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Become someone [version 0.81]

Become someone is an adult life simulator game (HTML – Text Based) letting you the possibility to choose a life path that will allow you to meet girls that will react with you depending on your stats. I didn’t make it at least for the moment hard to play and you should access porn content (and there is a lot) without too much difficulty. You have a total freedom so it is up to you to decide what you want to do with your life!​

+ Changelog
New Characters!



High school’s restrooms random events

Bugs fixed

Time jump when you interact with Abigail at the Flaming tiki

Phase one of the High School Update!

The next life path has officially begun. An opportunity will present itself to you. You can now become a high school teacher. For your step-sister’s favorite class as luck would have it.

New content

New Path
Six brand new characters! Three of them have fully built main quests ready for you to explore.
New events to have fun with your sister, for both standard and enslaved relationships
A new career as a Teacher providing a new way to earn money.
A brand new location to explore

This is just the first phase of the High School Life Path. The rest of the six new characters will have their main quests added soon. With even more content set to come with it. Enjoy!

v0.7.12 Hotfix
1. Mikaela’s dream videos: Fixed.
2. Not able to work at office: Fixed.
3. The new random events will only happen once per day at each location.

Added Cousin random street event
Added random money finding street event
Added Romi random street event
Added Missy random gym (fitness center) event
Added random gym (fitness center) events (x2)
Added Mom random gym (fitness center) event
Added random Office event
Added Grandma random Office event
Added Sato random university event
Added Lee random university event
Added Kate random university event
Added Dean random university event
Added Mom random Bathroom (home)

Converted all images to Webp
Improved overall videos size
Added a family member portrait next to their name choosing box in the creation screen

Added Lucy library interaction to the gallery
Added Lucy nude beach interaction to the gallery
Added Lucy park interaction to the gallery
Added Mikaela strip club interaction to the gallery
Added Ms Lee park interaction to the gallery
Added Suki home interaction to the gallery
Added Ms Sato nude beach interaction to the gallery
Added Tiffany work interaction to the gallery
Added Mom nude beach interaction to the gallery

Strange shop owner (Romi)

Made a few UI improvements

Added cousin slave interaction to the gallery
Added Dean nude beach interaction to the gallery
Added Erika gym blowjob to the gallery
Added Jade nude beach interaction to the gallery
Added Kate nude beach interaction to the gallery

This update brings bdsm content for Jessie Powers (the red head teacher). It also brings a few bug fixes and small improvements. We hope that you’ll like the new content!

This update brings several improvements in terms of UI, gameplay and QaL. We edited a lot of passages to be more consistent in term of blank space or size. Meaning that some passages were divided into 2 or 3 and that we deleted of lot of useless
elements from the code.

We also worked hard on bringing improvements to the grind as promised. Now depending on your actual progression with a character when you see the message “Char trusts you more”, “Char is a slightly more corrupted” or “Char is a bit more interested in you”, you will gain between 1 and 11 (instead of the static +1) of that particular element (trust, corruption or interest) for the girl. We may nerf it in case we got reports that it ruins the gameplay by ruining the fun due to the gain being too great.


Suki main quest (startup)


Random sister event at work
You can bring your sister to work with you if she is enslaved
Abigail startup interactions
Jade startup interactions
Suki startup interactions
You can now hire Jade
You can now hire Suki


left bar time buttons improvement
fixed a bug that occurred when you gave the stuffed animal to the cousin (her overlay wasn’t turning green in progress app)
Alice roaming freely fixed
Added a hint before enslaving (or giving the stuffed animal) cousin

Alice’s lave quest

Alice’s slave locations interactions

Bug fixes
New scrolling button
Gallery improvements
New left bar background

Kate’s lave quest

Kate’s slave locations interactions

+ Multiple bugs and typos fixed

Lucy’s slave quest

Lucy’s slave locations interactions

+ Multiple bugs and typos fixes

Dreams update!

We have massively overhauled how dreams work. They will now follow a more logical progression. For instance, no more seeing dreams for girls you haven’t even ment yet. There will also feature some writing from our coder Dr.7up.

New links!

The only basic blue underlined links are a relic of the past. We have stylized them to be more visually pleasing, and to not stand out is such a jarring way like they used to.

Quest marker update

With portraits now appearing in different locations as the portal to interact with the girls, we noticed that sometimes you would get a quest marker for a location, when multiple women would be there. To solve this confusion, we added new markers to the portraits themselves to make it more clear and direct who has a new quest step for you to activate.

