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Lust Village [version 0.45]

Lust Village – a new porn project of the popular author of the genre of porn games Mr.C! You will see new characters and a game system…

+ Changelogs
Lust Village v0.40
– Sophia lv2 new outfit
– Sophia game play event scene in her room
– Sophia new sleep event scene
– Sophia new bathroom event scene
– Sophia new changing scene
– Sophia new event scene with her friends at the mall
– Sophia new pool event scene
– Sophia new wake-up call scene
– Sophia new toilet scene at night
– Sophia new breakfast event scene
– Sophia new date scene
– Added Sophia’s Lust-gram
– Added Sophia’s gallery

– New movie-watching event scene in the living room

– Mrs. Jackson new story (police station event)
– Mrs. Jackson booty-call scene

– Nora (Aunt) new living-room event scene
– Nora new sleep event scene

– New character Clara (literature teacher) introduction scene

– Elena’s new apron outfit
– New wake-up scene from Elena
– Elena’s new kitchen scene

– Diana’s new jogging outfit and additional jogging scenes
– Diana’s new shower scene
-Diana added a scene where she changes her clothes.
– Added Diana’s new swimsuit and new pool scene
– Added Diana’s new pajama and new sleep scene
– Diana watching new TV in the living room
– Added Diana’s new date outfit and date scene
– Added new Diana nurse costume and hospital scene
– Diana new night bathroom scene
– Diana’s new casual wear and new wake-up scene
– Add breakfast scene

Introduction of new sub characters

Lina: The story starts in the school auditorium.
Mrs. Jeong: After meeting Lina at a Chinese restaurant
Nia: Starting as a police officer at the police station after Elena’s night park event
Mrs. Jackson: After meeting Nia, the story begins at the park on a weekday night.
– Lina’s 1st Chinese restaurant event
– Mrs. Jeong Chinese restaurant event

– Many scene reworks and minor bug fixes, new sub character

– Elena new movie event in the living room at night
– Elena Reworked dating scenes and new date scenes
– Elena new date out fit

– New character Mrs. Brown (Kevin’s mother)
: Talk with Kevin in the classroom and unlock his house
– Mrs. Brown basic interface
– Mrs. Brown home event
– Mrs. Brown market event in the mall

– Tina (Principal) new event scenes in her office
– Tina basic interface
– Tina webcam event in MC’s computer
– Tina classroom event

– Lisa Gym Warehouse Event
– Lisa basic interface
– Lisa School Toilet Entrance event
– Lisa cheer-leading event

– Camilla new office event
– Camilla basic interface
– Camilla home event

-Emma Weekend church confession event
– Added Booty Call system (You can use the cell phone now)
: You can also see the Lust level of the sub-characters.
– Camilla booty call
– Emma booty call

– Linda Bathroom scene
– Linda Pool scene
– Linda night kitchen scene
– Linda Living room event scene
– Linda Date scene
– Linda Task added
– Added Linda gallery in MC’s computer
– Added Linda Lustgram in MC’s computer

– Vivian basic interface
– Vivian Bathroom scene
– Vivian Pool scene
– Vivian night scene in her room
– Vivian clothes change scene
– Vivian taking picture scene
– Vivian Date scene
– Added Vivian gallery in MC’s computer
– Added Vivian Lustgram in MC’s computer

– Elena New level clothes (Normal, swim suit, Yoga, Lingerie)
– Elena New Toilet scene
– Elena New Pool scene
– Elena New sleeping scene
– Elena New Bathroom scene
– Elena New Scenes from her office in downtown
– Elena New Yoga scene
– Elena New Kitchen scene
– Rework Elena Scenes (Pool, Yoga, Breakfast event, night)
– Added changing scene and mom’s diary

– Some bug fixed


– Nora basic interface (conversation, wardrobe, action settings, etc)
– Nora Toilet scene
– Nora Pool scene
– Nora peek scene at changing clothes
– Nora Kitchen scene
– Nora Living room event scene
– Nora sleeping scene
– Nora Art Gallery scene
– Nora Date scene
– Added Nora gallery in MC’s computer

