The Last Male

You are the Last Male on Earth and start off by being clueless about it, you soon discover what is going on piece by piece but that is not the most important part. In the meanwhile you get to meet a lot of girls and have special events with them. You are free to choose your own path in important events by having choices in game, if you pick choice A you get result X and choice B gives result Y witch also lead to new events and chain of events with other choice A, B, C, D etc. Will you get all the ladies naked? Will you be the ultimate Romeo or fail entirely? *Warning* Most events are one time only meaning that if you chose path A then path B is gone to you, you could try path B in a new game…

Year: 2018
Genre: RPG, ADV, All sex, Oral sex, Striptease, Sexy ass, Real porn, Beautiful girls
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Pine Resort
Platform: Windows
Publication Type: Alpha version
Tablet: It isn’t required
Language: English
System requirements: OS: Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 | HDD: 1 GB | RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (added to the archive!)
Size: 761 MB

Download from [K2S]

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