Claire’s Quest [version 0.27.1]

In this adult 2D game, play as the titular Claire, a refugee fleeing a great invasion that has claimed the lives of both her parents. Helpless, alone, and ignorant of the evils of the world, Claire seems set to meet a grim fate… or will she prove otherwise? Will you help to prove otherwise?

Claire’s Quest is an adult roleplaying game made using RPGMaker MV. Unlike the majority of RPGMaker games, however, Claire’s Quest is totally devoid of any form of combat-based gameplay. The gameplay is slightly puzzle-like, revolving around talking to people, gathering clues and tools, as well as making dialogue-based choices. We designed this game with a focus on replay value, and we wanted it to be worth the player’s while to play through the game multiple times – but having each time feel like it was a totally different story. As such, the game is extremely non-linear, and has a multitude of VN-like different story branches available to the player depending on what choices they make…

+ Changelogs


New quest, “Censorial Conspiracies” (part of the Main Questline), can now be completed!
New scene, featuring satyrs, now available as part of the “Censorial Conspiracies” quest! Unlocks in Gallery automatically after quest completion.
New quest, “A Clash Of Faiths” (part of the Sisters/Temple Questline), can now be completed!
New scene, featuring Claire x Mia x Possessed Clerics (optionally), now available as part of “A Clash Of Faiths”! Has variations depending on whether Claire or Mia is the futa. Unlocks in Gallery automatically after quest completion.
Evelyn and Brutus can now be recruited as part of the Breeding Ranch!
New scene, featuring Evelyn and Brutus, now available. It triggers when recruiting them for the Breeding Ranch. Unlocks in Gallery automatically after quest completion.
Added a detailed ‘overworld’ map to the fast travel map points in Valos


Fixed a bug with part of the warehouse not being accessible during the Thieves Questline.
Fixed a bug where you could enter Beth’s new home in Chemont before you should be able to from the back entrance
Fixed a glitch with the stash system that creates an equal amount of items to the previous item stashed when not selecting an amount
Fixed some invisible ‘walls’ across parts of the game, mostly Badlands
Fixed not being able to rest in the Meat Pit if your Max Energy is not divisible by 25

• New quest, “Under The Table” (part of the Baker Family questline), can now be completed! This is the finale for the Baker Family questline!
• A huge amount of new scenes added for the “Under The Table” quest, including potential mid-quest scenes with Bellevue and Charlotte (if the Bellevue/Corruption route is being pursued), as well as scenes for each of the eight different endings to the Baker Family questline, which are either semi-unique or entirely unique. However, as long as you unlock any non-vanilla ending, the others will all be available under the same entry in the Gallery (except ‘All In The Family’ ending, which is a standalone entry in the Gallery).
• A ‘sleeping’ CG still has been added across the board whenever Claire sleeps at an inn
• A new ‘Relationships’ category has been added to the Quest Journal, which tracks characters with whom Claire has maxed out relationships with and is able to visit for food and lodging
• High Sister Rose’s portrait has been tweaked to try and better match how she looks in her scenes
• Fixed the issue with the new throwing system causing the throwing rangefinder to appear permanently as long as a throwing item is equipped. After hitting ‘E’, there is now a 1-second load-up that causes the rangefinder to show up before Claire throws an item. As long as ‘E’ is not held down, the rangefinder doesn’t appear.
• Fixed a bug where Bellevue’s bath scene was not cut off after taking Leon’s route
• The Valos rainstorm event was mistakenly removed; the conditions for it to trigger should have been added back
• Fixed a bug where High Sister Rose’s path could not be taken in ‘Taming The Shrew’ because where she was standing was blocked off unless you took a certain path to entering the Sisters of Fertility. Fixed by changing her placement to one of the baths.
• Fixed a bug with Mia lingering around the Stone Oak and not being removed after the quest is done
• Fixed a bug where two rangers were mistakenly blocking the road before ‘These Old Bones’ starts
• Added a skip option to the roaming pigmen encounter in Fallwater Forest
• A skip option has been added to the Brothel in Rathpike

0.26.2c (Hotfix)
• Fixed the ‘disappearing Claire’ issue when you left click on Claire’s sprite
• Added the option to generate a Valosian baby in the Gallery for anyone whose baby went missing somehow due to faulty save transition

0.26.2b (Hotfix)
• Fixed a critical bug affecting any area with hostile enemies which shows as . Issue was a code tag that allowed the goblin-specific ‘takedown’ indicator to appear and would crash the game as most enemies excepting goblins don’t have death animations. Code tag has been removed across the board, but if anymore takedown indicators appear on anything except goblins please report in the bugs channel.
• Added failure variations to the Brabannois Gold Floor/Human Furniture scene in the Gallery, as per popular request.
• Fixed the Gallery not showing ‘Naptime’ and ‘Taming The Shrew (Rose route)’
• Added another little tutorial at the start of the stealth tutorial after escaping Claire’s home in the beginning of the game.
• Added throwable ‘Stone’ items, especially for Occupied Rivermont

• New major quest, “These Old Bones” (part of the Rangers Questline). Can now be completed. Comes with the sinn-sìth scene.
• New scene added featuring the sinn-sìth. Automatically available in the Gallery after completion of “These Old Bones”.
• On popular request, scene CG has been altered for the after-quest bonus for the Temple/Sisters of Fertility quest, “Taming The Shrew” (Rose’s route). Features a generic futa nun NPC rather than a generic male NPC.
• Fixed a glitch where the new pathfinding system disabled the use of the left mouse click for interaction
• Syntax errors in the Quest Journal for “Death In The Water”, “Belly Of The Beast”, and “The Inside Job” should now be fixed.
• Floating ‘travel’ markers have been added across the game to better indicate fast travel points as well as merchants who offer travel services.