– Audrey basic interface (conversation, wardrobe, action settings, etc)
– Audrey Toilet scene
– Audrey Pool scene
– Audrey sleeping scene
– Audrey peek scene at changing clothes
– Audrey Sauna scene in the fitness club
– Audrey Date scene
– Added Audrey gallery in MC’s computer

– Grace basic interface (conversation, wardrobe, action settings, etc)
– Grace Toilet scene
– Grace Pool scene
– Grace sleeping scene
– Grace peek scene at changing clothes
– Grace Date scene

– Elena Scenes from her office in downtown
– Camilla (New Character) scene from Elena’s office

– Added Lust-gram to MC’s computer
– Some bug fixed (such as Sophia’s bathroom scene, etc)


– Elena Date event (Possible after park event at night)
– Diana Date event (After meeting Diana at the cafe part-time job, the event will be held at the shopping mall)
– Sophia Date event (First event held at a shopping mall)

– Added Elena Yoga scene
– Added Elena Kitchen scene

– Added Elena toilet scene
– Added Diana toilet scene
– Added Sophia toilet scene

– Added Elena wake-up Task scene
– Added Diana wake-up Task scene
– Added Sophia wake-up Task scene

– Added Audrey’s Intro Scene at Auntie’s House (New place: a fitness club)
– Added Linda Intro Scene in the Fitness Club Massage Room (Linda Basic Menu)
– Proceed with the main quest – after learning magic at the library (Emma Basic Menu)

– Fixed some bugs and adjust character status acquisition
– added a scene when using magic to characters
– Characters’ status descriptions appear differently depending on the stats (Linda and Vivian windows added)


* Underground warehouse location added to the kitchen
* Add book discovery to the warehouse (now you can corrupt women with hypnosis magic)
* Test scene to mom
* Once you find a book, you can use magic in your room, sister’s room, or mother’s room during the fourth time (dust).
* Increases Corruption +10 by pressing Magic
* You can cast up to 3 times a day
* If you wake up, reset three times
* Magic is available in the school principal’s office until morning, noon and afternoon (when there is a principal)
* Add kitchen event
* Living room / older sister, mother, younger sister event added
* Lisa hypnosis added
* School Locker Lisa event added
* Added principal hypnosis event


This update focused on adding more places and characters. Events will be added in the next update

-Gallery system
-Internet lecture for camera skill in computer
-New place Fast-food restaurant (You can earn money)
-New place Studio (You can earn money by camera skill)

-Elena clothes changing scene by love level
-Elena shower scene by love level
-Elena rival scene
-Elena studio scene (The change of photograph according to the degree of corruption)

-Sophia clothes changing scene by love level
-Sophia shower scene by love level
-Sophia homework scene
-Sophia swimming scene

-Diana clothes changing scene by love level
-Diana shower scene by love level
-Diana rival scene

-Addition of some other scenes

Lust Village v0.003Demo
– I added save and load to the settings.
– Load Bug fixed
– UI image fixed

v0.002Demo (Bug Fixed)
-Principal Bug Fixed
-Shop item Bug Fixed
-Lisa Dress room Bug Fixed

day1=school locker room, school gym,school pool,shop for a webcam,principle office,then
return to principle,deliver packages,talk to family,town gym,fastfood,diana
day2=class,town gym,fast food(reqiured!),mom,living room,diana
day3=class,lockers,computer( massage ),mom,gym,diana
day4=class,homepool,computer( massage ),diana,mom,studio,gym,diana
day6=computer,home pool,gym,mom,fastfood,sophia (about mom),park,computer(massage, webcam and email),diana
day7=gym,home pool,computer(massage and email),sophia (about guy),fastfood,sophia,diana
day8=class,homepool,computer,mom (about modeling),sophia,adult shop(4th daywere),studio,diana
day9=class,homepool,computer,mom(about boyfriend),sophia,moms diary,,studio,diana

Release date: 7 August, 2023
Genre: 3DCG, Big ass, Big tits, Incest, Male protagonist, MILF, School setting, Voyeurism
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Mr.C (Other Games: Corruption)
Platform: Windows / Linux / Android
Version: 0.45
Language: English
Size: 2.68 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]


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