Lab_Rads 2

Lab Rats 2 – Reformulate [version 2024.5]

The game will focus on corrupting your female employees as you build your pharmaceutical empire. The game will feature procedurally generated girls, a detailed clothing and outfit system, and a complex sex system…

+ Changelogs
Lab Rats 2 – Reformulate:
Adds over 25 new crisis events with new dialogs and situations
Adds In-game hint system that helps you find the more hidden quest and story lines in the game
Adds Perks System that unlock special positions, give stat boosts or help you recover energy
Adds 5 Side Quests (Essential Oils, Arousal Serum, Breeding, Cure Discovery, Chemists Daughter)
The sex shop owner Cara with a complete storyline
The hair salon owner Ophelia with a complete storyline
Meet Candace the bimbo and open the clothes shop for shopping.
College athlete Erica storyline with yoga classes
The childhood friend Sarah storyline (HR director position and enhanced employee recruitment)
Lifestyle coach Camilla in the Mall (change active goals for main character skills-up, also cuckhold)
The Ashley story line (Stephanies sister), she is very shy…
The Kiara story line (Barrista in coffeshop)
The Ellie story line (southern girl with IT skills)
The Myra story line (gamer girl)
Become the new strip club owner, hire more girls, and open a new BDSM room for special shows (WIP)
Adds 19 new sex positions with dialogs
Adds 5 threesome positions (triggered in various situations)
Unisex company bathrooms storyline with various new events
Enhances 8 existing sex positions with new dialogs
Outfit generator built into the outfit creator (use mannequin selector for wardrobe edit)
A hair salon with options to change hair styles and colors
Some extra actions in the gym studio
A diverse collection of new serums to influence characters in the game
Extra personalities and random character enhancements with dialogs and story lines
Custom face/mouth cum dialogs for all personalities that match the girls’ preferences.
Your personal dungeon where you can enslave and collar girls (with extra actions for slaves)
Adds new policies that enhance your business (mandatory vibe, genetic modification, clone person)
A contract generator that creates contracts you can actually make with your researched traits

Updated UI graphics
Settings UI to influence the random generator for (body type / breast size / hair style / skin color)
Settings UI to influence the frequency of random events.
Enhanced outfit creator
Enhanced serum editor
Enhanced contract screens
New Map for navigation
Sound effects
Enhanced interview UI
Enhanced employee overview UI (with sorting)
Enhanced end of day dialog
Enhanced person details UI
Enhanced UI for setting daily serum dosages
Multiple characters on screen (in some dialogs)

Cheat Mode:
Cheat (‘x’ key or ‘cheats’ in bottom action menu)
Opinion Editor (press ‘p’ while talking to someone or ‘opinions’ in bottom action menu)
Traits and Serums Research Cheat (press ‘t’ in game)

Longshot (Android)

– Refactored random_lists.rpy file to more accurately break up contents.
– Lists of names (first, last, male) are now class variables of the Person class.
– Key characters are now defined inside world_setup_characters.rpy
– Storyline character setup code refactored to be more clear.
– Character height refactored to be more internally consistent.
– Character height now described in feet/inches inside of the character details screen.
– Possible character opinion lists (normal and sexy) are stored as class variables inside of Person.
– Updated “Classical”, “Punk”, and “Pop” opinions to include “music” so they read more clearly inside of lists.
– Functions to check/compare breast sizes are now class functions of Person.
– Added several breast comparison functions (including checks for huge/tiny breasts, getting breasts by weight, etc.)
– Updated all existing calls to those breast comparisons to comply with the new interface.
– Hair colour functions are now class functions of Person.
– Eye colour functions are now class functions of Person.
– Refactored how random characters are generated. Should result in much more logically generated applicants when stacking recruitment requirements.
– Added new InstaPic/OnlyFanatics content for Jennifer.
– Jennifer’s InstaPic content begins after she has helped you twice. Results in her making an InstaPic account.
– Second phase of Jennifer’s new story content begins a few days after you have convinced her and Lily to take topless shots twice. Results in her making an OnlyFanatics account.
– Added event for helping Jennifer with her OnlyFanatics account; includes multiple branches.
– Added new event for Lily after you have helped Jennifer with her OnlyFanatics account. Results in her making an OnlyFanatics account.
– Added alternative triggers for all of the new events for situations where either character already has an InstaPic/OnlyFanatics account from other events/special training options.
– Levels of sex skill reduce energy cost from sex by 5% per level (truncated to integer value).
– Position class now responsible for calculating effective energy costs for both parties.
– Breast milk based serums now stack properly for identical designs.

v0.50.3. Bug-fix
-Fixes the date crashes, city rep interaction crashes, and miscellaneous breast-related crashes.

v0.50.2. Do not bother if you got it from somewhere. Get v0.50.3. from Links below.

– Added Duty class. A Duty is a single task or responsibility that someone might have as part of their job.
– Added mandatory and available duties lists to Job class. Mandatory duties are added automatically, available duties are available for you to distribute.
– Added UI for setting duties. Duties can be set when an employee is hired, and can be changed at most once per day.
– Added ability to check current duties from girl overview UI.
– Added Work Experience stat (ranges from 1 to 5?). An employee can have a number of duties equal to this stat.
– Added starting work experience stats for all existing characters.
– Work experience now affects expected salary. level 1 is 75% of old value, 2 is 100%, 3 is 125%, etc.
– Reworked basic work effects as Duties.
– Reworked head researcher bonus research effect as Duty. (automatically applied when job is given).
– Reworked daily serum dosage as Duty. (unlocked with a policy)
– Reworked bureaurcratic nightmare policy into a Duty (unlocked with a policy)
– Added Heavy Workload duties. Generates an additional 25% production, lowers Happiness by 2 per turn.
– Changed internal company efficiency mechanics. Now has constant effect throughout turn calculations (ie. set at turn start, updated to new value at the very end).
– Business now has standard_efficiency_drop variable, which determines how much each employee reduces efficiency by each turn.
– HR employees now lower team efficiency at the same rate as other employees (default -1%/turn)
– Added Extra Paperwork general duty. When active removes that character’s HR effectiveness drop per turn.
– Added Find Infractions HR duty. When active the employee has a small chance (~5%) each turn to find an infraction for another employee.
– Find Infraction duty more likely to find infractions for low obedience employees and rivals, less likely for higher obedience employees and friends/family.
– Removed flat Research, Supply, Production, HR progress additions, new duties more than offset lost productivity.
– Added new promotion event triggered when an employee has been at your business for a long time and feels ready for a promotion. Provides opportunity to raise their Work Experience.
– Added new sex goal: Mind Break, Put a girl in a trance by making her orgasm.
– Added social media advertising duty. Allows any girl with a social media account to raise Market Reach.
– All girls who are lactating now record a “milk_in_breasts” and “max_milk_in_breasts” value.
– Added breast pumping 1 policy and corrisponding duty. Duty harvests at most 1 dose of breast milk per turn (or serum-milk if a related milk-serum production trait is present).
– Added breast pumping 2 policy and corrisponding duty. Harvests up to 3 doses per turn.
– Added breast pumping 3 policy and corripsonding duty. Harvests as much milk as possible, limited by breast size and lactation sources. Minimum D cup size.
– Reworked research policies that could create Clarity to be Duties instead. Now add Clarity instead of only converting Idle research.
– Added Client Demonstration marketing duty. Creates additional Market Reach based on Foreplay, with small chance of recieving a dose of serum currently in production.
– Added Work for Tips marketing Duty. Requires 25 Sluttiness and adds Foreplay to normal market skill when working. At higher Sluttiness also adds Oral skill.
– Added Greymarket Deals supply Duty. Reduces cost of supply purchased by this employee by 25%, but increases Attention by 1 every turn.
– Added Alternative Payment Methods supply Duty. Requires 25 Sluttiness, reduces cost of supplys purchased by this character by 5% per level of Foreplay. At 50+ Sluttiness also adds Oral skill to calculation.
– Added Bend Safety Rules production Duty. Adds additional production and has a minor chance of automatically applying a currently produced serum.
– Added Encourage Loyalty HR Duty. Increases Obedience of one employee with Obedience lower than this character by 1 each turn.
– Added Internal propaganda HR Duty. As above, but for Love.
– Added Corrupt Work Chat HR Duty. As above, but for Sluttiness.
– Added unit tests to cover basic Duty functionality.
– Enabled four ways of convincing the city rep not to punish you that were disabled by accident.
– Serum designs are now copied inside of Person when applied, removes need to pass an explicit copy.
– Serum Inventory now checks for loose equality (same name, traits, duration, etc.) rather than exact reference match – should condense serum lists when making milky serum.


– Added list_of_instantiation_labels, useful for mods to instantate saveable constructs or modify existing lists.
– Added Job class. Each job has a title and related Role that is given when a Person starts that job. Each Person can have only one job.
– Added on_hire and on_fire functions to Job class. Called when a person’s job is changed, in case special variables need to be set up.
– Added “job_known” field in event_triggers_dict. If True, you know what a person’s new job is, otherwise listed as Unknown.
– Added strippler_role and stripper_job.
– Added stripper role to Gabrielle when you find her at the stripclub.
– Added ability to ask for a private dance from strippers when they are at work.
– Added special private dance branch for Gabrielle when she’s working as a stripper.
– Added Schedule class to centralise weekly and daily planning functionality.
– Added DailySchedule class to hold information about location plans for a specific day.
– Removed old schedule Dict from Person class. Now stores an instance of Schedule with the non-work locations that person would like to be at for each day/time.
– Added Job class. A “Job” is a collection of a Role, map location, and Schedule.
– Each Person now stores a Job (unemployeed is it’s own “job” for coding purposes). Each person can only have one job at a time.
– Added Jobs for each of the core business jobs (research, marketing, production, supply, HR)
– Added Jobs for many special roles (stripper, prostitute, and similar).
– Added special Jobs for most of the special characters (Jennifer, Lily, Rebecca, Nora, Alexia, etc.)
– Added multiple unimportant jobs for random characters to have (barista, cashier, etc.)
– Girls will check their Job schedule, if one exists, to see where they should be. If their job doesn’t require them to be somewhere they will fall back to their normal schedule.
– Added override schedule, which has the highest destination priority. Used when a character needs to be forced to a location, is very pregnant, etc.
– Added “Offer to hire her” option to most job roles. Requires 20 Love to ask, and some jobs will require extra motivation to convince the girl to leave.
– Updated all events that maniuplated someone’s schedule to work with the new Schedule system.
– Added event to have Gabrielle quit her job at the strip club and come work for you.
– Added recruitment critiera business policies, letting you only recruit applicants with tiny/small/large/huge breasts.
– Added recruit sex skill improvement policy.
– Many business policies now modify the age cap and floor of a new recruit.
– Added exclusive_tag to policies. When a policy is toggled on it will toggle off any policies with the same tag.
– Added recruitment criteria business policies for candidate age.
– Added recruitment criteria business policies for candidate relationship status.
– Added recruitment criteria business policies for candidate height.
– Added recruitment criteria business policy for candidate mother/childless status.
– Refactored Policy class. Added own_requirement and active_requirement lists, which hold business policies that msut be owned/active to purchse.
– Policy.requirement can now be used for a generic non-policy based requirement. If a string is returned that string is displayed on the business policy UI.
– Business policy UI now display what prerequisits you need before you can purchase a locked policy.
– Added ability to convince Jennifer to quit her job, and optionally hire her to your business.
– Updated many of Jennifer’s work based events to check if she is actually at work.
– Added event to convince Lily to drop out of school and work for your business.
– Added event to convince Rebecca to come work for you.
– Added fuck date to girlfriend (and girlfriend-like) date list.
– Added a pregnancy related sex goal. Only generated if pregnancy content is turned on.
– Added unit tests for Job, Schedule, DailySchedule classes.
– Updated unit tests for Person class to cover new schedule functionality.
– Added a “salary_modifier” field to Person class. Modifies the amount of pay a character would demand from it’s base theoretical amount.
– Updated Emily’s event to properly trigger orgasms when appropriate.

