Witch Trainer – Silver Mod [version 1.37.4]

So, you appear in an office of the director of academy. After a short bewilderment, you decide to look around … And then the plot twists with unprecedented possibilities. At your disposal blackjack with whores School of Magic with sexy schoolgirls and more! It depends on you to what level it will be possible to establish “close” communication with them!

+ Changelogs
Added timed Christmas Event:

The event will automatically trigger after (in-game) day 25.
The event can be replayed via Cheat Menu.
May contain spoilers.

Added new christmas decorations.
Added new models for:

Owl (Two variants + animations)
Phoenix (animations + misc)

Added fail-safe mechanism for save loading.
Fixed and re-enabled potions (Big thanks to TropeCode!):

Luna Polyjuice Potion
Cat Polyjuice Potion
Expansion Potion
Milking Potion
Transparency Potion
Hypno Potion
Addiction Potion

Fixed tentacle event.
Fixed quest item bug.
Fixed Susan clothing for Spell Training event.
Fixed spelling errors.
Fixed writing in some of the events.
Fixed black owl skin animation issues.
Fixed NoneType error affecting some of the outfits.
Fixed icon generator not displaying icons for relatively small images inside the Wardrobe.
Removed bird seed from Snape’s hair.
Refactored and removed obsolete sound calls.

* Added max out recklessness cheat for Cho at the end of her content.
* Added an additional warning before ball ending trigger.
* Restored missing Upgradeable Clothes talk from Tonks menu.
* Removed obsolete cheats from cheat menu.
* Fixed wardrobe incompatible clothing list.
* Fixed ball event overlapping other timed events.
* Fixed grammatical and spelling errors.
* Fixed weather issues during the ending.
* Fixed interface issues with ball ending.
* Fixed NoneType error in card game.
* Fixed missing facial expressions in Hermione CG scenes.

Bug Fixes


* Added Wine & Firewhisky item descriptions.
* Added a confirmation check before closing the game.
* Added back ability to rollback after using: door menu, store menu.
* Increased chance for Tonks & Snape’s “hangout chats” to happen during the early stages of the game.
* Added missing trigger for one of the achievements.
* Added temporal Astoria “affection” boost once end of content has been reached.
* Disabled ‘Cum addiction’ potion. (It’s unfinished)
* Fixed a crash during Hermione’s hidden BJ events.
* Fixed a bug with Tonks’ sprite position during Hermione’s talk favour.
* Fixed Tonks not wearing clothes during Hermione’s favours.
* Fixed image flip of Tonks & Genie’s chibis in some cases.
* Fixed a bug that prevented you from “hanging out” with Tonks for the first time.
* Fixed achievements persistent data.
* Fixed missing owl with letter image.
* Fixed gift menu not closing automatically after character’s mood has been maxed out.
* Fixed some of the items displaying gold requirement instead of tokens in the store.
* Fixed Hermione’s CG images being stuck after TJ favour.
* Fixed toggles in the wardrobe causing an error when used in outfits section.
* Fixed Hermione’s BJ counter going up even if she refuses to do it.
* Fixed rare card game __get_item__ error.


* Doubled resolution of all Hermione chibis to bring them in line with current game aesthetics and quality, this includes:
* Walking, Standing, Running, Groping, Blowjob, Handjob, Titjob, Strip, Dance, Sex, Broom Flying animations.
* Reworked Hermione’s favours:
* Hermione’s favours has been converted to the new event system.
* Reading “fictional” books is no longer required to progress her character, unless you play in “hardcore difficulty” mode.
* Hermione’s favours are now divided into 6 tiers. Each tier has their own set of hearts.
* “Empty” – means you haven’t seen that event yet.
* “Red” – means you have seen the event at least once (does not count event variations!).
* “Black” – means the event has failed and you should try playing it again after raising girl’s stats.
* “Gold” – means there is an event hidden in this favour’s tier that you have to “trigger” in order to advance to the next favour tier.
* Favours changes:
* Expanded “Talk to me” favour by adding one new event with two choices and four dialogue variants: Solo event and Call on Tonks to join in for the conversation.
* Merged “Grope Breasts” and “Grope Ass” into one favour called “Grope Her”.
* Expanded “Grope Her” favour by adding one new event.
* Merged “Masturbate for me” into “Strip for me” favour. You will get a choice to “Ask her to masturbate” as soon as she’s removed her clothes.
* Public Requests won’t get locked off anymore.
* You can now summon Hermione to your office during her forest events.
* Room of Requirement
* New Story “An odd circumstance” with a Noir vibe.

