Secret desire [version 0.4.1]

This is an erotic interactive story in which you’re a young college student, meeting someone new in school. She and your best friend quickly turn your world around by slowly feminizing you and teaching you to become more girly. I’m intending to have a bigger focus on anal than usual sissification games we have around here…

+ Changelogs
Version 0.4.1
More new content + bug fixes

Version 0.4.0
Introduced Nyx
Bugfixes and general cleanup, some parts should be in the correct order now
A little more content at the end
Rewrote the first conversations with Marie and Abella

Version 0.3.0
You can now buy the skirt for the mail content
Added a game which you can play on the computer. If you win you get some money.
Introduced Lily (Abella’s sister) content
Changed a few variable names. This will break old saves!

Version 0.2.0
Added email content which allows you to earn some money
Added dildo content
some new passages

Release date: july, 2020
Genre: Porn Game, html, real porn, interactive story, anal sex, all sex
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: frankentibbers
Platform: Any platform play Flash videos
Version: 0.4.1
Language: English
Size: 801 MB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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