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Back To The Cabin [version 0.4]

The game plot has the player trying to help a very old friend grieve and come to terms with the loss of her parents, it will focus on the relationship between the two characters and will be exploring different ways of loving one another. There are many adventures in store for you with plenty of surprises and a few secrets…

+ Changelogs
v0.3 (chapter 7)
– Completed Chapter 7
– 1 new romanceable character
– 1 new H-scene (Main girl)
– 3 new H-scenes (Mary)
– 1 new H-scene (Eleanor)
– Fixed a missing virginity trigger for Mary’s route

Technical details for this version:
350+ renders (2250+ in total)
6000+ words (36,000+ in total)

v0.2 HD (Chapter 6)
+ Completed Chapter 6
+ 2 new romanceable characters
+ 2 new H-scenes (Main girl)

Technical details for this version:
500+ renders (1900+ in total)
2000+ words (30,000+ in total)

Game rework

v 0.7
+Completed Mary’s quest
+New datable character introduced
+New locations
+H-scenes in 2 new locations (Mary)
+Smoother H-scenes
+Fixed a glitch where chatting with Eleanor gave no points
+Fixed the icon for WIP locations to avoid confusion

Technical details for this version:
300+ renders (approx. 1400 in total)
3500+ words (approx. 28,000 in total)

v 0.6.0
+Continued 3 side quests (Main girl)
+New items in Back To The Cabin
+New H-scenes (Main girl)
+Fixed minor spelling errors

Technical details for Back To The Cabin:
130+ renders (approx. 1080 in total)
3500+ words (approx. 24,500 in total)

Release date: 17 June, 2022
Genre: 3dcg, Big ass, Big tits, Male protagonist, Romance, Voyeurism, Incest, Milf, Beautiful ass, Sexy Girls
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Dr. Zukinksky
Platform: Windows / Linux / Android
Version: 0.4 HD + Walkthrough
Language: English
Size: 2.71 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]


  1. Reading the walkthrough (which is for version .5) it seems a lot of content and choices were removed for some reason. This version is barely interactive at all. Anyone know where the older version is? It sounds better than this.

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