* Added Walking, standing, and “Hangout” chibi images.
* Added Tonks into new wardrobe system.
* Added new facial expressions.
* Added new clothing variants.
* Improved character sprite.
* Reworked tonks introduction:
* Tonks’ introduction has been moved to the start of the game. She will now have an integral part in corrupting the girls, similar to Snape.
* Added Hangout events for Tonks. Those events will unlock other content, trigger events, or increase the friendship meter with her. They can be done both during the day and evening.
* Favour changes:
* Added three new Public Requests for Tonks, with several events each:
* “Detention with Tonks”
* “Hands-on lessons!”
* “Oral practice!”
* Tonks’ hair colour can change depending on the mood she’s currently in.

* Added new character sprite.
* Added Walking, standing, wand idle, wand waving, spell casting chibis.
* Added Astoria into new wardrobe system.
* Astorias’ introduction has been moved and begins once you’ve “hung out” with Tonks a certain amount of times.
* Reworked Curse Training:
* 5 new events in total.
* Astoria will now practice spells together with you and Tonks.
* The first spell is not split into multiple spells anymore, and success in casting it is now based on how well Astoria manages to use the curse, and how susceptible the target is to the command.
* Added new clothing items including schoolgirl outfit, underwear, long and short hairstyle.
* Added Ann Takamaki Cosplay Outfit consisting of 6 fully customizable items: hairstyle, face mask, onepiece, boots, gloves, tail.
* Added new “Gift” responses.
* Reworked most of Astoria’s nickname responses.

* Added new introduction for her when “hanging” with Tonks, after Tonks has reached a certain “friendship level” with you.
* Some tweaks to Astoria and Susan imperio events writing as the Imperio curse now works more like in the books. It is now based on how susceptible the target is to the command or your magical abilities to resist it. (If the person secretly wants to do what they’re asked it’s more likely to work.)

* Doubled resolution of all Luna chibis to bring them in line with current game aesthetics and quality, this includes:
* Walking, Standing animations.
* Removed pyjama outfit at the request of the author.

* Doubled resolution of all Genie chibis to bring them in line with current game aesthetics and quality, this includes:
* Walking, Standing, Dueling, Rummaging, Reading, Hanging Out, Working, Masturbating, Idle, Sex animations.

* Doubled resolution of all Snape chibis to bring them in line with current game aesthetics and quality, this includes:
* Walking, Standing, Dueling, Masturbating, Hand Shake animations.
* It is worth noting that Snape makes an appearance in a few new scenes.

* Overhauled colour picker base code and logic, it is now much faster.
* Overhauled player inventory.
* Overhauled and renamed statistics menu to characters menu.
* Overhauled door menu.
* Overhauled default Ren’py buttons and menus.
* Added stylized character unlock messages.
* Added glow effect on the map for unvisited room of requirements.
* Improved and expanded tooltips, including new hints.
* Improved received mail, item screens transitions and navigation.
* Improved credits screen.
* Improved main menu screen.
* Improved glass crack screen.

