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Favorite Teacher [version 0.45]

Play as a newly hired Biology teacher who desires to corrupt his fellow teachers, neighbours and his students. Seduce scores of women, from your sexy neighbour right up to the principal of the school. Work, Corrupt and fuck to become everyone’s Favorite Teacher…

+ Changelog
-reworked and update interaction systems(Lexi,Angela)
-reworked stamina system
-added Monica`s quest
-added Clara`s quest
-added Random police events
-added Police quests
-Fixed some bugs

-added Amber`s quest
-added Bella`s quest
-added Clara`s quest
-Reworked tips system for Monica
-Fixed bugs with tips for Clara, Monica
-Fixed minor bugs

-added Manual Inner Save System
-added Naomi`s quest
-added Monica`s quest
-added Club`s girls event
-added Police quest
-Fixed minor bugs

– added Cafe event
– added New beach events
– added Club`s girls event
– added Park`s event
– added Minor updates
– Fixed bugs

– added Clara`s quest
– added Lucy`s quest
– added Jane`s quest
– added Monica`s quest
– added random events at the beach
– Fixed bugs

– added big Christmas event
– added Clara`s quest
– added Lucy`s quest
– added Fiona`s quest
– added random school events
– added Sophia quest
– Fixed bugs

– added Lucy`s quest
– added Random hospital events
– added Jane`s quest
– added Fiona`s quest
– added Magic Ball events and quests
– Fixed bugs

– added Lucy`s quest
– added Random classes event
– added Clara`s quest
– added Magic Ball (New content is coming)
– added Fiona`s event
– added Park event
– Fixed bugs

– added Lucy`s quest
– added Police event
– added Cafe event
– added Sportfield event
– added New locations (Fifth Ave and Clinic)
– added New items
– added New characters (Bella and Amber)
– Fixed bugs

– added Lucy`s quest
– added Smoking events
– added Fiona`s quest
– added New cafe`s events
– added New disease event
– Fixed bugs

– added Lucy`s quest
– added Fiona`s quest
– added Smoking events and quests
– added Clara`s quest
– added Subway`s event
– added Beach`s events
– added New school event
– added New achievement system and shop
– added New items
– Fixed bugs

-added Lucy`s quest
-added Fiona`s quest
-added Few random events for Math class
-added Smoking events
-added Cafe`s events

-updated Clara`s quest
-added Lucy`s quest
-added and update cafe`s quests
-added Fiona`s quest
-added smoking event (Sport field)
-Fixed bugs

– added Clara`s quest
– added New scenes to Kiosk location
– added and update Cafe`s quests
– Fixed bugs

– added Clara`s quests
– updated Obedience system quests
– added Fiona`s quest
– added Random events for few locations( Beach, Canteen, Cafe)
– Fixed bugs in Favorite Teacher

– updated and reworked Angela`s quests. (added a lot of new events)
– added Clara quests
– finished Naomi`s quests
– added Few new events to Lexi`s interaction system
– update Obedience system quests
– added New locations
– added New character – Jane
– added New Fiona`s quests
– added Few random events to different locations

– added Naomi’s quests
– finished Renewable system of invitation schoolgirls to home
– added new events in the park
– added new events connecting with Obedience system
– added new events with Fiona
– Fixed bugs

– added Finished Lexi storyline
– added Interactive system with Lexi
– added Some events with Naomi
– added Renewable system of invitation schoolgirls to home
– added New achievements
– added Shopkeeper for “Imagination Reflection”
– added(again) Sell option for shells
– Fixed bugs

– added More Lexi quests
– added New interactation system with Lexi
– added New locations(Kiosk (Park), Lexi house
– added Quests with cheerleaders(Monica, Autumn)
– added Stamina restore option
– added New quest with Fiona
– added Johan in strange store
– Fixed bugs

– added More quests with Lexi
– added New character (Naomi)
– added New items
– improved Characters display (More pictures, depend on the level of lust)
– improved Interaction system
– Fixed bugs

