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Fashion Business – Episode 4 [version 3.00 Extra]

The second episode of the great game “Fashion Business”, about the bitch Monica. Enjoy…

+ Changelog
Episode 4 – v.3.00 Extra
Hey there!
I’m happy to announce the release of the new cool update for “Fashion Business”!
I did my best to make it special and up my over all quality of work.
I had to work with barely a day off, but I’m happy with the results I’ve got and I hope you’ll be able to enjoy them in full.
This update includes around 1600 new images and many cool animations!
What’s new:
VIP Escort: New girls enter the workplace. What awaits Tiffany and Jane and how will their new co-workers treat them? (two animated scenes, Extra content)
Victoria: Victoria’s and Melanie’s friendship grows stronger. Is Melanie actually happy about it? (animated scene)
Home: Competition with Betty for the role of the house’s mistress. How challenging will it get for Monica? (animated scenes, Extra content)
Office: Husband auditions. First date. What will ensue? Will things go according to Monica’s expectations? (big animated scene, Extra content)
Office: Due to Issac’s blackmail, Monica has to participate in an audition from a director he knows. What is all that really about and what path can that lead Monica onto? (big animated scene, Extra content, including some extreme content)
As always, I welcome your feedback and would be thrilled to learn what you liked about the update.
Your support is very important to me. It always gives me strength to continue being creative and productive.
After resting for a couple of days, I’ll start working on the next regular update.
On another note, we’re still looking for translators!
We welcome any help with languages that are either not yet present in the game, or are not fully implemented.
We’ll be happy to have you on board if you decide to help!

Episode 4 – v2.01 Extra

We’ve fixed a bug where quests in the Event List don’t appear. The quests in the game are active, but they can’t be seen in the journal if the game is loaded from a save. This bug has been around since the first version of EP4, so some players might have encountered missed content in the previous update as well.
We’ve added the ability to activate Philip’s quest without loading a save. To do this, you need to visit his house

Episode 4 – v2 Extra
This update includes around 2000 pictures and many cool animations!

What’s new:

White: Grace’s lucrative offer. Will Monica consider it? (story scene)
Office: Tech support guy is trying to get to the bottom of Monica’s motives. A date with John or Greta. (animated scenes, Extra content)
Falling path: Tough competition leaves Monica clientless. What will she have to do to attract more clients? (animated scene, Extra content)
Shiny Hole: Ashley plots behind Monica’s back. Where will Monica end up when trying to find out what’s going om? (animated scene, Extra content)
Julia: Betty is Julia’s new affair. How will Monica react?
Home: Wife competition. What will it lead to and who will suggest the best solution for Ralph? (animated scene, Extra content)
VIP Escort: Jane also finds out about Monica’s secrets. What will Monica do to stop Tiffany’s and Jane’s blackmail? And what does Steve have to do with it? (long animated scene, Extra content)
Victoria: What games will Monica have to play because she missed a payment to Victoria? And what other friend of Monica’s will take part in them? (animated scene, Extra content)
Philip: Third day of the contract with Philipp. What else Will Monica have to endure to reach her goal? (animated scene, Extra content)

Episode 4 – v1 Extra
It includes ~1400 new pictures and many hot animations.
You can expect for up to 8 endings to gradually appear in the upcoming updates for this final episode.

What’s new:

Office: Monica gives a presentation to the investor board as the head of magazine;
Office: rumors about Monica’s photoshoots spread among the company’s employees;
Steve: Tiffany requires Monica’s attention (animated scenes);
Slums: the rent discount grows (animated scene, Extra content);
Victoria: Melanie’s pre-wedding photoshoot. What awaits Monica at that shoot? (long animated scene, Extra content);
Phillip: Monica continues fulfilling her contract with Phillip. She is faced with new challenges (long animated scene, Extra content).