* Doubled resolution of all objects and backgrounds in the main room to bring them in line with current game aesthetics and quality, this includes:
* Cupboard, Phoenix, Mail Owl, Chairs, Desk, Fireplace, Door, Candles, day and night backgrounds.
* Added Firewhisky item with new icon.
* Added Wine and Firewhisky to the Weasley store.
* Added a new poster for your wall that can be unlocked/purchased after a certain point in the game.
* Added clothing whoring requirements for Astoria, Cho, Tonks along with character reactions.
* Touching girl’s parts in the wardrobe has consequences, you have been warned!
* Added new themed music for each character.
* Added sound effect for the snitch during the Hufflepuff quidditch match. (Courtesy of Dementor)
* Added 5 new achievements.
* Added new Cheats:
* Global clothing transparency editing toggle.
* Astoria mood and affection toggles.
* Reduced the overall grind for points, gold and other resources.
* Reworked game intro stages:
* Added Dumbledore image displayed for a split second before Genie teleports in during the intro.
* Added wand images for Snape before the duel.
* Improved the duel fight animations and images.
* From now on Snape can be teased during the duel.
* Removed unnecessary days without visits or events during the game’s intro.
* Removed unnecessary menu options on the first day.
* You can now do “Ministry Reports” to earn gold as soon as day 4.
* You can now complete an unlimited amount of reports each week.
* Reworked cupboard rummage rewards:
* Cupboard now always rewards you with an item.
* If you search through your cupboard, and you currently possess 0 of either items, you will always find Wine or Firewhisky until you have at least 1 each.
* Drop rates are as such:
* Wine – 25% (50% if you haven’t unlocked Firewhisky yet)
* Firewhisky – 25%
* Gold – 10% (Random amount between 8 and 120)
* Other items – 40%
* Reworked house points gains:
* Should Gryffindor be in the lead, there is now a 100% chance for Slytherin to receive points each day/night.
* The amount of points Snape will reward Slytherin has been adjusted (affected by his “support stat”).
* Tonks will now reward Slytherin with points as well (affected by her “support stat”).
* Improved fireplace search for puzzlebox by adding Genie animations and sound effects.
* Improved (yet again) sliding puzzle by adding a patience meter and reducing maximum amount of moves required to break the puzzle box.
* You can now tell the owl to fuck right off.
* Fred and George have listened to their fanbase and decided to start selling booster packs including many previously unobtainable cards.
* Wine and Firewhisky respectively is now a required item to hang out with Snape or Tonks.
* During weather-dependent clothing unlocks (when summoning), every girl now only engages in chit-chats – and changes her clothing – during your first play-through.
However, you will still see the message for the outfit that got unlocked.

* Improved initialisation of game state variables.
* Improved transitions for Hermione’s chibi during “Grope her” or “Admire Breasts” favours.
* Improved mannequin generation.
* Improved clothing layering for overlapping images.
* Added new functions into character, outfit and cloth classes.
* Moved a ton of chibi images into the character folders.
* Moved achievement checks onto separate thread.
* Moved some of the achievement triggers.
* Removed redundant steps in day/night cycle logic.
* Removed several black tints in Hermione’s personal favours that made the screen needlessly dark.
* Removed several fade to blacks during Hermione’s personal favours whenever there were menu choices.
* Restructured chibi file naming.
* Code refactoring and optimizations.
* Updated the game to Ren’py version 7.3.2.

* Fixed Chibis in Hermione’s personal favours.
* Fixed sperm animation positions in Hermione’s personal favours.
* Fixed several spelling and grammar errors in scripts and dialogues.
* Fixed an issue in which Hermione’s mood can reach negative values.
* Fixed an issue in which Hermione’s back sprite was layered on top of the text box.
* Fixed an issue during the Titjob CG in where the CG screen didn’t get hidden at the end of the event.
* Fixed Hermione being covered by the desk image during dance favour.
* Fixed Hermione wet clothes appearance and being unable to change to dry clothes using the wardrobe.
* Fixed an issue in which gifts are given to the wrong girl.
* Fixed an issue in which ordered clothes were delivered too soon.
* Fixed an issue during the duel intro event in which Snape’s chibi disappears before fade to black.
* Fixed an issue during Luna’s sit-on-lap event in which a bad facial expression caused an error.
* Fixed an issue in which day/night theme music and owl sounds restarted immediately after transition.
* Fixed an issue in which ‘unlock clothing’ cheats did not unlock all types of clothing.
* Fixed Luna causing a crash when unlocked through cheats.
* Fixed Astoria spell training menu causing a crash when clicked on an unknown spell.
* Fixed character studio expressions index out of range error.
* Fixed character studio crash on Linux.
* Fixed some of the scroll items causing an error.
* Fixed some issues preventing the Forbidden Scroll quest from being playable.
* Fixed bad character class call inside studio and wardrobe.
* Fixed basic character outfits being modified randomly for no reason.
* Fixed room screens being displayed more than once, causing noticeable lag.
* Fixed Genie background animation not being displayed during interactions.
* Fixed character images obscuring dialogue box.
* Fixed function outfit unlock AttributeError.
* Fixed clothing store displaying wrong item preview for new character class.
* Fixed clothing store not updating character mannequin after interactions.

