Transfigure [version 0.5 Beta]

The main plot focuses on Taylor’s quest to find out what the heck happened to him while finding a way to return to his original body. How seriously he takes the mission is up to you. There is a lot going on in the background and so it will probably take multiple play throughs to unravel the main story and meet all of the characters. Each of the in game romances are unique and have wildly different themes and relationship dynamics and motivators and they each will have several different ends…

+ Changelogs
v0.5 Beta
12400 words
Taylor and his two best friends take a break from recent events by continuing their yearly tradition of spending the long weekend at Evan’s cabin. Zen Master Peeshi trains Taylor in the art of erotic self discipline. Taylor and Samantha struggle to fend off the machinations of Lucas Ferret.
-continued the “two friends” route with the alternate cabin adventure (where the trio go together). (~5k words)
-continued the ZMP route (branch found on Drew’s route, complete the ritual, QJ available) (1800 words) Note: this update isn’t finished and will continue next time.
-added a quickjump for one of the main decision trees at school in the early game
-edited Deter’s route and Peeshi’s, fixed and added more media
-continued the T Corp Resistance route with Samantha, Victoria, and Lucas. 5500~ words (Thanks to Director Jstar6264 for sponsoring this route addition!) To arrive on this route, answer Lucas’ riddle incorrectly and then refuse to cooperate.
-Fixed a minor narrative inconsistency on Ryan’s route (Thanks T7792!)
-added a bypass on the T Corp / Deter area so players can skip the protestor scene if desired.
-many minor edits courtesy of Poopoopuh and Tango (mostly spelling, grammar, and word choice)

v0.99 Alpha
25k words
Yellow potion Taylor explores the world with a new body that seems to attract attention before going to a cosplay convention.
-continued alt yellow potion adventure with a cute cosplay section (Thanks Director Rin for sponsoring this route!) 25,000 words (“Are you sure the cops will believe you?” “No way, that sounds way too shady!”)
-added ends 66 and 67 on above route
-extended the ending list capacity from 50 to 100 (Mwaha ahaha…)

Transfigure .96 15.6k words (includes the 95 bonus)
Taylor is coaxed by her alternate mother to embrace her inner cuteness. Spy Taylor learns of Plan Groundwork! + another new shocking ending!
-added end # 37 on Ariana’s spy route – A new enemy is revealed!
-added a new mostly non-sex focused path and ending #20 in the Bloomverse section with Marg Roux (Thanks Director Rin for sponsoring this route!) (10, 600 words)

Transfigure .9480085 – 2 year anniversary edition! 18.5k words.
Yellow Potion Taylor attempts to escape the bunker and pursues different avenues for a potential cure. Brothel-Taylor struggles with the aftermath of her virginity auction… and the pursuit of a stubborn man that won’t leave her the hell alone. Taylor looks after Craig and suffers through the first part of two weeks alone with the perverted manchild.

-added the yellow potion bunker escape attempt on the Damien sub route (altered by changing the PC response to the voice). Plus many edits and recentering the first part of the route as well as the addition of Ending 11 (True End).
-continued the alternative Yellow potion split “Are you sure the cops will believe you?”
-added more Teddy Roux brothel content (~4k words, main path) Thanks Director G for sponsoring this route addition!)
-added more content on Craig’s route (“We can study the next time I come over. I am busy tonight.”)
-small coat of polish edits

0.9280085 ~14000 words

Evan pulls out all the stops in an attempt to woo Taylor and distract her from pursuit of a cure. Taylor’s actions result in blackmail at the Bell household. Taylor argues with a nutty chick with the same name and an unbelievable story.

-added Bell Blackmail (found on Craig path, 5k + words) (Thanks to Director G for sponsoring this route!)
-continued Evan’s route; added the build up to the mega date day. This also includes a bonus section at the beach written by Nicke and Tango. (Thanks Nicke for contributing!)
-added content on the Taylor vs Taylor route (the one where Taylor avoids the first transformation). (“No deal” variation; “invite her to live with you” variation, plus a single short scene at “Deal”)
-added the first decision branch to the quickjump as well as the new Craig branch.
-Minor polish edits and media swaps.
-Fixed a bunch of typos and minor errors (Thanks Poopoopuh!)

17,750 words

Taylor is forced to make lewd concessions by a victorious Craig. Sandra Bell makes Taylor an offer she can’t refuse. Taylor begins a new spy mission and suffers an unfortunate side effect right before being thrust into the life of famed performer Ariana Mucho. Teddy Roux fights to claim his “prize.”

