Time Loop Hunter

Time Loop Hunter [version 0.69.00]

In Time Loop Hunter porn game you are Jon, a 22 years old guy down on his luck for making bad choices. Living alone in a rent apartment, struggling with parole conditions and money, your mother hates you and your sisters ignore you…

+ Changelog
Change-Log 0.69.00:

A new Fun Point involving Benson
A new Fun Point involving The Janitor
A new Fun Point involving Cooper, Benson and Rosario
Added Achievement “Wow! You’re really milking this uniform!” with Gallery
Added Achievement “Female Game Armor.” with Gallery
Expanding the story in 3X-COM base
One new Outfit for Cooper (Rejected Uniform)
New memories for Day 7 and Day 8
I fiddle a little more with the Psy-Invasion screen.
Fixed a bug with the WARP with Rosario confrontation at day 3
Added Visiting Rosario at the First Aid point at the Fair to WARP
Gallery is up to date.
Grammar and other small fixes (Thanks Wandering Gyrfalcon)

Change-Log 0.68.00:

Continue the Story for the 3X-COM faction.
Continue the Story for Rosario
Continue the Story for Cooper
Continue the story for Benson
Continue the Story for Alice
Continue the Story for Georgia
Two new Fun points (Alice and Cooper)
Two new outfits (Benson and Cynthia)
New memories for Day 5, Day 8, Day 9
New memories for Rosario, Cooper, Benson, Alice and Georgia
Rework of the Psy-Invasion (level 0 and level 1, is still not complete)
Several grammar fixes and continuity fixes. (Thanks Wandering Gyrfalcon)

Change-Log 0.64.10:

Fixed the bug with the Punishment Achievement
Fixed continuity bug with Pedro at Muffarini’s base
Improved several hints.
Grammar and other small fixes (Thanks Wandering Gyrfalcon)

Change-Log 0.64.00:

Expand and continue the story at Muffarini’s base
New Memories for Janice, Crystal, Dana, and Jessie.
Three new Fun Points
Two new Achievements
Rearrange Gallery for Achievements scenes.
Retrochange: Clean up Memories:
Rosario (Day 3, Morning): Rosario is horny. (Afternoon)
Some small fixes with the hints on a New Game.

Change-Log 0.63.10:

Fixed a bug with Pedro losing his name when doing the sauna scene
Fixed a bug with the map showing the Lab when not in the Lab
Fixed recurring dialog with Jody on Day 7
Fixed Dr. Brown name on some dialogs
Small grammar fixes

Change-Log 0.63.00:

Continue the main story Jody/Muffarini side
Continue the story for Janice, Crystal, Dana, Jessie, Cooper
New outfits for Janice, Crystal, Dana
New memories for Jody, Janice, Crystal, Dana, and Jessie, Days 6,7 and 8
New Achievement (“Yeah… Sure!”)
Memory clean-up for Day 1
Two new profiles for Other Characters: Dr. Brown and Pedro
Grammar and other fixes (Thanks Wandering Gyrfalcon and Dimka2010)

Change-Log 0.62.10:

Fix a bug unlocking CAS’s new outfit
Added the new outfit to CAS’s dream sequence

Change-Log 0.62.00:

Continue the story of Benson, Georgia, Sophie, Ayumi, and Mia
New outfits for Ayumi, Mia
Add level 3 corruption Portraits for Ayumi and Mia
Added relevant events for each girl on the Girls’ screen
Two new Fun Points (Georgia and Benson)
New memories for Georgia, Benson, Ayumi, Sophie, Mia, Day 7 and Day 8, Day 9
Updated some memories and dialogs of Sophie
New outfit for CAS (patrons exclusive)
The gallery is up to date and a new category (Extras) is to be filled soon.
Grammar and other fixes (Thanks Wandering Gyrfalcon and Dimka2010)

Change-Log 0.60.10:

Fixed a bug with Matt and Alice always visiting on days 5 and 6
Fixed a bug with Mia’s sprites
Minor grammar fixes in Hints

Change-Log 0.60.00

Continue the Main Story
Continue the story of Layla
Continue the story of Cynthia
New Memories for Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Layla, Cynthia
A new outfit for Cynthia
A new Achievement
Added DAy 5 to Warp.
Remove Memories for Hospital Day 1, Shower Alice Day 1
Remove All memories about Slutty Beauty and replace them with an achievement
The gallery is up to date
Fixed several minor bugs (Thanks Dimka2010, Wandering Gyrfalcon)

Change-Log 0.59.10
Some minor bugfixes

Change-Log 0.59.00
Continue the story for Zarina
Continue the Story for Lisa
New outfit for Zarina
Two new locations
Added Day 5 to Warp
1. New memories for Zarina
2. New memories for Lisa
3. New memories for Day 6
4. New memories for Day 7
The Gallery is updated.
Bug testing (Thanks Dimka2010, Wandering Gyrfalcon)

