Midnight Paradise [version 0.14 Elite]

Connor is spending his young adult life carelessly, having easy access to money and pleasure. However, after a failed year at college, his life starts to fall apart as he returns home to face the consequences and those he left behind 2 years ago. He’s met with an ultimatum: rise up to the challenges and show he’s capable or watch his future taken from him.​..

+ Changelogs
v0.14 Elite
This update focused heavily on advancing the main story and Celine.

– Added 11 new Main Story scenes including Joyce
– Added Celine’s storyline with the following scenes
– Car ride
– Drinking
– Night (not like previous ones)
– Park
– Modeling
– H-Scene with multiple routes and options
– Added 1 Booty Call option for Isabel
– Added 1 Booty Call option for Ruby
– Added Extra scene with Joyce
– Added Extra scene with Sofia
– Added Elite scene with Joyce and Ruby
– Added 1 new character
– Added Harding Tower as a new location – it will become a big location in the future with a lot to explore
– Added 380 new images altogether (Elite release)
– Added 46 new animations

– Added an auto-forward button that can be turned on or off in the settings menu
– Added page number buttons to the gallery so it’s easier to switch pages
– The game can now detect when its around Halloween or Christmas time and might show some holiday themed stuffs
– Added an option in the settings menu to disable the custom mouse cursor
– Fixed 102 typos, and future releases shouldn’t have typos anymore
– Made a lot of UI improvements
– Increased the size of the old event trigger and booty call icons so they’re more noticeable
– Lowered the volume of the main menu music so it’s no longer super loud

v0.13 Elite
– Added Dressing Room to Connor’s new apartment
– Added the following Dressing Room Outfits for Joyce
– Normal
– Normal 2
– Bikini
– Lingerie
– Date Night
– Added the following Dressing Room Outfits for Ruby
– Normal
– Bikini
– Lingerie
– Lingerie 2
– Work
– Added the following Dressing Room Outfits for Isabel
– Normal [new outfit] – Bikini
– Lingerie
– Added Booty Calls to Connor’s new apartment
– Added 2 new Booty Call options for Joyce
– Added 1 new Booty Call option for Ruby
– Added 1 new Booty Call option for Isabel
– Added multiple new Cleaning events for Celine
– Added Casual Conversations
– Joyce Conversation now available when clicking on her in the kitchen in the morning
– Isabel Conversation is now available after clicking on her in the living room in the evening
– Ruby Conversation is now available after clicking on her in the kitchen in the afternoon
– Logan Conversation is now available after clicking on him at the pool in the morning
– Added Extra Scene with Joyce & Ruby
– Added Elite Scene with Isabel in Midnight Paradise

v0.12 Elite
– Added main story scene with Connor
– Added main story scene with Natsuko
– Added main story scene with Raymond
– Added main story scene with Connor, Logan, Raymond and Joyce
– Added main story scene with Connor getting a new place
– Added 3 News events – they are viewable from the TV after unlocked [Should get a notification] – Added conversation options with the Person behind the cameras at Halo Dropsite
– Added Rivals quest line scene with Connor
– Added new shopping scene for Ms Jane with Connor
– Added Ms Jane story scene – second package
– Added Ms Jane story scene – third package & first visit
– Added Ms Jane story scene – Letter for Connor
– Added Ms Jane story scene – second visit
– Added new Tutoring scene
– Added new Tutoring reward after scene completion
– Added Melissa story scene [Only if you have chosen her path] – Added Joyce story scene – Study
– Added Joyce story scene – New Apartment
– Added Joyce story scene – Evening
– Added Elite scene with Ruby
– Added Extra scene with Joyce & Isabel
– Added 16 new animations in Midnight Paradise
– Quality improvements and proofreading for all 0.8 and 0.9 content
– Scene gallery improvements; you can now use the left & right arrow keys to switch pages

– Added 3 new Main Story scenes
– Added 1 new scene with Natsuko
– Added 5 new scenes with Ruby
– Added 2 new scenes with Joyce
– Added 7 new animations
– Added choice variations to Ruby’s and Joyce’s scenes based on player morality stat
– Added a new cutscene
– Reworked the choice menu so now it looks much better and coherent with the rest of the UI
– Added Elite and Extra scenes with Ruby and Isabel in Midnight Paradise