– Removed daily aspect price variability.
– Removed operating cost at serum tier 0, halved all other costs.
– Added HUD text showing opperating costs in addition to salary costs.
– Market reach gain has been increased by a factor of 5.
– Updated chat and sepcific actions list to support modder additions. Tidied up how those Actions are called. Append Actions to chat_actions or specific_actions after init -1 to have them appear in the appropriate chat column.
– Removed top two Attention reducing business policies (moved to City rep storyline events).
– Added one attention reducing business policy to city rep storyline. Unlocked by having high Love.
– Added one attention bleed increasing business policy. Unlocked with special trance tranining option.
– Added special uniform trance training option for city rep.
– Added multiple ways to avoid or lesson penalties levied when visited by city rep due to high Attention.
– Added early game event that has you discover several old doses of serum (based on LR1 designs)
– Added salon visit to the shopping date. Allows you to suggest new hair styles or colours to a girl.
– Added new random texting event.
– Added new office timed event.
– Added “current contracts” column to the contracts selection screen to make it easier to swap contracts.
– Added “view contracts” button to serum deisgn page to make it easier to design serums for specific contracts.
– Added ability to spend large amounts of Clarity to unlock new research tiers. Should speed up the early game in particular.
– Added opportunity to train girls if they’re in a trance after you come back to their place (unless the event forces you to leave early).
– Lowered top end of contract aspect requirements slightly it easier (especially at low research tiers) to complete them.
– Manual synthesis side effect does not increase Flaw aspect now to match it’s thematic description.
– Contract attention requirements now consider attention reducing business traits.

– Fixed bug in opinion trainables that was causing some menu options to be displayed when they were already known.
– Fixed crash when an attention event causes your inventory to be seized.
– Updated some incorrect tooltips.

– Serum traits now have a series of scores, representing their use in different fields.
– Added 4 serum trait aspects – Mental, Physical, Sexual, and Medical.
– Added flaw “aspect”, added to serum by side effects.
– Added attention score to each serum trait. The attention score of a serum is equal to the highest in the design.
– Serum Deisgns now have aspect values equal to the sum of all of the traits they include.
– Serum Design values are now based on the sum of aspects they offer instead of a flat dollar value.
– Serum Aspect values fluctuate from week to week around a base value.
– Serum Aspect values decrease as you sell serum that include that aspect type.
– Selling serum is now an instant action.
– Added Market Reach score. Raising market reach counteracts the aspect value decrease caused by selling serum.
– Reworked marketting work action. Now raises market reach.
– Added Contracts. Contracts offer much better per-aspect prices, but require a certain combination of aspects and limited flaws.
– Added Attention score. Raised when selling serum with an Attention trait higher than 0.
– Added Attention bleed
– Added attention events. When business attention reaches it’s maximum number (default 100) you will have a visit from a city representative.
– Added five attention event variants. Potential results include fines, supply seizure, and research destruction.
– Added serum marketing screen, containing infromation about stock, contracts, aspect value, etc.
– Updated all trait tooltips to display aspect information.
– Updated serum design UI to display aspects.
– Updated serum design UI to allow you to sort by a number of parameters.
– Added serum production tier. Your lab may only produce serum designs with a tier equal or less than your current tier.
– Added business policy to raise serum production tier. Each tier adds increasingly greater static operating costs.

– Fixed Lily’s oral taboo quest not being completeable.
– Fixed Iris not having a home set (and causing a crash after her introduction).
– Fixed several other bugs in the taboo breaking quests that were preventing progress.

– Added taboo revisit events for Jennifer and Lily.
– Taboo revisits trigger after you break a taboo for either girl the next day when you enter the same room as them.
– Taboo revisits restore taboos that were broken and present a couple of options to break them for good.
– Taboo revisits continue to trigger until you figure out one of the long term solutions.
– Taboo revisits lower Sluttienss by 10. Permanently breaking one of these taboos restores that 10 (although multiple revisits result in a net loss).
– All taboos can be permanently broken by breaking them a certain number of times. Requirement rises as the taboo severity rises, and is modified by appropriate opinions.
– Each taboo revisit offers a quest option to permanently break the taboo.
– Most taboo revisits have a way to permanently break the taboo with the right combination of character opinions.
– Added kissing/touching/nudity taboo revisit for Jennifer.
– Added oral taboo revisit for Jennifer.
– Added anal taboo revisit for Jennifer.
– Added vaginal taboo revisit for Jennifer.
– Added kissing/touching/nudity taboo revisit for Lily.
– Added oral taboo revisit for Lily.
– Added anal taboo revisit for Lily.
– Added vaginal taboo revisit for Lily.
– Added new taboo break dialogue that is triggered when you’ve already broken the taboo before, but a revisit has restored it.
– Expanded Lily/Jennifer’s Instapic storyline.
– Lily now kicks you out when getting changed before taking Instapic pictures if you have not broken her nudity taboo.
– Added ability to give girls serum while sleeping.
– Added a few text variations when jerking off during a sleep encounter. Also adds extra Clarity compared to not jerking off.
– Serum trade screen is now sorted by serum name.
– Serum inventory screen now sorted by serum name.
– Serum selection screen now sorted by serum name.
– Added scrollbars when serum inventories/lists/ect become too long.
– Rooms now have an on_room_enter_event_list List. Events trigger when you enter the room and the requirement is met (priority is given to Person events if they exist).

– All actions that cause a girl to climax now trigger orgasm related goals (unrelated orgasms should be flagged, eg. run_orgasm(…, fire_event = False) now)
– Walking in on the same girl sleeping twice in one night will have her in the same sleepwear outfit, instead of randomly picking a new one each time.
– Profiling a subject for Nora takes a non-changing copy of the subject, so temporary states like trances will be properly identified.
– Generating daughters of pregnant girls no longer gives them pregnant bodies as well.
– Fixed milk traits being stacked when milking girls using serum lactation serum production.

– Added taboo revisit events for Jennifer and Lily.
– Taboo revisits trigger after you break a taboo for either girl the next day when you enter the same room as them.
– Taboo revisits restore taboos that were broken and present a couple of options to break them for good.
– Taboo revisits continue to trigger until you figure out one of the long term solutions.
– Taboo revisits lower Sluttienss by 10. Permanently breaking one of these taboos restores that 10 (although multiple revisits result in a net loss).
– All taboos can be permanently broken by breaking them a certain number of times. Requirement rises as the taboo severity rises, and is modified by appropriate opinions.
– Each taboo revisit offers a quest option to permanently break the taboo.
– Most taboo revisits have a way to permanently break the taboo with the right combination of character opinions.
– Added kissing/touching/nudity taboo revisit for Jennifer.
– Added oral taboo revisit for Jennifer.
– Added anal taboo revisit for Jennifer.
– Added vaginal taboo revisit for Jennifer.
– Added kissing/touching/nudity taboo revisit for Lily.
– Added oral taboo revisit for Lily.
– Added anal taboo revisit for Lily.
– Added vaginal taboo revisit for Lily.
– Added new taboo break dialogue that is triggered when you’ve already broken the taboo before, but a revisit has restored it.
– Expanded Lily/Jennifer’s Instapic storyline.
– Lily now kicks you out when getting changed before taking Instapic pictures if you have not broken her nudity taboo.
– Added ability to give girls serum while sleeping.
– Added a few text variations when jerking off during a sleep encounter. Also adds extra Clarity compared to not jerking off.
– Serum trade screen is now sorted by serum name.
– Serum inventory screen now sorted by serum name.
– Serum selection screen now sorted by serum name.
– Added scrollbars when serum inventories/lists/ect become too long.

– All actions that cause a girl to climax now trigger orgasm related goals (unrelated orgasms should be flagged, eg. run_orgasm(…, fire_event = False) now)
– Walking in on the same girl sleeping twice in one night will have her in the same sleepwear outfit, instead of randomly picking a new one each time.
– Profiling a subject for Nora takes a non-changing copy of the subject, so temporary states like trances will be properly identified.
– Generating daughters of pregnant girls no longer gives them pregnant bodies as well.
– Fixed milk traits being stacked when milking girls using serum lactation serum production.

– Created strip_actions.rpy file for better organisation, moved pay strip scene into it.
– Created role_prostitute.rpy file for better organisaiton, moved related events into it.
– Moved sex_mechanics.rpy into interaction_actions folder for better organisation.
– Person.get_opinion_score now supports handing over a list of opinions, returns the sum of all opinions.
– Moved situational sluttiness modifers for sex into their own label so they can be called and cleared by other events consistently.
– Detailed person UI now displays if a girl is pregnant, and if so for how long that’s been true.
– Added StripteasePosition class. Stores all information for a strip tease position.
– Replaced pay strip scene with highly expandable striptease scene.
– Stripteases support multiple positions, each of which has a unique set of descriptions.
– Striptease poses now allow for a list of description labels to be provided. When called for a random selection from that list is made.
– Striptease poses now seperate descriptions into directions “towards” and “away”, reflecting if the girl is looking towards or away from the MC as she strips.
– Added “leads to” field to striptease poses, details what poses the current pose naturally flows to, and the style of instruction that woudl be given, ie “Come closer”, “Start dancing”.
– Striptease poses have a set amount of arousal they will generate for the MC, and a set amount of energy they will cost the girl.
– Stripteases produce a variable amount of arousal for the girl. Default is 0, modified by some opinions.
– Added “is close” field to StripteasePose class. If True this pose is close enough that you could reach out and touch the girl.
– Added ability to touch a girl who is close. If the girl allows it, this adds your Foreplay skill to her arousal each round.
– Added ability to jerk off. If the girl allows it this increases your arousal by your own Foreplay skill each round.
– Stripsteases now generate Clarity each round. Amount varies depending on how much the girl is wearing, her Foreplay skill, and how sexy the pose is.
– Added ability for girls to climax while giving a strip tease. This triggers a description unique to that pose.
– Added ability to use an Orgasm Trigger Word to make a girl orgasm while giving a strip tease.
– Added ability to tell a girl to strip down while she is giving a strip tease.
– Added “for pay” variants to all of the strip tease actions. Girls will usually ask for money to do things, but are more easily convinced to do things they wouldn’t normally do.
– Added obedience branches to all of the for pay branches. Girls with high obedience will do what you want without you paying them if you demand it.
– Added ability for the MC to climax during a strip tease.
– Added multiple climax branches depending on the pose the girl is in at the time, if she’s aware you are going to climax, or if you are jerking off at the time.
– Added for pay climax branches. Allows you to offer a girl money to take your load in a specific way.
– Added “Awkward Stand” striptease pose. Lowest Sluttiness requirement, default pose for girls who are not slutty.
– Added “Dancing” striptease pose. Transitions from awkward stand, low sluttiness requirement and default pose for girls who are a little bit slutty.
– Added “Close Dancing” striptease pose. Transitions from Dancing, moderately low sluttiness requirement. Requires you to “call her closer”.

– Organic Hair Chemicals and Occular Dyes serum trait unlock requirements corrected.
– Fixed incorrect opinion classificaitons in Gabrielle and Introvert personalities.
– Fixed multiple typos.
– Fixed public sex branch resulting in private sex and vice versa when seducing someone.
– Fixed post-sex arousal math. Now properly maintains Arousal if girl did not climax, decreases it if she came.
– Fixed bug with Serum Lactation serum production trait, should work properly now.
– Fixed hypno trigger orgasm not properly resetting.
– Fixed reveal sexy opinion not properly revealing any opinion at all.
– Fixed some incorrect character dialogue titles and colours in the tutorial.
– Nora human breeding hormone serum trait now properly tracks actual breast size changes, avoids reducing breast size if it was already maxed.
– Love potion serum trait now properly tracks actual Love increase, avoids reducing it if it was already maxed when applied.
– Fixed incorrect event assignement in uniform_disobedience check.
– Fixed incorrect outfit comparision in uniform_disobedience check.
– Fixed incorrect hpyno trigger orgasm logic in sex mechanics.
– Fixed hypno trigger orgasm imporperly returning you to your phone after texting a girl.
– Fixed character sheet displaying non-integer Clarity costs for buying new stat/skill points.
– Added a “cum down her throat” branch to the strip tease climax options.

