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Delta Zone [version 16 Cracked]

DELTA ZONE is a completely NSFW-UNCENSORED cyberpunk-themed FPS game with high-quality graphics, deep gameplay, and explicit animations. Your play as Ivy, and you have to survive in Delta Zone, an area infested by monsters, occupied by rogue raiders, and other dangers. You will be able to build weapons, modify yourself with cyberware, loot, craft trade work at a strip club, and modify Ivy’s face…

+ Changelog
animations, customization:
– new X-Animation with Ivy and two guys (spitroast on back)
– pussy lips model/texture improvement + length and thickness customization
– eggs and tantacles animated normal on belly maps are more pronounced
– nipples pronounced with new textures
– improved ruining and washing off makeup (removing ruined makeup and cum with tissues)
– eyelashes mascara and lower eyeliner modifications
– possibility to turn off all pregnancy UI and notification in settings

– new scan cyberware ability
– basic enemy stats show on side screen without acitve scan on
– detailed enemy health stats show during active scan
– scan shows enemy heat trails
– scan highlighs blood to neon cyan
– scan highlights enemy and lootboxes silhouettes
– new improved active scan visuals in Delta Zone
– scan brightens up dark areas to see at night

– possible to restart whole game progression
– new start game screen with difficulty options
– player gets different gear on new game based on difficulty option
– new arms fatigue system (weapon slowly drops if arms are too tired)
– enemy health system, armor penetration and degradation improvements
– when bullet hits body, they have chance to between armor plates unaffected
– AI now reacts to visible lasers in fog much more naturally
– AI can now hear better and more precisely
– AI can now shoot player multiple times in row
– corporates now try to stay within their guard zones near traders or warehouse
– corporates now spawn on lower adaptive difficulty and always in hardest difficulty option
– more variations of .45 ACP ammo (FMJ, APN)
– gunparts that affect relaoad speed tweaked, composite magazine has larger capacity
– a bit brighter nights during clear sky

– new ambient/combat music
– dynamic music system that adapts to gameplay
– new sound for AK caliber ammo
– supressors with supersonic ammo now have supersonic crack sound
– music volume options

– optimizeation of overall GPU memory using virtual textures
– reduced some too large texture to save up disk and memory space
– new interior ambient lighting system to simulate bounce light more naturally
– replaced interior ambient lights with post-process light probes
– optimized Ivy modification textures to save gpu memory
– opacity textures on foliage set to non-streaming (silhouette textures stay always sharp)

new areas in Delta Zone:
– new warehouse interior location
– improved city market location with crowds
– new environment assets (abandoned buildings, brick walls, small props etc..)
– new crowd models/textues with good performance

– added tissues item to clear makeup and cum from body
– infinite ammo cheat now skips reloading
– slow motion with T key
– cyberware battery added
– enemies have limited ammo (40-90)
– enemies shoot more or save ammo if they are low
– enemies now drop as much ammo as they actually have
– enemy health scanner prototype (will be improved)
– fully reworked medical system
– realistic ballistics, bullet energy
– enemy armor (damage, penetration, blunt/flesh damage)
– different impact sounds to good/bad/broken/no armor
– multiple calibers of ammo with variations (hmd, hlp,fmj, apn)
– makeup ruining by water, rain, h-animations
– handheld map
– reloading animation
– new voice lines for wounded enemies
– new better ui in inventory (bigger text more info)
– info button in inventory works now
– dressed clothes and weapons in hands don’t count into weight limit anymore
– can carry more weight and volume in inventory
– new enemy factions: Civilians, Raiders, Corporates
– use custom screen resolution option
– middle mouse context menu
– ability to turn off laser quickly
– two weapons to quickly switch
– easier and faster egg pushing
– pushing eggs reduces health
– clear nights are brighter
– enemies spot you not as fast at night with flashlight
– many ai tweaks and improvements
– enemy models get bloody clothes if bleeding fast enough
– modern flashlight shines further

new cheats:
– no stamina consumption
– slow and weak tentacles
– unlock all body modifications
– infinite money cheat fix
– enable next button on hardest difficulty

first Ivy modification prototype:
– memory management system to keep vram free from many 8k texture variations
– eyebrows variations
– eyeliners and eye shadows
– eyelashes, boobs, ass size modifiers
– skin smoothing modifier
– ruined makeup variations
– unlocking item that unlocks random modificationin Delta Zone