• New major quest, “Settling In”, part of the Main/Claire’s Questline. Can now be completed. Comes with a SFW/ecchi scene. Available in Gallery (Valos).
• New scenes added for “Settling In”, featuring Mother and Claire (optionally Marie) paying respects, and then a sweet little napping scene after. Also features – gasp – handholding. Sacrilege, I know…!
• New major quest, “Taming The Shrew”, part of the Temple/Sisters of Fertility Questline. Can now be completed. Comes with two very different methods of completion, depending on whether you choose to ask High Sister Lily or High Sister Rose for help.
• New scenes added as part of “Taming The Shrew (Rose’s Approach)” – features femdom, group sex, pegging, and cuckolding. Available in Gallery (Valos). Scene also ends in two different ways, either ‘cuckolded Corentin’, or else ‘Corentin becomes Corentina’.
• New scenes added as part of “Taming The Shrew (Lily’s Approach)” – features maledom, group sex, and cuckqueening. Available in Gallery (Valos).
• Fixed several critical issues due to the introduction improved AI/pathfinding system. Many enemies were not set to use the new functions, which caused the game to crash when running the new script. Or, their original placement combined with their improved pathfinding made it impossible to escape them if they chased the player. Thus, all enemies were completely overhauled with the new script and given new placements or patrol paths if necessary. Additionally, most now use common events to make things easier for our bugfinders. Also, since the pathfinding affects players who move by holding down the mouse key, this also caused unexpected crashes in that area, which have been hopefully remedied as well.
• Additional stealth areas added across the board, such as tall grass in the Rumbling Pass, or large crates inside the interiors of Occupied Rivermont buildings.
• Fixed the Mercenary Questline being broken due to the stealth system controls being overhauled and going wonky. Body Bags now function as intended. Additionally, all stealth interactions are now tied to the ‘Q’ key (backstabbing gobbos, hiding them in bags, etc – just hold down ‘Q’ for everything).
• A fully-fledged projectile system has been added in-game; it replaces Ranger Bombs (now Ranger Grenades) and Monster Repellents (now Stink Bombs). Instead of having to wait for a monster or something to come up to Claire and attack in order to trigger the event where they are used, these ‘equip’ type items can now be equipped on Claire, and then thrown with the ‘E’ key. On contact, they will stun most roaming enemies, allowing Claire to run away. Ranger Grenades stun for 5 seconds, while Stink Bombs stun for 10 seconds. They do not, however, work on undead enemies (ie. Ghosts).
• Anti-monster items now need at least 5 Defiance to proc automatically. This is now also reflected in the skill tree for Defiance. Additionally, all anti-monster items have Energy requirements, but not meeting the Energy requirement will not mean they are not useable, it simply means Claire will retreat out of the map rather than stay in place after use. Additionally, the Leather Guard has been renamed Padded Buckler.
• The second trimester pregnancy event proc now requires 999 steps instead of only 10 steps.
• Sickness is now automatically removed after 500 steps instead of 1000 steps.
• The pregnancy trigger has been added to the pauper encounter during the rainstorm event in Valos, as well as to the repeat instances of working at the Cup and Trotter (instead of only the initial event).
• Fixed a bug where attempting to strong-arm your way into the Fairfelt Manor during the “A Priceless Book” quest simply causes the dialogue to abruptly end if your Defiance is under 5.
• Fixed a gamebreaking ‘Quest Journal syntax error’ bug due to missing items in the Quest Journal that ironically weren’t carried over during the last round of bugfixing. Affected quests that are now fixed include: “Trouble In Paradise”, “Boar and Bramble”, “A Tree of Stone”, and “The Breeding Game”.
• Added some missing transfer points in Hookton Village’s Hilltop Inn, and the Brothel in Rathpike West.
• Fixed a bug with the revamped inventory system not allowing some items that were actually meant to be sellable to be sold.
• On popular request, BGM tempo for the Ranch has been slowed down.

IMPORTANT! A gamebreaking bug has been found in previous versions that affects the Quest Journal. This bug occurs only if you are on the dominant path of the Sisters of Fertility questline, during or after the Harvest Festival, and if you have also started the quest for the Brabannois Club. If you have started those two together, your Quest Journal is glitched and will crash the game whenever you open it! To fix this, DO NOT open the Quest Journal, go straight to the Gallery, and speak to the Updater (Karland’s sprite/the NPC writing at a desk). This will resolve the gamebreaking bug and you will be able to use the Quest Journal again; you may need to restart the Brabannois Club, but the Sisters of Fertility progression should be unaffected.
New minor quest – “Renovations” – part of the Baker Family’s questline. This is a branching quest that can have Claire either give Bellevue more leverage over Charlotte, or have Claire step in herself and gain more affection from Charlotte.
New minor quest – “In Hot Water” – part of the Baker Family’s questline. This is a branching quest that can have Claire either pursue/progress a romance with Leon, or, if Bellevue’s corruption of Charlotte is maxed out, allows her to get corrupted by Bellevue instead. Alternatively, neither route needs to be pursued.
New scene – Charlotte going for a ‘ride’ on Claire – part of the new “Renovations” quest. Features romantic yuri/lesbian sex. In Gallery under Valos section.
New scene – Charlotte going for a ‘ride’ on Bellevue – part of the new “Renovations” quest. Features male domination, corruption, and penetrative sex. In Gallery under Valos section.
New scene – Leon and Claire having sex in a bath – part of the new “In Hot Water” quest. Features romantic oral and penetrative sex, tinged with femdom. In Gallery under Valos section.
New scene – Bellevue and Claire having sex in a bath – part of the new “In Hot Water” quest. Features male domination, corruption, rimming, penetrative sex (with anal), tinged with prostitution play. In Gallery under Valos section.
The three scenes from Nicole Emmelaine (Mum’s) PoV from the “A Mother’s Pain” quest – Fall of Rivermont, Pigman Imprisonment, and Marie x Pigboss – have been added to the Gallery under Valos section.
In response to player feedback, an alternate route added to ‘Silent Cargo’ minor quest, it can now be resolved non-violently, with stealth/lockpicking.
In response to player feedback, the Houndmaster in Chemont Town can be revisited after the final scene is unlocked (instead of stonewalling it while waiting for future content).
Fixed transfer bug that froze players when entering the building to start the Thieves Questline, rendering the Thieves Questline unplayable
Fixed “A Mother’s Pain” quest from freezing in a loop due to switch not flipping if Glitterday did not feel threatened by Claire during dialogue (if ‘Fine Wine’ was requested as an item for the quest)
Removed the possibility of interacting with the Stone Oak before the relevant SoF quest triggers the scene with Mia
Fixed the blocked pathway to the well in Rivermont where an attribute-giving townsperson is located
Gave Glitterday’s butterfly form sprite a unique colour scheme.
Various typos and duplicate texts have been addressed here and there – special thanks to theliddtin, as well as Looners (as always!).

