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Lunars Chosen [Ep.1 Full + Ep.2 v0.1.1]

Lunars Chosen it’s adult story of the most recent recipient of the goddesses gift, who she hopes will be just as pleasing as the others…
Being a god has it’s perks but it can be a lonely and boring existence. Some deites enjoy creating new worlds, while others like to fight amongst one another, destroying whole galaxies in the process.
One particular lifebringer goddess found a more subtle form of entertainment. On her eternal watch over the planet she infused with life, she sees a young man expelled out of his family home and move in with his oldest friend Katie. Little does he realize that there will be much more change, sending his life down a path he could never have imagined.

+ Changelog
Episode 2 v0.1.1

Episode 2 v0.1
– New introduction
– New PC Menu
– New Preferences Menu
– New room picture/pc mechanic
– New house rooms
– New phone system
– 5 New shop items
– 34 New minor house scenes
– 16 New story scenes
– 3 New side character scenes
– 1 New repeatable scene
– 5 New secret images
– 5 New masturbation/sex toy scenes for the main character
– Revamped Amy repeatable animations in the gym
– 3 New photoshoots
– 3 New minor shower events
– 5 New replays

– 12 New story scenes
– New location: cinema!
– 9 New repeatable scenes
– 3 New secret images
– Ability to toggle on/off naming saves (Default is off, can be found on the preferences menu)
– Remade Claire’s footjob repeatable scene with new animations.
– Added the final scene!
– Fixed a whole bunch of typos!

v0.26 Beta 2
With the last one, I added in the cinema and some repeatable events with Fran. Well now the cinema has more use as you can invite all of the main characters on a date there (one at a time, no group date I’m afraid).
That said, if you want a group event, well there’s one included in this update too!

v0.26 Beta 1
It includes some new story scenes, as well as a new location, the movie theatre! Currently there’s only two repeatable scenes with Fran there and the ability to invite characters on dates there isn’t in, yet.

v0.25 Public
– 11 New story scenes
– New Main Menu
– New Menu Buttons
– Can now sleep with Amy at night
– Can now read Amy’s mind at night
– Can now sleep with Claire at night
– Can now read Claire’s mind at night
– 6 new animations
– Changed Vee’s model variable to fix a bug, may result in players needing to do her photoshoots again
– Added 4 replays for Amber
– Added 2 new replays for Amy
– Added 4 replays for Claire
– Added 2 new replays for Meg
– Added 3 new replays for Missy (Under Meg’s stats and replays tab)
– Added 3 new replays for Katie
– Added a replay section for Imry.
– Added 7 replays for Imry.
– Finally alphabetised the hints and stats/replays screens
– Added new profile screen for Olivia
– Update profile information for multiple characters.

v0.24 Public
– 12 New Story Scenes
– 3 New photoshoots
– 4 New Animations
– Changed code for sleeping
– Added the ability to read amber’s mind or sleep with Amber at night
– Added a model section to PC for Imry
– New buttons on the main menu

v0.24 Beta2
The second beta is here! Normally I have a lot to say about them, but this one is pretty straight forward, new story scenes, new photoshoot, some new code work. Enjoy!

v0.24 Beta
The first beta is here. It has four new story scenes, three new animations and a new photoshoot, but the main thing that I’ve done for this update is changed the code for going to sleep, which is what needs testing in case there’s any unusual behaviour as some events lead to sleeping in different ways.

I changed this code because now you can sleep with Amber at night! This is something that has been planned for a while and requested a lot, so I finally got round to adding it!

Note – New game recommended if you want the achievements.

If you want to continue an old save, you’ll have to go to the old save location /appdata/roaming/lunarschosen-1549893754 and move them to the new one which should be /appdata/roaming/ren’py/ptgames/lunarschosen. Similar changes should be made to MAC and android save locations.

Of course, if you are starting a new save, you don’t need to worry about that as the game will automatically save and load in the new location!

– 12 New story scenes
– 1 New mind read scene in the club
– 2 new photoshoots
– 51 New achievements
– 5 New secret images
– Fixed a whole load of unreturned calls, which should greatly reduce error log sizes.
– Improved a load of old code
– Updated two old scenes with improved renders and new animations!