– Training is now limited to once/turn per girl, instead of advancing time by itself.
– Girls who masturbate at night to relieve high Arousal now return to 0 arousal, or 15/30 if they have a positive opinion of masturbating.
– All orgasms may now cause an increase in Sluttiness up to a limit. The limit is the minimum sluttiness for whatever position they are in, or 30 for masturbating.
– Happiness adjustments towards 100 happen before masturbating now, so full masturbation happiness will be visible in the next turn.
– Arousal while having sex now resets to increasingly high numbers with repeated orgasms instead of always returning to a flat 50. Starts at 50, increases from there.
– Arousal after having sex decreases by 50% if the girl climaxed, or not at all if she did not.
– Added kinetic text tags, which allow sections of text to do things like bounce, wiggle, drip, and other neat effects.
– Added drip effect + new font to the word “cum” when it is used in dialogue and a character has high arousal.
– Added wave effect + size increase to the word “cock” and related terms when a character has high arousal.
– Added wave effect to the word “pussy” and related terms when a character has high arousal.
– Added bounce effect to the word “tits” and related terms when a character has high arousal. Effect scales based on character breast size.
– Added multiple pregnancy related text effects (“pregnant”, “knock me up”, “knocked up”, ect)
– Added “Breeder” special training. Requires Love of creampies and bareback sex. Gives Breeder role.
– Added Breeder role. Triggers some special dialogue, and gives the ability to have sex any time the girl isn’t pregnant (or doesn’t know yet.)
– Modified Jennifer breeding event to give breeder role if she does not already have it.
– Updated Jennifer breeding event to include a generic path for other characters who have the breeding role.
– Moved the Jennifer breeding event to breeder_role.rpy, now a generic event.
– Added Obedience requirement to having public sex.
– Added dialogue branch when convincing a girl to have public sex.
– Added Orgasm Trigger Word training. Unlocks action for girl that can make her climax at any time (useful for triggering Trances on demand).
– Added ability to use Orgasm Trigger Word while inside the normal sex system.
– Roles class now supports an internet_actions list. These should be Actions which are added to the list of options when texting someone.
– Added ability to use Orgasm Trigger Word via text.
– Added Online Attention Whore trainable. Allows you to set up InstaPic, DikDok, and OnlyFanatics accounts for girls who might otherwise not want/have them.
– Refactored outfit_creator_ui to make coloured squares and pallet squares reusable in other screens.
– Refactored outfit_creator_ui to make colour selector section reusable in other screens.
– Added SerumTraitBlueprint class. Inherits from SerumTrait. Represents serum traits that have a variable componenet that can be set by the player when being researched.
– Researching a SerumTraitBlueprint calls a new label that can be used to define the variable component of the new trait.
– Updated research screen to support SerumTraitBlueprint traits.
– Created _blueprint_serum_traits.rpy file to hold all information related to Blueprinted serum types.
– Added Synthetic Hair Bleach and Synthetic Hair Darkening Agent Serum Traits. Lightens/darkens subject’s hair colour each turn that it is applied.
– Added Encapsulated Hair Dyes SerumTraitBlueprint. Shifts targets hair colour towards a selected natural hair colour each turn.
– Added Organic Hair Chemicals SerumTraitBlueprint. Shifts targets hair colour towards selected goal colour each turn, which may be any colour.
– Added Ocular Dyes SerumTraitBlueprint. Shifts target eye colour towards selected goal colour each turn.
– Added weight gain and weight loss promotor Serum Traits. Both provide a small chance to shift target body type up or down one step each turn.
– Breast enhancement and breast reduction serum traits now require weight gain and weight loss to be researched, respectively.
– Laid groundwork to have skin tones be dynamically made in-game instead of requiring seperate image sets.
– Added height increase and decrease serum traits. Shifts subject height slowly over time. Has small chance to grow/shrink breasts at the same time.
– Added self replicating serum trait. Adds near-infinite duration to serum. Be careful, there’s no way to end the effects early!
– Moved Lactation Hormones Serum Trait to tier 1 research; removed Breast Enhancement requirement.
– Added a new Serum Production Trait, kept secret here to preserve the surprise! Go find it!
– Added a new role, related to above.
– Added new sex (including foreplay, oral, ect.) responses for all personalities.
– Sex responses now have a random 0-20 added to a girls arousal before it is used to see what she’ll say, to vary responses a little bit more.
– Sex responses are triggered proportional to arousal vs. max arousal (instead of arousal vs. a flat 100).
– Transitioning from anal to vaginal doggy style no longer triggers mentions of condoms/getting pregnant if a girl is already pregnant.
– Added sex descriptions when a girl is lactating, with multiple levels possible depending on her arousal, breast size, and number of lactation sources.
– Nora research traits are no longer impossible to improve the mastery of – instead, they require a significant amount of Clarity to unlock. It is still possible to put the trait into a serum and study it by experimenting on a person.
– Added a Nora reintro event. If you achieve Research Tier 2 without contacting Nora she will call you instead, revealing the University location and enabling her other events.
– Updated all dialogue calls from the_person.char “dialogue” to the_person “dialogue”. Note for modders: dialogue calls using the old call will not have kenetic text applied.
– Public sex opinion now applies a temporary sluttiness modifier when the girl is watching, not just when she is the one having sex. Affects dialogue, chance a girlfriend will be fine with you cheating, ect.
– Updated all old checks for “role in the_person.special_role” to the_person.has_role(role) to support lookalike rolls, be more human readable, and improve maintainability.
– Added a couple of sections of dialogue for when Emily finishes her tutoring undressed and you run into her mother. She will also try and get dressed properly first.
– Cash bonuses now have a minimum base amount to prevent interns from being overjoyed by $0 bonuses
– Raises now have a minimum amount of $2, to prevent interns from demanding $0 raises.
– Added integration test to verify kinetic text functionality.
– Added section of tutorial to explain/unlock some Clarity before selecting research for Stephanie.

– Incorrect list assignment in Sleep LTE
– Incorrect person reference in daughter hiring event.
– Fixed incorrect serum reference in research advancing storyline.
– Fixed incorrect reference to opinion list for training non-sexy opinions.
– Fixed lactation effects never applying due to integer division instead of float division.
– Fixed shopping invite not clearing character from screen if you refuse.
– Fixed several incorrect character references in handjob descriptions.
– Fixed several incorrect character references in titfuck descriptions.
– Fixed a bunch of typos throughout the game.
– Fixed Gabrielle panty walk-in event never triggering.
– Fixed new Instapic, Dikdok, and OnlyFanatics accounts never being created for girls.
– Fixed Jennifers’s slutty secretary replacement event not triggering the correct report event when you talked to her boss first, then had her get larger tits.
– Fixed hiring Emily not actually allowing you to place her in a division.
– Fixed Jennifer occasionally sending you texts saying she was at work, when she was clearly still at home.
– FIxed lingerie shopping date from triggering both the normal and lingerie branch, if the girl didn’t want to go lingerie shopping when you asked.
– Fixed Nora’s instant trance serum trait from causing a crash.
– Fixed simple aphrodesiac not accounting for temporary sluttiness modifiers properly.
– Fixed inverted opinion check making a girl less likely to give you a handjob in public if she liked public sex.

– Role looks-like checking is now recursive, making it easier to have chains of similar roles.
– Orgasms now have a chance to put a girl into a trance state. Chance is depenedant on their current Suggestability.
– Added three trance states. If already in a trance a girl move to the next stage if she would normally enter a trance.
– Happiness effects are amplified by +50%/100%/200% while a girl is in a trance state.
– Removed Core sluttiness as a game mechanic.
– Added change_slut function as the singular way of changing sluttiness.
– change_slut now takes max_modified_to argument. Clamps sluttiness to this value when raising or lowering it.
– change_slut_temp and change_slut_core now both pass arguments to change_slut to (hopefully) ease mod transitions to the new mechanics.
– Removed all references to core_sluttiness in crises, replaced by changes to normal sluttiness where appropriate.
– Updated all calls to change_slut_temp and change_slut_core to just change_slut
– Removed bleed_slut. Sluttiness changes are now permanent (unless from a temporary source like serum or event circumstances).
– Sluttiness increases due to arousal is now displayed in the same way as other situational sluttiness changes, along with having it’s own tooltip entry.
– Base Sluttiness now displayed as gold hearts (same icons as core sluttiness previously)
– Sluttiness increases due to situational changes now displays as red hearts. (same icons as temp sluttiness previously)
– Sluttiness decreases due to situational changes now display as greyed out hearts.
– Added Trainable class to hold information about what can be trained when a girl is in a trance.
– Trainables have a Clarity cost, which increases every time that or a similar Trainable is successfully trained.
– Added ability for Trainables to be disabled but not hidden and display what requirement is missing.
– Added “influence her” option when a girl is in a trance and you have enough time to do so.
– Added Trainables to train a girls Charisma, Intelligence, and Focus.
– Added Trainables to train Suggestability.
– Added Trainables to train Sluttiness, Obedience, Love.
– Added Trainables to train specific work skills.
– Added Trainables to train specific sex skills.
– Added Trainables to discover opinions.
– Added Trainables to strengthen or weaken opinions.
– Added Trainables to inspire new opinions.
– Added Trainables selection UI.
– change_slut now takes an additional max_modified_to parameter. Sluttiness gained above this threshold is not added.
– player status hud now displays the current day as month + day to match fertility calculations.
– Updated exising events that feature narrative female orgasms to properly trigger trances.
– Rewrote tier 1 head researcher serum research event to incorporate trances and act as an early trance tutorial.
– HR employee effects are now calculated last each turn, resulting in more accurate and consistent efficency values being displayed.
– Girls climaxing from a sex position they have an opinion of now have a small modifier to trance chance: +-2/4%. Allows for trances without serum, with enough dedication.
– Trance chance increases by 1% for every orgasm a girl has already experienced.
– Added “Climax Cycler” serum trait, a tier 2 serum trait that triggers orgasm code (ie. triggers Trances) once per turn of duration.
– Added “Instant Trance” serum trait, a special trait unlocked by presenting Nora with someone who is under the highest level of Trance.
– Suggestability can now be a negative number, representing someone who is resistant for some reason to falling into a Trance.
– Girls who masturbate at the end of the day due to high arousal trigger Trance checks (but trance is likely to expire by morning unless Suggestibility is very high)
– Added on_move function to serum trait definitions. Serum on_move effects are calculated at the start of the on_move phase, and are useful for effects that might otherwise be cleared on turn end (like Trances).
– Tweaked default choice screen to prevent options from being cut off on very long lists.
– Added trance notifcation to HUD when it is triggered.
– Added orgasm branches to night time boob and vagina groping.
– Organised several files containing interaction actions into their own folder.

– Fixed incorrect date check in one of the Gabrielle boobjob event checks.
– Fixed incorrect function call when asking Jen for her to bless you dating Lily.
– Fixed improper option definition in sleep limited time event.
– Fixed many typos.
– Fixed crash caused by toxic serum side effect trait.
– Fixed several crashes caused by incorrect person variable references.
– Fixed Jennifer not remembering you had sex when she ends up pregnant if it happened during morning sex random event.
– Fixed crash during one of Emily’s strip-study branches.
– Fixed Jennifer not properly being convinced by one girlfriend option despite saying she was.
– Fixed Instapic girls acting as if they had sent you topless/nude shots even if they hadn’t and getting paid for it.
– Fixed Instapic girls telling you about their Onlyfans, even if they don’t have one.
– Fixed pregnant girls not returning to their old schedules after giving birth, resulting in employees not showing up for work again.
– Added unit tests for new opinion manipulation code.
– Added unit tests for trance inducing mechanics.
– Added integration tests for Training interaction.
– Fixed multiple cases of incorrect opinion/state checks inside of Person class (was checking currently interacted person, not the person object referenced).
– Fixed girls putting their normal uniforms on after having a forced uniform set.
– Fixed inhibition supressor not properly applying sluttiness increase (but still applying the matching decrease!).

– Removed requirement for custom Ren’py environment (modified ast.rpy and export.rpy files) by making Person class callable.
– Created uniform assignment screen. Replaces old text menu uniform management.
– Added UniformOutfit class. Contains information about how an outfit could be worn as part of a uniform.
– Now possible to flag the same outfit to be used as multiple types of uniform (ie. a full outfit or an overwear set).
– Now possible to quickly flag the same uniform to be used by multiple departments, without it being assigned to all of them.
– Updated “add_uniform” event, removing “the_type” parameter as it was no longer relevant.
– Updated integration tests to cover new uniform management system.
– Added “preg_your_kids_known” count to event_triggers_dict. Increased by 1 each time a girl has a kid that she knows is yours.’
– Added “looks_like” list to Role class. Person.has_role() now checks against roles as well as roles they look like, returning True if the given role matches any of them.
– Added has_exact_role() function to Person class. Performs role comparison but does not check against looks_alike roles.
– Added unit tests for role lookalikes and has_exact_role comparison.
– Added lily_girlfriend Role. Acts as Girlfriend role in almost all instances.
– Added special storyline events for Lily while asking her to be your girlfriend.
– Added jennifer_girlfriend Role. Acts as Girlfriend role in almost all instances.
– Expanded Emily’s storyline. Now possible to have her finish her class successfully and hire her to your company.

