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The Genesis Order [version 61021]

The Genesis Order is the latest chapter in NLT’s saga which started with Lust Epidemic, continued in Treasure of Nadia and will now start a new chapter later, at the end 2021. The game will feature some familiar faces as well as many new ones, including 13 new ladies! In TGO you’ll play as a junior detective trying to make a living and peruse your passion solving crimes and meeting gorgeous women. This complex story unwinds with as many twists and turns as you’d expect from an NLT game!

+ Changelog
3 sexy scenes,1 Kamasutra scene
1 new pinup & and new XXX Shop video
Other minor bug fixes

3 sexy scenes,1 Kamasutra scene
1 new pinup
A new booty call and outfit
Other minor bug fixes

Featuring three new scenes, a new KS page and a new pinup!

New NPC quests

3 story scenes and 1 Kamasutra scene
1 new pinup
1 new outfit and booty call
New items unlocked in the store
Other minor bug fixes

v0.02121 Chapter 1
First release – The Genesis Order

+ A bit more
As Treasure of Nadia comes to a conclusion a new story begins! The Genesis Order will be the 3rd game in the NLT saga. The new game moves our story to the old town of North Santiva where a murder mystery is unfolding that will lead to much stranger discoveries. Lust Epidemic and Treasure of Nadia hold mysteries that will further unravel in the The Genesis Order.
+ Save Location
Windows: The save files are located in: \Users\\AppData\Local\User Data.
Android: The save files are in android/data but are only accessible in rooted phones.
+ Game Trailer
+ Video Walkthrough

Release date: 2 February, 2023
Genre: 3dcg, Male protagonist, Animated, Milf, Fantasy, Adventure, All sex, Anal sex, Mega sexy girls, Big tits, Big ass, Incest, Titfuck, Group sex
Censorship: NO
Developer: NLT Media (Other Games: Treasure of Nadia, Lust Epidemic)
Platform: Windows, Android
Version: 61021 + Ic patch + save + Update only
Language: English, Italian [patch!]
Size: 6.07 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]


  1. Estupendo juego, al igual que, el tesoro de N y Lust E.- se repiten cosas pero al parecer todo concuerda con un guion preestablecido
    Querida Mamba tengo un pequeño problema con el tesoro de Nadia, al hacer la ultima descarga y actualización , el juego me me dejo seguir y no carga todo lo guardado anteriormente, quiere que comience de cero, ¿Qué puedo hacer en este caso? verifique archivos y todos están que son en total mas de ocho G

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