* Added one new Luna sex event.
– If you load a savegame sex event will be reset in order to fix the issues.
* Improved Quidditch Training by changing menu name to “Change Tactics” and added selection indicator.
* Fixed items not being delivered if ordered more than one item type.
* Fixed items delivery message not displaying ordered items properly.
* Fixed Luna sex scenes displaying blowjob event images instead of actual sex images.
* Fixed rare bug in credits causing one of the function to not initialize properly.
* Fixed Hermione not being able to reach higher reputation than 22.
* Fixed missing Luna’s hair in some of the CG scenes.
* Fixed Books being treated as scrolls in Weasley’s Store.
* Fixed Quidditch book being non-interactive when unlocked through cheats.
* Fixed missing jump label in one of the Hermione’s cardgame events.
* Fixed gold turning into a float in rare occurences when picking up weekly profit from the twins.
* Fixed rare occurence of cardgame bug causing to overwrite cards during the game.
* Fixed missing eye layer for tonks during one of Luna’s events.
* Fixed Snape mentioning Hermione before even meeting her.
* Fixed flashing white effect not being on-top of Hermione face layers in some of the CG scenes.
* Fixed one of the Hermione’s expression sticking out during some CG scenes.
* Fixed weird Hermione expression in one of the scenes.
* Fixed misaligned sprite positioning during ‘show breasts’ favour for Hermione.
* Fixed a crash caused by door menu when Luna was unlocked through cheats.
* Fixed spelling errors.
* Removed unusable code.

* Fixed save version compatibility check error. (Invalid literal for float)
* Fixed repeating dialogue if you invited Snape right after Hermione intro.
* Fixed weekly cut from twins being obtainable more than once per week.
* Fixed black owl levitating above the window.
* Fixed Snape hangouts in the evening blocking Cho progression.
* Added missing Luna hairstyle in the blowjob under desk event.
* Fixed tonks wardrobe&statistics problems.
* Fixed missing variable for chibi cum position in Luna events.
* Fixed Cho chibi not leaving the room properly.
* Fixed misspelled variable name in one of Hermione’s event.
* Fixed achievements problem if you have played developer build in the past.
* Fixed sprites positioning in some Luna events.
* Fixed Cho mentioning Cedric looking at her skirt while not wearing a skirt.
* Fixed backgrounds in some Luna CG.
* Fixed tentacle event for Hermione.
* Improved/Fixed quidditch practice match dialogues to clear up some confusion.
* Fixed spelling errors.

* Added new dress for Luna.
* Added new short hairstyle for Luna
* Added blowjob scenes for Luna.
* Added sex scenes for Luna. (Threesome included)
* Reworked old sexy scenes to bring them inline with new events style.
* After repeating a favour enough times, Luna will return to your office with the next favour. Afterwards that favour will be unlocked in the menu with more events to play.
* Reworked Cho content from scratch.
* Added new introduction quest for Cho.
* Added ability to train Cho in Quidditch (yes Captain!)
* Reworked Cho’s Quidditch content to be more interactive.
* Added new broom pose.
* Added compatible clothes for broom pose.
* Added first Quidditch match against Hufflepuff. (match 1/3)
* Added Quidditch match CG images.
* Added new personal favours:
– Talk to me.
– Inspect her body.
* Added new public requests:
– Flirt with the teams.
– Manipulate the enemy.
* Reworked Cho body images. (Her face layers will be updated in a later patch.)
* Replaced old school uniform with a new one.
* Replaced old quidditch set with a new one.
* Adjusted some clothing pieces to fit the new body better.
* Added new wardrobe items: cat ears, witch’s hat, reading glasses, basic earring, blush makeup, pubic&breast tattoo, piercings and pubic hair.
* Added new cheerleader outfit set + new hairstyle.
* Added new gifts responses.
* Added Cho into new wardrobe system that allows you to:
* Mix&Match pieces freely.
* Dye every piece of clothing seperately. (Each clothing has defined amount of colorable layers)
* Save/Load outfits.
* Import outfits from PNG files or clipboard.
* Export outfits to PNG files with customizable preview or clipboard.
* Outfits space is unlimited.
* Use the Screenshot Studio for posing.
* Added standing chibi images for Cho.
* Added flying chibi images for Cho.
* Added mirror story that includes hermione stealing other girls panties and have some lesbian action. (Based on story written by WaxerRed)
* Changes in whoring requirements for some events.
* New work event. (Check cardgame section for details)
* Expanded chitchats.
* Added a small tutoring introduction event for Hermione when summoning her for the first time.
* Updated Hermione’s witch outfit. A 2nd version can now be unlocked after talking to Tonks.
* Removed Hermione’s book pose from the wardrobe.
* Removed permanent large breasts options when using her “breast enlargement” potions. (Sacrificies must be made)
* Removed color options for Hermione’s and Tonks’ wardrobe (they will be added back once their wardrobes have been updated.)

