Facefuck Madness [Version 0.73]

A former porn actor facefuck girls to enslave them with the power of Facefuck Madness. Pretty simple, huh? The whole game is based on facefucking fetish, but there’s a place for classical sex too, and other stuff. Also, have to mention the game is not serious at all. It knows that it was made for fap, okay?​

+ Changelog

>5 new scenes in total
>Freeroam system now complete with addition of Jazz club (Jam club)
>Two new supporters-only scenes (one of Park Freeroam and one for Cafe Freeroam)
>One more repeatable event for Michelle
>The game now consists of more than 1,300,000 characters of code and text
>Bugfixes, including the notorious issue with the in-game calendar


>New type of content: Freeroam
>6 new scenes in total
>New ways to increase your Fitness and Artistism skills (check out Art District > Expo Hall and Fitness District > Gym)
>Around 20,000 characters (excluding spaces) of pure content (new scenes)
>Two new supporters-only scenes (both for Expo Hall Freeroam)
>Bugfixes, Charlotte’s content tracking in particular, and some re-balancing


>More scene for the main storyline
>One more personal quest for Lana
>Procedurally generating scene at the strip club
>Two new supporters-only scenes (one for Charlotte and one for Melody)
>Autopatching system


>The main storyline gets a total of 4 new scenes!
>A slightly different approach to the main story events: this time you get to choose their order yourself
>2 new supporters-only scenes (one for Michelle and one for Lana, according to votes on my Patreon)
>6 new scenes in total
>8,500 words of pure content
>Director now has a personalized dialogue box


>The main storyline continued
>Procedurally generated sex descriptions for Teender girls (including enslaved ones), finally!
>2 new supporters-only scenes (one for Elena and one for Michelle)
>5 new scenes in total
>90,000 characters of code and text, overall amount of sex scenes now reaching more than 150


>One more quest for the main storyline
>Threesome scene with Maria and Amelia
>Hacking minigame expanded: collect nudes to get a juicy bonus
>Progress tracking system: shows exactly how much content you’ve seen and how much’s left
>2 new supporters-only scenes (both for Elena)
>Bugfixes (the hide-ui related bug’s no more!)


>One more quest for the main storyline
>Anita’s personal event
>Fallout-like hacking minigame as a new way to earn money
>2 new supporters-only scenes (this time in a new format)
>The game now has 1,025,000 characters of code and text in total, how does that sound for a porn game?
>Bugfixes, re-balance, tweaks


>Introducing Main Quest! Finally, Facefuck Madness will not be just a sandbox, but a sandbox with an actual storyline!
>2 events for the main quest
>Additional scene for Charlotte, can be found in her room
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>Slight re-balance to reduce grind
>Around 7000 words of new content!


>New feature – lounge at home to spend some quality time with your bitches!
>New event for Lana – watch her and Maria having secret fun!
>13 new sex scenes in total!
>UI overhaul, now the Home screen looks less like a mess, and the standard timeskip button is moved to the sidebar!
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>The game now consists of nearly 950,000 characters of code and text!


Event for Juliette – your little girls wants new cosplay outfits!
>New event for Melody – meet her bitchy colleague!
>New Mr. Cooney’s crew event – break inside a rich businessman’s mansion and show his wife and daughter a good time!
>Actress list added!
>Prologue slightly re-written
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>Nearly 7000 words of new content!

+ Developer Notes
At this point this is a huge-ass game with more than 100 of sex scenes (average length ~1000 words!). I’m proud to have such amount of content done. Please, join my Discord, rate my game, send me your feedback, report any found bugs, share ideas! It’s very welcome.

If you’re worried about my first game, Manreign, you probably shouldn’t be. I’m still working on it and will release updates from time to time. But yeah, the main focus now is on the Facefuck Madness.

Release date: 25 June, 2024
Genre: Real Porn, Text Based, Male protagonist, Male domination, Humiliation, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Sexual harassment, Sandbox, Slavery, Magic, Mind control
Censorship: NO
Developer: MercuryDev
Platform: Windows / Linux / Mac
Version: 0.73
Language: English, Russian
Size: 1.20 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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