0.23 Beta 2
The second beta is here, complete with 51 achievements! It’s the first time in the games history I’m going to recommend players start a new save. Old saves should work fine, but I’ve tweaked a lot of the navigation code and a lot of achievements are only available on a new save!
There is some new story content, but this beta update is mostly focusing on the achievements and general improvements.

– 12 New main story scenes
– 5 New side story scenes
– 4 New repeatable scene
– 2 New Halloween events
– 1 New photoshoot
– Added 8 outfits for Emily
– Added ability to change what Emily wears to work during the day
– Added Dialogue Box Opacity slider
– Added a load of replays
– Fixed hundreds of typos
– Fixed multiple visual errors

– Removed 2 early game grind scenes from Amy’s story to speed it up.
– Removed Katie affection requirements to speed up her early story.
– 9 New early game scenes
– 11 New Story scenes
– 3 New animated repeatable scenes
– 1 New non animated repeatable scene
– New Character bios
– Updated character bios

– 13 New story scenes
– 3 New Repeatable events
– 2 New toys added to the store
– 4 New scenes to pass the time in MC’s room
– A new character profile page on the PC, allowing you to recap their stories and who they are.
– 1 New photoshoot

– 13 New story scenes
– 2 New photoshoots
– 5 New room pictures
– 1 New repeatable event
– 4 New secret images

Fixes a bunch of bugs and typos. Most importantly, it fixes the issue a lot of users were having of not being able to meet the new character!

V0.18 is finally here for everyone! This is a pretty big update in terms of number of new things, while some of the scenes are short, there’s a lot of story in them. There’s new scenes for every character, including the introduction of a brand new main character! There’s also some side story, photoshoots, a bunch of secrets and two small Halloween events!

– 15 New story scenes
– 4 New Photoshoots
– 2 Halloween events
– 1 New side story scene
– 10 New Replays added
– 10 New secret images

This includes the bugfix so if you’ve been stuck trying to get the crystal, you should now be able to purchase it once again!

– 13 New story scenes
– 1 Side story scene
– 4 Photoshoots
– 6 New Replays
– 7 New secrets
– New club menu images
– 2 New club “mindread” scenes
– Bugfixes

This update changed quite a bit during development from what was originally planned. There was a whole house navigation overhaul, a bunch of new secrets, new ways to decorate the players bedroom and a whole bunch of story content added. It also contains the longest scene I’ve done for the game so far. I know, I said that in a previous update not long ago, but this scene beats any previous ones in terms of number of renders. I think it’s the first that hits over 110 renders for a single scene.

– 12 New Story Scenes
– 3 New photoshoots
– New secrets
– Revamped house navigation
– New at home interactions (WIP)
– 2 New mind reading scenes in the club (one futa, one not)

v0.13 Public
– Christmas Event!
– 7 New story scenes
– 2 New Photoshoots
– 2 New places to read minds
– 7 New secrets
– A whole new animated main menu in Lunars Chosen
– Player can now sleep to the next day with Katie when progressed with her story enough
– New animated repeatable event with Katie and Amber
– Revamped renders from an old Claire scene

v0.12.2 Bugfix
– Fix the Meg visit bug.
– Fixed the Emily photostudio bug.
– Added a work around for any “Lost the nav bar” bugs
– Fixed some typo’s
– Fixed the name of the game. Finally.
– No new content, you only need to download this version if you’ve hit either of the first two bugs listed above.

Fix a bug with events with Jessica.

v0.12 Public
– 12 New story scenes
– New largest ever scene, Claire’s birthday event!
– 5 New photoshoots
– 1 Side character scene
– New secrets
– A new way to pass the time, play Pairs on the PC!

v0.11 Public
– 14 New story events
– 5 New photoshoot
– 4 New side characters introduced
– More secrets!
– Lots of bug fixes
If you played any of the V0.11 beta versions, it’s recommended you load your V0.10 save and play from there as some scenes and additional options have been added.