The Rivermont route of the Prologue has now been finalized – failing to complete this route will cause the gameover event to trigger after the third day in Rivermont.
New scene – the Fall of Rivermont (Claire PoV), part of the Main Questline if you go through the Rivermont route in the Prologue. This is a gameover scene that is automatically unlocked once you complete the Prologue (any route).
Quest Journal has been updated with descriptions for all Rivermont sidequests.
New major quest – “A Mother’s Pain” – part of the Main Questline if you did not go through the Rivermont route in the Prologue. Otherwise, this quest will be skipped
New scene – the Nightmare – part of the new “A Mother’s Pain” quest. This is a gameover scene that is also unlockable in the Menagerie part of the Gallery
New “Mother’s PoV” version of three scenes – Fall of Rivermont, Pigman Imprisonment, and Marie x Pigboss – all part of the “A Mother’s Pain” Main Quest. Not yet in Gallery.
Lore change – the Noirwoods have been retconned out of the Five Families, replaced by the Twyne family (which will feature in the upcoming Sisters of Fertility quest, “Taming The Shrew”). Existing CG will be reskinned and reused later.
Lore change – the events leading to the fall of Black Rock Pass as told by Lord Bertrand have been edited slightly to make more sequential sense since we are now going back to tell the Continent’s/Kingdom’s story.
Lore change – Rathpike’s history and general Isles history as well as world history overview slightly altered to make more sense for how the Isles developed into their current states
Large Gemstones from the Thieves Questline now working as intended with proper lockpicking blockers; Large Emerald back-added to the Lighthouse of Valos.
Answering Lion’s initial queries in the start of the Mercenary Questline will now add attribute rewards.
The bugged map leading out of the Rocks has been removed.


• New major quest! “Monkey Business”, part of the Rangers Questline, is now available. To begin, talk to Talin outside of the lodge, in the gardens.

• New scene: Roxanne’s Tiger Taming, part of the new “Monkey Business” quest, unlocked automatically in Gallery after quest completion.

• New scene: Monkey Trap, part of the new “Monkey Business” quest, unlocked automatically in the Gallery after quest completion.

• New major quest! “A Tree Of Stone”, part of the Temple Questline, is now available. To begin, go to the Temple and talk to Mia, who will be waiting at the entryway.

• New scene: Claire x Mia Double Dipping, part of the new “A Tree Of Stone” quest, unlocked automatically in the Gallery after completion.

• The Oubliette scene for the Temple Questline has been significantly rewritten with greater, -throbbing- detail ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) – will also now unlock automatically in Gallery after you start “A Tree Of Stone”

• Lawrence’s oral training scene with Claire as part of the Fairfelt minor questline now has it’s own all-new CG set that replaces the old placeholder sets. The placeholder sets will now be used as intended as part of another minor questline in coming updates, involving a new character, Isander, which takes place in Rathpike!

• Claire’s in-game “dialogue” portraits have been completely redrawn and revamped, to better fit-in with the majority of the CG scenes drawn in Pigutao’s style!

• The way the “Sickness” State has been changed. Instead of deducting Energy per every step (which leads to some gamebreaking situations), it instead now temporarily cuts Claire’s Maximum Energy to half as long as she is Sick.

• Graphical change in Valos – the guardsmen in Valos now use morion-style helmets and halberds, in order to look visually distinct from Continent guardsmen.

• Fixed the old chibi graphics still being used in the Lighthouse of Valos.

• Fixed the glitch with getting stuck in Vane Mansion during “Let Them Eat Fruit!”

• High Sister Peony now has her new, recolored sprites and portraits, replacing her hasty placeholder.

• Natalie and Sally have had their sprites and portraits recolored, as part of our overhaul to convert all ‘unnatural’ hair colors to ‘regular’ hair colors for human characters.

• Sally’s CG scene has been accordingly recolored as well.

• Hairstyle inconsistency fixed in Maude’s portraits

• Aster’s portrait and sprite inconsistency fixed.

• New quest for the Thieves Questline, “Inside Job”, can now be completed. Includes one new scene, a double-penetration gangbang, which occurs if caught while trying to escape at the end (also auto-unlocks in Gallery just by clearing the quest).

• New quest for the Sisters of Fertility Questline, “Meet Your Maker”, can now be completed. Includes TWO new scenes, a makeout session with Mia at the start of the quest, and the Oubliette bondage orgy scene at the end of the quest.

• Fixed plugin/Javascript issues with action button (“P”) not working and default to previous action button (“A”) instead. In general, minimap, stealth system, and controls, should all have been properly integrated now.

• Fixed the error with fail conditions activating for “Far From Home” quest in Rivermont even if you completed the quest correctly.

• Fixed consistency issues with meeting Charlotte in Valos from Rivermont instead of Hookton; she should now properly acknowledge that you came from Rivermont together.

Claire’s Quest 0.23.4
• Progression in Rivermont is now done! You should be able to progress the entire Rivermont storyline and end up in Valos after completion. Took awhile to untangle and find various story clashes (due to characters and stories appearing at the same place from different timelines) but should work now! However if you find any continuity errors do let me know. No penalty is in place for late-rescuing mother (yet) but the rest of the Rivermont section is ready!

• New scene: Marie x Pigboss. This only occurs if you infiltrate Castle Rainier too long (day 3 and onward in Rivermont), which will remove the ability to rescue Marie and leave her at the mercy of the pigboss instead. This scene is also viewable in the Gallery after completing any Prologue section!

• I wasn’t very satisfied with the Castle Rainier Pigman Deepthroat scene and have completely rewritten and overhauled it! Alongside the “Rivermont Pigman” and “Fallwater Pigman”, the “Castle Rainier Pigman” is now it’s own scene, featuring the initial deepthroat + a special ‘slutty pigslave’ ending if you are gameover’d from that part of Rivermont. All pigman scenes are viewable in the Menagerie.

• Big overhaul to the stealth system; enemy’s detection AI should now function properly, and they will be able to pick you up correctly if you are in their line of sight as well as their peripheral vision. So no more silly stealthy Claire walking right beside a Swogg who somehow can’t see her.

• Fixed a bug where Stella is not unlocked in the Gallery if you unlock the Prologue section.