– Added new Character – Sofia
– Added new Main Story scene with Natsuko – 2 variations
– Added new Main Story scene with Eliana
– Added new Main Story scene with Joyce and Sofia
– Added new Main Story scene with Sofia – 2 variations
– Added 2 new Character Storyline scenes for Joyce
– Added 2 new Character Storyline scenes for Ruby – both have 2 variations
– Added 3 new Character Storyline scenes for Isabel
– Added 4 new Character Storyline scenes for Ms Jane (1 of these is just a connecting scene)
– Added 1 new Massage Level for Isabel
– Added 1 new Massage Level for Ruby
– Added 1 new Yoga Level for Joyce
– Added 1 new Night Scene for Ruby
– Added 1 new Night Scene for Isabel
– Added 1 new Night Scene for Joyce
– Added 2 new Night Scenes for Sofia
– Added 15 new Animations in Midnight Paradise

– Night Scenes now unlock as you play. This creates better progression with the lewd content in the game. (This is especially relevant if you’re playing for the first time)
– Added some miscellaneous dialogue like the Logan-Connor insult interaction and the portrait monologues.
– More involvement of the Morality System – this will be the first time your past decisions influence a choice you can make in one of the scenes
We start slow with this, but later there will be bigger choices/routes that depend on Connor’s Morality

– Midnight Paradise is now available on Android and Chromebook! The apk is playable on old and new Android devices and Chromebook
– Added 13 new locations to the game!
– Home: bedroom hallway, side corridor, bathroom interior, Isabel’s room interior, Joyce’s room interior, Ruby’s room interior
– School: entrance, lecture hall, library
– City map: boutique, Ms. Jane’s home, Sofia’s home, Thorne’s office interior
– Removed the old room navigation system and added a new one which allows you to click and move around the house and other locations more naturally
– Added character schedules for all characters; characters can now be seen and interacted with in different places depending on the time of day and other conditions
– Rewrote all of the code in the entire game, which has resulted in improvements in quality for every aspect of the game

Midnight Paradise Improvements:
– Improved the flow of story progression by removing many gratuitous event trigger requirements
– Completely remade the scene gallery; improved the design and navigation, the gallery is now sorted by character, all scenes that were missing have now been added, thumbnails are higher resolution, and scenes that are new in the latest update are now highlighted so you can easily find which scenes are new
– Improved all scene replay transitions and the starting points of many scene gallery scenes
– Increased the quality of 54 animations by about 20% by re-encoding them in a better way
– New yoga scenes for Joyce are now triggered from her bedroom in the morning to keep consistency with the actual scenes
– Improved the beginning of every massage event for all characters
– Increasing a character’s massage or yoga level will no longer cause you to miss a scene if you haven’t seen the scene for that character’s current level
– All levels of massage, yoga, and tutoring events can now be repeated
– New massage, yoga, tutoring, and tv events will now show that they’re new so you don’t have to repeat an event to see if it’s new
– You can now exit from talking to Joyce, Isabel, or Ruby instead of being forced to replay a scene if you clicked them
– Ms. Jane now teaches class in the morning, and will also occasionally offer to start a tutoring session after class
– Implemented day of the week system, which for example means Ms. Jane won’t teach class on the weekend
– Improved many events by adjusting the event trigger location and time as well as the event ending location and time to match the beginning and ending of the actual scenes
– The Skip Time button is now able to trigger new events at a location (previously it was unable to due to limitations in the old navigation system made by the previous programmer)
– Improved the city map screen; the map button now toggles the map screen, the toolbar is now visible on the map screen, location labels are now always visible and look a bit better, and locations will now only show if they can be visited
– Restored some dialogue to Joyce’s second massage event
– Improved every cum scene sequence for all scenes
– Improved unfitting dialogue lines and corrected many typos and grammar issues for every event in the game
– Improved enter and exit scene transitions for nearly every event in the game
– Improved the image quality of all location background images
– Improved the pause for all text-based story transitions
– Improved the choice screen menu by adding the option to show disabled choices
– The Objectives screen now shows which massage and yoga scenes you’ve watched instead of your current level
– Reorganized the game’s entire file, image, and code structure, which makes coding implementation of future content faster

Bug fixes Midnight Paradise:
– Fixed Joyce’s and Isabel’s first drinking event so it will now show the extended scene version instead of it always being skipped and impossible to see (the previous coder was probably drinking too when he coded everything, ffs)
– Fixed Ruby’s first massage event so it will now show the extended scene version instead of it always being skipped and impossible to see
– Fixed every prologue and 0.2 event so that images aren’t shown 1 dialogue line after they were supposed to be shown (literally almost every image shown had this problem, pepega)
– Fixed Isabel’s car pick up scene showing the wrong images
– Fixed four events so they now show images that had been made but were never shown in-game
– Fixed 12+ images from scenes made in 0.1 through 0.5 that had visual glitches caused by rendering issues
– Fixed 2 animations from 0.3 that were encoded at a wrong resolution and wouldn’t appear correctly when being shown in-game
– Fixed every music statement in the game so fadeout now works as intended