Change-Log 0.56.20:
Fixed several images of CAS dream
Fixed Compatibility with old saves

Change-Log 0.56.10:
Fixed several images of CAS dream

Change-Log 0.56.00:
Replace stat Fetish level with Trust
A new system for restore points and the ability to go back and forward.
Continue the story for Cooper and Benson
Continue the story for the Day 6 heist
New character sheet for Mr. Teach
New memories for Day 5
New memories for Day 6
Gallery for Day 6 (Complete)
Lots of changes behind the curtain to prepare for Days 7, 8, 9 and 10
Grammar and continuity fixes (Thanks to Wandering Gyrfalcon)

Change-Log 0.55.20:
Fixed a bug unlocking the offices at the Nightclub
Fixed a bug of CAS appearing Top Naked after transformation.

Change-Log 0.55.10:
Fixed a bug that shows the locations on the map before they unlocked
Fixed a bug that shows the parasite on the map on brain tolerance level 5 instead of level 7
Fixed a bug with the wait button on the map that sometimes grays out.
Fixed a bug that waiting on the fair map will take you to the town map

Change-Log 0.55.00:

Memories for CAS
You can see the parasite on all girls
You can see the parasite on the MAP
– A new CAS Evolution with a Dream sequence
– A new Dream Sequence for Lisa
– A new Dream Sequence for Jody
– A new FUN point (Janitor)
– A new point for Brain Tolerance
– A new Timeline slot
– A new Outfit for CAS (Club) with a Dream sequence

A map for the Nightclub in Time Loop Hunter

All Dream sequences take into account CAS current form
CAS Drug sequence expanded to all forms and all outfits
CAS Portrait is interactive with all her forms.
Added scenes to Day 5 Gallery (complete)
Added new Gallery category: DREAMS (complete)
Added Flirt and Kiss to Alice in Nightclub
Other minor fixes.

Fixed CAS already unlocked clothes when loading a save file.
Fixed Demon CAS Naked Christmas Portrait

Fixed CAS state when starting a new game
Fixed CAS state when doing the tutorial

Fixed Jessie Portrait

Continue the story for Crystal
Continue the story for Cynthia
Continue the story for Ayumi
A new dream sequence (Rosario)
A new Fun point (Janice + Dana)
New Portrait screen for CAS (Demon and Succubi transformation + three variations depending on brain tolerance and with all current outfits)
Now you can cycle with the girls’ variations Portraits (depends on corruption)

Added wait button on MAP in Time Loop Hunter

Added scene of Roger being kicked out of the internship
Added some extra memories for Hannah and Crystal’s existing scenes.
New Memories for Day 5
New Memories for Day 6
New Memories for Crystal
New Memories for Cynthia
New Memories for Ayumi
Minor dependency fixes for memories
Minor fixes in hints
Gallery for Day 5 (Almost Complete)
Continuities bug fixes (Thanks Dimka2010)

– Continue the story for Sophie.
– Continue the story for the Day 6 heist
– A new dream Sequence for Layla
– A new FUN Point (Rosario)
– A new Achievement
– A new outfit for Penny
– New Memories for Sophie
– New memories for Day 5 and Day 6
– Added Zarina massage event to the WARP
– Re-renders of Zarina scenes.
– More Gallery for Day 5 (still incomplete)
– Grammar corrections. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)
– Continuities bug fixes (Thanks Dimka2010)

Fix Rosario shoulder animation
Fix dana Accidented variable state
Small fixes

– Continue Layla, Mia, Lisa, Ayumi, Dana Story
– Memories for Day 5, Layla, Mia, Lisa, Ayumi
– +3 FUN Points
– +1 Achievement
– Fixed several hints.
– Added Auto-hint system (66% complete)

Remove the Under Contruction when you search Lisa’s drawer by Night
Change-Log 0.22.00:
Filling holes in Lisa’s Story
Filling holes events Day 1, Day 3, Day 4
A new way to get past Claire.
New dream sequence: Ayumi.
New memories for Day 1, Lisa, Jody.
Achievement screen
+2 Fun Points
+1 Time Save Slot
Several small changes for continuity bugs.

Release date: 19 January, 2024
Genre: Ren’py, Date-Sim, Erotic Adventure, Male Protagonist, Sexy Girls, Small Tits, Beautiful Ass, All Sex, Hardcore Sex, Erotic Content, Seduction, Corruption, Mind Control, Fantasy, Voyeur
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: HydraHenker
Platform: Windows / Linux / Android
Version: 0.69.00 + Walkthrough + Gallery Unlocker + save
Language: English
Size: 3.74 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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  1. mich würde interessieren, wie das Mini game mit den Gesichtern funktionieren soll, habe schon alles versuht aber komme immer in Runde 4 in das minus echt deprimierend

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