EP3 v.16:
I’m happy to announce the release of a new regular update for your beloved game, Fashion Business!
I’ve put even more effort than usual into this update, and I hope you will join me in rating this update as one of the greatest in the project’s history!
This is the final update for Episode 3.
It includes around 2500 new pictures and extremely hot animations!
Fashion Business is deservedly one of the biggest projects in its niche. Step by step, it’s getting closer to its conclusion.
Episode 4 is already in development and the first update for it will come out on schedule.
This episode will be the final in the game. It’s supposed to have 8 new endings that will be released gradually along with new updates.
I really hope you’ll stay with me and help me see this ambitious project to its conclusion.

What’s new:
Office: Monica reaches one of her goals—the Boss’s chair is hers once again. Will things really go back to what they were before? Presentation for the investors. New hot photoshoot (animated scene, Extra content);
Steve: Monica’s secret is revealed! Will Monica be able to reach an agreement with Tiffany about her silence? (long animated scenes, Extra content);
VIP Escort: Monica returns to the role of VIP Escort administrator. Will she punish Linda for her actions at the meeting? (animated scene, Extra content);
Julia: Julia suggests she moves in to Monica’s house. What will Monica do in this situation? (animated scene)
Phillip: Monica stays in Phillip’s scary basement. Will she be cunning and patient enough to fulfill the Contract? Contract signing day. Contract’s Day one. (two long animated scenes, Extra content).

Episode 3 – 15 Extra
Hello! I’m happy to present you with the next regular update for your favorite game, “Fashion Business”!
I sincerely hope you like it because I’ve spent my entire holiday break working on it
Happy 2023 to you all and enjoy playing this cool update!
It contains 2338 new lines of dialogue, 2242 new images and many hot animations!

What’s new:
Home: There’s a new maid in the house. Does that mean Monica will no longer need to do cleaning duties? (multiple scenes, including animated ones, Extra content)
Office: Monica is getting closer and closer to returning into her Boss seat at the Fashion Magazine. Will Monica be able to persuade Campbell to hold a board of investors meeting?
Victoria: New hot workout session at the gym.
Victoria: What will Melanie have to do to show Dick who’s the person that really loves him? (animated scene, Extra content)
VIP-Escort: Tiffany gets a gift from her partner. What’s inside the box? (big animated scene, Extra content)
White: Devilishly hot photoshoot at White’s studio (big animated scene, Extra content)
Philip: Will Monica be able to persuade Philip to invest in her magazine or will she need to agree to his conditions? (start of a big quest at Philip’s place)

Episode 3 – 14 Extra
Hello, fans of “Fashion Business”!

I’m happy to present you with the newest regular update for the game!
I did my best to make it as polished and as interesting as possible by putting in tons of hours, and love for the project!
This update ended up including 2500 new images, a record number in “Fashion Business” history!
The update also features a huge number of hot animations and 3600 lines of dialogue!
I hope you’ll be able to enjoy this new update a lot. That would make me very happy 🙂

What’s new:
Home: meeting with the neighbor. What will it entail for Monica? (animated scene)
Steve: Steve’s new demands regarding work ethics. Monica can’t accept them. What will change in Le Grand’s operations? (big scene, Extra content)
VIP-Escort: Monica’s routine in the VIP escort. Familiar clients. How long will Monica put up with this? (big animated scene, Extra content)
Public Event: big event at the investor’s yacht. New opportunities for Monica. Will she be able to use it? (big animated scene, Extra content)
Photoshoot: new hot photoshoot “The Queen of Angels” at the investor’s yacht. How will Monica react to a doing photoshoot in front of all the guests? (big scene, Extra content)
Victoria: Victoria’s new schemes. Girls go to the gym. What will happen to Monica and Melanie there? (big animated scene)

Gallery was updated. You can now stop replaying the scene in the gallery by pressing the “Stop” button.
Bug fixes.

Episode 3 – 13 Extra
What’s new:

White: getting to know Grace
Ryan: a difficult conversation with an unexpected ending (long animated scene, Extra content)
Steve: Tiffany puts another cunning plan from Steve to work (long animated scene, Extra content)
Shiny Hole: Monica becomes the pub’s administrator. What changes are going to take place at Shiny Hole? (multiple new scenes, new animations, Extra content)
Falling Path: Working for Mommy. A new client (animated scene)

Bug fixes

Episode 3 v12
This update includes 1774 cool images, many hot animations, and 20223 words worth of dialogue!