• Broadened the interiors for Rivermont so that the pigman patrol routes are no longer impossible to pass through and the key items can be collected

• Fixed lighting issue in the Hazy Clearing

• Fixed Camping Kit item not being consumed after use

• Fixed continuity writing with the pigman ending for Rivermont (colour palette swap on the pigmen was not a mistake, just mistaken writing)

• Skip option added for gameover scenes for Swogg and Rivermont Pigman due to popular demand

Claire’s Quest v0.23.3
• Added in progression for Rivermont; you can now trigger and complete all the sidequests and main quests up until rescuing your mother and taking her back to Rivermont, for the “Early Rescue” segment. This will eventually be limited to a rescue by Day 2 in Rivermont. However, at the moment the timed day system is not active while we continue testing and development in the area. Note that Rivermont playthroughs still cannot be completed, and also that you need to start a new game to make it work properly so keep a save slot just for repeating Rivermont (alternatively if you just want to see Rivermont scenes use Gallery + Menagerie).

• Added in Route A for Rivermont.

• Added in Stella’s scene, which occurs after the bridge quest is done. Has High Seduction (>3) and low Seduction versions if you choose to take things further.

• The Pigman scene in Rivermont is now unique and different to the one in Fallwater. Both Pigman scenes have two parts; the initial attack part, which is the same, and then the ‘captive’ part, which are different between the two – Added in the unique captive part for Rivermont, which is a new scene!

• Stealth zones coverage lessened in Rivermont, enemy detection and difficulty improved somewhat as per player feedback.

• Rewrote the ‘old’ Pigman scene for Fallwater and corrected the sequential artwork order.

• Fixed tile glitch with the Occult ornaments

Claire’s Quest v0.23.2
• Hotfixed the progression-breaking bug with the Prioress at the very beginning of Rivermont!

• Fixed the pigmen not responding/chasing in the opening stealth intro.

• Added in Castle Rainier! You can now rescue mummy via Route B and see the “Early Rescue” results.

Claire’s Quest v0.23.1
• We are now the introduction of, and beginning beta-testing for, the Rivermont section of the updated Prologue! This area is still heavily under development, but players can now enter Rivermont (via the opening part of the game; you can skip right to this by starting a new game) and experience the atmosphere as well as take part in several new scenes! Would love to hear feedback on the area and the characters and if we should go darker/tone down a bit! As usual, once we clear each area of bugs we will push forward to the next one in rapid order. The current incarnation of Rivermont cannot be completed and players can simply play around with the opening part of it + experiment with Route B and the Curious Pigman/Washtubbers route to getting into the castle grounds.

• Updated save/load system that now not only shows you playtime + saved location, but also the current attribute distribution of that save (ie. How much Defiance, how much Intrigue, so on so forth).

• The opening section of the game now has an introductory stealth stage! (No gameover, will automatically teleport Claire out even if it fails).

• Fixed the WASD key introduction killing the “It’s Goblins” quest progression by changing the “A” action key to a “P” key.

• Various story angles now edited – Bertrand’s dialogue in Valos changed heavily, and Claire gets a lot more added depth and personality to her past as she moves around in the Prologue area.

• The Pigboss encounter in Fallwater has had its map changed and the encounter changed to a stray Swogg. Fallwater itself has also been changed, with the addition of stealth zones.

• Swoggs added to the game! Scenes available for unlock in Menagerie. They are gameover encounters in one part of Fallwater, as well as the Occupied Rivermont area (exterior/outside).

• Little non-NSFW introduction CG scene with Stella and Claire when she chooses to go into Rivermont. Same CG applied when meeting Bertrand in Valos without going to Rivermont at the beginning.

• The Lecherous Townsperson, the brother of the Lecherous Refugee, added to the game! Along with his ass groping scene in Rivermont.

• Pigman Deepthroat scene added to the game (not in Gallery yet, still finalizing writing) – this is encountered only when taking Washtubber’s Route B into the castle grounds, and running into patrolling pigmen while making your way to the castle itself.

• Changed Gilly’s pigboss encounter – the end now shows her with a sprite sex animation.

Claire’s Quest 0.22.5
• The opening quest of the Showgirls Questline, “The Tenants”, can now be completed after meeting Farrow and Travers.
• “The Good Doctor” minor quest can now be fully completed, along with the option to turn in Genevieve to the Revilliers instead of siding with her. This will additionally lead onto the “The Breeding Game” quest, a placeholder for future content revolving around Genevieve creating more chimeras; this is contingent upon Claire owning the Chemont Breeding Ranch however. Comes with the new Genevieve x Jillian x Chimera scene.
• Added a new scene/quest, the Manticore Tail Experiment, in Aiyana’s Lab as part of the Alchemist Questline.
• Upon popular request, added the WASD movement system which works to move the character alongside arrow keys and mouse clicks.
• Added a Stash system to complement the new weighted inventory system! Stashes can be found at any inn, as well as at any home or building that Claire owns. They have global effect, and allow players to drop off items so they don’t walk around over-encumbered or get forced to throw away items to reduce weight.
• Fixed a bug with the Sisters of Fertility “Harvest Festival” quest, where the quest-starter would remain behind at the Bullpen in Chemont, allowing the event to re-fire pointlessly.
• FINALLY fixed the bug porting Claire into the sea out of the Salty Slattern, FOR GOOD this time, fingers crossed.
• Fixed Jillian and Albe’s sprites remaining in the Valos Garrison building even if you side with Genevieve in “The Good Doctor”.
• Minor typos and text consistency issues fixed, too many minor ones to list individually.

