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Helping the Hotties [v1. Final + Storytime: Kiara’s story v0.4]

In 3D adult game Helping The Hotties, you’re a college student who receives an unexpected phone call at the worst possible time, the beginning of summer. The next day, you’re on a bus going to work in a boy’s educational and behavioral rehabilitation camp. But, to your surprise, it’s not a boy’s camp anymore…

+ Changelog
Helping the Hotties Complete Collection includes Helping the Hotties with 4K and HiFi experience, together with complete official walkthrough.

Helping the Hotties

In Helping the Hotties, you are a psychology college student, ready to finally spend the summer with your super hot girlfriend. But, instead of spending the summer with her, you receive an unexpected phone call…

The next morning, you’re on a bus going to work at a behavioral rehabilitation camp. And as you’ll soon learn, this year will be different…

Your goal is to lead a group of four beautiful attendees through their journey of self-improvement and reintegration into society while trying to remain as professional as possible… and maintain a long-distance relationship.

It might prove more challenging than you expect. Every girl has a different personality, her own whims and wants and it’s up to you to keep them satisfied.
Are you up for the task while under the watchful eye of head camp counselor, Eve? She has her eye on you. And she’s not the only one!

The gameplay is filled with:

Plenty of fun as you get to meet the beautiful camp attendees, which will surprise you at every turn
Full english VO for each girl
Exquisite images
Provocative and seductive animations
Alluring music and sound effects
Hidden collectibles
And plenty of room for your imagination to blossom

Helping the Hotties – 4K / HiFi Upgrade
Enhance your experience of Helping the Hotties with the 4K renders and HiFi like audio, just as it was meant to be played.

Helping the Hotties – Official Walkthrough
A complete official walkthrough gives more meaning to your every choice, shows how to get every romance option and how to end up with each girl.
It also includes locations of all the collectibles and it will be updated as new content comes out!

-Fixed the bug that occurs in Episode 10 when player hovers over Doggystyle button in Emily’s Eclipse scene.
-Resolved “Bad Guy Mission” checkpoint bug in Episode 10. This bug was cooccurring when the player selects not to call Jane in Episode 10.
-Resolved Screenshot Gallery Picture Exception
Notice: Some Players Added Images to their Screenshot Gallery that we causing errors. With this bug fix we’ve managed to remove the cause of this errors.
Added possibility to open Walkthrough screen in Main Menu.
Added some new Voiceover audio files for Eve and Naomi in Episode 10.
-Added new Voiceover audio files for Kiara and Eve.
-Added new Voiceover audio files for Stacy and Kiara.
-Fixed My Collection – Videotapes Bug that caused the game to crash when the player tried to view animations which he previously screenshotted. Several animations we’re causing the game to crash. Additionally fixed one animation that was wrongly assigned to the pictures list instead of the videotapes list.
-Fixed Screenshot Button Bug.
Screenshot Button optionality was missing in the Options Screen in some cases.
-Fixed Minigame Bug.
-Fixed My Collection – Pictures Bug that caused the game to crash when the player tried to view images which he previously screenshotted.
-Fixed mission checkpoints for Psychologist and Storybook missions.
-Fixed minigame bugs for Violet’s volleyball minigame, and videogame minigame while being watched by Belle.

-Are you ready to take your gaming experience to another level? You have witnessed stunning visuals and you know how beautiful these hotties are. You have heard them talk thanks to the seductive voice overs. Now find out what it feels like to be with them! Connect any Lovense toy to the Lovense Remote App, enable the Game mode and immerse yourselves in the most amazing scenes! Lovense interactive toys are bringing even more pleasure to your experience. Outstanding animations combined with satisfying vibrations will take you to an unforgettable adventure! With Lovense toys, Helping the Hotties becomes a lot more than a visual novel.

But that’s not all! We also added our second translation, Turkish. Now, along with English and Chinese translation, you can also enjoy our game with the Turkish subtitles. The whole game is fully proofread. That, however, doesn’t mean there couldn’t be an issue here and there, so if you find any errors, please let us know.

-Fixed a Bug that removed dialogue text when playing in Turkish.
-Fixed a Bug that caused crashing when trying to view Screenshot Gallery.
-Fixed a Screenshot Button Bug where the button wasn’t being displayed.
-Some of you reported issues with the game once the animations were displayed. Issues like animations lagging and your devices getting loud and hot (just like some of our hotties), so we found what caused the issue and with this update, that issue should be finaly solved. Please hit us up if you’ll still be experiencing this or any other issues with the game.
-Fixed a Bug that occurred only in Chinese language on Violet’s minigame in Episode 3.

v0.4 Storytime: Kiara’s story:
Our fourth story is the final interview with Belle and her feedback to our MC about his work in the camp.

v0.3 Storytime: Kiara’s story:
Here is our third episode of Helping the Hotties Storytime

“Emily’s Adventure”

This one is also not stricktly connected to a particular time frame in the original Helping the Hotties story. We wanted to give you some fun with her since, according to some of you guys, there wasn’t nearly enough of her action, so hopefully this will do the trick.

