Girl House [version 1.5.21 Extra]

The main character wakes up in a hospital with memory loss. He remembers only some fragments of his past life and doesn’t even suspect that all the troubles that happened to him wasn’t accidental…

+ Changelogs
v1.0.0 Extra
Hello everyone,
It is time to release the next update. It took slightly longer than I would have wanted, but I think Saturday is still within the limits. Things will get certainly more interesting in this update, I hope you will like it. If by any chance you do encounter a bug, please report it in our Discord server, and it will be fixed shortly (provided it is critical).

You will find a new scene with Vanessa, Lola and the new character. Plus, there is also a new scene with the neighbour.

0.7.02 Extra
• Mia’s blowjob scene
• 2 erotic scenes with Vanessa
• Erotic scene with Vicky
• Phone improvement
• Help button with tips, now at any moment you will know what to do next.
• Correction of text in Girl House

• Bug fixes
• Several new Lola’s blowjob animations
• Rework of doctor’s blowjob in the basement
• Mini games simplification

v0.6.03 Extra
Girl House Extra version has:
More content
More animation
More hidden buttons
Ability to skip minigames

v0.5 Extras
The game rises to a new level. A new gameplay has appeared, a new mini-game and gallery have been added.
p.s. You can use old saves
– Added Extra content!

First Release Girl House

Release date: 21 August, 2021
Genre: Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Male Protagonist, 3dcg, animated, big tits, big ass, blowjob, oral sex, BDSM
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Astaros3D (Other Games: My Cute Roommate, My Cute Roommate 2)
Platform: Windows, Android
Version: 1.5.21 Extra Final + Walkthrough + Save + Scenes replay Mod + Walkthrough Mod
Language: English, Italian (patch)
Size: 2.02 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]


    1. la llave te la dará Vanessa y la batería de la compu esta en mueble tipo repisa ultimo lugar ,esto esta en el subterráneo estas ahí porque ella te mando a matar los ratones

  1. han mejorado mucho en el game pero tiene errores por lo menos esta vercion la anterior no tenia errores a pesas de que ere muy corta

  2. How do I get in the basement to get the battery if the door is locked and I can’t find the key ?

    1. When Vanessa is in the kitchen, ask if you can help. She’ll give you a mission to get of rats down in the basement and give you the key for it.

  3. hello…can someone tell me if this game is short or long, it’s just not to download it and that it lasts a few minutes…thanks

  4. Estimados muchachos, me costo pero termine el juego , la versión que descargue de aquí, no tiene errores, corrigieron el problema del smartfone el cual tenia el mapa con errores
    El juego es muy bueno, no es corto, pero uno queda con gusto a poco, buena grafica,, y VANESSA Y MIA, son super minas, a Vanessa la dibujaron o diseñaron muy linda, es increíble, pero tiene escenas de humor, que me agradaron
    Este juego debería estar fácilmente entre los 5 mejores .- y les dejo una pregunta, se fijaron que aparece un personaje de otro juego genial?? investiguen
    Espero que pronto salga una actualización, porqué el protagonista lo prometió

    1. chica es de my cute roommate….Ana si mal no recuerdo…la rubiesita del hermanito que se masturbaba con la mama…jajaja…saludos

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