– 14 New story events
– 4 new photoshoots
– 1 New location
– 2 new repeatable events
– 17 new minor events to see in the fetish club once opened
– 20 secrets hidden throughout the world
– New way to advance time, playing games on the PC!
– A huge amount of typo’s fixed. Like so many. My god so so many…
– Bugfixes

V0.9 Changlog:
– 14 Story events
– 4 New Photoshoots
– 1 New item added to shop
– 3 New characters introduced. One will get her own storyline in future updates
– Bugfixes

V0.8.1 Changlog:
– Party event (This is the main content of the update, requiring a lot more work than a normal scene which is why there are fewer individual story events)
– 5 New story events
– 5 new photoshoots
– 2 new side characters, Vex and Jenna!
– Fixed Katie’s story looping
– Fixed Amber hints/modelling buttons using the wrong hair
– Fixed being able to talk to Emily before hiring her
– Fixed Amber Photostudio event being found at night and causing navigation to crash.
– Changed some early game options to make starting the career path more obvious to players.
– Added missing replays
– Various minor bug fixes
– Fixed some typos

– 18 story events
– 5 career scenes
– 2 new items added to shop
– 2 new locations
– 2 new side characters introduced
Side characters will be characters you see from time to time, but don’t have their own stories.
– photostudio:
Use the PC in the studio to see any shoots you have done or see if there are any you missed.
Different clients will be available at different times of day, so check back often if you’re missing any!
– Added a “?” to unfound photoshoots on the players PC
– Updated some hints to make content easier to find

– 12 new story scenes
– 2 career scenes
– A new locationin Lunars Chosen
– 2 repeatable events
– UI changes
– Bugfixes


– 24 new scenes across all the characters
– New character!
– Katie seems to have dropped money all over the house
– Various UI updates in Lunars Chosen
– New main menu buttons
– New email button on the PC
– New shop added to the PC
– Updated map in Lunars Chosen

+ Cheat codes
bananabread += $1000
FCA – Turn futa content on
FCD – Turn futa content off
sixthsense = Reveal all secret images

gravytrain – +$1000
FCA – Futa content activated
FCD – Futa content deactivated
iseethings – Secret Images

makeitrain – +$1000
FCA – Turn futa content on
FCD – Turn futa content off
helpimblind – Reveal all secret images

Cheat Codes for V0.22
+$1000 – moolah
Futa content off – Fed
Futa content on – FCA
Unlock secret images – uncovered

Lunars Chosen Cheat Codes for V0.21 Public
FCD – Disables futa content
FCA – Enables futa content
shaker – +$1000
night vision – Reveal all secret images

Lunars Chosen Cheat Codes for V0.20 Public
abrakedabra – +$1000
awww – Katie likes you more! (Affection + 10)
FCA – futa content activate
FCD – futa content deactivate
laidbare – Secrets unlocked! (some are Futa)

Lunars Chosen Cheat Codes for V0.19 Public
liquidgold – +$1000
sweety – Katie likes you more! (Affection + 10)
FCA – futa content activate
FCD – futa content deactivate
allrevealed – Secrets unlocked! (some are Futa)

Lunars Chosen Cheat Codes for v0.18 Public
gemstones – 1000$
cutiepie – Katie likes you more! (Affection + 10)
FCA – Futa content activated
FCD – Futa content deactivated.
sneakybeaky – Secrets unlocked! (some are Futa)

Lunars Chosen Cheat Codes for v0.14 Patreon
makeitrain – 1000$
amor – Katie likes you more! (Affection + 10)
FCA – Futa content activated
FCD – Futa content deactivated.
enigma – Secrets unlocked! (some are Futa)

Lunars Chosen Cheat Codes for v0.14 Public
giefpls – 1000$
miamor – Katie likes you more! (Affection + 10)
FCA – Futa content activated
FCD – Futa content deactivated.
lockpick – Secrets unlocked! (some are Futa)

Lunars Chosen Cheat Codes for V0.15.1
bankrobbery – 1000$
adoration – Katie likes you more! (Affection + 10)
FCA – Futa content activated
FCD – Futa content deactivated.
skeletonkey – Secrets unlocked! (some are Futa)

Lunars Chosen Cheat Codes for V0.16.1 Public
payday – 1000$
loveable – Katie likes you more! (Affection + 10)
FCA – Futa content activated
FCD – Futa content deactivated.
everyoneknows – Secrets unlocked! (some are Futa)

Release date: 29 March, 2024
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Male Domination, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Transformation, Sandbox, Voyeurism, Futa/trans, Big tits, Groping, Romance, Harem, Incest
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: PTGames
Platform: Windows / Linux / Android
Version: Ep.1 v0.26 Full + Ic Patch + SECRETS MOD + Gallery unlocker + Episode 2 v0.1.1
Language: English
Size: 3.49 GB + 586 Mb

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]


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