– added More quests with Lexi
– added New interaction system (Demo/Test)
– redesigned Start passages
– Fixed bugs

– added A few new scenes in the school
– added New item slots. For use in the next update
– redesigned A lot of pages
– rewrited A lot of pages
– Fixed bugs

– added New freelance level
– added Energy drink
– added Option to drink alcohol directly from the inventory
– added 5 new achievements
– improved Work in cafe
– reworked Buying system
– Fixed task displaying
– Fixed bugs

– Fixed bugs
– Fixed a problem with the game speed
– added Visualization of changes at work
– added Sets of clothing
– added Small but important details (including improved storyline of Angela)

– added A new system of clothing and accessories to expand the potential of the game and your enjoyment of it.
– added More items/gifts
– added New locations – Cafe, Strange shop
– added New work options
– added One new cheat – Back button (Patreon)
– changed Some backgrounds
– Fixed bugs

– Finished, long-awaited! the storyline of Angela, with a nice bonus at the end of which we will continue to work on in the future.
– An indispensable achievement system in any game for those who do not want to miss anything.
– A wonderful new system of rest in school between work, with a wide range of functions. Install a basketball court in the school yard to play basketball with a porn actress and increase your strength. Read books from the new library to improve your intelligence. And much more.
– A new beautiful location the Beach.
– Large redesign of visual components.
– New school events.
– Bugfix.
– And a bunch of other details that I invite you to personally get acquainted with in this chic update.

– added a lot of different little things that I already forgot about, so play for yourself and find out what I added. Besides.. =)
– added More work tasks
– added More school events
– added More gifs (Sleep/Webcam)
– added New method of increasing boldness. (Check night park)
– added New locations – Bar, School dormitory
– added New character
– added Start-Bonus
– added Statistics
– added One new cheat (Patreon)
– rebalanced changing school parametres. (Now such characteristics of the master as strength, intellect, charisma and boldness – improve grind)
– Fixed bugs in Favorite Teacher

– added a little bit of content =)
– added Work tasks
– added Cheats (Patreon)
– redesigned Charaters Tab
– redesigned Scrollbar
– rebalanced Character Stats Changes
– Fixed bugs

– Fixed bugs

– added a little bit of content =)
– added Work events with images
– added English teacher
– added Books for library
– added Character Kobe, meet him in park
– added Talk function for characters
– added Visual parameter changes (Testing)
– Fixed bugs

– The entire text has been verified and rewritten by a native English speaker!
– added a little bit of content =)
– added images for punishments (Blowjob, Sex, Anal sex)
– added Gym, Library
– added 2 new characters
– added avatar selection for protagonist
– New work system (Testing)
– Redesigned part of the overall game design
– Fixed bugs

– added Continuation of the quest line of Angela, Lucy, Veronica, Monica.
– added Locations, Glory Hole
– added Personal lessons
– added Reception Girl donations
– added Some images for home
– added Some events for home
– added Effects table
– Redesigned part of the overall game design
– And a bunch of different little things
– Fixed bugs

– added Punishment Images for ‘Handjob’
– added Locations
– added Additional lessons
– added New content
– added Reception Girl!
– added Some images for home
– Redesigned part of the overall game design
– And a bunch of different little things
– Fixed bugs

– added Punishment Images for ‘Touching’
– added Freelance (laptop)”
– added Additional work
– added New content
– added Credits
– added Park
– Fixed bugs
– And a bunch of different little things
Favorite Teacher

– added Punishment System
– added Laptop
– added Locations
– added New content
– Redesigned Menu
– Fixed bugs
Favorite Teacher

Release date: 20 February, 2021
Genre: Real porn, Male protagonist, Text based, Anal sex, Corruption, Creampie, Group sex, Humiliation, Male domination, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Simulator, Animated
Censorship: NO
Developer: SluttyStar
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Version: 0.45
Language: English
Size: 1 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]


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    The game will start but without pics and vids

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