– Fixed crash in outfit designer if you have defined more than 20 custom colours. Only first 20 colours displayed.
– Expanded chat integration test to ensure pythonic “say” statement works identically to Ren’py “say” statement.
– Fixed happiness not being changed after cumming in a girls mouth depending on their opinion of drinking cum.
– Fixed anal cumshots impacting sluttiness/happiness based on normal creampie opinion, not anal creampie opinion.
– Fixed creampie desire threshold having backwards modifiers.
– Fixed being able to reassign employees to other departments even when they aren’t at work.
– Fixed movie date improperly checking Personality types and never allowing you to correctly guess which type of movie a girl might like.
– Renamed variable in horny_at_work crisis to prevent variable name collision with sex mechanics system.
– Fixed panties vs. pantiless grope arousal gain being reversed.
– Removed traits that increase serum trait slot counts from random extra trait event.

– Updated Ren’py version from 7.3.5 to 7.4.5
– Removed previous shader code.
– Updated draw/animation code to use native Ren’py shaders. Performance greatly improved.
– Reimplemented old shaders as native Ren’py shader fragments.
– Added animation_speed parameter for animations, seperate from the effect strength.
– Tidied up role files to seperate individual storylines into their own files.
– Lily InstaPic payments now vary depending on her breast size.
– Lily+Jenefier InstaPic payments now vary depending on both of their breast sizes.
– Added strip_shoes parameter to strip_to_underwear related functions.
– Added ability for Roles to have specific date types associated with them, improving moddability of date system.
– Affair “Fuck date” moved from to the date menu.
– Added girlfriend specific shopping date.
– Added two shopping paths to the shopping date.
– Added a “go get food” path to the shopping date.
– Added random event for Lily where she invites you to go shopping.
– Added random event for Jennifer where she invites you to go shopping.
– Background colour for frames can now be transparent.
– Background frame for girls is now based on their dialogue colour and semi-transparent.
– Handing None to background_fill function now results in no character frame being drawn.
– Tweaked way date actions are coded to make them mod friendly.
– Added patron content.
– Added character colour auras in the style of Lab Rats 1.
– Added functionality to generate character colours with various alphas and saturations.
– Added preference option to have characters displayed without frames unless specifically required by an event.
– Aura-only display is now the default setting.
– Adjusted the spacing of characters when drawing a group using aura-only character images (no longer worried about character overlap).
– Expanded customizable colour pallet to 20 colours, increased from 10.
– Added ability to purchase extra stat, work, and sex points for Clarity. Cost stats at 50, doubles with each purchase.
– Lowered Stephanie starting Sluttiness (from 24 to 14) to allow for better event flow.

– Fixed crash caused by lactation hormone trait.
– Fixed bug with get_strip_to_vagina_list not returning a list.
– Fixed bug with get_strip_to_vagina_list returning overzealous strip list.
– Added unit tests to cover strip list generation functions.
– Fixed crash during climax in sleep limited time event.
– Added integration tests for text messaging tests.
– Added unit tests to cover taboo break functions.
– Fixed image frames being distorted by the background colour.
– Fixed nightgown clothing item not counting as hiding breasts when it should.
– Fixed crash during DikDok video event due to improperly called strip function.
– Fixed crash during model session due to improperly called cum dialogue.
– Added “Hide keyboard” button to character creation screen to prevent name entry keyboard permanetly grabbing screen space and hiding other inputs.
– Fixed accessories being able to add an infinite number of the same accessory to an outfit due to improper item comparison.
– Fixed error when checking if an outfit contains facial accessories like makeup or sunglasses and added unit tests to prevent bug regression.
– Fixed many mispellings of the word “efficiency”

– Added skeleton of Clarity system.
– Added Clarity requirement to unlock Serum Traits.
– Redesigned research screen to display Clarity costs. Now uses click to view instead of click to select behaviour.
– Added Locked Clarity stat. Locked Clarity is generated by any event that would sexually excite your character.
– Added Clarity stat. Clarity is produced by “releasing” Locked Clarity by climaxing.
– Locked Clarity is now generated while having sex. Amount is Girls Skill * Male Arousal Gain.
– Added ClimaxController class, which is responsible for displaying different orgasm options and related Clarity information.
– Different climax types now act as a multiplier for the amount of Clarity produced from Locked Clarity.
– Refactored massive sections of the LR2 code base. Should make the project easier to browse through, mod, and maintain.
– Moved fonts into seperate folder for better game file organisation.
– Added indicator to all business policies if they are toggleable or permanent after purchase.
– Added three new policies that allow you to turn idle R&D Research Points into Clarity.
– Updated all sex positions to use new ClimaxController class to control climax dialogue flow.
– Updated all crises to include Clarity increases where appropriate.
– Updated all limited time events to include Clarity increases where appropriate.
– Updated all role events to include Clarity increases where appropriate.
– Updated all personality dialogue to include Clarity increases where appropriate.
– Updated all crises to use ClimaxController and release Clarity where appopriate.
– Updated all limited time events to use ClimaxController and release Clarity where appropriate.
– Updated all role events to include Clarity increases where appropriate.
– Updated many existing events/role events. Added some new branches, fixed typos, incorrect triggering conditions, ect.
– Added Novelty stat to girlsNovelty goes from 100% to 50% and acts as a multiplier on Clarity gain. Reduced by 5 each time you cum, increases by 1 per day.
– Added Masturbation Novelty. Same as novelty for girls, but used when you masturbate.
– Added Serum Tolerance stat to girls, default 2. Girls under the effect of more serums than their serum tolerance suffer progressively higher penalties.
– Added Toxic side effect. Lowers serum tolerance by 1 for the duration.
– Added Novelty and Serum Tolerance to girl character sheets.
– Added Serum Tolerance to serum select screen.
– Breaking taboo increases girl Novelty by 5.
– Added ability to try and cum early (up to 20 arousal early) or hold back and avoid cumming. Success chance depends on Focus stat and how close you are to cumming.
– Daily serum policy now does not give girls doses of serum unless their current dose would expire during the work day.
– Refactored daily serum code and simplified out of stock messages.
– Tweaked tooltip behaviour. Now appears more quickly and disappears when no longer hovering the item (previously remained for inconsistent delay).
– Added patron content.
– Prostitutes now have situational sluttiness added when hired. Situational obedience has been reduced, but not removed.
– Removed Sluttiness and Obedience effects from objects. Resulted in strange progression for many positions.
– All serum effects are now handed the serum being applied, allowing them to track effects specific to that application.
– Added effect_dict to SerumDesign class. Used to hold information related to a specific application of a serum, so that it may be used by serum effects.
– Added inhibition suppression trait. Increases Sluttiness by 10, to a max of 30.
– Reduced Obedience loss from Aphrodesiac trait to 1/turn instead of 2.
– Added 4 new serum traits. Each increases a girls sex skill in one particular area.
– Added Pleasure Center Stimulator serum trait. Reduces girls max arousal by 20 for the duration, making it easier to make her climax.
– Added new serum trait that raises max arousal for girls. Makes it harder for them to climax, but may be useful for generating extra arousal based Sluttiness.
– Rebalanced several on-turn trait effects. Decreased amount of permanent resources lost.
– Added three new business policies that provide a way to raise Sluttiness of all girls at company passively, at the cost of increased HR requirements.
– Updated LR2 license.

– Fixed animation rendering crash due to some draw calls attempting to show sceens that have already been handled.
– Typos, tons of them!
– Corrected several event paths that had the potiential to soft lock the game if no option was possible.
– Fixed incorrect triggering conditions for many events.
– Fixed crash when using Instapic to ask for special pictures.

– Added texting UI images
– Updated texting system to use new texting UI.
– “Say” and “Choice” screens can now optionally display a text conversation underneath.
– Texting system now supports narration, choices, and dialogue with other characters while showing texting UI.
– Lily will now pull clothing half off to show her tits instead of stripping fully for related Instapic event.
– Added a couple of new responses to Lily Instapic event when she is at high Sluttiness.
– Added Instapic role.
– Added ability to check Instapic profiles of girls you know.
– Added ability to leave comments on Instapic posts.
– Added ability to make special requests via private message on Instapic.
– Updated requirements for some character titles to have higher sex requirements (ie. 5+ vaginal creampies for “your cumdump”)
– Added some new titles available to all personality types.
– Added ability to make smalltalk by texting girls.
– Added new DikDok role.
– Added ability to view a girls most recent DikDok video post, if one exists.
– Added new OnlyFanatics Role.
– Added ability to view a girls OnlyFanatics page, and subscribe to see content.
– Added multiple tiers of DikDok videos for different Sluttiness levels.
– Characters now generate with a chance to have an InstaPic or DikDok account.
– Chance to have an InstaPic or DikDok account varies based on personality type. Introverted or Reserved characters are much less likely to make one.
– Added ability for girls to create an InstaPic, DikDok, or OnlyFanatics account during the game. Chance is based on personality type.
– Modified InstaPic/DikDok/OnlyFanatics generation chance to consider a girls opinions of showing her tits, ass, and public sex.
– Lily and Jennifer never randomly generate any online pages – events specifically for them will be added in the future.
– Lily now generates an InstaPic account at the start of her “Instathot” storyline, and gives you her profile name so you can check it.’
– Integrated InstaPic content with Lily’s storyline. Helping Lily take pictures will guarantee she has a new Instapic post to view.
– Sending Lily a special request on InstaPic will result in her asking you to help her with a “special request” the next time you take pictures with her.
– Added requirement to learn the profile name of a girls online account to view it’s content.
– Girls will now tell you about their InstaPic account while making smalltalk.
– Girls will now post about their DikDok or OnlyFanatics on InstaPic, giving you those profile names.
– Girls will now tell you about their OnlyFanatics page while making a special request on InstaPic.
– Added option to flirt with a girl via text. Gives choice to be romantic, flirty, or to ask for nudes. Response depends on girl Sluttiness.

– Fixed clothing comparison crashing for some items that do not support clothing patterns.
– Fixed crash while having sex with your affair partner at her place.
– Fixed plaintext buttons not being properly generated by main choice displayable.

– Added Jennifer’s office as a location.
– Added Jennifer’s office lobby as a location.
– Added large sections of content to Jennifer’s storyline.
– Story content includes ability to convince Jennifer to get a boob job.
– Added new randomly generated character related to Jennifer’s boss.
– Added start of storyline related to Jennifer’s boss.
– Added ability to visit Jennifer at work.
– Edited Jennifer’s schedule so she is at work during the day.
– Added ability to visit Jennifer’s office lobby and ask for her to come down and visit you.
– Improved internal logic for how outfits should be worn.
– Added is_wearing_uniform() function for People. Many events that checked if outfits did or did not match uniforms now properly implemented.
– Added basis for the new phone system.
– Added ability to text girls and ask where they are right now.
– Updated all dialogue calls to use Person “dialogue” instead of Person.char “dialogue to integrate with text system.
– “Wait” or “Sleep” options now always take priority in the action list.
– “Go somewhere else” option now takes second priority in the action list.
– Updated all events that made reference of texting to use the texting system.
– Added event paths that can generate infractions when you find a girl masturbating at work.
– Removed Obedience requirement when asking a girl to stop masturbating at work, and added a refusal branch for the event.
– Increased happiness impact of liking/hating certain days.

– Fixed taboo dialogue crash when paying a girl strip for you.
– Fixed strip dialogue cascading properly when a taboo break was triggered.
– Fixed crash in catfight event cause by improper group redraw call.
– Fixed crash caused when you’re caught in an affair.
– Fixed a crash when you go home with a slutty date.
– Fixed girls not properly returning to their uniforms after they had been commanded to strip.
– Fixed many events improperly checking if an outfit being worn was the characters uniform.
– Corrected logic error in “review_outfit” code.
– Fixed crash in the “horny at work” random event.
– Fixed several crashes in investment opportunity random event due to incorrect variable names.
– Corrected Jennifer not properly moving from her office when you ask to see her.
– Fixed incorrect logic when checking if a girl will ignore your set uniform.
– Fixed incorrect logic when adding serum during the game night event.
– Fixed introvert personality not being picked when generating random characters
– Fixed crash when calling taboo break dialogue during strip scene.
– Refined the clothing item comparison function to incorrectly identifying to items as being the same when they differ in colour, pattern, ect.
– Fixed end of day crash when girls masturbate to relieve arousal.

