Still a wip so you may see some unpolished suffocation expressions)
Ahegao can now be triggered by reaching climax 3 consecutive times. Softcore intimate actions, such as handjob, do not contribute to ahego progress. To resume to the normal status, press Clean Scene button.
Improved tongue shader
Previous animation reworked: Anya Deep One Accept, and a few more
The operation bed in the lab is no longer a collision object (you can move your camera through it now)

Erika’s Night Maid clothing material and physics
Better sweat visuals for Erika and Anya
0.24 and 0.25 Animation fixes
Improved Anya’s in-mouth shading and lip sync
Improved Anya’s breast and butt jiggle physics (now adjustable in the custom menu)
Default camera angle and dressing limitation adjusted for some scenes

VR – Sweat visual added
VR – Body/Outfit Customization no longer causes character error
Voice and climax visual fixes
Animation name fixes
Head track no longer causes character’s head to behave abnormally in some circumstances
Fixed an issue preventing Alet’s dress from being changed

Erika’s New (Old?) Outfit: Night Maid, tailored to match the body of her MK-IV model, with improved details.
10 New Sex Scenes:
3 Alet+Deep One
Erika+Great Race
2 Erika+Hound
Erika+Deep One

Revised animations added in 0.24
Wrong voices fixed
Polished Anya’s appearance, physics and expressions
Sweat visual fixes
Body seam fixed
Added Anya’s custom menu
Male transparency setting now works as intended in VR

Known Issues:
The handcuff in Anya&Basatan scene is missing.

A new character: Dr.Anya
4 new sex scenes for Dr.Anya
4 new sex scenes for Erika
2 new sex scenes for Alet

Outfit and body model fixes
New UI sound effects
New scenes are highlighted

Known Issues:
We are still fine-tuning Dr.Anya’s appearance and physics parameters.

New enemy: Deep One Hybrid

10 new sex scenes:
Erika-Spawn of Basatan
Erika-Great Race of Yith
Erika-Hound of Tindalos
Erika-Mi-go Nymph
Alet-Deep One Hybrid

Motion blur effects
Skin pressing effects

Enable POV switch among multiple actors
Added confirmation check for resolution change

Textures become blurry with low graphic quality setting
Model clipping with Erika’s stealthsuit
Animation and sound effect fixes
Fixed a rare crash issue
Fixed lighting flickers

8 new sex scenes for Erika (7 Dreamer, 1 Hound)
1 new sex scene for Alet (Dreamer)
New title screen UI
A new consensual sex voice set for Alet
A new forced sex voice set for Erika
Dynamic tears in deepthroat/forced scenes
Improved squirting visuals
Improved Great Race sperm visuals

Hair color customization is now enabled
Love juice splashing is now visible after reaching climax once
Dress changing visual effect fixes
Body parts no longer turn invisible when camera clips with the model
Stocking denier setting no longer appears in male’s custom panel

Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft 0.20 Released:
Known Issues:
Cannot save Alet’s hair color
Two positions are unavailable

9 new sex scenes
Alet’s new outfit set: Nyx Stealth Suit
New Monster: Mi-Go Nymph
Revamped squirting visuals for Slyph and penetration scenes
Now you can press U to hide UI
Advanced shadow casting render solution (wip)
Added outfit changing visual effect
General skin/apparel texture and model improvements
Now you do not need to drag the girl’s body to enable climax or pull out button
Auto Pose is more effective when activated
UI improvements
Stocking Nylon Denier is now customizable
Penis now gets wet during sex

Squirting effect for Slyph’s vibrator scenes now works as intended
Cum stains no longer slide on clothes
Expression, clipping, animation and voice fixes
General bug fixes
No longer conflicts with windows 10’s “beta: unicode utf-8 for worldwide language support” feature
Effectively eliminated false positive from anti-virus applications and firewalls.

+ Controls
T = Girl Squirt
C = Set default starting camera angle to current angle
P = Toggle first person view/third person view
O = Stabilize first person camera view
Q = Start sex / stop sex
W = Cum inside during sex
E = Cum outside during sex
+ How to install cracked Harem version
Copy everything to the Paralogue/Binaries/Win64 folder and run kiritomod.exe.

should work without internet (you can block it with firewall)
should work without eac installed
no need for certificates
works with 045 (camera during animations is broken in 046, but other than that it should work with that too in case you don’t have 045)
DOES NOT WORK WITH 049! (the current steam version)


your character doesn’t appear on the first login (go back to the main menu)
cloth names are missing
pose cards are missing from the menu (they can be selected in-game)
character change doesn’t work in-game

if it doesn’t work:

on windows 7 you’ll get missing “api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1-0.dll” error. Download it from here and copy to the same folder.
if you get dummyauthticket error replace Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\Steamworks\Steamv147\Win64\steam_api64.dll with the included dll
if the mod fails to start, it will kill the game process too. Check the logs folder for errors.
if it wants you to update your game then you’re not running kiritomod.exe
don’t extract and, just leave the 5 files (kiritomod.exe, kiritocore.dll,,, python310.dll) in the same folder(Paralogue\Binaries\Win64)

Other than the added clothes, there is no extra content compared to mindflayer.

If you want to help with the project let me know, (the biggest help would packet logs from the original server).

Release date: February, 2022
Genre: 3D Game, Sci-Fi, Bestiality, Animated, Voiced, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, SLG, Constructor, Big Tits, Big Breasts
Censorship: NO
Developer: Project Helius (Other Games: Fallen Doll)
Platform: Windows
Version: 0.4.9 Cracked [Non VR + VR 0.33]
Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Russian
Size: 9.02 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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