What’s new:

Office: Monica continues to ‘bond’ with her colleagues at the office (animated scenes)
Steve: Steve continues business negotiations with his new partners. These include Monica (big animated scene)
White: Monica decides to make use of White’s offer and take part in a photo shoot for her magazine to make money. (hot photo shoot, additional content in the Extra version)
Julia: A scene where Julia gets jealous and punishes Monica. (animated scene, additional content in the Extra version)
Slums: Monica gets dragged into another fraudulent scheme run by Misty. Where will this lead her? (animated scenes, additional content in the Extra version)
Victoria: Victoria wants ‘friendship’ with everybody. What will Melanie face for her careless remarks at the photo shoot? (long scene, additional extreme content in the Extra version)

Bug fixes

Episode 3 v11 Extra
Extra Content

Episode 3 v11
The update includes 1,382 images and lots of hot close-up animations!

What’s new:
Shiny Hole: Ashley’s business difficulties. Will Monica be able to come to a favorable agreement in a business negotiation with the banker? (large animated scene).
Home: will Monica be able to contain her new unusual feelings when dealing with Fred? 🙂 (animated scene + another animated scene in the Extra version).
Steve: serious business negotiations in Steve’s office (large animated scene + another animated scene in the Extra version).
Victoria: will a rising model Victoria manage to outshine Melanie on set?

Bug fixes.

During this update, I had to reorganize my working pipeline a little. But despite all the challenges, I always try to get the work done as quickly as possible.

EP3 v10
This update includes 1240 new pictures and some hot close-up animations!

What’s new:
Office: casting scene at Mrs. White’s apartment. Is Monica brave enough to do it? (big animated scene + extra animated content in the Extra version).
Home: Fred will put forward the new conditions of his professional game to Monica. Can Monica prove she’s a professional housewife? 😉 (big animated scene).
Falling Path: more work for Mommy. Two new scenes with two new clients for Monica (two hot animated scenes).
Victoria: what will Melanie have to do for her friend Victoria this time? (animated scene).
Shiny Hole: Monica starts attending to her royal duties (animated scenes + additional animated scene in the Extra version).

Fixed bug with the starting of quest “Love Triangle”
Other bugfixes.

Due to techincal problems, my website can be not accessible for some days. I’m working on it and the problem will be fixed soon.

EP3 v9:
New stuff:
Office: A new hot photoshoot, and a meeting with the head of a rival magazine (big animated scene).
Home: Monica can get her former home back, but what will she need to do to achieve that? (a number of animated scenes, an additional scene in the Extra version)
Falling Path: Monica can begin working as Mommy’s street girl. Getting her first client (animated scene).
Shiny Hole: Claire’s hot private dance with an extra ending (animated scene in the Extra version).

Added the Turkish language support.
You can now choose dialog options using your keyboard.
Multiple bugfixes.

Once again, massive thanks to everyone for your support!
Monica’s adventures will continue thanks to all of you!

Ep3 v8:
This update consists of 1137 new pictures and a ton of cool animations!

New stuff:
Office: Continuation of the department team storyline. Who’s the leader there, after all? (animated scenes + extra animated scene)
Victoria: A meeting of Victoria’s girlfriends. What kind of game does she have in store this time? (+extra content)
VIP Escort: Monica is forced to send a client to Mailey. What consequences will it have for Monica? (big animated scene + extra animated scene)
Slums: Continuation of the “friendship” storyline between Monica and Misty. Will Monica be able to exchange Jack’s amazing apartment for a room at Misty’s place? (animated scenes)

Ep.3 v7:
What’s new:
– Biff: New auditions. Things are getting more and more fun. (animated scene + extra animated scene)
– Office: Continuation of the department’s story arc. Intrigue and blackmail.
– Victoria: Unexpected details of Victoria’s life, as well as the continuation of her friendship plans. How will those affect Stephanie and Melanie? (animated scenes)
– Shiny Hole: Claire explores the new horizons of her sexuality.
– Falling Path: In order to stay afloat, Monica has to steal clients from prostitutes. What will end up happening with her because of that?

