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SQ Cruise Ship [version 0.5.6 Fix3]

In SQ Cruise Ship game you are a young man living with your capricious girlfriend near London. Your rich american parents have always paid everything for you, so you´ve never had it hard in life. One day your best friend calls you to give you a present: Two tickets for a two month cruise!
Unfortunately, your girl won´t go with you due to the inestability of your relationship. Nevertheless, you make the decision to go alone and enjoy it for yourself. A decision that will change your life forever…

+ Developer Notes:
Hi there! I´m Tiplick! Keep in mind that this is just a little taste of what the complete game will be. Leave a comment with anything you would want me to improve, correct or add to the story or the aesthetics. Please, have in mind that it´s a work-in-progress and that this is my first time making a game ever 🙂

SQ Cruise Ship Walkthrough:
Just follow the Schedule for now.
Most of the content is on the submissive path. Use your free time on Saturday and Sunday (after docking) to buy the stuff you might need for the tasks. Also, time doesn´t run when you use the menus or buy clothes. You only spend 1 minute passing through each deck.

-Gym girl: buy chocolate candies and bring them with you the next days at the gym.
-Library girl: Win the runner in a race at the fitnesstrack. She’ll give you her headphones. Then bring them to the library girl.
-Sushi Restaurant: To activate the quest, visit the restaurant when they are on service (20h-), then the waiter will tell you to come the next day before service. Go another day before 20 so you’ll meet the chef.

1-left, 2-middle, 3-right, 4-left, 5-right, 6-middle, 7-middle, 8-left, 9-left, 10-right, 11-left, 12-middle, 13-right, 14-middle, 15-left.

1-beans, 2-bacon, 3-pineapple, 4-lobster, 5-???.

1-cheese, 2-coriander, 3-pickle/gherkin, 4-raw rice, 5-???.

Upcoming :
-More side quests + new areas and activities.
Next v0.4 content (spoilers):
– Continuation of the main storyline. (1 week)
– More cuckold content (SMS)
– Dockings: visits to different parts of the world (DATE IN ROME).
– Dating sites: GRINDR.
– Costume party and stage performances.
– Different classes, due to your newly acquired sissy needs.
– Men on board! (YAY!)
– ””M”” presents herself?

+ Changelog
v0.5.6 fix3:
– Being able to skip classes while in the Casino (it is still exploitable for extra points).
– Cherry’s 2nd class black screen if player skipped 1st class.
– SMSs notification sounds when there shouldn’t be.
– Cuckold path: 7th SMS black screen if player skipped previous SMS fixed.
– Alt. path: 5th week (day 33) sound notification removed.
– Rome docking visit, extra links at bar were leading to variables not being set correctly.
– Tara Strapon scene doesn’t set LUST to 0.
– SUB bar disappearing when it’s too high.
– Chloe’s “kittyband” quest’s link persisting after it being finished.
– “Return” button on “Top Magazines” (Library) took players to wrong place.
– Legs wouldn’t appear in “Appearance” passage if FIT was higher than 35.

v0.5.6 fix2: Audio still persisted on the cuckold path and SMSs were off by default. Changed the laptop quest at the start a bit, so it doesn’t flash as “Active” when it’s “Finished”.

v 0.5.6 fix: Bugs Fixed: Only 2 SMSs from the cuckold path popping up, Dreams passage wasn’t setting SMSs, constant “ding” audio when entering Bedroom, game wouldn’t set variables within conditionals at the pre-render for the player’s save files. Typos (intro, classes, SMSs, etc…). Added feature: You’re now able to DISABLE the SMSs completely by accessing the Phone and clicking a flashing link.

v0.5.6 – INTRODUCTION RE-WRITE (Adding the Laptop, Jobs, etc…) + ALTERNATIVE (NO-CUCKOLD) SMS PATH (11 new SMS for an alternative path):

-Introduction Re-Write: Added the GF’s Laptop as part of the main story, giving the MC to have an argument with her about its contents. After the first night on the Ship, you’re able to choose if you want the cuckold or alternative path. GF and her friend’s jobs are part of the story.