– Outfit designer now presents clothing items ordered by clothing layer, followed by sluttiness modifer.
– Added clothing layer tokens. Outfit designer now displays what layer a piece of clothing covers.
– Outfit designer is now handed the same slut limit as the outfit section screen when an outfit is created inside of it and prevents an outfit from being created if it is too slutty.
– Outfit designer now displays slut limit, if one exists, on the save button.
– Outfit designer now displays only the sluttiness for the relevant outfit type, instead of listing all of them.
– Events that brought up the outfit selection manager now let you duplicate clothing items even if they are too slutty for the event.
– Girls no longer take control when having sex if you try and leave after you’ve made them cum.
– “Help Jennifer with dinner” option now allows you to give serum to Rebecca and Gabrielle if they are present.
– Sex reports now include if the encounter was in public or not. Other events can use the information for dialogue, ect.
– Most encoutners where you fuck a girl now trigger a “sex_report” dialogue. Varies by personality, special role, stats, and what was done in the encounter.
– Refactored information for dates. Date descriptions are now in dates.rpy.
– “Go home with her” part of the dinner date is now it’s own label so it can be called from multiple events.
– Added “turn her down” option when you go home with a girl and she’s open to being seduced.
– Added affaire-role specific date seduction dialogue.
– Added girlfriend role specific date seduction dialogue.
– Girls can now invite you back to their place after a movie date.
– Generalised strip function now supports girl stripping in any position, not just their default pose.
– Adjusted handjob and blowjob positions so a girl can usually bring you to orgasm if they have any amount of skill and full energy.
– Added large event for Jennifer. Triggers with moderate Love/Sluttiness when you have a date planned with another girl.
– Using Obedience to pick a sex position now has a confirmation stage.
– Using Obedience to pick a sex position is now recorded and affects a girls reaction after.
– Girls with high arousal (50% of their max, modified by their oppinion) will masturbate at night, generating a small amount of sluttiness and reducing arousal.
– Increased total chance that a random morning crisis is generated.
– Increased total number of limited time events generated.
– Added half-off specific descriptions to the generalised strip description.
– Added multiple new ways for a girl to try and convince you not to fire her.
– Reduced prices when paying a girl to strip.
– Taboo breaks that would be triggered when paying girls to strip are now indicated with a text token
– Taboo breaks caused when a girl strips in a payed strip scene now trigger the appropriate dialogue.
– Now limited to groping a girl once per turn.
– Girls no longer stop having sex if an event forces a position that they normally would not allow.

– Fixed pregnancy dialogue not triggering properly in some situations.
– Fixed crash sometimes caused when a girl strips
– Fixed crash caused when an inappropriate behaviour infraction was generated.
– Fixed a number of typos, some causing minor incorrect event behaviour.
– Re-exported several backgrounds as .pngs instead of .jpg, which should fix crashes in some locations on Android.
– Fixed sleeping walk-in event being infinitely re-triggerable
– Fixed improper group draw call causing crash in catfight event.
– Fixed generalised strip function incorrectly supporting pulling clothing half off.
– Affair related fuck date no longer asks about a condom multiple times.
– Fixed occasional random crashes due to .zip file access collision.
– Fixed public sex sluttiness modifier not being cleared properly after the encounter.
– Fixed vagina region and wet nipple region offset being improperly stored, and thus not displaying correctly.

– All distributions of Lab Rats now share a .zip file format for storing images.
– Rebecca outfit design event now allows you to select an existing outfit from your library if you want.
– Added support for facial accessories setting a mandatory special modifier.
– Jennifer and Rebecca will now only wear outfits to their weekly euchre games that the other would approve of.
– Added Pinafore clothing item.
– Added Frilly dress clothing item.
– Added Frilly shirt clothing item.
– Added Colourful Bracelets clothing item.
– Added Kitty Panties clothing item.
– Added Kitty Babydoll clothing item.
– Updated piledriver outro to be consistent with comdom useage and more properly tie into personality specific dialogue
– Updated some text to prevent overflow.
– Jennifer’s payment offer now triggers on Saturday morning instead of Friday night. Provides more opportunities to make use of serum effects.
– Bedroom walk-in event now leads directly into a conversation instead of kicking you back to the main room menu.
– Detailed person info screen now provides a hoverable and clickable button for active serum effects to show included serum traits.
– Updated serum select screen to leave serum tooltips up, allowing you to scroll through all effects for complex serums.
– Person info ui now only displays the bonus sluttiness due to arousal when arousal is higher than 20 (meaning the sluttiness bonus is at least 5)
– Expanded Rebecca dialogue branches when you have sex after drinking with her.
– “Keep going” option now displays energy and arousal costs for the next round.
– Tweaked Judge Outfit function so girls with an opinion about showing tits or ass judge those outfits more favourably.
– Added support for polcies with on_move functions.
– Updated out of uniform event. Is now a limited time event, chance of triggering based on difference between girl sluttiness and uniform sluttiness.
– Added large night and morning limited time event for Lily and Jennifer.
– Added immaculate conception style dialogue if you somehow manage to get a girl pregnant without actually breaking the appropriate taboo.
– Changed how the bathroom location is defined and when it’s background is shown in some events.
– Added simple .zip error handling to avoid most issues while grabbing files.
– Added November patron rewards
– Added multiple outfits using new clothing items.
– Small talk Love gain is now capped at 20.
– Virgin Killer bottom is now layer 3 (overwear), letting girls wear skirts/pants underneath.
– Transitioning between positions no longer prompts a second time for you to put on a condom.
– Mandatory special uniforms are now worn for the rest of the work week instead of just until the end of the day.
– Added finer gradations for opacity in clothing manager.

– Fixed background buttons still being clickable while the serum select screen was being shown.
– Fixed sexual performance reward giving incorrect results based on outcome.
– Fixed person info ui not being tied properly to screen layers.
– Fixed a set of facial types not being enabled on android and not being used.
– Fixed training seminar event displaying the improvment as if it applied to the current person being talked to.
– Fixed dresses not properly displaying their top or bottom regions being moved when made half-off.
– Fixed other inconsistencies likely related to the above problem where the bottom of a dress was not properly identified as being linked to the top.
– Fixed the temporary happiness modifier to sluttiness not being removed after sex.
– Fixed anchoring code not properly recognising when some clothing can be moved half-off.
– Fixed Summer Dress Clothing item counting as underwear.
– Fixed garter and fishnets clothing item improperly displaying pattern.
– Fixed infractions not properly reporting how many days they were valid for.
– Fixed error when using Obedience to have a girl strip
– Fixed infinite loop when having girls strip during broken AC event.
– Fixed birth control influence on asking for a condom being inverted.
– Fixed incorrect Emily masturbation sluttiness requirement.
– Fixed “begs you to finish” option being infinitly repeatable when you stop having sex early.
– Fixed background sometimes not changing properly when Gabrielle’s storm-in event triggers.
– Fixed some dresses that contained underwear layer components being listed as valid for overwear outfits.
– Fixed deepthroat outro text overrun.
– Fixed weekly euchre game not properly recognising when it’s triggered before.

– Refactored several sections of code to improve maintainability and modability.
– Roles may now have functions assigned to them that are run on each turn, during each move phase, or on the end of each day.
– Added support for dynamically modified character dialogue.
– Extended Ren’py support for Person, dialogue may (and should, to support dynamic dialogue changes) be written as the_person “dialogue”, instead of the_person.char “dialogue”
– give_serum function now returns the serum given instead of True, if any. If nothing is given returns False.
– Added generic strip description function to help centralise a number of related event actions.
– Added infraction Class and related functions
– Added punishment system. Each infraction has a severity ranging from 1 (least serious) to 5 (most serious). More serious infractions unlock more severe punishments.
– Added 3 severity 1 punishments
– Added 3 severity 2 punishments
– Added 3 severity 3 punishments
– Added 3 severity 4 punishments
– Added 2 severity 5 punishments
– Added office punishment policy. Unlocks basic punishment options and the ability to record infractions for a number of things.
– Added corporal punishment policy. Unlocks physical punishment options
– Added three other punishment related policies.
– Replaced several of Jennifers event specific strip descriptions with a call to a generalised function, providing more varied feedback.
– Jean hotpants now only constrain the pelvis region (removed upper legs), reduces over-constraining when tall boots and other legwear is worn.
– Business vest now hides stomach region when half-off, more accurately matching the way it would be opened.
– Birth Control field in the detailed girl information screen no longer contains perfect information, now is updated any time a girl tals about her BC.
– Updated several Rebecca events to use generalised strip function, making it more descriptive and complete.
– Updated several Lily events to use generalised strip function, making it more descriptive and complete.
– Added group display support to the generalised strip function.
– Updated the Lily and Jennifer insta-pic event to use the generalised strip function.
– Updated the tit comparison break event to use the generalised strip function in a number of branches.
– Added personality based grope rejection dialogue.
– Updated naked_strip, underwear_strip, and top_strip commands to use generalised strip function.
– Strip_naked command now has girls ask if you want them to take off their footwear.
– Fixed android file system access.
– Fixed a number of typos.
– Fixed crash in case where group display had primary speaker removed from group
– Fixed work jerkoff event improperly displaying the group in some cases.
– Fixed employees not being properly removed from one department when transfered to another.
– Fixed girls not clearing from screen after some events.
– Fixed Alexia photography option being available before she had brought up the subject in the first place.
– Fixed some events always using taboo break dialogue, even if that taboo had already been broken.
– Fixed clothing items not allowing lower level items to be pulled half off properly.
– Fixed facial accessories that varied with expressions not being properly displayed.
– Temporarly sluttiness gains no longer contribute to goals that require core sluttiness to be raised.
– Fixed one girl not stripping in tit comparison break event.
– Free_Memory() is now called before and after generating group of candidates, reducing memory usage.
– Improved serum review screen. Clicking on a design now locks it, letting you move over to the tooltip and scroll to see full details for complex serums.

– Added support for characters being drawn on different layers. By default there are now 4 layers for characters (which may then have an arbitrary characters on each layer).
– Added support for adding extra character drawing layers if needed by mods.
– Added support for drawing multiple characters at the same time.
– All character displays are now anchored from the bottom instead of the middle, making height consistant when multiple characters are drawn together.
– Added GroupDisplayManager class. Provides support for tracking and drawing multiple characters as a group, as well as updating single characters.
– Updated Mom/Lily insta-pic event to display both characters at once
– Updated Friends help friends be sluts random event to dislay both characters at once.
– Updated Emily intro event to show both characters at once.
– Updated Emily/Christina study recap event to show both characters at once.
– Updated Emily/Christina dinner event to show both characters at once.
– Updated catfight random event to show both characters at once.
– Updated AC random event to show all characters at once.
– Updated futuristic serum research event to show all characters at once.
– Updated aunt/cousin intro events to show all characters at once.
– Updated aunt/cousin moving events to show all characters at once.
– Updated horny at work event to show all characters at once.
– Added a no_animation flag that can be handed to any draw request to prevent default animations from being applied.
– Only characters adjacent to the primary speaker are animated, to reduce performance impacts.
– Characters in the resume select screen are no longer animated.
– Optimized character animation code. Characters now display more quickly after a draw call and have a massively improved frame rate while multiple characters are being drawn.
– Expanded horny at work event to be more aware of how many people are in the room.
– Added options to the friends help friends be sluts event to just ignore the girls.
– Added new evening event involving Jennifer, Lily, and Rebecca.
– Added new dialogue branch when having sex with a girl who likes creampies. May ask you to take off a condom at the last minute.
– Added patron reward content.
– Daily serum dosage policy now only applies a dose on a week day.
– Standardised “judge_outfit” function now used whenever a girl reviews her outfit.
– Opinion on lingerie now has a girl treat an outfit as more/less slutty instead of changing sluttiness for wearing it (up to 8 points in either direction).
– Updated scheduling code, allowing for girls to have different destinations depending on the day.
– Added new limited time event triggered while at work. You may discover slutty employees who are masturbating while at work.

– Fixed an issue with half-off clothing that was leading to clothing not being correctly anchored when stripping.
– Fixed several incorrect title references (“your employee” instead of “their name”)
– Fixed Lily checking incorrect outfit name when adding new instapic outfit to her wardrobe.
– Fixed crash when demanding a blowjob.
– Fixed crash when Gabrielle gets a boob job.
– Fixed several typos and crashes caused by incorrect variable references.