* Tier 2 of girl cards has been unlocked, cards will change after beating first three challenges. (Sorry for teasing you guys)
* Expanded the game with three more challenges in the form of wagers.
* Challenges have unique sets of rules such as:
– Reversed (Instead of a higher number, you need to have the lowest number to take over a card.)
– Hidden (The hidden rule means that a certain amount of cards in your enemies deck will be hidden.)
– Sudden Death (If your game ends in a draw you pick up the cards that are shown in your colour and play again.)
– Double (If the card you put down has the same number facing at least 2 other cards (Rather than higher/lower) you’ll take over those cards.)
– Random (Your or opponent’s deck is selected randomly from the available cards.)
* Each new cardgame match has few requirements before your opponents agree to do a wager with you, they also have different outcomes and unique rewards:
– Snape: Offers you a random item from his personal stash.
– Twins: Offer you a weekly cut of their profits.
– Hermione: Offers to work for you or if you play your ‘cards’ right she could offer her body instead.
* Added Hogwarts crest decoration.
* Added black owl skin.
* Moved hat decorations back into the shop, they cost 1 token each.
– Achievements-:
* Added achievement system into the game.
* Achievements are seperate from the save files and are persistent (Meaning, once unlocked they stay unlocked).
* Currently there’s 30 achievements in total, 8 of them being secrets.
* After unlocking an achievement you’ll receive a popup message.
* You can sort achievements by their unlocked flag or alphabetically.
– Mirror of Erised-:
* Reworked Room of Requirements intro, added new background image, new music, new mirror supporting chibi animations and image changes.
* New mirror story ‘Panty Raid’ (check Hermione section for details)
* Improved ‘Anal pirate’ story by adding sound effects, music and transitions.
* Improved “Whose points” story to include music and sound effects.

* Improved favours icons/indicators.
* Improved chibis code allowing moving them in XY direction instead of just X.
* Improved text boxes w/ new background.
* Improved menus styling.
* Improved main menu (added candle and fire animations, Hermione face animations, new logo)
* Improved reward window popup.
* Improved office background images.
* Added chibi clothing piles for better immersion.
* Added Gallery Feature that lets you replay the ball scenes.
* Added new game area – Quidditch pitch
* Added character class system allowing dynamic image changes (colours, poses etc.), automatic icons and mannequin generation, multiple equip items layering with no limitation and ease of use.
* Added a framework for character posing and background manipulations. (Screenshot Studio)
* Added a multithread solution for image whitespace crop calculations.
* Added a colorpicker supporting full RGB colour range and alpha channel changes.
* Added a game version check that will inform you once there’s an update available. (Check is performed once every 24 hours during game initialization phase.)
* Added a fallback mechanism that will return blank image instead of throwing an error and interrupting the player.
* Added similar fallback mechanism for missing/wrong call labels.
* Added old game files detector with a warning screen.
* Added a Ren’py version check (7.2.0+ is the new minimum) when one decides to use Ren’py launcher instead of the official game executable.
* Added Save compatibility check (Groundwork for future save compatibility patches)
* Added an option allowing to change colour and outline of the text for the textboxes.
* Added a nightmode only option that forces the user interface to be displayed in gray at all times.
* QoL change for the door summoning menu, you can now click/tap outside of the window to close it.
* QoL changes for android version of the game including new button masks and layouts.
* Reworked puzzle box minigame, it now has a new puzzle image and requires 150 moves (instead of 300) to be able to break it.
* Broken into NASA.
* Allocated more VRAM the game can use. (The current maximum is 1024mb, previously was 300mb).
* Updated the game to Ren’py version 7.2.2
* Updated in-game credits.
* Code cleanup, refactoring & optimizations.

* Added missing chibi/sprites switch into the preference menu.
* Added missing game difficulty switch in the top-left menu.
* Fixed a bug when opening puzzle box through cheat menu didn’t jump to correct label.
* Fixed bunch of spelling errors.
* Fixed all Cho missing images problems.
* Fixed map screen on Android.
* Fixed desk screen on Android.
* Fixed owl post button on Android.
* Fixed infamous “cannon start an interaction in the middle of an interaction” bug on Android.
* Fixed multiple cardgame bugs.
* Fixed wrong callback in Hermione’s Public Shaming menu.
* Fixed after credits letter.
* Fixed broken easteregg in the deck builder.
* Fixed missing chibi in some mirror stories.

