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The Prison 2 – Never Ending [version 0.70]

You are a merchant and transport goods for the purpose of selling them in different cities. But one day…​

In The Prison 2 – Never Ending the events are occuring one year after the first game. You are now living a dream life, in spite of previous events that have left scars forever. You’re trying to move forward… Unfortunately, things aren’t really going to go as well as expected…

+ Changelog
The Prison 2 v0.70:
What’s new in this version:
– 137 Rendered pictures

Event Story : Christmas 2020 extended for 2021
You can now talk again to Lady Maria and see what kind of surprise she has for you.

There in total 4 Scenes:
– 2 with Lady Maria
– 1 with Ava (Contain NTR but you can choose Scarlett option if you don’t want to see it)
– 1 with Scarlett

Divers :
– Orb world/Replay Room is updated

The Prison 2 v0.65:
What’s new in this version:
– 86 Rendered pictures

Event Story : Halloween 2020 extended for 2021

As you can see, this is a continuation of last year’s Halloween event. Meet Queen Demona again if you dare. You may get treats but also tricks. This event is only focused on the submissive path.
– There is in total 6 Scenes. One can be skipped due to some Futa content (I wanted to please everyone so I added one for those who like it)

Divers :
– Orb world/Replay Room is updated

The Prison 2 v0.60

What’s new in this version:

– 342 Rendered pictures

Main Story Continue with the second fight at the tournament:

– 4 Different punishment scenes when you are captured during the fight.

– 3 Dominant scenes if you win the fight.

– 2 Submissive scenes if you lost or submit during the fight.

Event Story : Summer 2021

This is an event that should have been released this summer but was postponed. There is 5 Characters in the event 2021.

– Ava : Depending of the relationship you had with her you will get 2 submissive scenes or 2 Lover Scenes

– Avery : 1 Footjob scene

– Zia : 1 Blowjob Scene with a skipable pee show at the end

– Summer : (Unique summer event character) 1 Submissive and 1 Dominant scene depending of your choices

– Alixa : (Unique summer event character) 1 Submissive and 1 Dominant scene depending of your choices

Which mean that in total there is 15 Scenes in this update plus 4 short ones during the fight (Got captured)

Divers :

– Nerfed the fight with Xanna. She has now 1350 HP and does less damage.

– Buffed the skill Minor Slicing Art. The skill do more damage than before.

– Orb world/Replay Room is updated

– Added missing text in Avery Ending

Important Information about the tournament:


– Don’t forget there is a shop managed by an old “Friend” Amalda. You can buy HP Potions, Dispel Herbs(To counter poison), Mana potions and a light Armor, Shield, Hat. This is really helpful.

Drop of items

– There is drops you can get while fighting girls and include unique drops such:

Janna has:

50% to drop a Potion
25% to drop a Light Hat +1
17% to drop a Sword +2

Xanna has:

100% to drop a Potion
50% to drop a Dispel Herb
17% to drop a Healing Ring

Naked Xanna has:

25% to drop a Light Shield +1
20% to drop a Healing Ring
33% to drop a Xanna Poison (No use actually)

Fighter of the goddesses 1

25% to drop a Potion
17% to drop a Mana Potion
14% to drop a Sword +1

Fighter of the goddesses 2

25% to drop a Potion
17% to drop a Mana Potion
14% to drop a Light Armor +1

The Prison 2 v0.55:
There are still some places left for the text but there is a lot of scenes and renders.

What’s new:
– 233 Rendered pictures

Secondary Quests Continue:
Avery :
I know I said I would do a part for Avery and normally victoria but I ended up doing more than I intended to do for avery and I think I also pleased those who were waiting for something with victoria as she is also present.
You have to talk to Avery in order to initiate the ending. Some scenes are locked to some criteria. There is in total
7 Scenes with Avery (No conditions)
1 Scene with One Female Fighter girl who do an apparition in this ending (You can have this scene if you defeated her in the virtual world. This can be extended a little bit you defeated the other one as well)
2 Scenes with the Second Female Fighter girl. (To unlock the scenes you should have defeated her)
2 Scenes with Janna. (To unlock the scenes you should have first defeated her)
1 Scene with Victoria (To unlock it you have to unlock the cuckold route first)
1 Scene with Zia (No conditions)
This is in total 14 Scenes!

– Orb World got updated with all new scenes and without conditions !

v0.5 Part 2:
What’s new:
– In total for this version 0.5 completed : ~440 Rendered pictures
– For this part 2 : ~240 Rendered pictures

Main Quest/Story continue:
– 1st fight of the tournament : Xanna

This is the first fight at the tournament and there is a lot to talk about. You have different scenes, options during the fight itself and if you win you will get 3 different scenes and 2 different scenes if you lose of choose to submit to her.