Bug fixes and improvements:
– You can now set a custom name for your saves.
– Implemented scrolling through text by pressing the space bar.
– Bug fixes

Ep3 v6:
This update includes 1772 new images and a lot of animations. I’ve also experimented how animations are presented in this update. I hope to hear your feedback on that!
What’s new:

VIP-Escort: Monica becomes the hotel’s administrator. She can now distribute clients to the girls, fine the girls and hold staff meetings. (An extra scene during the meeting)
Julia: Monica doesn’t help Julia around the house and doesn’t chip in their shared budget. How will Julia react to that? (an extra scene)
Marcus: Monica continues to visit Marcus. To initiate this quest, load the appropriate save game or start a new game and choose the “Marcus’ Training” plot line. (animated scene)
Falling path: Monica meets Misty and gets an interesting offer from her. Will Monica be able to get what she wants? (animated scene)
Falling path: Monica takes a walk around the park and meets the friends of Tim and Tom. What can this lead to? (big animated scene) (one more scene in the extra version)

A number of bugfixes.
Thank you so much for your continuous support! This game could’ve never existed without you all! You guys really help the game grow and improve!

Update CODE (Win): 180293

Ep.3 v.4
Fashion Business: EP3 Crossroads (v4) has been released!
I’m excited to present you another regular update for the beloved game, “Fashion Business”!
As always, we did a lot of work so the update could be released on time. Your support is very important for me and our team so I’m doing my best to make you happy.

This update consists of 1130 new pictures and 64 animated clips!

Please pay attention that Episode 2 part 2 renamed to Episode 3: Crossroads! And Episode 2.1 renamed to Episode 2: New Life.

What’s new:
Office and Investors: date with the investor, unexpected encounters. (Big animated scene + extended animated scene in the Extra version)
Julia: who will deal with a new stain on the floor? (animated scenes)
Betty: mistress of a wealthy house in a new role.
Fitness: the most beautiful girls go to the gym.
VIP Escort: while Monica doesn’t have any wealthy clients, she might as well do a side job with someone of lower class (big animated scene + extended scene in the extra version)

Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash during loading
EP2 part 1 renamed to EP2.1: New Life, Spanish language support added. Bardie’s storyline removed (I had to do it because of the abuse).
Other small fixes

Ep.2.2 v0.18
This update includes 1090 new pictures and 65 cool animations!

Biff’s castings: 2 new events (includes animations)
Bardie: Monica becomes a webcam model.
VIP Escort Service: a mini-event with colleagues.
Julia: Fred’s appearance and a new scene (animations)
Victoria and Melanie: a new girls’ party with Victoria, Melanie and Monica (animations + animated extra scene)
Victoria and Monica: an affair between Monica’s employee and Victoria, including a long animated scene with Monica.
Falling Path: two new events, including one long and animated (with Extra animated content)

Ep.2.2 v0.17
This update includes 1704 new pictures and 124 cool animations!
What’s new:

Private presentation for the investors. What else will Monica have to do to convince them to invest in her magazine?
VIP Escort Service: meeting your former fan. Will Monica be able to use him to solve her temporary troubles?
VIP Escort Service: Start of a “friendship” with escort girls.
Philip: Monica receives new experience. (extra scene with extreme content)
Betty: continuing to strengthen the relationship between neighbors. A faithful wife. New experience.
Falling Path: two new big events in Monica’s apartment (an extra version scene).
Shiny Hole: Claire’s problems. Will Monica help her or will she not involve herself? And who will she use to help Claire? New big quest.

