Lust and Power

Lust and Power [version 0.21]

In this game you play as a young man, whose family inherited a mansion from a distant relative. There you are going to reveal some mysteries and to gain some dark powers. You will have to face demon attacks, to protect your family (mom and sister), and to use their gratefulness to gain control over them and to make them your sex slaves…

+ Changelogs
1) Lisa’s content:
– All old Lisa’s texts were remade in order to fit to the new corruption system (two ways of corruption – the gallant and the dominant). The amount of her texts was extended twice.
– Added the following new options for Lisa:
o You can give Lisa a compliment
o You can dominate Lisa
o You can try to impress Lisa with the Dark Ball skill or with the Dark Storm skill
o You can use Stun Charms on Lisa
o You can use Dark Theft on Lisa
– The result of “inside the mind” battle for Lisa changed. Now if you win, you can choose of you want to increase her love points or her submission points. This is still the most effective way to earn any Lisa’s points.
– We replaced old Lisa’s underwear for her regular outfit for all existing scenes with the new one. Now she wears an underwear with white and blue stripes.
– We created a wardrobe spell for Lisa that changes her regular outfit with special sexy outfit (available for $15 and higher Patrons) . Now you can see all her existing hot scenes in a new light.
– We added new illustrations for two old Lisa’s hot scenes (Lisa taking off shirt; Lisa taking off skirt)
– We added two new hot scenes with Lisa (Lisa taking off bra; Lisa dancing for you)
– A hint: you’ll get success with Lisa’s hot scenes only if you have either her love points or her submission points no less than 40.

2) New battle mechanics content
– The whole system for battles was replaced with totally new one. No Random Number Generator anymore, no unlucky series of missing attacks anymore. Now when you attack you will always know that you’ll get expected result.
– Instead of RNG we added a cooldown parameter to each skill. You won’t be able to use some skills each turn. Instead of this you’ll have to wait several turns to be able to use it again.
– All skills have fixed effect. No random damage anymore.
– Each skill will have only 5 levels. You won’t be able to increase skill after you reach level 5.
– A text info about how skill changes with each level was added to the Skill Information Screen. In previous versions you didn’t know how new levels affect your skills. Now you’ll know it.
– The Mental Shield skill was transformed into two new skills. In previous versions when you used Mental Shield, you increased your chances to block enemy’s attack, and at the same time you restored some energy. Now you have a separate “Collect Energy” skill that will let you gain some energy during the battle. And you also have “Mental Shield” skill that creates a shield on the battle ground. This shield has its own health points and stays till the end of the battle or till the enemy destroys it.
– A new skill was added – “Berserk Rage”. This skill adds1 point to the damage of all your other skills. So if your Dark Ball could deal 1 damage to the enemy, after you use “Berserk Rage” your Dark Ball skill will deal 2 points of damage till the end of the battle. “Berserk Rage” can be used as many times as you want in the battle.
– New skill crystals images were created for the Skill Information Screen. Now they have colors – red for attack skills, yellow for tricky skills, blue for support/defense skills and green for skills that you can’t use in battle.
– New buttons were created for skills in battle.
– Now enemies can use “Berserk Rage” too.
– Now enemies can block some part of damage you deal. Under the health/energy bars there are two small icons that show the effect of “rage” and the amount of damage that enemy can block. Enemies can block more damage when they take a defense stance, and they are totally vulnerable when they try to cure themselves or cast “rage”.

Attention! After we released v.0.20, I got some bug reports from you, so I fixed several bugs and errors and made v.0.20.b. I updated the links, so please download the game again if you still have

