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Peasant’s Quest [version 3.41]

Peasant’s Quest it’s an Adult RPG game set in a medieval fantasy world, where you play a farmer’s son on his quest to make a name for himself, and perhaps rescue a few damsels in distress along the way…

+ Changelog
Refurbished existing images/scenes
New scenes and animations for Beth.
One additional new scene for Caleah
4 new quests for Beth, plus an additional old quest added to the quest log
New floorplans for buildings
Automated seed collection
Tavern building opened up in Greyport, so you can spend the night
Thugs will now roam the alleys of Greyport during the night (vampire snacks)
Beth can now have up to 6 named children, plus an unlimited number of unnamed/unsprited children).
Bugfixes and minor improvements.

Pregnancy caps for Alice, Victoria, Ziva, Liandra, Luthien and Caleah have been removed. Children beyond their old caps (10 or 6) won’t be represented by sprites and can’t been named.
Vampires have been given a chance of pregnancy bonus in addition to 25% base chance (with advanced fertility potion). The chance of becoming pregnant now increases by 3% per child they already have, up to 30%. So, after 10 children the chance of becoming pregnant is now 55%.
Doggy target rate has been reduced from 50% to 30%, making enemies less likely to target your companion. In addition Colar of Stealth evasion bonus has been increased from 5% to 15% (so it’s more likely to doge the attack once targeted).
A bunch of minor changes and bug fixes.

– 4 new quests related to Birgitte
– 6 new scenes for Birgitte, two of which can also be performed with Frida or Hilde
– Birgitte can have up to 6 nameable children and an unlimited number of nameless (and spriteless) kids
– Mia’s children can now be hired to collect resources (wood, red mushrooms, stone shrooms and blue lilies).
– 1 new clothing item for sale in Edgar’s shop
– Madam Daiyu now sells “Chests of The Ancients”. Magically linked storage chests.
– New craftable item (Sun Lotion).
– Increased affection deterioration grace periode to 15 days
– Makith (goblin shaman) now sells musk glands
– some other minor changes/additions and a whole lot of bugfixes
– probably some new bugs.

– New floorplans for Edgar’s shop, Marcus’ shop and Frida’s house. I exchanged the standard RPG Maker mapping with parallax maps for better movement and to bring them inline with the rest of the maps.
– Changed affection deterioration for females. Increased the grace period before affection loss to 10 days for now (I know most voted for 15 days, but I want to test 10 days first). Obeah now only loses 3 points per day instead of 5, after the first time she runs away.
– Changed cheatmode. Instead of random chests with loot here and there, there is now a central location with chests with certain useful potions/items. These will replenish everyday. Some will remain empty until you have unlocked the items via the quests. Good luck finding the new cheat activation (it’s still on the same map).
– Some additional minor changes and fixes.

New features/changes since 3.12:
– 2 New quests “The Milk Maid” and “The Salesman”.

– 2 New scenes for Julia and Annabelle and 2 new scenes for Jenny

– You can now produce milk and cheese at the farm, or have your kids do the work for you:).

– Annabelle, Julia and Rosy have had their child caps removed (“excess” children are not represented by sprites).

– Jenny has a received a fertility boost equal to 3% per child she has given birth to. The bonus is capped at 30%.

– If you somehow managed to sell your tranquilizer, Harald will now sell you a new one.

– Fixed a bug that allowed you to have sex with Alice in the grape cellar when she isn’t at the temple yet.

– Fixed a bug that allowed you to have sex in bed with Erevi, just after she had given birth to your daughter, causing said daughter to instantly grow up.

TEST BUILD Peasant’s Quest V3.10
Hi there!
Sorry I missed the promised release date yesterday, but it was still to buginfested to release. I’m honestly still conflicted about releasing it in the state it is, but promises have been made and my flight is only hours away. So, if you do attempt to play this build, make sure you have a backup of your old saves, because this is a high risc build. You have been warned.
New stuff
I also regret to say that I haven’t had time to make a walkthrough yet, I’ll post one this weekend. But the new events are triggered 3 days after you upgrade Julia’s house (that house quest requires 4 kids and you asking for sex again to trigger). Even if you upgraded her house ages ago, you still have to wait 3 days, since the counter is new.
The new content for Julia and Annabelle end after you upgrade the barn. In addition Harald, the petstore owner in greyport now has 4 random repeatable capture quests. Use the tranquilizer.
Missing stuff
Some cutscene images and 2 animations (julia in barn + Alice making wine) are still missing. And a lot of other minor things still need to be adjusted or added.
Also note this build is for Windows only. Other OS’es will be supported at the official release.

