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On My Way Home [Ch. 1.1]

You will take the place of a young man who is about to embark on a journey that will change his life forever. He and his best friends will move to the city. Along the way he will find many conflicts, lovers and a place to call home…

+ Changelog
v0.10.2 Reworked
Hi guys!
Here is the reworked version of the game. In this version I have worked on a new interface, also on some new code functions that will be useful for future versions. I have also replaced the static render loop with animations in the first 4 scenes.

-27 new animations
-100 new renders

When I started this project there were some things that I omitted to work on because I didn’t have the knowledge or the necessary tools. After a year I have been able to finish the base of the game for future updates.

Now with the game base done, we have green light for the next episode of the story.
I hope you like this new version. I have to run now, I’m late for class.

v 0.10.2
-Bug fixes
+100 renders
+28 animations

This version contains:
+1400 new renders
+40 animations

+200 renders
+7 animations

+70 renders
Bug fixes (Ashley missing images and missing reward)
+2 lewd animations
Infinite energy

Bug fixes
Fix missing images

+500 renders
Bug fixes

+350 renders

On My Way Home – Initial release
+250 renders

+ Planned content
Animated, Creampie, Footjob, Titfuck, Anal sex, Teasing, Lesbian, Masturbation, Male domination, Humiliation, Pregnancy, Handjob

Release date: 26 May, 2023
Genre: 3dcg, MILF, Dating sim, Male protagonist , School setting, Big ass, Interracial, Romance, Big tits, Mobile Game
Censorship: NO
Developer: MrKuchi
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Ch.1.1 + Walkthrough/Scene Gallery Mod
Language: English + Italian/ Spanish patch
Size: 1.95 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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