-Cuckold alternative path: 11 new SMS. Depending on your decisions at the start of the story, you’ll be able to skip the cuckold content, in favour of a more “SPH, findom” fetish route with Lana sending you the texts. Your male friend will indirectly also be a part of it. Some dialogs have been given the chance to change in order to fit the alternative path in case you choose it (Psychologist’s conversations, Captain T’s first talk, Tara’s general dialogs, Costume Contest afterparty SMS, etc…)

-Bugs fixed: Typos, SMS notifications showing twice, Lana’s SMSs not available after reading them, Chloe link not disappearing after completing the side-quest.


-3 new Side-Quests: First contact with men on the ship. Every quest has different outcomes depending on the player’s stats (mostly SUB and INT).
-5 new Random Encounters: A bit more lengthy than the previous ones, some even have different outcomes so you can look forward for these changing as you SUB grows. You can find 3 of these on Deck 9 and the Library. The other 2 have been added to the random pool for the rest of the decks.
-New PLATINUM character: Presenting Zack, a recurring secondary character that appears on the Stage’s Side-Quest. He’s from greek descent and has a very thick veiny cock. He seems to be playful and a bit unpredictable.
-New areas: Changing room for the outside swimming pool and the gym (before training). The one at the pool you’ll need to get into and change every time before swimming. The one at the gym will only show you the training outfit you’ll be wearing for the rest of the week. This feature will keep evolving. I have not added these clothing items to the wardrobe system, since they are only useful in those places and I think it wouldn’t be as smooth as it is now. These areas/scenes are there just to remind you of the clothes you’re being forced to wear in those public spaces.
-Bugs fixed: Typos, “Swim for a bit (with feminine swimsuit)” link simplified, 5th week psychology hypno session not being able to hit perfect score even if you guessed right fixed, unclosed macros (div, span, nobr, speech) throughout the game fixed, points not going back to 0 after Weekly Review on day 36, Penny Arcade early sign with differing dates fixed, Lifeguard offering to put on bikini when you don’t have it fixed.

v 0.5 – CASABLANCA DOCKING VISIT + ALL 5th WEEK CLASSES + NEW AREAS (Beauty Salon, Casino VIP, Ranking screen, Penny arcade) + 3 NEW CHARACTERS (PLATINUM PASSENGERS):

– New stuff: Casablanca docking (introduces 2 new secondary characters: ZASHA & PENNY), Daily classes:Gym (Rae brings help + 4 new tortures + 3 new workouts), Captain’s office (5 different classes in one week-> 3 oral, 1 cunnilingus, 1 cuckold creampie eating), Cooking (cooking competition and serve customers on the bar), Weekly classes: Anatomy (cum eating), Style (clothes review + beauty salon treatments), Psycho (Hypno therapy test + VR Hypno Goggles), Sailing (Free show + hypnosis + first dance class), Health Review (Able to fully investigate the lab + Stoya’s secret), Tara’s Review (CEI). New areas: Penny arcade (check area + play 3 hosted games + more will come with side-quests), Beauty Salon (New character LOREI, Introduction of makeup and hairstyles + Beauty articles store), Screenwall (rankings screen on decks 5 & 6), Casino VIP AREA (Meet “M” and obtain information). SMS: 2 new ones (Lana’s findom + Remy’s fantasizing about BBC. Able to disable cuckold content in favour of Lana’s findom.)


New stuff: +30 backgrounds, one for every area and some of them with CSS animations. Rome’s docking visit 2 music tracks + FXs.
Changes: MC’s profile picture changes according to appearance, pictures with border-radius and pink shadow, translucid black background for text, UI bar with background image and spades image borders, main buttons with red glow, Mute/Unmute button green background when active and responsive in real time (re-load the passage every time one is pressed).
Bugs fixed: typos, appearance reseting in bedroom fixed, Casablanca docking black screen fixed, Lana’s SMS repeating, fetishes not appearing when continuing game.

