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The Agency [Episode 1-3 v0.9 + Episode 2 v1.0.2 Final]

A young dude is trying to figure out life while juggling family drama, school, and his dreams. Along the way, he shapes his future by the choices he makes, and meets a parade of sizzling babes. The Agency is a choice-based visual novel loaded with porn content. The game features over 105 characters and more than 97 steamy scenes, including over 10,000 images and 2,000 videos. Each episode of The Agency is crafted as a standalone experience. Enjoy!​

+ Changelog
v0.9 Ep. 3
The Game is mostly reworked
The character pages of chapter 4 have been added Ul and dialogue improvements
Sound channels are separated
13K Typos/code
3000 New images
40+ New Sex scenes
297 New videos
11 New Ending New Intro
Kitana corruption Scenes
Kitana Corruption Ending
Kitana Escort Ending
Kitana Jail Ending
Kitana Love scenes
Kitana Love Ending
Ayse Love scenes
Ayse Love Ending
Evelyn Harem Ending
Evelyn NTR Ending
Ash Harem Scene
Dani Harem Scene
Debb Harem Scene
Ash Corruption Scenes
Ash Corruption Endings
Ash NTR Ending
Aubrey Money Scenes
Aubrey Pleasure Scenes
Lacey Scene
Caitlyn Scene Lana Scene
Detention Club Scenes
Night Club Scenes
Strip Club Scenes
Peach Scene
Candy Scenes
Berry Scenes
Crystal Scenes

v1.0.2 Ep. 2 Remastered Final
Game File Increase: From 2,800 to 5,600 files.
New Video and Image Files: 120 new video files and 2,580 new image files.
Expanded Storylines: Additional background stories for new stories and characters.
Voiced Narrator: Added to the Prologue section.
Brianna’s Love Endings: Newly included.
Extra Scene for Kelly: Now part of the game.
Text Volume: Increased to three times the original amount.
New Audio: 100 new music and sound files.
Menu Redesign: More aesthetic and minimized, showing all options including unselectable ones.
Script and Dialogue Overhaul: The entire script and dialogues have been rewritten.
Character-specific Theme Music: Added to enhance character experiences.

Extras and Halloween Section:
New phone system implemented.
Stacy Love Ending
Stacy Corruption Scenes
Felicia Scenes
Victoria Scenes/Endings
Vanessa Scenes/Endings
Hanna Scenes/Endings
Kendra Scenes

v0.7 (v3.8.7)
Mina’s Love Ending Mina’s Scenes
Mina’s NTR Scenes
Aubrey’s Events Aubrey’s Scenes
Kitana’s Scenes
Kitana’s Events
Evelyn’s Love Scenes
Evelyn’s Love Ending
Corruption Scenes Evelyn’s Corruption Ending
1200 New Images
100 New Videos
7k New Text/Codes
21 Sex Scenes

Changelog for Episode 1 Final:
-46 new characters have been added to the character sheets.
-84 new character sheets.
-The total number of characters has increased to 105.
-Entire dialogues and writings have been revised/rewritten. -The text has increased by 8,000 words,
not including character sheets.
-Numerous music tracks and sound effects have been added. -Music and Video channels have been separated.
-Scenes and music now work better with echo in The Agency.
-Additional story information has been added.
-Character screen has been implemented, similar to Episode 3. -More images have been included for smoother scene transitions.

+ Info
Chapter 1-2:
These interactive novel chapters set the stage for your adventure, where the choices you make in how you spend your day and the dialogues shape your story.

Chapter 3:
Similar to Chapters 1-2, but with even more engaging choices, including deciding who you want to spend each day with. Additionally, this chapter explores what kind of life the character will lead if he choose a particular school path.

Chapter 4:
This chapter delves into the character’s entrance into professional working life, as he strive to survive, achieve his dreams, and confront the pains of his past.

Release date: 2 June, 2024
Genre: Real porn, Male protagonist, Dating sim, School setting, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Masturbation, MILF, Oral sex, Teasing, Titfuck, Voyeurism, Humor, Romance
Censorship: NO
Developer: Studio Kami
Platform: Windows / Linux / Android
Version: Ep. 1-3 0.9 + Ep. 2 1.0.2 Final
Language: English
Size: 4.65 GB | 6.85 GB | 11.00 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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