– Added pregnancy specific dialogue to multiple situations when it would be appropriate.
– Many dialogue options now use the least “worried” branch when a girl is already pregnant.
– Emily will now ask for a reward when studying at home with high obedience (At low obedience she demands one).
– Add a “spank her” punishment option when tutoring Emily at home.
– Added “Your student” possessive title option when appropriate.
– Re-added Standing Doggy position to a number of events now that the image crop offsets have been corrected.
– Reworked sex dialogue. Added a “pull out” request stage before you cum.
– Added a centralised check for girls to see if they want you to pull out or not.
– Added a “condom_cum” dialogue branch when you cum into a condom.
– Added a creampie taboo, along with dialogue triggered the first time you cum inside a girl.
– Added creampie taboo break dialogue specific to aunt character.
– Cumming inside a girl lowers love and happiness if they told you to pull out. Girls who like/love creampies are affected less.
– Added a dinner event with Emily and Christina after you have tutored her for a while.
– Added a new event for Christina after coming over for dinner.
– Added an “oral punishment” puninishment option when tutoring Emily at home.
– Added more internal support for half off pieces of clothing. Now allows for half off clothing to give access or vision.
– Added half off regions for all clothing items.
– Added new vagina region for clothing constrain/hiding purposes.
– Updated all region weight images to be cropped to smallest possible size, reducing active memory usage and increasing image load speed.
– Adjusted the constrain regions of the vest and business vest to reduce improper spillover into other clothing items.

– Girls no longer immediately know if they get pregnant a second time.
– Fixed Standing doggy position images lacking their correct image offsets.
– Fixed crash when asking a girl to leave her significant other to be with you
– Resetting a goal will never generate the same goal again.
– Character images will no longer overlap when multiple draw commands are triggered in quick succession.
– Fixed creamies not being properly tracked when they happen during cowgirl.
– Fixed happiness modifiers to sluttiness not clearing properly after sex.
– Fixed low obedience girls sometimes demanding to call you the exact same title they were already calling you.

– Added 7 new face varieties
– Images are now clipped to remove most blank space. Offset distances now stored to assemble images
– Moved animation into a separate thread.
– Reworked sex logic flow to properly cover taboo breaks, automatically pick objects if only one exists.
– Introduced Emily, a student of Nora’s who turns to you for tutoring.
– Added ability to tutor Emily on campus, as well as several branching choices while tutoring her.
– Added ability to tutor Emily at her house, once you earn her trust.
– Added a “Masturbate first” option when tutoring Emily at her house.
– Added a “Punish for wrong answers” option when tutoring Emily at her house. More options for this branch will be added in a future update.
– Introduced Christina, Emily’s mother. Christina will be given more content in a future update.
– Updated Nora’s storyline events to introduce Emily.
– So many I gave up keeping a useful bug record. Sorry!

– Added clothing constraint regions, greatly reducing instances of clothing items clipping through each other.
– Updated all existing clothing items with their appropriate constrain regions.
– Changed flirt thresholds so the lower flirt levels are accessable.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for introvert personality.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for relaxed personality.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for reserved personality.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for wild personality.
– Added unqiue flirt dialogue for bimbo personality.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for Aunt.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for Cousin.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for Mom.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for Sister.
– Flirting now properly triggers taboo breaks and taboo dialogue when appropriate.
– Hiring Alexia to be your company model now automatically purchases the Public.
– Menu character iamges are now generated and displayed by a separate thread, improving menu responsiveness.
– Optimized character animation creation, increasing speed and improving responsiveness.
– Groping a girl now costs 5 energy at each stage instead of 10 flat at the start. Increased last stage arousal modifier.
– Increased the relative proportion of girls who are single vs. in a relationship.
– Refined requirements for demanding a girl to strip naked.
– Added a chance to give a girl a dose of serum during a dinner or lunch date some of the time.
– Slightly increased chance of significant other returning home during a fuck date with your affair partner.
– Lowered starting Love for Jennifer and Lily.

– Memory freeing is now done once a day instead of every turn.
– Fixed crash caused by improper taboo break call in mother morning visit event.
– Applied fix to animations for high resolution monitors with UI scaling, most commonly Macs.
– Fixed incorrect character title being applied when a girl asks if you’d like a new title.
– Fixed crash in cousin blackmail event caused by incorrect object selection.
– Fixed significant other name not changing when you ask a girl to leave her boyfriend/fiance/husband for you.
– Fixed incorrect default transition call for handjob.
– Fixed Dinah’s default underwear selection
– Alexia’s storyline is now disabled if public marketing is purchased instead of requiring it to be active.
– Fixed a number of typos throughout the game.
– Fixed a non-graceful error caused by random event being removed twice.

– Some purchased policies can now be toggled to be active or inactive. Some policies are always active when purchased.
– Added support for policy fuctions when applied, removed, on each turn, or on each day beginning.
– Redesigned policy purchase screen. Now allows you to select a policy without purchasing it, instead of requiring you to hover.
– Adjusted policy purchase screen style to match the rest of the game.
– Some policies now require lower level policies to be active before being activateable.
– Active policies that are required by other active policies can not be disabled.
– Policy info screen now shows what other policies are preventing you from enabling/disabling a policy.
– Uniforms may now be invalid if uniform policies are deactivated after they are defined. Invalid uniforms will not be worn until the appropraite policies are activated.
– Girls will change out of newly invalid uniforms if they are not naturally slutty enough to wear it anyways.
– Added a disabled slug to set daily serum action when policy is owned but disabled.
– Added full suite of taboo break dialogue for Rebecca.
– Removed generic “Seduce” option.
– Added “Grope” option, available on all girls once sluttiness is 5 or higher.
– Added multiple tiers to grope action, leading to entering the normal sex system at high enough Sluttiness.
– Added “Command” option, available on all girls above 100 Obedience.
– Moved “Command her to take serum” option into the general “Command” menu.
– Added “Command her to let her touch you” option. Allows you to enter the normal sex system at high enough Obedience.
– Added public sex check and dialogue to grope and command sex options.
– Redid flirt dialogue, now has three tiers for different levels of Love. Highest level may also lead into sex system.
– High or low happiness now has a minor effect on sluttiness.
– Added “Command her to strip” option, with three possibilities: Show me your tits, show me your underwear, and get naked.
– Girls will now only attempt to take control if you try and stop having sex when they have at least some (30+) energy.
– Removed generic option to “give” anyone serum (note: you can still “Command” someone to take it).
– Moved policy based requests for employees to test serum to an employee specific action.
– Implemented support for partial clothing based on body regions, available to modders to make use of.
– Slightly expanded “Kiss me” option for early Mom morgage help payments.

– Fixed another crash source for Macs with animation system.
– Fixed incorrect transition call going from skull fuck to deepthroat.
– Reduced max available rollback to reduce eout of memory errors.
– Fixed incorrect strip list implementation that would result in skipping strip transitions and progression.
– Fixed position taboos not breaking when a girl took control.
– Fixed stripping not breaking a taboo when a girl did it.
– Fixed incorrect boob and ass animation mask being used during animated strips using a characters default pose.
– Fixed incorrect outfit check for company model.
– Fixed several crashes caused by incorrect function calls.
– Fixed girls talking to themselves instead of you wnen you ask them to lunch.

– Rerendered high socks to have a flat colour base version.
– Added two tone pattern to high socks.
– Added gradient pattern to high socks
– Added two tone pattern to medium socks
– Added two tone pattern to short socks.
– Added two tone pattern for plain panties.
– Added two tone pattern for panties.
– Added two tone pattern for cotton panties.
– Added new ass jiggle animation.
– Added new tit jiggle animation.
– Some stripclub scenes now use ass jiggle animation.
– Tit fuck position now uses tit jiggle animation.
– Introduced taboo system: Unique dialogue and small sluttiness penalty the first time you do something new with a charactacter.
– Lowered condom request threshold to account for the new condomless sex taboo.
– Added a common name for all clothing items, used in some dialogue instead of the more descriptive name used for menus and the clothing designer.
– Rerendered tube top to remove default text.
– Added a text pattern for tube top.
– Addd a text pattern for panties.
– Added a text pattern for tshirt.
– Added a text pattern for booty shorts.
– Adjusted many events to reference and break relavent taboos, usually at a lower sluttiness point than is possible with normal sex/interactions
– Added full suite of taboo break dialogue for introvert personality.
– Added full suite of taboo break dialogue for relaxed personality.
– Added full suite of taboo break dialogue for reserved personality.
– Added full suite of taboo break dialogue for wild personality.
– Added full suite of taboo break dialogue for Mom.
– Added full suite of taboo break dialogue for Lily.
– Added correct disabled colouration to “tell them to strip” option in workplace AC breakdown event.
– Outfit taboos are automatically broken when talking to a character (underwear, bare tits, or bare pussy as appropriate).
– Added dialogue when outfit taboos are broken when talking.
– Added a taboo break symbol to the position select for positions that would break a taboo if selected.
– Expanded tooltip for positions that would be effected by taboos to explain their effect.
– Updated menu labels and tooltips for common work actions.
– Family members now consider anal sex less slutty and vaginal sex more slutty than unrelated people.

– Fixed incorrect sluttiness check in a girlfriend text random event.
– Prevented possible division by 0 when creating low production cost serums.
– re-rendered quarter cup bustier to eliminate clipping
– Fixed incorrect animation image scaling on non 1080p monitor resolutions.
– Fixed incorrect sluttiness check when on a fuck date with a girl.
– Fixed crash related to incorrect taboo break scene call.
– Corrected animation image scaling when played in a non-16×9 resolution window.
– Fixed error in cowgirl sex position checking for upper body nudity.
– Fixed incorrect emotion call in text sent from Mom.
– Fixed two incorrect outfit changes in an employee crisis.
– Removed redundant text size definition for text in menu creation code.
– Updated animation code to support Mac implementation of openGL.
– Fixed incorrect implementation of Ren’py openGL support for Linux machines, which was causing a crash with the animation system.

– Added internal support for shader based animation.
– Modified character image section of the screen. Now includes a coloured backplate and a frame.
– Added ability for animations to be given region specific effects. Current weighted regions are a girls breasts and butt.
– Added blurred hair backplate. Reduces border effects for thin girls around their neck and shoulders.
– Added ability for aninimations to have their general intensity modified.
– Added ability to lessen or increase specific region intensities.
– Added an idle wiggle animation, bounces a girls tits and ass if no other animation is called for.
– Integrated animations with existing calls to display characters.
– Added menu option to disable animations.
– Replaced previous clothing removal code. Now works while an image is animated.
– Added character specific region weights, allowing for animation effects to differ from girl to girl.
– Large tits now have a higher breast region weight, causing them to move more when affected by an animation.
– Tits made larger through serum effects now have their breast region weight increased appropriately.
– Tits made larger by getting a boob job have their breast region weight increased by less than a natural increase.
– Added support for positions having unique animations, used when that position is called during sex.
– Added blowjob head bob animation.
– Added tit movement to the blowjob animation.
– Added support for speeding up and slowing down animations.
– Sex based animations now have their speed modified by arousal, going from 50% to 100% speed from 0 to 100 arousal.
– Animation speed modification is proportional to energy spent. If the girl is spending 80% of the energy, her arousal counts for 80% of the arousal effect.
– Added ability to tie special modifiers into position animations. Allows for separate blowjob sucking and idle animations.
– Changed cunnilingus position to use missionary image set instead of sitting image set.
– Updated several special mom texts to use new animation effects.
– Added new random event for your cousin at moderate to high sluttiness but low love and obedience.
– Added new random event for your affair partner texting you.
– Added new random event for your girlfriend texting you.
– Added new skull fuck sex position, possible by transitioning from deepthroating.
– Strip club now includes tables, chairs, and the stage itself for fucking on.
– Changed strip club name dialogue to be more readable on blue background.
– Reduced total number of limited time events and reduced relative chance of a title change event when talking to a person.
– Added extra animation effects to some stages of a strip show.

– Fixed infinite loop while out of energy with a girl in control of having sex.
– Fixed incorrect opinion checks in piledriver position.
– Fixed one date option removing the incorrect amount of money.
– Fixed breast shrinking serum trait increasing instead of decreasing breast size.
– Fixed incorrect random number generation when asking a girl to grow her pubes into a different style.
– Fixed crash/incorrect result when denying a girl an orgasm during a performance review.