– Added lots of main story scenes
– Added new storyline scene with Isabel
– Added new storyline scene with Joyce
– Added new storyline scene with Ruby
– Added Massage level 4 for Ruby
– Added Massage level 4 for Isabel
– Added Massage level 4 for Joyce
– Added 5 new animations in Midnight Paradise
– Added cum images to night scenes
– Added cum image to Joyce bath scene
– From now on cum will be added to a lot of places
– Added Backyard/Pool as a new location. It will be accessible after the nightclub events from the kitchen by clicking the door.
– Added Study room, currently not much to do here
– Added a long extra scene with Isabel and Ruby
– Added the voted Elite scene with Ruby
– TV image in Elite scene courtesy of LumiNyu
– Probably added some stuff I can’t remember now
– Probably added a few bugs

– Fixed an image not scrolling properly in Ruby’s dressup scene
– Fixed Joyce’s objective screen so her last objective will now say it is complete if you finished her last story event
– Fixed a bug where if events were done in a specific order on saves from before 0.3.1 Joyce’s yoga and massage level wouldn’t be set to max.
If you were affected by this bug go to the basement at any time after you’ve finished the nightclub event and the levels will be fixed.
– The nightclub music will now end when you leave the nightclub
– Leaving the nightclub will no longer set the game to morning

– Fixed Isabel’s massage event, now it unlocks after her new story scene in her room
– Fixed not being able to access level 3 of massage or yoga of characters when viewing scenes in a particular order
– Fixed getting stuck on “Nobody is here” after entering Ruby’s room on day 7
– Fixed and added some new scene unlock notifications
– Fixed an issue where some images in the game were their unedited versions (contained artifacting)

– Added option to change text size in the Preferences menu
– Added notifications with hints when unlocking new scenes
– Added music and some sound effects
– Added Scene Replay function – accessible from the main menu under the extras sub-menu
– Extra and Elite scenes are now only viewable from the Extras menu and are unlocked by progressing in the game
– Added Help section to see key bindings
– Edited dialogue for a LOT of scenes
– Wrote slightly different dialogue for the second drinking scene
– Wrote alternate dialogue for all of the repeatable scenes
– Alternate dialogue will occur when not viewving the scene for the first time
– Added a cutscene after visiting Thorne’s office for the first time
– Added Yoga level 2 and 3
– Added Mrs Harding massage level 3
– Added Isabel massage level 3
– Added Tutoring level 3 and level 4 with 4 options and a new reward
– Added new 2 story scenes with Thorne
– Added new story scene with Isabel
– Added new story scene with Mrs Harding
– Fixed a ton of bugs in Midnight Paradise
– And a lot more stuff, some of them minor and some bigger
– (New extra and elite scenes in Midnight Paradise)
– (2 Elite bonus animations with legacy character)

+ Cheat Mod
Add money
Unlock extra scenes
Unlock replays
NOTE: Unlocking a scene will trigger a replay of the scene. This is necessary to unlock it. If you want you can immediately end the replay. The scene will then be available in the game’s “Extra” menu
Change player’s name
Change levels
Incest toggle (switch incest mode on/off)

+ Developer Notes
One thing I cannot stress enough, is the game is in very rough beta state right now.
As much beta as a baby is in their mother’s womb. So expect fuckups, but the game can be played through normally.
A lot of features are disabled because of the game’s early state. I meant this as a teaser for what’s to come, call it a demo or tech demo or whatever you wish:)
Incremental updates and bug fixes should be expected in the next couple of days.
Currently known issues:
– Clicking through the game too fast can cause the textbox to freeze at the bottom of the screen at dialogue choices. Try to go slow and steady.
– Loading saved games can cause a navigation system malfunction – for now it’s recommended you play through in one go – you won’t miss anything
– Playing in an aspect ratio other than 16:9 can cause animation to not appear properly
– Extras menu is disabled for now, the extra scenes are implemented into the game’s natural flow (like in DoD) Pro tip: press H to hide the interface Also, check out discord for some additional goodies, it’s worth it.

Release date: 18 April, 2021
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Incest, MILF, Big tits, Big ass, Oral sex, Vaginal sex
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Lewdlab
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 0.14 Elite + Inc Patch + Lain’s Walkthrough + Cheat Mod + Save + CGRip
Language: English
Size: 2.95 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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