– New stuff: 3 side quest for the fourth week (casino, deck 7, Tara’s room) + 3 new cameos on these quests. 2nd week’s show now available (“outsized” a cuckolding story). Condoms and lube now accessible at the sex shop, which will be required for future quests, masturbation and sex with men. “taste for cum” obtainable at the 2nd week’s show (trying the sticky blobby).
– Changes: Casino is now accessible everyday (same hours).
– Bugs fixed: typos, Tara’s room not flashing, Ewa’s magic show not triggering, swimming pool blowjob scenes blackscreen, health review blackscreens, music from classes will keep sounding fixed.
– Things to change on next updates: Profile picture should change with appearance, play online, gym clothes and changing rooms at gym/swimming pools, only red flask appears on the floor, open new areas (male areas), explore deck 1, etc…

v 0.4.5: New stats display, INT numbers are now on the IQ scale (starting with 100), FIT is subtracted from MC if does not exercise for 3 days. New BBC SMS, new anal class (by Lucy), added scene to the 4th week’s Health Review, if certain stats are met. 4th week’s Tara’s Review can completely change depending on SUB stat. Style class has different outcomes depending on FEM. “Tummy” and “Legs” added to Appearance. These change depending on the FIT stat (+ legs show shaven if they are). Added hover picture and description to “Anal” and “Oral” descriptions. Can’t get FEM stat on shower anymore. Can’t get double INT on library. Multiple audio bugs fixed, as well as broken images. PS: will be online soon.

v 0.4 THIRD DOCKING (ROME) + 1 WEEK OF CONTENT + 1 CAMEO (Patreon gold passengers):

– New stuff: Gym classes trasform into pain endurance lessons, Captain T teaches how to do a proper blowjob (oral), Holli presents a new character: Giada (maybe a future ally…), Anatomy class divides theory and practice (theory-> Ms. Foster, practice -> Tara and Captain), Cherry postpones the clothes mission to introduce the costume party on saturday, New psychological test (More mental TF and M/F), Hypnosis with Anastasia, more revealing Health review, First anal encounter with Tara, 2 new SMS (start of BBC cuckold content). First half of next docking visit (introducing men on board).

SQ Cruise Ship v 0.3.7 3 NEW SIDE QUESTS/ 2 NEW RANDOM ENCOUNTER and 1 CAMEO (Patreon gold passengers) + NEW STAGE AREA (and 2 shows) + NEW SUNTANNING AREA + NEW GOLF AREA:

– New stuff: 3 side quest for the second week + 2 new random encounters (1 of them on decks 4,7,8 and the other can appear at any deck (each one has different effects). New stage area with a show per week (only implemented on 1st and 3rd for now: CINEMA and MAGIC). New golfing area, where one of the side-quests ocurr. The suntanning area is now open, and although there’s not much content for now, on next updates it will have plenty. The cameo consists in a side-quest this time, instead of a random encounter.
– Changes: Not much of a new area for now, but a penny arcade door will now appear on the 5th deck. Once we arrive to the end of the 4th week, this area will be opened.
– Bugs fixed: typos, several sound acumulations prevented (some may persist for now), quest log underline bug, golf quest bug, ewa’s quest doesn’t trigger.

SQ Cruise Ship v 0.3.6 fixed: La Rochelle Bastien no fem determined, sex shop music loop stops, Library read blackscreen, Locker room $gymshower not set, Sunscreen Barcelona black after bus, Exhibitionism fetish sets (outside pool accesible), tara’s event loop after docking fixed, Suzie’s side-quest accesible only since day 9 (ouside pool closed until that day).


– New stuff: 3 side quest for the second week + 3 new random encounters (1 of them on decks 4,7,8 and the other two are cameos that can appear at any deck (each one has different effects). New swimming pool area, with a new side-quest prepared for next updates. New bar tables area, where you can have a cup of coffee and enjoy some company. Although older versions saves won’t work, I’ve introduced a VARIABLE SET BASED “CONTINUE GAME” FEATURE, which lets you continue just where you left it the last time, or start from the 2nd week if you just want to enjoy the new side-quests. You can set the state of every side-quest, so you don’t have to re-play them and select your stats. Added some brief randomized encounters at the outside pool and deck 9.