Claire’s Quest 0.22.4
• The start of the Showgirls Questline can be begun in Valos City Slums by buying it from the Landlord. [COMPLETE/GOLD EDITION ONLY].
• New quest, “The Good Doctor”, can be started by accessing the new building, the Clinic, in Valos Inner City. Comes with the accompanying Claire x Genevieve x Chimera scene. Route to side with the Revilliers not yet included.
• The pregnancy system has been added in, along with the first “basic Valos pregnancy” event. If you turn on pregnancy as an option in menu, this can be triggered from most human encounters where they cum inside of Claire vaginally (1 in 5 chance). Alternatively you can force it to happen just by using the new Status Adder NPC in the Gallery.
• Supply merchant in Rathpike now sells anti-monster gear but at a premium markup compared to mercenary suppliers.
• Fixed the new inventory weight system glitching beyond 5-count.
• Added in the ability to dump non-key items from the inventory, from the menu.
• Fixed the Wayside Inn glitching and not letting you leave after you finish the Harvest Festival as part of the Sisters of Fertility questline.
• During the rainstorm event and all future bad weather events, taking more than 50 steps to find shelter will result in Claire getting the Sick status, which can only be purged via Medicine or by finding a clinic.
• Stopped the ability to “run” from weather events after they have triggered.
• Fixed the bug in the Thieves Questline when returning from the quest ported you into the sea rather than outside the Salty Slattern

Claire’s Quest 0.22.3
Added new quest, “Blessing The Harvest”, which introduces Mia, your apprentice in the Sisters of Fertility, as well as a scene for her! Mia is dom/sub depending on what path Claire is on, so if Claire is dom, Mia is sub, and vice versa.
Added new quest, “In Cahoots”, which advances the Thieves Questline and adds in a new scene for this mission, which occurs if you try to climb through a Defiance-based hole-in-the-wall approach and get stuck. If Claire’s Defiance is over 9 she will succeed in climbing through. Alternatively, she can sneak past enemies, or use an Intrigue over 9 check to listen through the walls. If she triggers the scene, Depravity being over 9 will boost Depravity +2 and lower Defiance by -2 and she enjoys it, whereas if Depravity is under 9 it will only boost Depravity by +1 and lower Defiance by -1, and deduct all Energy from the trauma.
The Status menu is now opened using the “J” key instead of the “S” key as WASD players need the S key for their navigation.
Rewrote the “Good Smith, Bad Smith” narrative as the Thieves are basically being modeled into a Pliny vs Lecter situation while Zeon has his own thing going on as the Mercenaries.
New title page with stylized title!
An experimental weight system has been attached to the player inventory. Defiance score affects weight-carrying capacity (see details in ‘Skills’).
Fixed a bug with Talin being interactable and invisible before she’s meant to be in the Lake in the Woods, which kills the progression for Rangers into “Death In The Water”.
Fixed flawed placement of the Energy requirement to enter the Milk Shed in the “Milk Gone Sour” quest.
Fixed the gamebreaking lock in Valos Slums when approaching the Urchin base due to missing event graphics.
Solved a very sneaky mistake I made due to a duplicate copy of the “Body Bag” item being sold by Mercenary vendors not registering as the ‘main’ Body Bag item that is recognized by the script. Duplicate highlighted as deleted item.
Fixed the Meat Pit unable to progress properly due to flawed Energy restoration at the beginning.

Claire’s Quest 0.22.2
Added new quest, “Brats, Mischief, & Cruel Things” for Urchin Questline, which is located n Valos Slums City. Comes with a huge multi-variant scene! The Urchins will have their way with Claire unless she has over 6 Defiance and Intrigue. You will unlock this in Gallery even without taking the ‘bad’ path to it.
Kennels transfer point bug has been fixed.
Roxanne’s room being invisi-blocked (cutting off Ranger quest progression from the beginning) has been fixed.
Fixed Dreadly Alchemy Jar randomly moving around.
Several minor typos across new scenes found and fixed.
Fixed multiple ‘chest’-type graphic errors due to new sprite sheet.
Fixed the missing ME folder export.

Claire’s Quest 0.22.1
• Five brand-new CG sets and one remake! (see below for details)
• New minor quest featuring Charlotte, “Hiring Conditions”, where you help Charlotte land a job at the Hotel Bellevue. You can complete this via the ‘Corruption’ route (CG set where Charlotte sucks off the hotelier for a job with some slavish foodplay) or the ‘Romantic’ route (CG set where Claire and Charlotte engage in a lesbian tryst with plenty of making out and carpet munching sapphic madness!)
• New quest, “Milk Gone Sour”, in the Sisters of Fertility questline, where Claire has to deal with a bunch of rambunctious fairies, featuring two CG sets depending on whether you’re on the sub or dom path; submissive Claire gets a CG set where she is milked and toyed with, while dominant Claire gets a CG set where she uses them as handy cocksleeves and force-feeds the fairies a new kind of creamy ‘milk’!
• New quest, “Death In The Water”, in the Rangers questline, where the conflict between poachers and rangers escalates! Claire must seek the help of an ancient lizard called La Guivre, and in exchange for his help she can get a CG set where she dons a Lizard-Girl Outfit for a taste of some dino-dicking!
• Leon’s set back in Hookton Village (breastsucking + handjob) has been completely redrawn, and Leon’s scenes and dialogue rewritten to reflect his new teenager look!
• UI overhauled for the addition of the new “Status” bar!
• Brand-new Status bar added into the game to better reflect and explain various statuses that can afflict Claire – press “S” to open!
• Changed Aiyana’s ingame portrait completely to better represent her CG appearance.
• The “Virility” and “Greater Virility” abilities are now unlockable via skill tree progression.
• More backstory added to Claire’s family, can be seen via Prologue interaction in her house, and with Lord Bertrand’s reaction to her when they first meet. Notably, her family name is now defined clearly as ‘Emmelaine’, with her full name being ‘Claire Emmelaine’.

Claire’s Quest 0.21.2
– New alchemy experiment available for the Dreadfly Stinger. Comes with a new lesbian scene. Requires 6 Defiance to avoid.
– Isobelle’s “anal prep” scene where she plays with a horsecock dildo has been given CG, and is now its own scene. Can be viewed in the Gallery if you already fully trained Isobelle and went past that part.
– Added new mechanic where if you pass the stat check for alchemy experiments, you can still opt to purposely do nothing and encounter the ‘fail’ scene.
– Fixed a ‘soft lock’ when assassinating the goblins; unless you had 5 Defiance you couldn’t do it. This requirement has been removed.
– Minor bug fixed with the Sisters of Fertility nymph scene’s dom/sub versions having swapped signs in the Gallery.
– Gravekeeper using the wrong sprite was fixed.
– UI graphic error where “Legacy” is still in place of “Skills” when viewing Inventory was fixed.
– Fixed a major bug where it wasn’t possible to go back to Beth’s place to recruit her for the Ranch once you left the house (if you left without hiring her).