The fight could be difficult but you can buy equipment, drop equipment on opponents (Even Janna give XP and some items) I suggest you to try the fight after reaching the level 3

Secondary Quests Continue
Zia :
– 1st Ending with Zia (Love Scene) – Talk to her to initiate it

Event in a tent (Virtual World):
– 3 Scenes there. Enter the tent located in the virtual world and choose between 2 submissive scenes or 1 dominant scene.

– Orb World got updated with all new scenes
So, what’s new:

Part 1
more than 200 Rendered pictures

Zia :
– 1st Ending with Zia (Sub Scene) – Talk to her to initiate it

Penelope :
– You can initiate a sub or dom quest with Penelope. (1 scene each)
– Then, there is a lot of things to do as a sub for her. Work at her shop doing stuff and generate random events (With your girlfriend, with Madison and a big serie of events with Nora (I got this idea lately and wanted to implement it (More than 104 renders just for that part

What’s coming in the 2nd part
– 420 Rendered pictures in total
– 2nd Ending with Zia (Love Scene)
– First fight at the tournament and few events you could unlock in this new area.


234 new rendered pictures

Main Quest/Story continue:

You have the possibility to redefine the choices you made previously just before reaching the scene. I did that for several reasons but the most important are the fact you can now access directly the scenes without thinking about what kind of choice you have to do in order to get this scene or this scene. It’s also useful for people you want to watch different scenes/branches without redoing “everything”. This is kind of a taste of what will be available in version 0.4 (Replay Room = Watch and Rewatch the scenes you wants)

3 Scenes (Love route, Submissive route or Maid Submissive route)

Same as above. You can redefine the choices.

3 Scenes (Love route, Submissive route or Cuckold Submissive route)

I haven’t done the redefine option for Mila due to the fact there is only two easy options (Submissive choice or normal/dominant choice)

2 Scenes (Normal route, Submissive route)

The rest of the story will unfortunately unfold quickly but the reason why it takes time is mainly the number of paths, options that I also have to design to remain consistent with my choices I made first during the creation of the game.

A save of the game is available at (Slot 1) and will directly brings you to the continuation of the story.

Regarding this and if you didn’t want to redo everything every time, the problem was the name of the character. That’s why the next feature will be useful for some of you.

New feature in The Prison 2:

Secret Tool (It cost 200$ at the shop and it’s in fact a cheat tool. This has a Patreon section and a non Patreon one
All users can use the : Change my nickname feature (Basically you can rename your character which is useful if you are using my saved slot)

163 rendered Pictures in The Prison 2

Secondary Quests Continue (Stripclub) : This is going to be the last update for these 2 secondary characters. (Luna and Nora) In this update you will get with them:


1 New Strip Club scene (You will have to run it twice to get access to the private show)
1 Private Femdom Show with different branches:

– The normal one which result to the end of Luna character (If you pay the price)​
– A bad ending with your girlfriend turned as Luna slut​
– A bad ending with your girlfriend is now against you and allied with Luna.​

1 New Strip Club scene (You will have to run it twice to get access to the private show)
1 Private Show she will start to suck your cock and then adding 2 different options:

– You can choose to fuck her​
– You can choose to get a footjob​

Secret Pictures added:
6 New secret pictures have now been added in The Prison 2

Secret pictures can now be found more easily. They are all indicated with a star effect in the area you need to search for.

A save has already been implemented for those who want to access the content directly.

296 rendered Pictures in The Prison 2

Main Story Continue :

The continuation of what happened previously (It’s happening at the police station) There is a sub and dom choice that will have an impact in the future. (There is no sex scene there)
The introduction of the sin tournament. This is really just an example of the fighting system with the first girl to fight. There is no sex scenes. Just somes customized skills with pictures, possibility to submit to the girl when you down her hp below 50% etc.. I will add in the future, more skills, shop system, training system, more events during the battle, different endings (If you win, lose, submit etc…) and more girls to fight. Each battle should give more details/informations about the story. You will have to report it to the Police Girl and depending if you are sub or dom the events will be different.

Secondary Quests Continue :
A new scene with Zia and the slave route.
A big new scene with Madison, the jewel shop girl. What will happen if you visit her knowing what all happened previously ? Two submissive events and one dominant.
A big update for Avery the colleague of Zia at the Garage. You will have up to 5 events with her. 3 Submissive and 2 Dominant ones. (I just haven’t finished implementing the text yet)

Release date: 13 January, 2022
Genre: 3dcg, 2D Game, Sandbox, Male Protagonist, Female Domination, BDSM, Male Domination, Handjob, Animation
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: jinjonkun
Platform: Windows
Version: Never Ending v0.70
Language: English
Size: 1.63 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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