– A new cardgame has gained popularity at Hogwarts!
* You will receive an owl with your starter deck at day 26.
* 3 oponents.
* 8 story-driven duels.
* 54 cards. (11 of them have 4 variations each depending on Genie’s skill level.)
* Get tokens to buy cool rewards!
* New room decoration items.
* An exclusive outfit reward you can buy for Hermione! (with Tokens)
* …more to come in the future!

– Added a new mirror story.

– Hermione:
* You can now convince Hermione to keep selling you favours even when Gryffindor is in the lead, just make sure her “obedience” meter is high enough.
* Hermione received a title rework! She will now react and comment on the idea of being called a muffin or something.
* Minor improvements to Hermione’s tentacle scene (Music, Transitions,…).

– Cho:
* Added a Misty cosplay outfit (fully customizable!), available at the store.
* New basic lingerie set (+ 15 color variants), available at the store.
* Two variants of a new sexy lingerie set (+ 15 color variants each), available at the store.
* New Micro bikini set (+ 15 color variants), available at the store.
* New party outfit (+ 15 color variants), unlocked by a random summon event.

– Luna:
* Improved body, face, hair, and some clothing items.
* New muggle clothing (Three new tops, a new skirt, and stockings).
* New stewardess outfit.

### General ###
– Updated main menu:
* Replaced Patreon button.
* Added Discord button.
* Added credits page.
* Removed “help” menu button.
* Added delete save button in the save menu.

– Added new preference options (Autosave, custom cursor, save deletion warning, UI hints toggle)

– Revamped user interface:
* Removed old points displayables and replaced them with thematic banners instead.
* point distribution lag at every new day/night could be removed thanks to this.
* Banners vertical positioning indicates the house placement, you can click on them to display points instead.
* Added quick action buttons for sleep, work, inventory, statistics.
* Pressing Shift+L allows you to move day/gold and house points indicators freely on X axis. (Yay customizations!)
* All interactive elements display hints when hovered at. (optional)
* Added new mouse cursor. (optional)

– Inventory and gift menu changes:
* New Inventory for Genie.
* Moved Quest items into inventory screen/gift menus.
* You can now gift items to Cho, Astoria, and Tonks.
* New user interface for inventory and gift screens.

– Revamped desk menu:
* Watch: Displays time of the day, weather and allows you to skip time.
* Crystal ball: Displays descriptions of the elements hovered at.
* Book: Opens book menu.
* Papers: Work.
* Map:
* Doubled the resolution of the map image.
* Added animations.
* Improved/redrawn buttons.
* Tissues box: Funsies.
* Bottom middle part of the screen allows you to close the menu. (ESC and RMB works too!)
* Cards: Opens deck builder. (cardgame)

– Implemented hotkeys:
* Added hotkeys for:
* map (m), work (w), sleep (s), fap (f), books (b), inventory (i), stats (c).
* Close image menus with ESCAPE and RMB.
* Hide chatbox with H and MMB.
* Added hotkeys to all legacy menus (1-9).
* Added hotkeys list to preference menu. (Temporally not editable)

– Added three new soundtracks (Clothing store, Weasley’s store, Wardrobe)
– Added colorpicker (Currently used in the easteregg but it will see more use in the next update)

### Improvements ###
* Added simple color backgrounds for the display Characters screen (green, white, black, etc.)
* Added more Stat-Screen stats & Qol additions.
* Added a rollback pause in the stores, preventing unintended action.
* Added image prediction and caching to often used images. (Prelude to even further optimizations in the future)
* Optimized over ~1900 PNG files to reduce the game size and loadtimes. (More files on the way!)

### Bugfixes ###
* Fixed a bug in the store menus causing one of the screens to stick after using a close button.
* Fixed missing image files.
* Fixed variables not displaying correctly in some scenes.
* Fixed public requests not unlocking properly after reading books.
* Fixed mirror stories not being accessible/broken.
* Removed one unusable item from the cupboard rummaging list.
* … and more.

Release date: 16 December, 2019
Genre: ADV, Anal sex, Animation, Big tits, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Oral Sex, School, Striptease, Tiny tits
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Sad Crab Сompany
Platform: Windows / Linux / Android
Version: 1.37.4 + Extras Pack
Language: English
Size: 949 MB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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