Big City's Pleasures

Big City’s Pleasures [version 0.2.2]

The game is about Tony, a boy who lives in a village far from the big city and has to move to live in it to study.
Luckily his childhood friend Gina allows he to live in a room at her apartment.
And with this he begins his adventures, meeting again with his friend and other girls from the city.
Soon he will find himself in unusual situations for him that will make discover his sexuality in many ways… but not everything is what it seems in the city, and Tony will be involved in more than a mystery…

+ Features:
At this moment it contains:
More than 2145 high quality FullHD images
51 Hot animations
About 12 places to move
About 13 characters to interact
Music, sound effects and some moan voices for main characters
+ Changelogs
404 New and Hot Images!
48 New and Detailed Animations!
12 New Songs
20 New Sound Effects

New help system (in tests)

– Activate the audio, the experience will be much better!
– Enjoy each scene slowly and with love 😉

Interaction with Jessy:
Interesting things will be revealed

Interaction with Cassie:
Tony will be able to buy the camera
You can visit Cassie that explain how it works
New photo shoot with several variations and very, very hot!

Interaction with Ms Cooper:
Mini scene in her house, will not leave you indifferent
You will be able to visit her house again… she has something special ready for you 😉
You will be able to repeat the visits to her house (there’s a surprise that we’ll explain shortly)

Interaction in the apartment:
You can spy on Gina and Scott when they’re in the room (if you want and can resist it)

Interaction with Gina:
Great scene with Gina, don’t miss it!!!

Other gameplay changes:
Now you can visit Katia in the park also on Sundays (Speeds up Katia’s path)
Waitress icon added to the map when you can earn money in the coffeeshop
Some repetitive scenes incorporate a fast forward button

Minor bug fixes
Correction of some spelling mistakes

597 new images and 21 new animations

Interaction with Gina:
New scenes in the bathroom
New scene doing ioga
New scene reading in the room
New scenes studying in the room

Interaction with Gina (asleep) and Jessy:
New scenes for the romantic film (4):
Final surprise scene, fucking hot!

Interaction with Charlene:
New scenes with her with a lot of dialogue so that you can get to know her well
New scenario (Charlene and Olivia’s room)

Interaction with Cassie:
4 New photo shoots
Receive money (if you want) for previous sessions
New open location on the map (Photo studio)

Interaction with Katia:

New scene after training
New scenario (Hospital)
New character (Doctor)(We still don’t know if she will appear on future occasions)

Interaction with Olivia:
Small variation when you visit her in the pool (2 animations)

Interaction with Jessy:
New little scene where she sunbathe on the balcony (selfie)
4 new random images of her and Dickuo

Interaction in the store:
You can buy the smartphone

Interaction in Tony’s room:
Check your mobile messages
View the mobile gallery (under testing)

Other gameplay changes:

Now you can change the name of the protagonist (Tony)
New notifications when receiving messages on your smartphone or when unlocking objects
Added two buttons for fast time advance
A small image of the speaking character has been added to the text interface
In the shop, items that cannot be bought at the moment will be grayed out and disabled
Added object icons to know when and where to use them
Inventory now opens and closes with the same button

Minor bug fixes
Added option to choose whether or not you want to see Gina and Scott fucking at the beginning of the game
Revised and improved English translation

Release date: 20 June, 2019
Genre: All Sex, Group Sex, Corruption, Voyeurism, Anal, Oral, Vaginal, Double penetration, Stockings , Blindfolds, Tickling, Feet, Exhibitionism, Spanking, Teasing, MILF, Latex, Fisting, Harem, Incest
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Porcus
Platform: Windows / Linux / Android
Version: 0.2.2 + Incest Patch + Save + Guide
Tablet: It isn’t required
Language: English / Spanish
Size: 2.38 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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