– added a piece of text to the Emma’s old scene of first time sex on gallant way. In this text player informs her he’s going to have sex with not her only but other women too.
– added + 2 scenes with Emma and Kelly talking about the player in the livingroom (you can just eavesdrop but not take part in thier conversation). To see these scenes you should visit the livingroom when Emma and Kelly are both there. These scenes can be seen only before you inform Emma about your affair with Kelly. These scenes can be seen only if one of the girls (Emma or Kelly) has more submission points than love points.
– added + 1 scene with Emma and Kelly quarreling in the livingroom ( you can try to help them in several ways but some options demand certain number of love/submission points or you won’t succeed). To see these scene you should visit the livingroom when Emma and Kelly are both there. These scene can be seen only before you inform Emma about your affair with Kelly.
– added: Emma and Kelly can watch TV together and you can join them.
– added: if you make Kelly undress in the livingroom, Emma can enter the room and see her. You can hear her approach and warn Kelly so she’d put on her clothes before Emma comes or you can not warn Kelly and let her make an explaination for Emma. This scene is possible only after you made Kelly and Emma take off clothes on the livingroom at least 5 times each.
– added: if Emma sees you and Kelly undressed in the livingroom, you can confess your affair with Kelly. It is possible only if you already had sex with Kelly. If you din’t have sex with Emma yet, this will lead to a bad ending. If you already had sex with Emma, you will only loose some progress with girls but you’ll open hot options with Emma and Kelly together in the livingroom.
– added: after Emma learns about you and Kelly, she’d want to talk with you about Kelly’s future in her bedroom.
– added: after Kelly learns about you and Emma, she’d want to talk to you about your sexual experience with Emma in her bedroom. (Possible only for gallant way and if you have more than 40 love points)
The following options are unlocked after you let Emma and Kelly know you had sex with both of them:
– added: when you watch TV with Emma and Kelly, you can make them both get topless
– added: when you watch TV with Emma and Kelly, you can make them both take off skirts
– added: when you watch TV with Emma and Kelly, you can make them both take off panties
– added: when you watch TV with Emma and Kelly, you can make them both dance
– added: when you watch TV with Emma and Kelly, you can caress two sets of boobs at the same time
We didn’t plan add new art for this update because all the scenes demand only art that was used in the previous updates, but we changed our mind and added two small pieces of new art:
– new background (4 variants) for stripping and dancing scenes in the livingroom
– now when you offer Emma help with cooking in the kitchen, you can see main character peeling potato

The following scenes were remade or added as new:
– 7 hot scenes in Kelly’s bedroom (touch pussy, masturbate, use vibrator, handjob, blowjob, titfuck, classic sex)
– 2 regular scenes in bathroom (entering while Kelly wears the towel, entering while Kelly takes a shower)
– 3 hot scenes in bathroom (show breasts, take off the towel, wash together)
– 1 regular scene in the living room (switching the channel while Kelly is watching TV or asking for her permission to do this). It’s a new scene with new texts and new art.
– 2 hot scenes in the living room (grab Kelly’s breast, ask her to dance). It’s new scenes with new texts and new art.
– 4 regular scenes in the kitchen (talking with Emma and Kelly during the meal)

– now you can corrupt Kelly in a gallant way or in a dominant way
– we remade or created 15 Kelly’s ordinary scenes/options (each has several versions based on your choces)
– we remade or created 10 Kelly’s hot scenes/options (each has several versions based on your choces)
– we added 2 new illustrations for Emma’s bad ending (which you can see if Emma’s love points reduce below 5%)
– we added 2 new illustrations for Kelly’s bad ending (which you can see if Kelly’s love points reduce below 5%)
– we added 1 new illustration that is common for both Emma’s and Kelly’s bad endings.
– we added 3 new illustrations for the scenes where Kelly takes off her clothes
– we cut all Kelly’s scenes that we didn’t remake yet (bathroom scenes, living room scenes, 5 bedroom scenes). We’ll return them back in the next version.

+ Cheat Mod
Cheat Mod by D.S.-sama:
This is a cheat mod that doesn’t need to change any original files of the game and it can be removed with ease. If the DEV doesn’t change the variables this mod can work even for future releases of the game.
The mod will also remove the “anti-cheat” feature and will also enable the console in the game, this will work with any version of the game.

Release date: 16 May, 2019
Genre: Visual Novel, Male Protagonist, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Incest, Beautiful Ass, All Sex, Blowjob, Anal sex, Doggystyle, Hardcore Sex, Forced, Family Sex, Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Fantasy, Corruption
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Lurking Hedgehog
Platform: Windows / Linux
Version: 0.21 + Cheat Mod
Tablet: It isn’t required
Language: English
Size: 1.02 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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