Claire’s Quest v0.21.1b
Hotfix Claire’s Quest

• Added the Omega Sandworm scene (unlocked in Menagerie, not Gallery). Related to this, the “Perilous Bouquet” minor quest can now be completed, with a number of different outcomes. You need at least 14 Defiance or Intrigue (and a shovel, which can be found in the Forsaken Mines exterior) to perform sabotage to survive the Omega encounter. The Omega can be chased away or allowed to stay, with a number of different outcomes; conversing with the Omega gives one-time boosts and decreases. You can also willingly breed with the Omega if Depravity is over 14; but breeding with Omega with Defiance less than 14 will lead to a gameover.

• You can now meet up with Beth once she’s rescued + the refugees are moved to Chemont. Following this, if Claire’s Breeding Ranch is owned, you can spy on Beth in her new home with Gale, unlocking a new voyeur scene.

• Beth can be recruited with Gale to the Ranch. If she was rescued in the Prologue, she will join for free. If not, she will cost 1,000 silvers; she has no Ranch scenes yet, so no need to rush to recruit her.

• You can now reunite with Charlotte and Leon in Valos, provided the housekeeping job in Hookton Village was advanced up until the dinner scene. Charlotte will be found working at the Cup and Trotter. Related to this, there is a new molesting scene involving Charlotte. Depending on Claire’s actions during the encounter, Charlotte will be steered down a different path (+1 to Corruption route if Charlotte is allowed to be molested; +1 to Lesbian route if Claire saves Charlotte). Claire needs at least 6 Defiance or 6 Intrigue to save Charlotte. Also, the housekeeping job itself, if Leon is pursued romantically, will +1 to Leon’s romantic route. This encounter starts the “Good Charlotte” quest, but this quest has no further content yet.

• A skill tree has been added to the game. This is a visible representation of Claire’s four attributes, their distribution, and the kinds of benefits they unlock. Only a number of skills are currently unlockable: Happy Camper, Wild At Heart, Open Doors, Hello Sailor, and Lockpicking.

• Gate tolls have been added to both Rathpike and Valos. Fast travel also includes tolls. Open Doors (from Seduction skilltree) will waive this permanently.

• A blessing system is now in-game. You will be able to get blessings from shrines scattered throughout the game. These provide temporary boosts to your attributes for a limited number of steps before wearing off. There are two kinds of shrines at the moment: those devoted to the Temple of Fertility, and those devoted to the Triune, the dominant faith of the Continent. Related to this, new buildings, Abbeys of the Triune, are now available in Valos and Rathpike, though empty save for their shrines at the moment. Note that blessings are not registered as ‘permanent’ and so tutors won’t factor blessing-boosted stats into account when tutoring attributes.

• “Hole In The Ground” quest has been fixed: a blood splatter was blocking the path by mistake. Also, encountering the debtor thugs in the Undercity accidentally cut off progression when it wasn’t supposed to.

• Credits Room via the Gallery has been revamped.

• Chests temporarily removed, pending re-insertion once we finish our new changes to make them “refresh”.

• Sandworms now drop Sandworm Blooms, which will feature later as an important alchemical component.

Claire’s Quest 0.20.1
• The follow-up quest to “Let Them Eat Fruit!”, the “Curse of Chemont”, is now available. This is a major quest that is part of the newly-restructured main questline, “Claire’s Quest”

• A new scene featuring the werewolf is now available! Completing the Curse of Chemont, regardless of what way you do it, will unlock this scene in the Gallery.

• Experimental weather system added, currently confined to Outer Valos for early testing. Outer Valos now has a 20% chance of getting a rainstorm event, which will spawn hostile characters that will attempt to attack Claire.

• New scene involving roaming hostiles who only appear in the rain event mentioned above. Encountering them in any way will add them to the Gallery. Future plans for weather are to include a ‘sickness’ system as an added threat (currently not ingame) which will lead to a series of nurse/hospital minor quests.

• Valos’s “poor area” completely reworked; instead of sewers, which makes it too similar to Rathpike’s Undercity areas, I decided to remake it into a little confined “slums” quarter inspired by the Putrid Grove in Witcher 3. This City Slums area is accessible from Outer Valos, by going straight north.

• Urchins moved to the City Slums.

• Experimental stealth system added to the game. Currently only limited to the Badlands and White Hart Grove (werewolf area). Being in stealth areas like tall grass will stop monsters detecting you, allowing you to sneak by. However, dashing will break stealth, so if your dash/run is set to auto, make sure to hold down SHIFT to slow Claire down to a walk.

• The Grateful Youth (from the Prologue) can reappear in Outer Valos if you saved him and inspired him to continue living.

• You can now give Piercings to Isobelle; these are purely cosmetic, changing her portrait and CG sets to feature Piercings. You can take them off at any time if you so please.

• Fixed a series of flow/progression bugs with the “Contemplation” quest as it leads onto Karland and Bertrand’s quests. A new game may be necessary to make it all register properly in the Quest Journal. If you don’t mind a wonky Quest Journal though, you can play from your saved games.

• Goblin-related quest is still being worked on; however, their new scene is available for viewing in the Gallery if you want to view it ahead of the quest itself!

• Added the Adelaide Inn to Chemont Town so Chemont has an inn + food vendor. This is actually a little cameo by another adult game of the same name. Stay tuned for future very raunchy content!

• Fixed the Beastwife Outfit being sellable by mistake.

• New NPC types added – Female Plutocrat, Pauper, and Bard.

• New custom sprite for Gravekeeper.

Claire’s Quest 0.19.1

* “A Red Proposal” quest for the Shieldmaiden Questline can now be completed.

* New scene – Aslaug’s “kabedon” with Claire. Ecchi and SFW.

* “Grapes of Wrath” quest now available for both sides of the Sisters of Fertility questline.

* Forest nymph scene added to the game; comes in two different flavours depending on which Sister playthrough you get it on.

* Anal Penetration scene now available with Isobelle. Lubricant conditions not added yet.

* Fixed a bug where the Blacksteel Forge lets you in without completing By Blood & Sweat Both quest first.

* Big oversight – no food in Dargan. Added food to Tibor’s menu.

* Cave of Penance auto-triggers text without being on the related quest; fixed.

* Fixed a bug whre you can re-trigger the Merc Ambush scene even after escaping.