Slave content
Carla can now be enslaved
Carla slave interactions in a few locations

A few phone apps bugs fixed

Jade can now be enslaved!

Jade is the first in a strong of slave and fetish content we will be adding to the game in the coming weeks. To enslave Jade you will need a slave collar and to select the option in the dungeon.
We also added slave interactions for her in different places

You now have the option to skip entire days of the week. The option can be selected from the “Time” app on the phone in the right hand sidebar.
We added a tracker for main quests steps on the progress app

New Character!
Add the Grandmother. The Mother’s adoptive Mother has arrived and is here for those who wanted some more “incest”. Or are just looking for a cougar!
Main quest and location based interactions for Grandma Millie have been added.

Added the option to Name the Main Character’s Mother however you wish.

Bug Fixes

A change to how players interact with girls in different locations wasn’t appearing properly. The links should be replaced with portraits of the girls that can be clicked. FIXED
Quest steps for Abigail requiring trust, instead of interest.FIXED

This update is focusing on laying the groundwork for adding location-based interactions with the girls in the game. We have added several new places to visit, each with stuff to do and chances to

interact with your favourite characters. The next few updates, which we plan to release on a weekly basis, will focus on building on this further. All in order to make the game world feel much

more “lived in.”


The Coast. A new part of the city that includes the beach, along with a nude beach, a pier with games and rides, and a beach bar named the Flaming Tiki!
The Red Light District. You have been to this part of the city before while going to the strange shop. But now there is a Hookah bar named the Smoke Stacked Lounge to visit as well!
The Fitness Center. No longer will the university have a monopoly on physical fitness. There is now a gym and a sauna in the newly built fitness center for you to visit!

New Interactions!

Lucy, Jade, Kate, and Alice all have new interactions for you to experience. They now have a set schedule on weekdays during university hours. But outside of that, as well as all day on weekends, they will each move around the map to certain locations that they like to frequent. Each with new interactions for you to experience and to help you build your relationship with them faster.

As well as Various bug fixes and bits of rebalancing.

A small note: In the background of our updates over the next few weeks, we will be working hard on what we are calling “The Start Up.” The premise is to add a brand-new path within the game.

This will be a massive undertaking. It will introduce several new characters, new game mechanics, as well as the first of several planned “endings.” We tell you this, so you have some more insight as to why we are choosing to do more often, but smaller overall updates over the next few weeks. We do not want to make you wait long for new content. Thank you for reading, thank you for playing, and I hope you enjoy this update!

New Characters!

Added Aunt Marie, and Cousin Bella! They have their own quest lines, fully built home, and home events. As well as personal random location events!

New apps for the Phone!

Added that time app, that allows you to pass time more simply!
Added the Progress app, That shows you the progress you have made with each character, as wel as giving hints as to what you need to do next!

New locations!

Added the Residential District! A new district on the main street map that contains all of the homes of the various characters you meet in game.
Added the Aunt’s home to the residential district
Moved Abigail, and Alice’s homes to the residential district

New Features!

Added the ability to change the title you set for your slaves to the basement.

New Slave content!

The cousin Bella, can be enslaved!

Bug fixes!

Fixed a bug related the Alice’s Gauntlet buff
Fixed a bug related to the Gallery return


Dean Main Quest
Graduation Quest


Alice house passages


Right bar
Contact App
Fast travel App


Mother’s slave quest
Sister’s slave quest


Bug fixes
Small fixes on the mobile version


Abigail’s house is now avaible after completing the quest


Ui improvements
Mobile version
Bug fixes
Max values for variables
Responsive CSS

48 new videos!


Alice class
Japanese Class – Mrs. Sato Main quest
Main quest Jade
Chemistry class – Ms. Lee main quest
Math Class – Ms. Powers main quest
Teacher-Jade quest
Main quest Kate
Mom main quest rework
Sister main quest rework
Jade class
Lucy class
Lucy Library
Main quest Lucy
Pool Kate
Kate class
Japanese class regular passages
Chemistry class regular passages
Wednesday, study hall teacher dialogs
Math class regular passages
Economics class


New teachers
Studying/homework with Sis


Cheat update
New gallery elements
School rework base
Big update of SexApp
Mom and sister conversations
dedicated dominance gain
Gift quests variables changes
Home work comments for each teacher
Slave system

Fixed craches
New repair old saves system
Fixed gallery bugs
Fixed Lucy’s gift quest bug
Fixed a bug with the new navigation
Fixed Abigail Progression bug
Fixed Alice home bug


