Poster Sissy Adventures

Sissy Adventures [version 2.5 Final]

Welcome to Sissy Adventures porn game! Live as a sissy harlot. Earn money to be able to change back and forth at will with the X-Change Pill…

+ Changelogs
v2.5 Final
New settings slider bars
New phone system. How the player aquires item has been reworked (may go back to the way things initially were)
Phone system (No quests yet)
Changelog is also in the html file in game

Minor UI/BUG fixes

Karis bar text fix

Stripper mini game

VR game
New way of putting on clothes
Sissy Adventures Bug fixes

New expansion back to game to the virtual reality device (wip)

new content found after purchasing and using the virtual reality machine

Sissy Adventures bug fixes
-no back button on computer game
-no return school flirt
-multiple error displays in school

gameplay (all wip)
added flirt interaction with classmates before school
stained clothes imagery (just bottom half for now, mostly)
added computer gameplay for some money
increased cost of going to school marginally (can be avoided)
added a faster way to go to sleep with a nightie on (wake up earlier, more time in the day)
-added time limit to end game (5 weeks)
all brought to my attention
-fixed wrong display for clinic treatment cooldown
-fixed nails showing incorrectly
-fixed roommate nails interaction not being triggered
-fixed laundromat cleaning clothes
-bar background

Release date: 2021
Genre: Real Porn, Male Protagonist, Transformation, Lesbian, Corruption, Oral sex, Interracial, Vaginal sex, Anal sex
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: TFGameSite
Platform: Windows, linux
Version: 2.5 Completed
Language: English
Size: 451 MB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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