-added the first update of the “Ending Tracker” feature with Transfigure’s nine complete endings- using the return to start link after discovering an end will save its progress! (currently “restart” resets the ending data so be forewarned. Save files save everything until reset and can be reloaded.)
-Added a main menu button to the sidebar to return for ending checks and scene checks (eventually)
-updated credits and info page
-added brothel route to quickjump
-added a new Rhea lesbian scene on the brothel path, found just before the auction (not at the end of the path like usual)
-started Ariana Mucho’s spy mission (chipped variation) 5500+ words
-continued awkward brothel auction with Teddy Roux (Thanks Director G for sponsoring this route!) (5k words)
-continued Craig’s main path up to start of the next chapter. (Thanks Director BUsy Bat for sponsoring this route addition!) ( 7250words)
-added some minor misc media (Cho, brothel) and centered numerous pics.
-Added an end/ warning for a continuity error on the group activities route (Thanks MichelleK2 for pointing this out!) I will replace this with a new scene one day.
Known minor bug note: Navigating to the menu in the middle of a story and then quick jumping can break the appearance triggers and make the portraits display incorrectly. It is recommended to hit the back button or start a new game if you navigate to the menu in the middle of something. (You may DL the extra html at the bottom to fix this.)

Taylor is convinced to take a potentially lucrative deal at the brothel while awkwardly fending off his father’s advances. A bimbofied Taylor endures servitude in the clutches of T Corp’s Lucas Ferret.
-continued Bimbo Tay experience on Lucas’ route. (4600 words)
-quickjump added for bimbo content
-edited the Proprietor’s introduction
-added brothel intro mark II on Rhea’s path (Teddy Roux variation) (Thanks to Director G for sponsoring this route!) (8000 words)
-added a Patreon logo and Tango Fiction logo to the title page.
-more Xs added to show blank paths in development
-various minor edits and typo fixes, several pic fixes (Teddy etc).

0.8980085 13,000+ words
Taylor attempts to lead his friends back to civilization. Sam and Taylor go head to head in a high stakes card game. A fateful discovery is made on the internet. Taylor’s celebrity impersonations lead to some awkward encounters. Louise and Taylor get it on. Taylor gets taken advantage of at a concert with Drew.

-edited Drew’s early route, added several new lines, pictures, and edits, + fixed various formatting errors, picture sizes etc

-added a passage to bypass the floor milk licking scene on Drew’s route (use the towel)

-added the option to make a different visualization during masturbation on Drew’s route (imagine coating…)

-added a new scene and branch on Drew’s route during the concert along with “Dunko’s End”

-”upgraded” Drew’s picture from “Superbad” to “Neckbeard”

-added a small amount of content on Taylor Quicksilver’s Spy route. (Singing with Tay Tay! / BBQ start)

-continued the two friends story branch lost in the woods (Thanks Director Mitsuha!)

-added a jump point for best friends camping

-significantly reduced the file size of the Transfigure media folder with minimal quality loss. ~150 megabytes saved! (Thanks Valid Florian for the suggestion!)

-Added more Natalie Prynn content (Refuse and call it a night )+ changed Natalie’s picture and centered pics on her route. + a dead alt variation with the bodyguards is filled in.

-numerous minor polish edits across multiple paths (Tay QS, Drew, Natalie, two friends).

-continued Sam’s romantic route (Evan offshoot, cardgame)

-added the sex scene after Taylor’s date with Louise.

8880085 12k + words

Julie plays pool with her new “sister.” Mitch and Taylor’s relationship reaches its final tipping point. While impersonating Julie, Taylor meets a familiar handsome gentleman.
-added a scene where Julie and Taylor play erotic pool (Julie route, “I am your brother!” variation)
-continued Mitch route and added new endings (ask Julie for some money) (Thanks Director Mitsuha!)
-added an impersonation scene where Taylor meets Ryan in Julie’s body (Drew route, after the police station, make sure to not get arrested or involve Drew)
-added the Mitch branch to the quickjump (will eventually use default clothing choices for skipped shopping scene)
-added Julie’s route to quickjump
-added a picture for Victoria to the character and popup menu
-added a picture for Teddy Roux and added him to the popup menu
-misc typo and pic fixes
-added the code and description (but not the story) for the Ariana Mucho transformation (agency branch) Note: The actual story will appear in an upcoming update

14,600 words
Yellow potion Taylor endures captivity while attempting to escape the BT sex bunker. The trio of friends take things a bit too far in the pursuit of an urban legend… Taylor attempts to escape Trans Corp while Lucas Ferret tries to force her into submission. Craig enjoys his victory.

-continued yellow potion sex bunker adventure (YPSBA)
-continued “defeated by Craig” (Honor your agreement with Craig)
-continued slavery vs will (Lucas)
-minor edits and pic fixes
-added some more jump points
-continued two friends route with Mongoose Adventure (Thanks Mitsuha for sponsoring!)
-added two “bad” ends

Release date: 9 January, 2021
Genre: Real Porn, Male Protagonist, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal sex, Domination, Corruption, Transformation, Handjob, Humiliation
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: TangoTF
Platform: Windows / Mac / Linux / Android
Version: 0.5 Beta
Language: English
Size: 1.59 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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