– Changes: Side-quests show at the quest log with a different color than the main story ones.

– Bugs fixed: typos, buying swimsuit doesn’t let you swim fixed, several sound acumulations prevented (some may persist for now).

– Things to change on next updates: The “continue game” feature has a few problems right now: GF’s SMS may not show depending on the day you decide to continue, profile picture should change with appearance, play online, gym clothes and swimming apparel should show in the wardrobe, clothes should be accesible when the MC’s not in his room, … … …

v 0.3.5 fixed —–> BLACKSCREENS: Locker room, Library, Sunscreen Barcelona. Music from the menus wouldn’t mute with mute button fixed.


– New stuff: 3 side quest for the first week + 3 new random encounters (2 of them on decks 4,7,8 and the other one on the elevator). Hunger doesn’t let you resist (captain), complying raises your submission stat. Scene outcomes are decided by your SUB stat. New area: Reading Rooom. Music and FX mute buttons.

– Changes: Sex shop moved to library so it’s more accesible, taste test multi-choice so it’s easier, ending screen can go back now.

– Bugs fixed: typos, beach bus black screen, class reminder deck3->deck4, bra-stockings shop-wardrobe malfunction, random encounters as block, both flasks grabable, swimming pool 1h30min, massage room doesn’t go back to massage menu, sex shop undefined if not first time, under to 1 or 2 tara, extra 100 points for first panties, inventory only 5 items fixed, swimsuit suit not buyable fixed.

– Things to change on next updates: Profile picture should change with appearance, compatible saves, play online, gym clothes, only red flask appears on the floor, open new areas, random encounters and side quests, … … …

– New stuff: Soundtrack + sound effects, Tinder, Random encounters on Decks 3,5,6 since day 9, +1 underwear slot, Women´s Secret, Sex Shop, Cooking class 2 taste testings, Psychologist memory test, Chores for captain, Chores for Rae, new trainings and pictures, New library section, Special massage available, 3 new SMS.
– Changes: Class reminder at the top right, Schedule display as image, spa hour change (11-22), stores clothes display, buying clothes doesn´t depend on your FEM, new masturbation scenes, swimsuit on Fashion Boutique, 2nd week – 900points instead of 1000.
– New inventory system: Divides Key Items and Consumables. Counts up to 5 of each consumable.
– Bugs fixed: Quest log´s badge doesn´t show, multiple wardrobe and store malfunctions, dining room doesn´t show Tara´s review on friday, Goodies store malfunction fixed (didn´t appear on inventory), SMS notifications fixed, multiple audio bugs fixed, inventory fixed, elevator bug (no return) fixed.

SQ Cruise Ship v0.2
– New changes: More variety of dreams and they now appear depending on your actions, new “fetishes” in appearance menu, Schedule button visible on the side, new area: Casino, Fashion Boutique 8-22h, stats redistribution, transformations depending on stats, dining room flashes when available, Provisional inventory (previous was giving problems with saves).

– All images are local (under surveillance), .jp2 converted to .jpg.

– Saves do not interfere with the inventory and date systems.

– Bugs fixed: Time issues fixed, Friday repeating fixed, day number stuck, not going to ship bug fixed, cage is now accesible in the wardrobe, quest log “return” loop fixed, default friend´s name bug fixed, spa pool loop fixed.

SQ Cruise Ship v 0.1 – Intro and first week until arrival to La Rochelle.

Release date: 10 February, 2021
Genre: Real porn, Male protagonist, Adventure, Dating sim, Sci-fi, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Group sex, Anal sex, Masturbation, Hardcore sex
Censorship: NO
Developer: Tiplick
Platform: Any platform play Flash videos
Version: 0.5.6 Fix3
Language: English
Size: 1.61 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]


    1. Yes, you can! You need to download the archive. Unpack it using any archiver: Winrar or analogues (it must be downloaded separately!). After that, go to the folder (where you unpacked the archive with the game and open the file: “SQ Cruise Ship 0.5.6 fixed3.html” in any browser! Good luck.

  1. The game opens on my cell phone, but it’s all black. It works but with no image or videos.

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