Gallery cheat
New progression system for the restaurant/bar
Navigation with images
New progress page


You can now work in the restaurant/bar (at the mall)
New content in the strange shop
New character: Abigail (Restaurant owner)
New character: Missy (Restaurant Waitress)
New character: Carla (Bar waitress)


New cheats (for patrons)
New SexApp interface
New Gallery (coming soon)
New Progress page (coming soon)
New slave system (which will be used in the next update)


Abigail meetings
Missy: Lunch shift at the restaurant
Carla: Night shift at the bar
Sister basement quest
Mother basement quest
Become a manager at the bar/restaurant


Abigail (5 new scenes – one threesome)
Missy (4 new scenes)
Carla (4 new scenes)
Mother (4 new scenes)
Sister (4 new scenes)
Manager (2 scenes)


SexApp big update


Homework fix
Cafeteria missing background
Home missing backgroundS
Rework of the Teacher Office Quest
Strangeshop rework
New locations (basement, mall)

Quests in Become someone

Lucy Gift Quest
Basement Quest
Kate Gift Quest
Strange shop quest
Alice quest
Jade Gift Quest


Alice restrooms scene
Alice’s home scene
Nudes from Jade
Nudes from Kate
Nudes from Lucy

Dinner random events
Cafetaria Dialogs
Sleeping with mom random events
Sleeping with sis random events
Cleaning the living room random events
Washing dishes random events
Sister watching porn random events (when entering her bedroom)
Breakfast random events
New save menu
Study/lucy quest fix
Rework of the UI
Mall set up
Sidebar buttons fix
Cheat system fix
New variables
Mom bedroom fix
Sister bedroom fix
Dinner fix
Lucy quest fix
Videos not showing up fix
Dinner random events scene
Sleeping with mom random events scene
Clean the living room random events scene
Washing dishes random events scene
Sister watching porn random events scene
Breakfast random events scene
Sleeping with sis random events scene
Jade, Kate, Lucy and your sister have new 2d avatars made from an artist on fiverr. They won’t be used in the game but everywhere else. I will continue to order arts so that I don’t publicely post anything copyrighted.


Hard cheat
Medium Cheat
Light cheat
Time system
Inventory system rework
Daily routine
Location system rework


Hotdog truck
Lemonade truck
Kate Class
Kate Pool
Lucy Class
Lucy Library
Jade Class
Jade Gym
Teacher office
Sister bathroom
Sister bedroom
Mom House


Watch Porn
Restroom rare event
Progress Menu


Jade Class
Jade Gym
Lucy Class
Lucy Dorm
Lucy Library
Kate Restrooms
Kate Pool
Sister Bedroom
Sister Bathroom
Mom Bedroom
Teacher Office
Hotdog Truck (hotfix 1)
Lemonade Truck (hotfix 1)


New sex knowledge stat
Depending on your stats some text should be displayed when you enter a place
First girl’s dialogs is now different depending on your background and stats
You can now train with Kate at the gym (video is going to change)
New quests !
Scene’s videos are now in autoplay
New backgrounds

Quests (NEW!)

3 new big main quests
3 new little side quests

Mall (NEW !)

New gift shop !


Inventory system
Background system
Income system

Jobs (NEW !)

You can now look for a job when you’re at the apartment from the desk
There are 2 jobs available: Working in a restaurant and work as a private teacher (require 10 int)

Scenes (75 NEW VIDEOS !)

New Jade scene
New Lucy scene
New Kate scene
New scene with both Lucy and Kate

Bug fixed

There were no videos for jade library scene
There were some pictures or videos randomly not showing due to some bad conditionals
Story caption was not showing stats correctly
And a thousand more minor issues

Charisma and popularity fix
Hotfix D:
Major fix for sex scene access condtions which were not set properly
Hotfix C:
Library Bug fixed
Following classes now gives intelligence
Hotfix B:
Sidebar bug fixed
Hotfix A:
Translation fixed

Release date: 5 June, 2021
Genre: Text Based, Real Porn, Handjob, Masturbation, Vaginal Sex, Anal sex, Creampie, Anal sex, Footjob, Milf, Big Ass, Big Tits, Oral Sex, Simulator, School setting, Male Protagonist, Lesbian
Censorship: NO
Developer: sasuke112
Platform: Any platform play Flash videos
Version: 0.81 + Walkthrough
Language: English
Size: 2.96 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]


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