– new blood particle effects
– new shoot through foliage particle effects
– new muzzle flashes and muzzle smoke effects
– wet ground in rain with wet footstep sounds
– screen cum effect improvements
– corporatre overwatch voice lines
– scopes got new crossairs
– new animation, lens distortion effects, scopes are now always precise even if
looking in them from angle
– gun accuracy changed, cheap barrels are inaccurate while expensive barrels are very accurate
– painkillers immediately remove stun effect
– fixed slow ADS while peaking corner
– fixed empty forgegrip location in modding menu
– changed lasers with different scrap laser color
– better gear ui menu with backdrop
– in safezone its possible to get in 1st person view for to quickly mod weapon
– proper sound and hit effects from enemy gunfire with collisions
– tentacles submerge if player out of reach
– warning signs for introduction of new players in hideout
– water cleans cum from eyes now
– if trader doesn’t have enough money, now will mention it
– improved rain water droplets
– removed tps pov camera option
– inventory asks for amount before not enough space pop-up
– proper weight/volume measurement on stackable items
– player can’t type larger amount of items into “how many items” UI window
– other smaller fixes in Delta Zone
nsfw animations:
– blowjob animation set for Ivy
– nude idle animation for Ivy

map locations:
– market location near delta emission zone

game objects:
– Rider and scrap clothes variations for Ivy
– painkillers

– added crouch
– added weapon resting on surfaces
– improved enemy and laser sighting in fog
– added armor rating
– added clothing/gear ui in invetory
– added enemy ai shooting through foliage
– changed shop pricing and shop money
– cheaper scopes and red-dots
– tentacle dna detection gates
– added safe zones in Delta Zone
– gun collision agains surfaces
– lipsync tech in progression
– drones
– improved adaptive difficulty
– saving loading of game settings
– hideout location
– better AI
– new environment assets
– lots of quality of life improvements
nsfw animations:
4 new stages for human animations (ass from behind)
animation for cum push
animation for eggs push
animation for holding expanded belly
animation for covering breasts while being nude

added real human enemies (raiders):
– combat animations in Delta Zone
– combat AI
– voice lines
– detailed hearing and sight senses
– new raider textures variation
– system for stealing items from Ivy
– H-Attack system while knockdown

added pregnancy system:
– random chance for impregnation based on cum amount
– impregnation chance reduction by contraception pills
– separate stats for cum, eggs and tentacles amount in womb, ass, stomach
– infected human enemies chance of tentacle dna in cum (allows impregnation)
– push out cum and eggs system
– growth of eggs and hatching of tentacles in Ivy’s body
– monsters not attacking Ivy if eggs or tentacles are in her body
– breast size increase during pregnancy
– added contraceptive pills item (cheap, reliable, unreliable)

Ivy character:
– dynamic hair and clothes
– new facial expressions (sad, disgusted)
– implemented tech for layering textures (later used for customization)
– thicker hips (later customizable thickness)
– improved boobs and nipples models
– weapon on Ivy’s back in 3rd person

– reworked arms/legs fatigue system (less annoying)
– hardcore mode removes money and most of clothes in the beginning
– changed tentacle spawning and behavior (less annoying)
– permanently dead tentacles
– new areas for testing map
– new damage effects for Ivy while wearing clothes (sounds, blur, stagger)
– new damage effect for Ivy while not wearing clothes (flesh damage,
disorientation, screen blur) + knockdown state with shooting handicaps
– loot from dead bodies (ammo, money, sometimes gunparts)
– traders now sell clothes (later will be improved)

– new physically correct bullet ballistics
– changed scrap trigger mechanics a bit
– improved scopes rendering and behavior
– supressors now work and affect AI
– underwater shooting and sounds
– no more bullet penetration for large objects (system rework planned in future)
– visible lasers in fog

Delta Zone cheats:
– added god mode
– added invisible mode
– cheats allowed only for delta and investor class

– improved delta emission effects and fog
– geiger counter sounds near delta emission
– intro music removed
– flashlight indirect light shadows changes
– corporate guy at the underground exit removed (until new quest system is done)
– fixed missing interior shadows on low settings
– weather forecast works better (more sunny weather)
– removed training targets
– improved underwater rendering and materials
– new vegetation assets in Delta Zone (dead trees, dead bushes, small breadleaf trees)

+ Uncensored codes
UserID codes to get it uncensored:
Release 16.0: 576nsfw
Release 15.1: nsfw
Release 14.0: crack
Release 11.0: 11freeplay
+ Game Trailer

Release date: 2 August, 2023
Genre: 3D Sex Game, Female protagonist, Sci-Fi, Animated, Adventure, Tentacles, Combat, Horror, Shooter
Censorship: NO
Platform: Windows
Version: Release 16 Cracked – Uncensored Edition
Language: English
Size: 8.64 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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