Harem Island

Harem Island [version 0.8a]

You’re crashing on an island, you were a lot to survive but it seems this island is unknown and contains many dangerous species… more weird, it seems creatures are focused on attacking males only… It will contain a big variety of characters, and some Fantasy race such as fairies elves, orcs…

+ Changelogs
Momo’s battle was bugged
Some quests was still ???, it was the case when you loaded a game from 0.7e
Some quests didn’t trigger, it was because there were another a requirement, I’ve added it into their descriptions.
Many weird things in the battle. (Orgasms were 100% 300% 500% etc.. instead of 100% 200% 300%… and many focus animations)

Sex battle: It’s now a real game-play. You have 6 rounds to make her cum or not, each round had 1 perfect choice, 1 normal, and 1 bad. Your sex skill increase the values. If you don’t have skill enough, you can just learn the girl’s path.
FULL ANIMATED with new animations & updates.
Available for battles: Miki, Sophie, Momo, Okaa-Sama, Caroline, Pink.
Also for the Ex girlfriend, Berza and Nii in the story.
You can only do it once you f*cked her in the story.
Sex skill is now useful for Battles and is increased in different moments in the game’s story. Some variables have been removed.
Blowjobs: You can now ask the girls to blowjob you again (new animations)
Available for BJ: Sophie, Miki, Momo, Okaa-Sama, Caroline, Nikita, Griev, Pink.
Content for Nikita, Griev, Caroline, Pink, just follow the Quest tab in game^^.
(Sex battles & BJ are not in the Quest tab)
Also Added a new place, the khals’s room.
Bit of optimisation concerning the GPU

Same content as 0.7d for patrons
I’ve fixed some background problems that wasn’t shown properly.
I’ve fixed the order of the quests’s trigger
I’ve played it entirely and triggered all quests so it should be okay x)

Okaa-Sama, Momo, Sophie, Miki have many new events each.
Better guidance quest panel.
Paradise quest, involving Okaa-Sama,Momo,Sophie,Miki & a new character.
Once these 4 girls loves you you can ask for sex just by talking to them.
“Wait” button to pass the time instead of having to hunt.
I didn’t counted how many new animations there are, but there are a LOT.

+ Code
The Code: 1111

Release date: 2 June, 2019
Genre: Unity3D, 3dcg, animated, creampie, fantasy, groping, handjob, harem, male protagonist, milf, monster, oral sex, vaginal sex, group sex
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: ERONIVERSE
Platform: Windows
Version: 0.8a + CGRip
Tablet: It isn’t required
Language: English
Size: 677 MB (3.19 GB after unpacking)

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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