We added Full HD version of the game together with the 4K version. All the Storytime stories including Kiara’s story, Belle’s birthday story and newly released Emily’s adventure are included in a single downloadable file so you can play all the stories under one roof.

v0.2 Storytime: Kiara’s story:
Our second story is about Belle and her birthday party with our heroes.
Is it going to be a nice daytime gathering or a wild party?

Storytime: Kiara’s story – Ever wondered about what happened between MC and Kiara before “Helping the Hotties”? Dive into “Kiara’s Story” and unravel the emotions, secrets, and heartfelt memories that lead up to our main game. Get ready to see a side of Kiara you’ve never seen before.​

v0.6.1 fix:
– fixed an issue with not returning to the same location after entering game menu screen or opening diary
– fixed an issue with replay gallery not working properly
– added transparent text box which can be turned on and off in the Options menu
– added and option where you can change your text size
– added Quit button to the main menu
– added an option to enter “Patreon key” screen from the game by pressing on the x-ray Patreon exclusive button
– reduced overal size of the file by adjusting some of the assets, without any loss to the quality
– many other small improvements in Helping the Hotties

v0.6 4k
Red Falls Renamed, Helping The Hotties.

Episode 6

Episode 5
1422 new renders
81 new animations
Bonus content:
300 renders in Helping the Hotties

Episode 4
1110 New Renders
29 Animations
Bonus content:
39 angle images
19 x-ray images
40 gallery images
190 blink images

Episode 2
1082 New Renders
12 Animations
Image rotation
Bonus content:
128 angle images
123 x-ray images

Episode 1
1000 new renders
50 new animations in Helping the Hotties

+ Features
Red Falls Renamed, Helping The Hotties.

Hey guys! We have a special announcement to make. Remember the surprise we hinted at? It’s finally here!
We listened to your feedback and took your suggestions to heart, fundamentally rebuilding the narrative and improving the overall experience. Because of the amount of changes, we realized that this new experience deserved a more fitting name.
That’s why we’re proud to present our new game, the labor of many months of hard work – Helping The Hotties – a harem game where you play as the only male character in a camp full of curious, seductive, ladies. Will you find the right one for you or will you be able to handle all of them? Play the game to find out!
We want to give you the best experience possible, so here are some of the new features that have been implemented:

NEW 4K Visuals
All the original and new renders have been rebuilt from the ground up, re-rendered specifically to improve the visual fidelity of the game. All our focus went into the attention to detail needed to improve all renders and enhance the game’s atmosphere with improved lighting and textures, and we hope you’ll enjoy the huge improvement.

Helping the Hotties Mini-Games
If you’re feeling extra playful, try out some mini-games to play the scenes out in a more unconventional manner. If mini-games aren’t your cup of tea, you can turn them on or off in the menu at any time.

Free Roam Mode vs. Visual Novel Mode
Another big feature we’ve added that changes the way it feels to play the game is a free roam mode toggle. If the sandbox type experience isn’t how you like to play, and experience our games, then you can turn off free roam mode at any time from the menu–changing all free roam segments into multiple choice buttons that will skip past all the walking across camp.

Missions and Achievements
How attentive are you to your favorite character? Are you a good guy, or a bad guy? Complete all story missions to enjoy the rewards of your efforts. During the game, you’ll be making decisions which affect story outcomes and directly affect the achievements earned throughout the game. You decide what type of player you want to be, and unlock some hidden renders and animations.

In-Game Collectibles
Wanting to make the game a truly layered experience, we’ve added collectibles, in the form of panties, to the game! Of course we added panties! What else would you be collecting?Are you an expert panty raider, a completionist, or all of the above? Then you’ll definitely find the in-game collectibles to be a welcome addition to your game, and be rewarded with special gallery image for each pantie you find.

Sounds and Music
Sound effects, as well as music, have been added throughout the whole game to make it into a more enjoyable experience. Maybe you’ll even find something more than sounds and music we’ve been working on.

Helping the Hotties User Interface
New and improved interface to better suit the game’s theme and optimize player experience. It’s a fresh-looking, modern, just like our girls.

Other Technical Features in Helping the Hotties
Apart from these major changes, many more smaller features have been implemented and more will come with each next update. We hope you like it as much as we do!

+ Bonus code
Bonus code 1.0 Final is: burnbaby
It’s highly recommended that you start a new game.
+ Installation on Android
Here is the updated Android version. Due to technical limitations, there are two parts you have to download and install. But you can only have one part installed at a time. What does this mean?

Download both parts, but install just the first part. After you finish the first part, find the second part in your downloaded files and click update. Then, load the save you want to continue from. Don’t delete the first part though, because you will lose your progress.

And if you have already finished Helping the Hotties on Android and just want to continue from where you left off, download and install the second part of this updated Android version. Then, load the save you want to continue from.

Release date: May, 2024
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Exhibitionism, MILF, Oral sex, Point & click, Sandbox, Sex toys, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism
Censorship: NO
Developer: xRed Games
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Completed – 1080P/4K + Walkthrough/Gallery Mod + Storytime: Kiara’s story v0.4 – 1080P/4K
Language: English + Italian patch
Size: 5.26 GB – Full HD | 20.43 GB – 4K | 3.05 GB – Kiara’s story 4K

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]


  1. Please update “Helping the Hotties V1.0 Full” so that it includes the Lovense Toys.
    There is an update since 11.23!

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