– You can now ask girls you are having an affair with to get a boobjob.
– Girls you are having an affair with can now have their boobjob paid for by their SO instead of you, with high enough stats.
– You can now demand your girlfriend gets a boobjob on her own dime, with high enough stats.
– Added a creampie cum item, added exactly when you would expect.
– You can now ask a girl to trim her pubic hair into a style you desire if she is obedient enough.
– Added new “friend help friends be sluts” random event.
– Added new heart pasties clothing item.
– Added new cincher clothing item.
– Re-rendered leotard to remove clipping issues.
– Added new outfits to the default wardrobe.
– Moved leotard bottom to be a layer 1 (underwear) layer, while the top is layer 2 (shirt).
– Girls on a fuck date now recover some energy between sessions alongside you, so the fun keeps rolling.
– Lowered chances of characters 18 to 22 already having children.
– The energy cap is now variable to make it more mod friendly.
– Refactored some code relating to the hiring screen while fixing “bring your daughter to work” event, allowing for easier special-hire events.
– Added unique dialogue when having Nora test serum for you.
– Modified Gabrielle’s visiting schedule to avoid overlapping with Lily.
– Added new limited time event for Jeniffer.
– Increased number of limited time events that will be generated in general.
– Added ability for girls to have accessories that they keep on with any outfit. Used for girls who should consistently wear glasses.
– Updated mini skirt data to count as hiding underwear below.
– Updated nipple pasties to tit fucking without their removal.
– Added quarter cup bustier clothing item and two tone pattern.
– Added crotchless panties clothing item.
– Added micro skirt clothing item and two tone pattern.
– Added forearm gloves clothing item and two tone pattern.
– Added three collars: “Breed Me”, “Cum Slut”, and “Fuck Doll”. Text can be coloured separately.
– Added new default outfits to the game using new clothing items.
– Updated all existing characters to use base accessories instead of having them defined in their personal outfits.
– Added a new underwear set to Alexia’s wardrobe.
– Renamed some pubic hair styles to be more descriptive in menus.

– Fixed affairs not being possible to start due to improper orgasm check.
– Fixed crash when walking on on Jennifer undressing.
– Fixed two issues with the “Bring your daughter to work” random event that prevented it from triggering.
– Fixed “Breeding Material” title not appearing properly as a possible title for a girl.
– Fixed multiple instances of “girl_orgasms” or “guy_orgasms” instead of the correct “girl orgasms” and “guy orgasms”
– Fixed an infinite loop when a girl takes control of a sex session but no object is corrected.
– Fixed girls making use of the wrong object while having sex after taking control of the session.
– Fixed bug when transitioning to tit fucking.
– Fixed dress-style clothing items not being properly removed when stripped off during sex.

– Added player facing sex records to detailed person info screen.
– Introduced energy. Energy is used for various daily actions, as well as during most positions while having sex.
– Rewrote sex system. Each position now costs both parties energy, with the amount of energy varying depending on what is being done.
– Removed stamina. Events and actions that previously required stamina now use energy instead.
– Added ability to increase max energy by spending experience. Each point of experience spent increase max energy by 20, up to 200.
– Sleeping at the end of the day restores 80 energy, and each time unit passed restores 20. Waiting around instead of working restores 30.
– Cumming no longer ends an encounter with a girl. Instead, you will reset to 0 arousal and “soft” until you reach 10 arousal.
– Updated postions to know which ones need the main character to be hard.
– Just having sex no longer makes a girl more slutty. Instead, climaxing while performing a slutty position causes a girl to gain sluttiness.
– Male orgasms now increase a girls obedience.
– Female orgasms give bonus obedience if the girl was ordered to do the position in the first place.
– Updated all positions that relied on the main character climaxing or causing a girl to climax to play nicely with the new system.
– Added new handjob position, girl controlled.
– Added new titfuck position.
– Added new cunallingus position.
– Added pubic hair. There are now 5 different styles in the game, all appropriately shaded for the hair colour of the girl.
– Added new virgin killer sweater clothing item.
– Added new string panties clothing item.
– Added new strappy bra clothing item.
– Added new strappy panties clothing item.
– Added new serum side effect: accidental sedative reduces maximum energy of recipent for the duration
– Added new serum side effect: slow release sedative reduces energy recovery of the recipient for the duration.
– Added new serum trait: Caffine infusion increases the recipients max energy for the duration of the effect, but lowers obedience.
– Added new serum trait: Refined Stimulants increases the recipient max energy for the duration of the effect.
– Added new serum trait: Libedo Stimulant increases the recipients max energy as well as providing a boost to sluttiness for the duration.
– Chatting with someone now costs energy instead of advancing time.
– Updated message for employe performance review when the employee has been too recently hired, vs. too recently reviewed.
– Added ability to move groups of 5 or all serum while trading serum between inventories.
– Added several new outfits using the new clothing items.
– Relaxed trigger for one of Gabrielle’s storyline event when caught in Lily’s room.
– Added support for random events that take place when you enter a space or talk to a person. These events are generated and remain valid for a number of turns before expiring if not triggered.
– Updated inheritance behaviour of several functions.
– Changed implementaiton of pre-existing “ask for a new title” event to use the new limited time event system instead of having a unique implementation.
– Added new random event for Lily when entering her room.
– Added new random event when entering Lily or Mom’s room.
– Added new random event when entering the kitchen with Mom in it.

– Fixed several alignment issues with main choice screen and person info HUD.
– Corrected incorrect function calls during one of Lily’s storyline events.
– Fixed incorrect names in several cousin storyline events.
– Fixed girlfriend breakup action leading to the wrong event.
– Fixed doggy style anal from calling the incorrect vaginal doggy descriptions.
– Slutty girls no longer pay you when they strip for you.
– Fixed prostite not being correctly passed to the sex ssytem when you hire one downtown.
– Fixed daily serum out-of-stock reports showing the incorrect serum.
– Fixed crash caused by attempted log reporting for unmet characters who lacked a title.
– Fixed girls forming relationships with themselves.
– Fixed possible crashes caused by unmet characters pushing stat update reports to the main character’s hud.
– Corrected Rebecca’s blackmail event requirement so the event can properly trigger.


– Added per-character records for how many times you’ve had sex, recieved a blowjob, creampied her, and other stats.

– Added sex records to a characters detailed information sheet.

– Added boy shorts clothing item.

– Added wrapped blouce clothing item.

– Added apron clothing item.

– Added daisy dukes clothing item.

– Added braided bun hair style.

– Added curly bun hair style.

– Added windswept hair style.

– Added Girlfriend role. You can enter into a committed relationship with a girl once you have enough Love, as long as she’s not in a relationship…

– Added Paramour role, a secret affair with a girl who is already in a relationship with someone else. Girls who like cheating will start an affair if you ask them to be your girlfriend.

– Added a fuck date option to the Paramour role. Visit your girls house while her significant other is away and fuck her as much as your stamina will allow throughout the night.

– Added ability to convince any girl to be your girlfriend if you fuck them and make them orgasm with high enough Love and Sluttiness.

– Increased stripping event requirement for Lily to 30 Sluttiness.

– Added new “insta-pic” event for Lily at 20 sluttiness.

– Added small wardrobe of “insta-pic worthy” outfits for use in some events.

– Added a breakup event when your girlfriend sees you having sex in front of her with another woman. She doesn’t mind acts with up to 1/2 her sluttiness.

– Added a breakup event when your paramour sees you having sex in front of her with another woman. She doesn’t mind acts with up to 2/3 her sluttiness.

– Changed how Love modifies Sluttiness when having sex in private. Girlfriend and Paramours recieve full Love as a bonus (Like all non-family did in previous versions)

– Girls not in a relationship with you only recieve 50% of their Love as a bonus to sluttiness when having sex in private, compared to 100% previously.

– Family members now gain 25% of their Love as a bonus to sluttiness when having sex in private, compared to 0% previously.

– Added new “standing grope” sex position.

– Added new random event where a friend’s relationship improves by a step. Girlfriends become fiancees, fiancees become married.

– Added new random event where a friend’s relationship falls apart. All relationship types turn to single. Girls you are having an affair with become your girlfriend.

– Added two new default overwear and underwear sets.

– Added one new outfit for Mom.

– Added new “morgage help” path option for Mom early in the game.

– Added new “morgage help” path option for Mom later in the game.

– Added viewport to girl relationship lists to allow for scrolling.

– Inverted order of opinions in small talk action to more naturally read as love to hate.

– Centered and properly top-aligned the serum select screen.

– Strip menu now shows return as “Go back to kissing/fucking/groping” etc. depending on the correct verb.

– Added new “standing fingering” sex position, reachable as a transition from groping.

– Added a couple of new titles and possessive titles for girls.

– Tweaked existing titles to make use of sex records.

– Added new “boobjob” event to cousin’s storyline.

– Added ability to ask your girlfriend to get a boobjob if her obedience and sluttiness is high enough.

– Added unhappy or hateful greetings to all major personality types for when their happiness or love is low.

– Updated time advance indicator from tiny pixel clock to more attractive and readable arrows.


– Fixed visiting downtown location crashing when you have played through the tutorial.

– Fixed situational obedience not being applied to a prostitute when you have hired her.

– Fixed crash when not being kissed after a lunch date.

– Fixed crash in new mother-daughter hiring scene.

– Fixed issue with some facial images being the wrong skintone.

– Fixed clipping issues with jeans clothing item.

– Fixed clipping issues with cute panties clothing item.

– Fixed clipping issues with suit jacket.

– Fixed clipping issues with lab coat.

– Reduced unnessesary memory usage caused by maintaining unneeded lists of people.

– Fixed improper font being used in detailed information screen.

– Edited many text entries to minimize text overflow.

– Fixed page label alignment across multiple screens (notably, save and load screens).

– Fixed source of infinite loop during some events when trying to strip off a dress to reveal a girls pussy.

– Properly centered text inside of all research selection buttons. This will no loner have to drive me mad.

– Side effect chance is now properly written as a % chance in the trait research menu.

– Added new blackmail material for Gabrielle, as well as multiple variant options for how to gather it.
– Added ability to explore downtown, which sometimes generates random events.
– Added new stripclub location. Can be discovered by exploring downtown.
– Added small wardrobe of stripper outfits, used by girls when working in the strip club.
– Added option to watch a girl strip in the strip club, as well as throw tips onto the stage.
– Added multiple random events that can happen when exploring downtown.
– Added “prostitute” role. When encountered they can be paid for sex, but will not be seduced unless their love is above a threshold (Currently 20).
– Differentiated climax response dialogue based on what type of sex is happening (foreplay, oral, vaginal, anal)
– Added two new options to Gabrielle’s blackmail list, unlocked when the second tier of blackmail information is gathered.
– Added cash payment phase to Nora’s storyline. Doing additional work for Nora provides funds as well as unlocks next phase.
– Added three more Nora research serum traits.
– Added special serum phase to Nora’s storyline. By studying unique individuals and providing reports to her she can develop powerful, unique serum traits.
– Added 10 new special serum traits, each unlocked by studying a unique type of person who has been corrupted.
– Added alternative path that unlocks Nora’s storyline even if you do not choose to use her to advance your research, as long as you have talked about the possibility.
– Added “Company Model” role, which has taken over some of the content previously exclusive to Alexia.
– Modified Alexia’s storyline to work with the new company model role. Following Alexia’s storyline lets you put her in place as your model earlier than normal and without any additional cost.
– Added “Marketting License” business policy that unlocks the ability to assign the company model role. A company model can be asked to start an ad campaign for you, resulting in higher prices for all serums sold.
– Added new “Anal Doggystyle” sex position.
– Goals can no longer repeat when scrapped.
– Goals will no longer appear if they would be completed instantly.
– Fixed all potential employees (and all other one-off randomly generated characters) creating home locations, instead of just the ones that were hired. Should massively reduce end game memory usage.
– Fixed possibility to loop through Nora event repeatedly after she had been contacted the first time.
– Fixed error in one brach of the company model photo shoot event.
– Fixed characters not respecting their scheudles depending on how they were set.
– Fixed checks for outfits sometimes returning nothing, resulting in crashes.
– Reduced save filesize and general responsiveness by removing unused internal connections list that was caching poorly.
– Fixed names being improperly reported in some events.

– Updated main decision menu. Now includes information previously hidden in the “Talk to someone” and “Do something” menus.
– Updated main discussion menu. Now includes information previously hidden in the “Chat about something” and “Special actions”.
– Removed “Wait here” button in top left panel.
– Added generic “Wait here” option to all locations. Changes into “go home to sleep” option at the end of the day.
– Updated outfit selection manager. Add, modify, duplicate, delete, and export functionality is now all combined on one screen.
– Removed arbitrary (and poorly enforced) restrictions on naming two outfit sets identically.
– The likelyhood of a women being married is more highly dependant on age.
– Reduced relative likelyhood of any woman being a girlfriend in a relationship (vs. being single, engaged, or married)
– Added High Boots clothing item.
– Added Thigh High Boots clothing item.
– Added short sleeve blouse.
– Added short socks clothing item.
– Added Pumps clothing item and one pattern.
– Increased serum mastery gain from test subject study from 0.1 to 0.2 per interaction.
– Added Leotard clothing item to game.
– Rerendered bath robe in flat white.
– Added flowers bath robe pattern (based on old bath robe design).
– Added Love increase option to improved serum testing action with head researcher.
– Fixed layering inconsitencies with one piece underwear that allowed them to be removed even while held in place by other pieces of clothing.
– Added large, multi-staged event for Alexia after she is employeed by you.
– Re-introduced Nora from Lab Rats 1.
– Added University location, unlocked as part of introduction of Nora.
– Added alternative path to reach research tier 2 when Stephanie is your head researcher – talking to Nora.
– Added several new basic underwear and overwear sets to the default wardrobe.