Version 3.01 mainly adds more story for Gwynneth and Maghda. With their new quests triggering around the time they gave birth to their first child. Both girls are now finally done with their eternal pregnancy, and gave have multiple children.

New features/changes:
– 6 new quests (2 for Maghda, 4 for Gwynneth)
– added non pregnant version of Gwynneths “on the table” sex scene and added animations to both version.
– 2 new scenes for Maghda
– 2 new scenes for Gwynneth, including a guest appearance from Victoria.
– Added a pet store to Greyport, you can now buy a dog and some accessories. More will be added in later updates.
– Added some new floorplans
– Fixed a few bugs + other minor improvements.

– Gwynneth’s alley scenes have been reworked with new images and animations. They are now also in pregnant and non-pregnant versions.
– Added a new version of the “Play” scene for Erevi’s daughter. Both a troll and a “handsome prince” option are now available.
– Added some new items for Daiyu’s shop
– The Magic Book of Girls is now also available from the main menu (once you find it).
– Changed the maps for the tavern and blacksmith

– Minor improvements and bugfixes.

– 8 new quests (1 more than in the test build)
– 7 new scenes + variations, no less than 48 unique animations.
– A new shop in Greyport (still with a very limited selection)
– New maps + 1 refurbished map (the one near the tower)
– New items to craft (perfume and one armor type).
– New Magic book index
– Several other minor improvements and bugfixes

Mayor New Features:
Compendium/magical book containing some useful stats for each girl in the game. This can be acquired by performing a quest. Speak to the innkeeper, exit tavern and re-enter to trigger quest. The compendium is still a work in progress, the index is temporary and currently lists every girl in the game, even though you may not have met them yet. An improved index will be implemented in a later update (probably 2.91).

Extended storyline for the goblins. 4 new quests resulting in a new female. The first quest triggers once you have completed the quest “A Rebellious Tribe” (where you got the Sequoia, the pygmy goblin), and your population is greater than 60.

Smaller New Features:
I added a non-pregnant version of Victoria’s doggy-style scene. Both the pregnant and non-pregnant version now also include animations.
Added a spirit potion point by the well for Liandra’s old scenes.
Bug fixes
A whole lot of bug fixes this time around, mostly thanks to one particular member of the Discord community. And I’m still only halfway through his list…

Not much has been added since 2.71, this build mostly just adds some minor improvements and fixes a bunch of bugs. There is only a small amount of new content for Mia, Liandra and Luthien:

Mia’s sex in bed scene now also has a non-pregnant version and both versions now come with animations.

Due to popular request I have also made the threesome scene with Luthien and Liandra available as a repeatable scene. Previously you could repeat parts of the scene with each girl individually, but now there is a chance they will “ambush” you in the basement. I could use some feedback on the frequency of this event, is it too hard to trigger, or not? If it’s daytime and both girls are horny, there is a 1/3 chance of them waiting for you in the basement. The 1/3 probability is “rerolled” every time you set foot on the ground floor.

As usual old save files should be compatible. Just transfer your old “save” folder. Walkthrough should be in the game folder.

– New scenes for Oksana and Julia.
– Approximately 300 new images and 45 new animations
– Added animations for an existing scene for Vixenatrix, Sequoia and Maghda.
– About a dozen new quests related to Oksana and the farm (see walkthrough for details).
– 3 new map locations + several new internal floorplans
– New means of production at the farm(chickens for eggs, chop wood).
– Added pregnant version for one of Oksana’s existing scenes
– Fixed a whole bunch of bugs, which I again didn’t bother writing down, and have mostly forgotten.

