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The Spellbook [version]

A book that was found by mistake. A spell that was cast by stupidity… Shall be the beginning of an adventure between Jack, his two friends and his mo.. Babysitter Nancy! Will you let things go out of hand? Or you will try to save Nancy from this situation and bring your babysitter back?​

+ Changelog
This release contains:
Words: +4k
Images: +124
Videos: +14

Update Dark Route (Good NTR) Part 3
Hot off the presses it’s the next release on the good NTR route.

I’ll just say this… So much cum. Good grief have I watched our two young love interests splattered in the white stuff a lot this month. Leave a comment down below if you recognise our guest stars. I hope they have someone at home to watch the house as they are out late tonight.

If you haven’t already, this is your last chance to answer the poll on what we do next. Get in there and vote.

This release contains:
Words: +9.3k
Images: +275
Videos: +34

This release contains:
Words: +8.6k
Images: +300
Videos: +46

v0.19.5.0 Dark Route
This release contains:
Words: +10k
Images: +250
Videos: +10

v0.19.0.5 Love Route Part 2
This is part two of this month’s love update.
This update leads us to the last big choice. From here it’s all endings. I’m not going to promise things right now as to what we will get done next. Rocco and I need to sit down and plan out what we think we can get done but it will be on the NTR route.

In this release we have:
Words: 3327
Images: 106
Videos: 18

That makes for this month:
Words: 6399
Images: 258
Video: 30


+182 New renders
+7 New Videos
+4.5k Words

The Spellbook v0.18.0.1
+200 New renders
+10 New Videos
+5.2k Words

v0.16.5.0 Public
+353 New renders
+26 New Videos
+8k Words

+100 New renders
+10 New Videos
+3.2k New Words

+419 New renders
+11 Videos
+16500 Words


Hey guys, We proudly present love route update! A very big love update with many choices and sub routes. In this update we added:
412 Images
33 Videos
13.300 Words

340 New renders
27 Videos
12k Words

The update in an overview, Naughty route:
Jack will reconcile with Milica, he will “battle” with Mr.Dick , drown in big breasts and get nostalgic with his favorite Nancy, that he has such a long time to see!

In NTR route:
He will see the most horrific dream a man has seen, will be punished by Milica, get heartbroken by 2 people very close to him, annoy Mr.Dick, and run from Aurora. Damn, is that hell?

We managed to make 136 renders per route (272 in total)
7 videos (total) and wrote about 6k words in dialogues.

+12000 words
+360 images
+14 videos
A great episode with lots of action as always! Make sure to play through all the routes available to play all the new scenes.


— removed forced file check on game launch
— added auto-update notification
— added auto-update function for game client
— improved auto-update function for game content and game client
— added offline-modus for free content
— and other (minor) improvements.

+13k Words
+291 Images
+28 Animations

250 Renders
22 Videos
11k+ Words

v0.11.5.0 Dark Routes
+16k words
+41 animations
+266 renders
This episode consists of 2 huge acts. The third was cut because our PC would not make it in time, furthermore we added some out of this world animations in this update. Even the toughest judge will be amazed.

v0.11.0.0 (Love) Released!

Another huge episode is delivered today, with many sub-routes to explore and lots of fun to be had! This episode has futures all the girls but Aria. Worry not though Aria fans because we will make sure to focus a little more on Aria in the next Love update!
We also didn’t add the Michael path. We will add it next update!

What was added in the game this month:
+ 420 Images
+ 21 Videos
+ 13k Words

This update we added approximately:
+289 Images
+27 videos
+14000 words

v0.9.5.0 Dark Route
+ 290 Images
+ 23 Videos
+ 8000 words

v0.9.0.0 Love Route
– 360 Images
– 18 Videos
– 8.283 words

NTR Update

v0.8.5 NTR Route

7000+ Words
279 Images
21 Videos
Have FUN! Be safe!


NTR Update is here and we are really glad you loved it! It seems that stuff are getting harder and more unpredictable for Jack to manage! Where will all this lead him and the girls?

Overall we added:
+ 203 images in The Spellbook
+ 5 animations
+ 2 sub-animations (for the cellphone screen)
+ 7000 words in The Spellbook

Furthermore, next Update will be on Love route and it will be amazing! As Jack will meet a very important character and learn more about the book. This, with the right choices might slowly lead Jack been extremely powerful !


Update v0.7.0.0 Love Route
Happy New Year everyone!
Finally, we will have some fun with Kelly! The boyz are all going to a trip again!

220+ images in The Spellbook
1 video
And 5000+ words in dialogues and texts.
Important: Some saves from Love Chapter 5 might not work because we changed some variables.
You will need to initiate a save from the beginning or early Love Chapter 5 in order for your saves to work.
Also, you can access this route at the beginning of Chapter 6. When you have to choose going to a trip with Nancy and Aria or stay at home, so, choose to stay at home

+ Developer Notes
Hello guys,
“The Spellbook”, is an adult visual novel with choices that influence game play. It is slightly different from the most games you probably played, it is fast paced, with lot’s of action and humor.
NTR is avoidable and you can permanently lock your self into the love/harem route after Chapter 3 until then you have to make your choices and “save” Nancy.
Thank you for playing.

Release date: 1 July, 2023
Genre: 3DCG, Inc, Voyeurism, Corruption, MILF, Blowjob, Feet, Gangbang, Love, Cheating, NTR, POV
Censorship: NO
Developer: NaughtyGames
Platform: Windows, Android
Version: + Walkthrough + save + Gallery unlocker
Language: English
Size: 6.67 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]


  1. having an issue where it wont download the game. like first time starting it and it stops the DL after like 1-2MB downloaded. Any suggestions?

  2. Game looks good, graphics are awesome, typical meet-and-fuck trope: MC finds magic book, gets to fuck all the girls. So far so good!
    Unfortunately all the effort went into design and hardly any into storytelling and gameplay. The MC is a complete douchebag, 24/7 horndog, his actions hardly follow even an inner logic. The developer should work on facial expressions too. I sometimes fail to identify if it was meant to be a horny or a disgusted facial expression. Some aspects of the story make no sense. At some point MC, landlady and to friends are off to another town and it says: “a few minutes later” they arrive. Poor English too is annoying. I am no first language English speaker and I get annoyed by it. You move from one scene to another and there appears “In the meanwhile” and so forth. Also spelling mistakes all over the place, messing up “were” and “where” and such.
    Sometimes the game freezes. You have to save and restart the game to pick up where you left off. I am in for the graphics and fuc scenes, because the way the story has been executed does nothing to me.

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