– Fixed Gabrielle generating with a random relationship type (instead of always being single).
– Fixed outfit changes due to sex being stored as part of the original outfit when that outfit was just assigned to the person.
– Fixed Alexia appearing in the game world before her introduction event.
– Fixed character images not updating properly when a girl takes control in a scene.
– Fixed potential issue with serum production when using multiple assembly lines that would result in 0 production progress.
– Fixed crash triggered when a character would ask to give you a new title.
– Fixed crash related to lack of sex positions with the girl in charge, causing an error when she couldn’t have sex.

– Added four new outcomes to drinking event with aunt: outfit viewing, underwear viewing, stripping, and seduction.
– The person information UI now displays any time a character is drawn to the screen instead of having to be explictly invoked in the script.
– Added six new character dialogue fonts.
– Changed Stephanie’s font colour to a softer red to improve readability.
– Random characters can now generate with ages down to 18.
– Girls now generate with a relationship status: Single, Girlfriend, Fiancee, or Married.
– Girls now sometimes generate with a number of kids. Older characters and characters in steady relationships are more likely to have kids and more likely to have more kids.
– Updated detailed character info screen to include more personal information.
– Removed “Examine the room” option as it was rarely useful.
– Updated all basic company task tooltips to include the formula used to determine base productivity.
– Tasks now tell you how much production, research, etc. you produce when you perform them.
– Angry emotion can now be shown dynamically during interactions instead of only occuring during story events.
– Added dialogue when you end a sex scene early.
– Slutty and disobedient girls can take control of a sex scene if you try and leave before they orgasm.
– Slutty girls can beg you to stay and help them finish if you try and leave before they orgasm.
– Added dialogue when a girl takes control of a sex scene or when they beg you to keep going.
– Sex position menu now uses textual descriptions instead of sluttiness requirement and cap values.
– Sex position menu now displays tooltips with each position describing the effect it will have on arousal and/or sluttiness.
– Adjusted contrast and whiteness of all hair styles to be more consistent.
– Adjusted default hair colours to be more attractive.
– Replaced “red” hair colour with “chestnut”. Now a more natural light red-brown.
– Characters now generate with minor variations between hair tones.
– Changed Stephanie’s haircut to a shorter cut that more closely matches her LR1 appearance.
– Introduced Alexia as a special character.
– Added three special events related to Alexia.
– The main character can now wear a condom before having sex.
– Girls may ask or demand a character does not wear a condom before having sex,
– Added climax variations to all sex positions where the main character is wearing a condom.
– Wearing a condom reduces arousal gain slightly for both parties.
– Changed “risking getting pregnant” opinion type to “bareback sex” opinion type. Updated all existing references.
– Girls who are in a relationship now have higher love requirements before they will go on a date with you.
– Girls who are in a relationship now have a sluttiness penalty when you attempt to seduce them.
– Added “cheating on men” sex opinion.
– Girls who like or love “cheating on men” reduce the extra love requirement for going on dates,
– Girls who like or love “cheating on men” give a sluttiness bonus instead of a penalty.
– Added titles and possessive titles for characters who are in relationships or have kids.
– Adjusted required love and sluttiness values needed for Mom letting you stay in the room while she changes between outfits.
– Added flirting dialogue variations depending on a girls relationship status.
– Seduction responses vary depending on a girls relationship status.
– Added muliple variations for sex response dialogue within each personality based on current arousal.

– Fixed type in outfit check for one of the cousin storyline events.
– Fixed sister morning event calling “fully naked” dialogue path even when she had undrwear on.
– Fixed chin/body gap issues present in some sex positions.
– Fixed grey line appearing at meeting point of body and head images.
– Attempted fix for outfits not being imported from .xml wardrobe files on android.
– Fixed clothing image masks improperly being applyed, resulting in semi-transparent outlines of each section.

– Employees will no longer quit during the weekend.
– Thong pattern 1 added
– Lace bra pattern 1 added
– Corset pattern 1 added
– Lace panties pattern 1 added
– Rerendering bobbed and bow hair
– Long skirt being rerendered as monocromatic
– Long Tshirt was rerendered as monocromatic
– Cotton panties added
– Thin panties pattern 1 added
– Added bobbed hair style.
– Improved hair style contrast.
– Added Cousin (Gabrielle) character.
– Added Aunt (Rebecca) character.
– Added Starting wardrobe for Gabrielle.
– Added starting wardrobe for Rebecca.
– Added new “Introvert” personality type and associated dialogue.
– Map screen now uses hex co-ords instead of raw screen position. Map locations updated for new system.
– Added support for events triggered when you enter the same room as someone.
– Added support for events triggered when you start an interaction with someone.
– Added long chain of aunt introduction events.
– Added action for helping your aunt move.
– Added long chain of cousin introduction events.
– Added cousin blackmail related events.
– Added event for sharing drinks with your aunt.
– Temporary sluttiness is now uncapped (was previously capped at core+suggestability+10)
– Temporary sluttiness above core+suggestability returns to normal “core” amount very quickly, up to 5 per turn.
– Temporary sluttiness above core but within core+suggestability converts to core sluttiness, with a suggestability % chance each turn to change 3 temporary into 3 core.
– Temporary sluttiness above core+suggestability has a chance to convert to 1 core sluttiness each turn, with an 100% chance if it is 5 or more higher. Serum use makes corruption faster and more efficent, but is not strictly nessesary.
– Adjusted blue and red character fonts to be lighter and more readable.
– Long sweater pattern 1 added
– Strapless Bra pattern 1 added
– Added a tooltip to serum produciton line screen explaining production weight and autosell thresholds.
– Added indication that giving a performance review will take a turn.

– Fixed incorrect call to mc_title variable in personality dialogue.
– Fixed function typo in mom texting random event that was causing a crash.
– Fixed dialogue typos.
– Removed ability to schedule multiple dates for the end of the week, including multiple dates with the same person.
– Changed home front hall image from old apartment lobby image to new living room image.
– It is no longer possible to bring up the goal screen while in the map movement screen.

– Initial game startup speed has been massively improved. Startup times reduced to between 5 and 10 seconds.
– Added concept of character titles. Each character has a title for themselves and a title for you.
– Character titles are used inside of dialogue in places where their names would previously have been used.
– MC titles are used inside of dialogue in places where the main character’s title would previously have been used.
– Added character possessive titles. Possesive titles are used in narration when describing a character’s relationship to you.
– Added initial list of titles for each of the three types.
– Each personality can now add their own titles to the general master list a character picks from.
– Character titles and possessive titles now recieve the same formatting the character’s dialogue does during narration.
– Character titles and possessive titles now recieve the same formatting when used inside of menus.
– Added ability to talk to a character and change their titles directly. Requires a minimum of 120 obedience.
– Characters now have a random chance to want to reassess their titles when you talk to them.
– Low obedience characters will demand you use a new title or be unhappy. Moderate obedience give you a choice between two they like, but will keep their old title if you wish. High obedience characters give you complete control and are happy no matter what you pick.
– Added “Business Vest” clothing item.
– Added “Strapless Bra” clothing item.
– Added “Bobbed Hair” hairstyle.
– Added rendering support for “patterns”. A pattern is a section of an existing clothing item that can be coloured a secondary colour.
– Six initial patterns added for testing:
– Bra now has “lacy” patern, colours lace separately from entire bra.
– Sports bra has been rerendered to remove clipping and now has “two toned” pattern, which recolours the strapping.
– Sweater dress now has two toned pattern and a star pattern,
– Tshirt now has a striped pattern.
– The tied sweater now has a two toned pattern.
– Added .xml export and import support for patterns. (Add outfit exports to the wardrobe.xml file to add them into your game permanently)
– Outfit creator redesigned.
– Outfit creator now supports patterns. When a pattern is selected you can also select if you are modifying the primary or secondary colour.
– Outfit creator now has a colour swatch. Right click on a colour square to save your currently selected colour. Left click to load the colour loaded in that square. The colour swatch is persistant between games.
– Redid graphics for outfit designer tutorial to match new outfit creator design.
– End of day report now refers to characters by their title.
– Unmet characters no longer report potentially raised sluttiness in the end of day report.
– “Talk to someone” menu and similarly styled menus now provide a preview of the person when the button is hovered.
– Added several more character titles, possessive titles, and MC titles.
– Broken AC crisis now lists requirement for uniform policy to order people to strip down in the heat.
– Serum designer now separates out serum production traits to make it clear that they are required and different.
– Rerendered long sweater dress and Belted skirt to be monotone by default.
– Added new two tone pattern for long tshirt.
– Added new two tone pattern for camisole.
– Added new two tone pattern for belted skirt.
– Added new two tone pattern for sneakers.
– Added new two tone pattern for garterbelt and fishnets.
– Adjusted several whiteness and contrast values for clothing pieces to equalize brightness.
– Added new deepthroat description branch.

– Fixed several spelling mistakes throughout the game.
– Libido inhibitor side effect no longer adds far more sluttiness than it should.
– Fixed hair colours of some characters being incorrect when new characters were generated.
– Fixed some serum trait combinations resulting in a final production cost of 0 (And crashing things later)
– Fixed serum designs being allowed to progress when they lacked any production trait.
– Fixed performance reviews being possible for completely new employees.
– Lily’s morning encounter no longer leaves up her detailed UI when the encounter is over.

+ Trollden's Cheat Menu
Press “z” to open up the cheat menu
(The mod enables console by default press Shift+O to open it, this is in case any unforeseen errors happen caused by the mod)

Gives you the ability to change the stats and arousal of the player character plus the following options for other characters:

Legacy Features:
Stats change
Arousal change
Personality change
Hair and hair color change (similar to outfit manager)
Skin change
Body change
Face change
Fix Salary
Unlock all Traits
Unlock all Policies

Experimental Features:

All of the legacy features
Increase Research Tier (Skips having to go through the Head Researcher events for stronger serums, you still have to research them in order)
Change Day, Time of Day and Force Sleep
Hire anyone you want
Increase company efficiency, supplies, marketability
List of events / crisis and trigger for those
Unlock all policies
Unlock all serum traits
Underpay, overpay or satisfy the pay requirement for all employees.
( More to come )

+ Console Commands = xx = xx

mc.charisma = xx = xx
mc.focus = xx

mc.hr_skill = xx
mc.market_skill = xx
mc.research_skill = xx
mc.production_skill = xx
mc.supply_skill = xx

mc.sex_skills[“Foreplay”] = xx
mc.sex_skills[“Oral”] = xx
mc.sex_skills[“Vaginal”] = xx
mc.sex_skills[“Anal”] = xx

+ Mods

New Features:

Adds over 15 new crisis events with new dialogs and situations.
The sex shop owner with a complete story-line
Two smaller story lines for college athletes and wife in a bar
The HR director position (with Sarah story-line)
Adds over 8 new sex positions with dialogs
A hair salon with options to change hair styles and colours.
Some extra actions in the gym studio.
A large collection of new serums to influence characters in the game.
Extra personalities and random character enhancements with dialogs and story lines.
Purchasable new rooms with extra functions
Outfit generator built into the outfit creator (use mannequin selector for wardrobe edit)


Enhanced outfit creator
Enhanced serum editor
Enhanced main map for faster one-click navigation
Enhanced interview UI
Enhanced end of day dialog
Multiple characters on screen (in some dialogs)

Cheat Mod:

Trollden Cheat Mod (press ‘z’ in game)
Opinion Editor (press ‘p’ while talking to someone)


Longshot (Android)

Release date: 1 May, 2024
Genre: Ren’py, Interactive, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Beautiful Ass, All sex, Lesbian, Family Sex, Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Voyeur, Corruption
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Vren
Platform: Windows / Linux / Android
Version: 0.51.1 + Cheat Mod + Save + Guide + Lab Rats 2 – Reformulate v2024.5 + Cheats
Language: English
Size: 1.72 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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