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Clean Slate [Version 1.0.3]

You are given a chance to start your life over with a clean slate but even your gender is up for grabs and if you don’t play your cards right you might end up with a future you never imagined possible. This is a sandbox game and while there will (eventually) be a main story line for the most part you’re just supposed to explore the environment without guided direction.

+ Changelog

Usual round of bug fixes
New One-Time Random Encounter
Don’t want to ruin the surprise, but will lead to some permanent TFs
Vampire Quest update
The Mansion repairs can now be completed and the quest line can now progress
quite a bit of content loaded in here but can’t go into details without spoilers
Vampire options are available for more NPCs (even ones who reject you at first sight)
Can now be turned into full Vampire
Sun light will damage and kill you
super strength and speed work during the day
can turn into a bat at night and flutter around the city
obtain two new Vampiric Abilities

v1.0.2 Hotfix

minor bug fixes in various spots
remaining NPC images have been added for all races/body types/hair color/age range
Fortune Teller Gift update
the gender swap power she gives you can now be used on any non-story NPC:
initial flirting conversations
on a date
chatting with your roommate at home
Generic Home Update
added gender-typed bedrooms for NPCs
the bedroom images moved so if you currently live in a generic apartment the NPC bedrooms won’t have images. Move to a new apartment to regenerate the bedroom images
Boobie Bungalow update
When you get a lapdance from a stripper you can pay her to keep it going instead of just a one-song dance
do it enough times and get special VIP Room offer
New Trait: Itty Bitty Committee
Spoilers in forums
Fortune Teller Relic update
The Fortune Teller has a new relic she wants you to get, and an accompanying new quest location for her relics
use the “Seed Relic” option in the cellphone on existing games to add the new relic to your game world
Spoilers in forums
Some updates for Scott’s Mom and the Vampire mansion quest, but both are probably still a bit glitchy.
the “Genie” story arc should be fully playable, but it still needs some dialog text in a few spots and maybe some media images.

+ Info
Due to the amount of new content, it is strongly advised that you start a new game. However, in the phone settings is a “Regenerate NPCs” option to generate the new NPCs. This should *NOT* impact any existing NPC that you’ve already interacted with, and should resolve most issues for the new content. **NO PROMISES FOR BROKEN GAMES ON OLD SAVES**

explanation of image packs:

  • Main Media File – v0.2.12 — this includes all media from initial version to 0.2.12 If you feel
  • you missed something ealier it should be in this pack.
  • Images File – v0.2.13 — includes new images with latest release

Release date: 19 June, 2024
Genre: Real porn, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Simulator, Animated, Sandbox, Transformation, Prostitution, Sex toys, Corruption, Blackmail, Oral sex, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Pregnancy, Masturbation
Censorship: NO
Developer: mugwump
Platform: Windows / Android
Version: 1.0.3
Language: English
Size: 1.86 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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