Fashion Business Improvements:

Events list: a new system of quest description. Read about it below.
French language support added (98% translated, in progress)

Ep2 v0.16
Biff’s castings: 2 new events (includes animations)
Bardie: Monica becomes a webcam model.
VIP Escort Service: a mini-event with colleagues.
Julia: Fred’s appearance and a new scene (animations)
Victoria and Melanie: a new girls’ party with Victoria, Melanie and Monica (animations + animated extra scene)
Victoria and Monica: an affair between Monica’s employee and Victoria, including a long animated scene with Monica.
Falling Path: two new events, including one long and animated (with Extra animated content)

Fashion Business EP.2 v0.15

Betty. A faithful wife meets her neighbor 🙂
Office. A mini-event with the employees. A big date scene with the investor.
VIP-Escort. New options during the date with the investor if Monica is working in the escort service. An additional scene with Linda’s punishment (extra version)
Victoria. Continuation of the friendship between Alex, Victoria, and Melanie 🙂
Shiny Hole. Two dance battles with Molly and a catfight between them. Monica becomes the queen of Shiny Hole! (3 additional dance poses in the extra version)
Slums. A scene with the drunk. Monica tries vodka 🙂
More bugfixes

Fashion Business: EP2 v12 has been released!
Welcome to the new update for the famous Fashion Business!
In these trying times, a lot of people delay their projects, but I’m doing my best to stay on pace so I could keep the game’s fans happy!
During the development of this update my work station’s video card died, I had problems with my router, the power went out a number of times, I had to reinstall the OS, my render station hanged up and so on…
Still, I did my best to resolve all of those problems as quickly as possible, so it didn’t affect my work in any significant manner. 😉
I try to stay one of the most stable developers and I hope I can continue doing that in the future!
Anyway, what’s new this time:
Melanie: She’s trying to uncover Victoria’s secrets. Will she be able do it?
VIP Escort: New scene. Family drama 😉
Philip: Extremely hot and highly-animated threesome scene. (extended version with ass-to-mouth animations available in the extra version)
Office: New ways to entertain Daddy 🙂
Shiny Hole: Beginning of private dancing for the pub’s patrons.
Julia: Last part of the “panties color” quest. What will come of it in the future?
House: Bardie’s new tricks. Seducing Ralph.
Revenge Quest: Continuation of the story.
Fixed and improved:
A bug that caused crashing during the scene with Melanie.
Achievement update bug.
Problems with story quests if you spend the night in the slum apartment.
The problem of breaking quests when the right mouse button is pressed during the dialogue. A lot of mystical bugs are related to this.
The ability to reset Shiny Hole quests after loading v12 (you need to enter the pub)
The ability to send a crash log with one press of a button.
The translation engine was changed. Lower memory consumption. Faster game starting.
Show the game menu by long tap on Android devices.
Enjoy the game!
Yours DecentMonkey.

Episode 2 v11
A new regular update for the all beloved Fashion Business game is here!

This is a big one, featuring 1370 new pictures and 48 animation clips! As well as 3000 new lines of dialogue!

A lot of new possibilities and hot scenes await you!

What’s new:
Public event. Monica is living in the high society. Many of her old and new acquaintances will meet her there. Monica will have to do her best to conceal her current situation.
New hot photoshoot.
Escort jobs. Two big scenes. A lot of H-content.
A new scene with Phillip
Shiny Hole. the first private dance.
Slums apartment. New place to live in. Bonus scene (Extra version)
A new chapter in the romantic relationship with Julia.
Revenge quest continues.
Achievements list is now a gallery (beta). Some scenes are still unavailable.
The Cheat menu is now available in all versions. (click on the painting in the former Monica’s room)
Fixes and improvements:
You can now skip to a designated day of the week.
Fixed a bug with inactive bartenders in the Shiny Hole.
Fixed the bug regarding the quest restart in the Shiny Hole.
Performance improved
Other minor bug fixes
Enjoy the Game!