New features 2.61:
– 5 new quests related to Liandra
– 6/7 new sex scenes for Liandra and/or Luthien + pregnant versions of nearly all scenes
– 325 new images
– 49 new animations
– added animations for existing scenes for Hilde, Shakala and Shakala’s daughter. One scene each.
– Luthien and Liandra can have up to 10 children each.
– added new location (Greyport)
– refurbished Witch’s house map and several new floorplans
– Victoria can now have up to 10 children (you need to purchase more beds)
– Sequoia will now randomly appear in the valley near the exit to the pygmy camp if you didn’t find her in camp during the raid.
– added generic footstep sounds (may add terrain dependent sounds later).
– Fixed missing bed scene for Erevi.
– a bunch of other minor fixes and improvements

– 1 New character
– 2 new scenes (1 solo and 1 duo), one with animation
– Added an animation to a Rosy scene
– Added animations for Erevi’s daughter scenes in her bedroom
– 2 New map section
– 1 refurbished and one new floorplan (Merchant’s Inn)
– Added spirit potion points for Erevi and Victoria pregnant scenes (available once the can’t hav any more adultren)
– Added pastry support for Shakala and her daughter
– Added more potion drops in the Grumpkin caves
– Added new reactions for the familiar (she will now, hide from certain “enemies”)
– Added new voices/moaning for some animations (WIP).
– fixes bugs in Peasant’s Quest

New features/changes in Peasant’s Quest:
– Added pregnant version of Caleah’s date scenes
– Added pregnant versions/combinations of the “Ring a Bell” scene
– Added non-pregnant versions of Alice’s punishment scenes.
– One new scene for Ziva (both pregnant and non-pregnant versions)
– One new scene for Caleah (both pregnant and non-pregnant versions)
– Increased Alice’s child cap from 6 to 10
– Ziva and Caleah can now give birth (capped at 10 children)
– 2 new quests for the temple. They are triggered one day after Ziva discovers she is pregnant.
– 2 new/refurbished map sections.
– Added quest notifications for all quests (old and new)
– Added more old (forgotten) quests to the quest journal
– Added spirit potion point for Mia pregnant in bed scene.
– Added doorway in Vampire Castle Gatehouse to make access to Zsofia easier/better.
– Fixed breastclipping on familiar animation with large breasts.
– Fixed Caleah restarting swamp quest bug (people stuck in the bug should now also be able to leave).
– Other minor bugfixes and improvements.

Upraged to NW.js version 0.54.1
Added “ghost image” in Peasant’s Quest
Minor improvements and fixes

– Approximately 400 new images
– 52 new animations
– 3 new sex scenes for the familiar (several variants of each)
– New scenes for Ziva, Alice and Caleah at the temple of Qetesh
– Alternate version of the temple initiation scene. You can now do it without Grug, if you wish.
– New quests for the familiar. It will now grow up and evolve. It/she can now have an unlimited amount of children as well.
– Alice can now give birth to multiple children (capped at 6).
– Caleah and Ziva now get pregnant and have pregnant scenes.
– Added some new map/floor sections
– you can now rename the familiar at your desk
– minor fixes and improvements

– New temple initiation scene, you can now do it Grug-free if you wish.
– Added the option to perform mass at the temple of Qetesh
– Alice can give Birth (capped on 6 children)
– Priestesses can become pregnant
– Familiar now evolves upon reaching level 10. Triggering more story and sex scenes (3) for her. She can give birth to an unlimited amount of children.

Bugfix for freezing animations
Bugfix for game crash due to item in shop menu

Peasant’s Quest 2.31 is now finally ready for release. This update focuses on our shopkeeper, Jenny. The poor woman wishes nothing more than to have children of her own, but faith has left her barren. Sounds like problem to solve for our hero!

New features/changes since 2.22:
— Added some 250+ images
— 26 new animations (including animations for Frida’s bedscene)
— 4 new quests related to Jenny. Jenny’s story picks up one day after the player becomes mayor.
— New floorplans for the general store
— Rosy’s children can now work your fields, harvesting and replanting your crop.

Changes since test build 2.30:
— Added bonus scene extension for missionary scene when claiming down payment. Made extended scene for doggy style always activate when claiming payment.
— Added loaded dice for gambling game. Can be found in the bandits lair.
— Lots of bug fixes. A big thank you to everyone who helped report them!

