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Favorite Teacher [version 0.92]

Welcome to Real Porn game – “Favorite Teacher”! Play as a newly hired Biology teacher who desires to corrupt his fellow teachers, neighbours and his students. Seduce scores of women, from your sexy neighbour right up to the principal of the school. Work, Corrupt and fuck to become everyone’s Favorite Teacher…

+ Changelog
-added gallery for characters (Susan, Olivia, Linda)
-added gallery events
-added Susan’s quest
-added Sophia’s quest
-fixed bugs (basketball issues, qualification, store issues, etc)

-added gallery for characters (Lucy, Jerry, Jane, Fiona, Bella, Amber, Autumn, etc)
-fixed some gallery issues for Veronica and Monica
-added and reworked Amber’s quests
-added Bella’s events
-added Jane’s quest
-fixed bugs (qualification trouble, bench, etc)

-added gallery for characters (Clara, Angela, Lexi, Monica, Veronica, Naomi)
-added Veronica’s events
-added Naomi’s quests
-added Clara’s quests
-added Monica’s quests
-added Lexi’s events
-added few random events
-fixed bugs (beach , cafe, compability troubles, etc)

-added Jane’s quests
-added Bella’s quests
-added police quests
-added random events
-remade tips system completely (Bella, Jane)
-remade time schedule events
-fixed great numbers bugs (overflowing bars, search photos, school system, qualification, time bugs, dead ends, etc)

-added Jane’s quests
-added Lucy’s events
-added Veronica’s events
-added Monica’s events
-added Lexi’s events
-fixed bugs (broken links, typos, some dead ends, etc)

-added Jane’s quests
-added Lucy’s quests
-added Olivia’s quests
-added Linda’s quests
-added brothel’s events
-fixed bugs

-added Clara’s quests
-added Monica’s quests
-added Veronica’s quests
-added basketball’s events
-added park’s events
-added gym’s events
-fixed minors bugs (girl’s shower bugs, MC’s name bug)


-added Autumn’s quest
-added Amber’s quests
-added Clara’s quests
-added Clara’s house events
-added Naomi’s house events
-fixed bugs (girls in home corridor bug, Camilla’s stats bug, Jerry’s affection bug, shower’s bug, laptop’s bug, etc)

-added Jerry’s quests
-added school’s events
-added Monica’s house events
-added Clara’s house events
-added Naomi’s house events
-fixed bugs

-added Autumn’s quests
-added Monica’s quests
-added Veronica’s quests
-added Amber’s quests
-added Jerry’s quests
-fixed bugs

-added new cohabition’s events (Monica)
-added Monica’s quests
-added new beach events
-added Camilla’s quests
-added Naomi’s quest
-updated Clara’s starter quests
-fixed bugs (text bugs, tips bugs, Clara’s tasks, Clara’s quests, tools quantity in shop, etc)


-added Autumn’s quests
-added Autumn’s events
-added Amber’s quests
-added photostudio’s events
-added Susan’s quests
-fixed minor bugs (dorm bugs, porn movie, Naomi’s house hall back, talk macros, etc)

Release date: 16 September, 2022
Genre: Real porn, Male protagonist, Text based, Anal sex, Corruption, Creampie, Group sex, Humiliation, Male domination, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Simulator, Animated
Censorship: NO
Developer: SluttyStar
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Version: 0.92
Language: English
Size: 2.59 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]


  1. Hi, where must i unpack the folder on phone?
    The game will start but without pics and vids

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