* Restored alchemy function, which got disabled due to new plugin intereference.

* Fixed a potentially gamebreaking entrance glitch with the arrows lending accessibility from right side of the third outpost’s door in the “Lights Out” quest.

* Added “Oasis Town” past Badlands in Rathpike, and Valosian “Outer City Sewers” and “Inner City Sewers” maps.

* Fast travel added to Narfu – Corsair’s Coast.

* Lockpick requirement removed from SIlent Cargo.

* Fixed up confusion with Beth/Enslaved Refugee where the game doesn’t correctly check Beth’s status and mixes up who should be encountered.

* Missing tint screen when transitoning from Possessed Boy scene in Chemont, only if your Depravity is high

* Defiance being too high (over 10) in Brabannois causing failure of quest removed, swapped out for increasing Depravity checks of 10 and 12

* Bertrand’s backstory retconned

* Retconned some quests into a new “Claire’s Quest” category as the ‘main’ questline

* Mystery Note in Silent Cargo lists the wrong colour house roof. Fixed.

* Default “boy” portrait and sprite changed

* Added a hide textbox option with H key

* Added a bit of blush to Claire’s “happy” expression

* Urchins Questline has been moved to Valos

* Suspicious Man who teaches lockpicking in Hookton now won’t talk to Claire unless she has at least 1 gold

* Reward for acquiring high purity blacksteel for the Valosian acquirer changed from 500 to 1,000. Purchase cost also removed.

* Tahlia the Trapper added to Alchemy Questline; she will be responsible for selling monster parts. The parts available depends on which recipes are unlocked.

* Leon and Charlotte (the Bakerwoman and the Baker’s Son from Hookton) are now unique characters and will have future potential quests dedicated to them.

* Added some training condition checks for Claire’s Breeding Ranch. Still doesn’t fix overall problem though. System currently is ‘broken’ because with high enough Libido (via items) you can skip over the natural progression of scenes, like being experienced in Anal but a newb at Blowjobs, which doesn’t make sense. Need to think about how to fix this. Some added features to Ranch postponed while I puzzle it out.

Claire’s Quest v0.18.4
* “Lights Out”, the mercenary quest following “Something’s Fishy…” is now available. This quest is initiated by talking to Belisaros after resolving the kraken and getting the mercenary armour.
* New areas introduced: Corsair’s Coast, and the Lookout, both related to the mercenaries; additionally, all of Dargan Town has been brought back to the game.
* “By Blood & Sweat Both”, the first Shieldmaiden quest, now available.
* “Tribute to Fertility”, a submissive Sister of Fertility quest with Rose in the bathhouse, now available – with a nifty gangbang scene to boot!

* The mercenary double-penetration and ambush scene is now available. This is scene can be skipped entirely during the “Blood & Sweat Both” quest depending on your choices. During the scene itself, if Defiance <10, it is an auto gameover. If over 10, it goes into a miniquest with a repeat scene where Claire can escape, prison break style. However, if during the imprisonment, her Defiance drops under 9, it’s auto gameover.

* Dreadflies have been added to the game. These insect monsters are found in the Lookout (north of Narfu), and Whores’ End (down the stairs from the Meat Pit). Their scenes are pretty interesting, as they come in two different outfits and backgrounds. The repeat scene is available in the Menagerie.
* Added attribute trainers to the game! These specialist NPCs basically raise your stats for money. The higher your existing stat, the more their services cost. Defiance Trainer is Gallis (Merc HQ), Seduction Trainer is Madame Mox (Brothel), Depravity Trainer is Roxanne (Ranger HQ), and Intrigue Trainer is the Beneficient Librarian (Valos Library 2F).
* Added an option to “empty” the Herb Pouch from Inventory, in case you need it emptied to pick up something else, rather than having to go find the relevant buyer.
* Big ships have been added to the game – a welcome cosmetic for me, personally! They come in several variations too, from pirate vessels to viking longships!
* Changed all of Isobelle’s portraits to reflect her ingame appearance better!
* Sally’s encounter should give +10 Energy and Hunger as intended now
* Fixed the Widow’s Hovel encounter subtracting Depravity rather than Defiance with “Console Her” option
* Dyrios as a prisoner mistakenly shows up before the relevant Thieves quest is resolved

* In the Bondage Room with Rose (SoF), during the final training, if Defiance is over 10, Claire gets +5 Dep -5 Def, If Defiance is under 10 Claire instead gets +9 Dep and -9 Def
* Fixed a Breeding Ranch bug, whereby [Work] and then [Exit] causes Fatigue without actually doing anything. Also addressed Fatigue status not stopping you from sending the breeder to work.
* Reworked Nachali encounter with poisoned status effects and Bezoar mistaken text. You need to consume the Black-Blood potion then face Nachali. You cannot consume Bezoar without facing Nachali.
* Music mistake for Manticore after fighgting them off in Badlands. Also Leather Guard should now activate first over Monster Repellent, fixed
* Cautious Gypsy now sells additional leather guards after giving you the first one free; this is necessary as using up the leather guard to do Aiyana instead of Merc quest will lock you out of Mercs, and vice versa; also, to get around Defiance requirement for using leather guard to get Manticore Tail, added one Manticore Tail stuck in dead merc’s body in the Badlands; a bit of juking around the Manticores and you should be able to get it

* Merc escort to Dargan results in missing weather effects and outfit problems; fixed
* Fixed Kraken Cove accessibility bugs
* Fixed Beth’s portrait showing up by mistake even if she wasn’t imprisoned during Silent Cargo. Gale shows up in the Valosian Refugee Camp.
* Peeping Tom scene in gallery gives 30 silvers by mistake; fixed Gallery variation to only show the willing one (Defiant option sends you back to Hookton)
* Drunken Plutocrat scene in Gallery accidentally teleports you back to the Cup and Trotter. Fixed.
* Lady Esther sprite replaced by Vanessa Vane in Gallery by mistake in Fairfelt Climax. Fixed.
* The Debtor’s agreement now prevents merc escort services out of Rathpike
* Added missing fadein in Bubba Bear’s scene for Gallery
* Drunk effect will now wear off automatically after 50 steps are taken
* Defiance requirement for initial blowjob scene with the random Sister from the mushroom-collecting quest dropped from 14 to 8.
* Spidercrawl BGS added to Nachali Temple
* Enslavement BGS added to Meat Pit and other similar environments
* Fixed shading/coloring in Isobelle’s first ranch scene CG
* Trevor should now leave the Salty Slattern as intended once you get the Kraken Egg
* Various minor typos found and addressed, too many to list individually

Claire’s Quest v0.18.3
* The house with the black roof in Narfu can now be entered to conclude the “Silent Cargo” minor quest.