After a few ups and downs the past couple of months, I’ve finally completed a new update for Peasant’s Quest. This one focuses on Rosy, adding a few minor quests and new scenes for her. As has become the norm of late, you will now be able to start a family with our little baker, if you so wish.
The earlier promised content for Beth is not included in this update, but will be released at a later date (I’ll get back to that).
I already listed many of the new features in my 2.10 release post, but since then I have added/changed the following:
– Added missing Oksana scene including 2 animations and accompanying spirit point.
– Added sprite graphics for closed helmet
– Updated world map
– Added an option to reset the dragon quest
– Made some general user friendliness changes
– Fixed lots of new and old bugs

Fixed bugs:
— Oliver had dialogue option restarting dragon quest, even if player completed it.
— Oksana refused player to visit the dragon, even when not in party
— Frida dialogue options would go missing
— Screen would turn dark exiting stable or guard tower
— Couldn’t relive the right Player & Shakala wedding night scene.
— Wrong animation played for Erevi’s daughter while wearing black outfit
— Characters not currently in party would still be tired after sleeping.
— Waystone in goblin valley was possible to activate during wastone quest, possibly causing players to miss events in town.
— Lot’s of other minor bugs/improvements

Peasant’s Quest new features/changes:
— 1 New character
— 2 new scenes (1 solo and 1 duo), one with animation
— Added an animation to a Rosy scene
— Added animations for Erevi’s daughter scenes in her bedroom
— 2 New map section
— 1 refurbished and one new floorplan (Merchant’s Inn)
— Added spirit potion points for Erevi and Victoria pregnant scenes (available once the can’t hav any more children)
— Added pastry support for Shakala and her daughter
— Added more potion drops in the Grumpkin caves
— Added new reactions for the familiar (she will now, hide from certain «enemies»)
— Added new voices/moaning for some animations (WIP).
— Minor fixes

— 4 New map sections
— 4 refurbished maps
— 3 New enemy critters (+ some variations of them)
— 1 new pet (spidergirl)
— 5 new quests
— 5 new scenes (4 spider girl and 1 batbreeder), each in both pregnant and non pregnant versions
— Added a pregnant version of an existing Bat Breeder scene
— 4 new animations. Again each in pregnant and non pregnant variations
— 2 new spells
— 2 new costumes
— an autosave system (turned off by default, must manually activate)
— New animation settings in main menu, allowing you to adjust timings according to your PC. This is to avoid screen freezing due to skipped loops.
— a familiar/pet/companion to help you on your adventures
— Bat Breeder will now have a gestation period of one week, at the end of which she’ll lay a large batch of eggs.

Bug Fixes:
— fixed bug where you could get stuck in tavern while searching for the blacksmiths dog
— fixed several bugs related to the Mayor’s vote quest.
— fixed broken dungeon contraption
— fixed bug where Liandra’s animation didn’t play after exiting Grumpkin cave.
— Some more fixes I didn’t write down and forgot:)

— ca. 250 new images
— 8 new scenes
— 1 new animation
— 2 New characters to befriend….
— Changed the old Shakala wedding scene. There is now an optional boy-girl scene in addition/instead of the existing gangbang scene.
— 6 New quests
— added 4 existing quests to the questlog
— 2 new map sections
— Makith (the goblin shaman) now sells ingredients.
— Makith keeps track of goblin pregnancies
— Bats in the Kroggoth cave are now visible (no longer any random encounters)
— New enemies Peasant’s Quest (Goblin King, pygmy goblins, knights)
— New sprites for some characters (Thanks Warthief!).
— Upscaled all old images to the new resolution of 1008×720 (Thanks Lain!)
— Changed the Lighting spell to hit two random targets, instead of all enemies
— Fixed a bug limiting some dialogue options
— Fixed a bug where bribing the innkeeper could keep you from asking for the farmers vote.
— Fixed a bug where bribing the innkeeper could cause you to skip the Roderick-Gwynneth scene in the woods, Causing Gwynneth to disappear.
— Other minor bugfixes and improvements in Peasant’s Quest

Release date: 8 June, 2024
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Anal Sex, BDSM, Big Ass, Big Tits, Cheating, Creampie, Fantasy, Female Domination, Group Sex, Male Domination, Masturbation, MILF, Monster Girl, NTR, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Pregnancy, Prostitution
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Tinkerer
Platform: Windows, Android
Version: 3.41 Fixed + Gallery/Cheat Mod + DECENSOR Patch
Language: English
Size: 4.14 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]


  1. “With enough tries Shakala will eventually give birth to a girl (the chance of success increases by 16% for
    each birth).” Yeah can the developer please add a CHEAT to have Shakala’s next birth to be a girl. Something like hall of the goblin king bedroom a green cored appeared next the deer head and when pulled text would showed saying “Shakala’s next birth will be a girl”.

  2. es uno de los mejores juegos que e jugado ya que no hay límites para tu dominio pero me gustaría que mía tuviera una hija lobo y la dragona también creo que las hijas hibridas son una potente mina de exploración

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