Episode 2 v10
What’s new:
Another long-awaited update for your favorite game!
This release contains 1000 of new images, 57 new hot animations, and around 2000 new dialogue lines.
I’ve worked hard on this upcoming update, which includes the beginning of the long-awaited escort storyline. Monica will finally have a new money-making opportunity 🙂
As always, high-resolution graphics will await you along with incredibly realistic animations!
What’s new:
Escort missions: Monica will gain a new money-making opportunity (Philip’s and the hotel employee’s offers), and then she’ll get hired as an escort.
Continuation of Bardie’s storyline: a new scene with Eric, Bardie, and Betty.
Continuation of the office storyline with Biff: a new scene in Biff’s office and an opportunity to develop the relationship with Biff (castings). The public presentation.
Relationship with Julia: a rather spicy relationship develops between Julia and Monica, maybe a start of something romantic 🙂
Shiny Hole: New developments in the relationship with strippers, intrigues and scandals. New hot dance with one of the strippers.
– Numerous bugfixes.
Arrows that lead to the photoshoot pictures/dances you’ve already seenchange their look.
A number of new animations will be exclusive to the extra version of the game, along with Molly’s dirty trick, concerning Monica’s panties.

Episode 2 v0.9
I’m happy to announce that a new version of the game liked by many has been released!
This is the best update it’s ever had! Check it out for yourself ASAP!
What’s new:
Continuation of Monica’s and Bardie’s story. You’ll get to know what Monica has to do to solve Eric’s college problems.
You’ll also get a chance to play as Melanie: move around the city and visit your apartment. There’s also a new big event with Monica, Melanie and Victoria. And more amazing scenes, including an exclusive photoshoot, featuring Melanie.
Continuation of Julia’s quest. Monica will have to do her best to complete Fred’s request. Many new events with Julia, Monica and office workers.
Monica can now earn more money, dancing in the pub. New events in Shiny Hole! You’ll get to meet strippers Molly and Claire. New locations, a whirlpool of events, rewarding new dancing mechanic! 30 animated clips and 8 music tracks!
The beginning of Revenge Quest.
A cheat menu for the extra version (check the painting in Monica’s former bedroom), the addition of even more animated scenes, and an exclusive topless body oil scene in Shiny Hole.
Bug fixes and overall performance improvement.
The latest release contains more than 1250 new images, 73 new hot animations, and about 2000 new lines of dialogue.

Episode 2 v0.8
The release contains more than 1700 new images, 42 new hot animations, and about 2000 new dialogs. I put a lot of effort into creating close-up animations for this update. Now their quality has become even higher, and the animations looking as realistic as possible!

What’s new:
Continuation of the storyline with Bardie: new Bardie’s orders, new locations, new characters (Bardie’s friend and their teacher), new hot scenes with Bardie and Monica, with Monica and Betty, as well as with the teacher.
Now there is an opportunity to play for Betty when completing the quest with a visit to сollege.
Continuation of the storyline with Marcus and new scenes in prison, which many have long been waiting for.
Relations with Julia: a new task from Fred and four new piquant mini-events with Julia.
Fixed a bug where Biff doesn’t hire Monica to work in the office (no need to replay the game, it’ll be fixed automatically)
Other minor fixes.

Episode 2 v0.7

Slums: new pole actions. 3 variants for each citizen.
New office quest: reports collecting.
Relationship with Julia: 5 mini-events.
A new way to earn 50$: go to the slums with your secretary (extra version).
New HOT photoshoot.
Main story: continuation of Melanie’s storyline.
Beginning of the relationship between Melanie and Victoria.
Beginning of the Marcus storyline.
Shiny Hole: Monica starts a waitress career.
Shiny Hole: punishment scenes. 4 scenes with Joe and 3 with Ashley. To start these scenes, Monica needs to leave the pub without giving tips to the owners.
Change: added a way to sell the dress without losing dignity.
New achievements system: You can see all the events available in the game. In one of the next updates, it will become a Gallery.
New game updating system. You can do it online. Works for PC and Mac (Experimental).