* Spending the night with Sally can send you into the sea or into the shadow realm (off-map). Lesbian sex can be treacherous. Fixed.

* You can go into the Nordling Camp without the right progression – fixed.

* Added in the “Prologue Ending” scenes where Claire arrives on the Isles in different states. Not in Gallery.

* The Spider Temple stage has a serious bug where consuming the Black-Blood Potion instantly kills Claire. Added in a hotfix which should resolve the problem temporarily while I figure out what caused the issue.

Claire’s Quest v0.18.2
* Sally’s quest can now be concluded, and if you’re lucky, you might… well… Get lucky. Managing to court Sally after her quest ends will net you a permanent +10 boost to Energy and Hunger.

* Fixed a pan-100 error (sound only plays on left side) in the Badlands BGM.

* Fixed Nachali spawning before you talk to Aiyana in the Spider Temple, which basically makes game unwinnable

* Added missing WorldMap image for travel system

Claire’s Quest v0.18.1

* Major new gameplay area and mechanic: the Ranch. The ranch can be purchased after completing all breeder-related jobs in Chemont, and you can hire girls to work there as your breeders. Of course, you’ll need to train them up to be up to par!

* You can now hire Isobelle and Thunder to work at the Ranch in Chemont (once you buy it). Once hired, they will move into the ranch permanently. New gameplay mechanics revolving around Libido and Fatigue, which are explained further in-game. Please note, beastslut outfit is not available yet, and the ranch scenes are not in the Gallery yet.

* New scene – Thunder x Isobelle BJ/HJ with Untrained/Trained variations

* New scene – Thunder x Isobelle Penetration with Untrained/Trained variations

* Music swapped for wilderness areas of Rathpike and urban settlement areas.

* The Meat Pit now saps -1 Defiance every night you stay there

* A nude UI portrait added. Comes into effect in Meat Pit and Fairfelt Manor (as prisoner) at the moment.

* Maid outfit added to cleaning job.

* Quest categories restructured as follows: Continental, Rangers, Five Families, The Temple, Refugees, Thieves, Mercenary, Shieldmaiden, then Minor Quests and Job Quests.

* Gallery and Menagerie structure completely overhauled after popular feedback. Now there is a signboard next to each scene in the Gallery telling you what scene it is so you don’t have to trigger it without knowing.

* Lore behind demons and monsters rewritten, specifically verifying Andumas and the Spider Goddess (Nachali)’s roles.

* Bubba can now be re-encountered in the Brugginwood after his specific Ranger quest for… head pats.

* Intrigue route added to Cockthulu’s scene (the Gypsy quest in the Rocks, Valos). Previously there was only a Defiance route and tonnes of people got stuck there. Hopefully this makes it more open-ended.

* Exclamation Mark Indicators/Quest Markers now added to more parts of the game.

* Testing out a “skip” option for jobs with repeating scenes, such as the Hookton blowjob, or the bar gangbang in Valos.

* Option to revisit Emily after the relevant Temple quest now available. Will be fleshed out more in the future.

* Narfu Village back in, mercenary quest advances up to the Kraken, who has been brought back. New Kraken scene also available. Also, the mercenary outfit + UI portrait becomes available from Mercenary Questline (but stops there for 0.18.1).

* Karland’s third quest, the journey to the Badlands, added into the game in its entirety. This is a massive quest, and probably one of the hardest in-game. Unfortunately Nachali/Spider Goddess chase mechanic is kind of shit (sigh) and the poison mechanics are wonky but the quest can be finished nonetheless. This quest introduces Aiyana, the Alchemist, and also adds in a new scene with the Spider Goddess (hint: the gameover scene changes based off Depravity)

* Aiyana the Alchemist comes into the game (after you finish the 3rd Karland quest)! This tsundere gypsy girl is your gateway into the world of alchemy. You can visit her in her lab after you finish the 3rd Karland quest and start the Alchemy questline.

* New scene – Manticore Alchemy / Gypsy Gangbang, available during the first alchemy experiment with a Manticore Tail.

* Dargan Town back in game, but nothing to do there yet. You can explore if you want. The next couple of patches will fill this in.

* Basically all pre-overhaul areas are back in-game, and will be fully fleshed out and patched back in by the time 0.18 is done.

* Mercenary escort services are back

* Zayana mistakenly shows up in Fat Jack’s pre-rescue. Fixed and removed Claire’s Quest.

** Lots and lots of minor stuff I tweaked and fixed that probably don’t warrant individual mentions, but if you come across weird tiles that look like they shouldn’t be there or bump into invisible roadblocks PLEASE let me know in Discord.

Release date: 28 June, 2024
Genre: RPG Maker, RPG, 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Prostitution, Monster, Bestiality, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Handjob, Paranormal, Group Sex, Lesbian, Multiple Penetration
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Dystopian Project
Platform: Windows, Android
Version: 0.27.1 + Walkthrough + Saves
Language: English
Size: 2.05 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

One comment

  1. The quest of Andumas is not accessible because there is a Guard in front of Heatherly manor who says “No solicitors” as if Claire looked like a solicitor. It makes it impossible to eavesdrop on them. There is no way to listen to them behind the manor or to access the house. It is funny but it is very different from the video walkthrough, and the walkthrough that has been uploaded shows how to solve the quests up to version 17.5.
    The Red proposal quest stops when Claire meets the viking’s daughter.
    ““A Red Proposal” quest for the Shieldmaiden Questline can now be completed.

    New scene – Aslaug’s “kabedon” with Claire. Ecchi and SFW.”

    Claire can only check the accommodation, after that there is a message telling “the quest stops here ”
    It is impossible to meet with the Viking at the Wash and there is no Ecchi or SFW scene with Aslaug’s“kabedon”.

    I recommend recording quests as being completed and adding the continuation for the new version but never leave a quest uncompleted. It sounds bizzare.

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