Serious bug during the work as a seller in the clothing shop: in some cases, the final customer didn’t appear.
Other minor fixes.

Episode 2 v0.6
Meet the new fresh regular update for the “Fashion Business” game!
This update consists of 1950 new images, 20 animation clips, and about 2000 new dialogues.
As always, I try to achieve the maximum quality of gfx, animations, and plot.

Whats’s new:
– New actions with Bardie.
– With the help of Bardie Monica will eat in the kitchen 😉
– New falling path event: naked boobs. A lot of variations for different citizens: 27 in total.
– Betty’s visit to Steve’s office during “signing” Steve’s contract by Monica.
– First contract with Jane.
– New work in the office. Monica will become a Boss again.
– Two new hot photoshoots.
– Melanie is back.
– Ability to eat in the Shiny Hole pub.
– Ability to eat in the Restaurant located in the Le Grand hotel.
– Added a scroll bar to the quest log.

Bug fixes:
– “possible infinity loop” error during “wait until Friday”.
– Minor bugfixes.

Episode 2 v0.5
This update consists of 1200 new arts and 62 new animation clips and is very hot!
It focused on scenes with Monica and starts just after the last Steve’s visit.
In the update Monica wiill visit Steve’s office, but she needs a proper clothes.
If Monica was kind to people, she can take a discount and get the dress from the clothing store for a low price.
However, she may try to steal it…
After getting the dress Monica will go to Steve…
So, as always, Monica’s faith is in your hands.
Enjoy the game!

Episode 2 v0.31:
Some bugs are fixed.

Episode 2 v0.3:
I’m proud to announce the release of Fashion Business Episode2 v0.3!
The new version contains 1130 new arts and 43 animated video clips.
As always, much attention is paid to the emotions of the characters.
Each H-scene is animated. Animations are of high quality and smooth (30 fps).
In this version, as in previous ones, a lot of efforts, inspiration, and soul.
I hope that you appreciate the game and leave your feedback!

The short changelog:
Big “office storyline” update. Different outfits. Hot scenes, etc.
The advance of relationships of Betty, Fred, and Monica. Hot scenes too.
New location. The pub “Shiny Hole”. Some story and start working.
Added dancing at the pole in the blind alley.
Ability to buy food at the gas station.
Skipping day until evening by pressing the button on the top of the screen (working only in the street locations)
Change clothing before leaving the house by the map.

Chengelog Episode 2 v0.2:
This is one of the most significant updates ever. It consists of about 1400 new renders and several animation clips!
The new version contains great progress in several lines of the plot.
Bardie storyline
Bardie wanted to find an approach to Monica to see her panties, and he could succeed, even more than
Betty storyline
Betty, perhaps, will trust Monica more and offer to visit the fitness.
Monica can’t do training yet, but she can watch on girls how they do it.
Several replayable scenes with several variations are awaiting you there.
Besides, you may discover about the weaknesses of strict Betty. But it depends on your choice.
Dick and Victoria storyline
Monica will advance in the relationship with Victoria. They will become ‘friends’
Office storyline
If Monica suddenly needs money, she can continue to earn it from Biff
She understands what these photo shoots can lead to in the end, so is she ready for this?
Falling path
Delivering flyers is not the easiest way to make money. Maybe Monica will find a way easier? But is she ready for this? Perhaps it’s okay to make a small exception, it’s not for long, right?
Also, you can learn some news about the secretary of Monica

+ Gallery Mod
A Mod that add a gallery button to the main menu allowing you to replay scenes​

Insert “game” folder in your “Fashion Business” folder.

Release date: 21 September, 2023
Genre: 3dcg, big tits, big ass, corruption, pregnancy, vaginal sex, anal sex, titfuck, masturbation, blowjob, interracial, sexual harassment, female protagonist
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: DecentMonkey
Platform: Windows / Linux / Android
Version: Episode 4 version 3.00 Extra
Language: English / German / Russian
Size: 6.67 Gb + 3.99 Lite version + 3.44 GB
Episode 1 is here: Episode 1

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]


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