The Company

The Company [version 5.9 Full]

The Company is an AIF real porn game set in the universe established by Wandrer on the ASSTR database, with his permission. This game focuses on the very early years of The Company before it became what Wandrer made it into, and aside from the entity itself borrows little to nothing else from his works. You choose your character’s name and gender and set off down a path of corruption, perversion, and control. As the game progresses, you encounter more people to corrupt, and more ways to do it utilizing the various devices and drugs you’ll develop in the Company laboratory…

+ Changelogs
The Company – Update 5.9 – Backer Release
Update 5.9 completely overhauls Penny’s serum route, rearranging nodes and adding 2 new ones! Unfortunately, as a result, any save files prior to Update 5.9 will not be compatible with this update
As this update was heavily impacted by recent issues, there is no additional “content” for these new serum nodes. That will be added in the 5.9.1 update coming soon. Save files from Update 5.9 will carry over
The character creation experience has been updated to be a little less clunky
Penny has been added to The PC
Updated Lab scene to be less awkward and cluttered
Fixed issues with Tasha

The Company – Update 5.8.1
Update Summary
Update 5.8.1 finishes adding dream and interaction content to the game as well as a new quest line involving Saya!

General Updates
A new quest line has been added for Saya, involving finding several Ram Coins spread across the game
Interactions have been added for Sophie, Kagney, Elsa, and Chanel
Dreams have been added for Tasha and Saya
Elsa can now be unlocked in Free Play by getting both Ava and Dakota to Lv.3 Affection
Tasha’s transformation quest line now requires having spent your Day Trip event in Chapter 4 with her
Tasha’s couch event at her apartment now has a variant to account for her possible transformation

System Updates
Heart Meters on applicable characters now reflects maximum Affection and Corruption
Pit Slave perks can now have a requirement that a trait NOT be present

Pit Slaves with the Frigid trait can no longer gain the Nymphomaniac perk
Fixed incorrect anatomy references in Tasha’s Family Bonding event
Transforming Tasha now correctly removes WorkEvent-30
Fixed missing image in imgTashaPussy.js
Fixed broken check for Pit Slave background
Fixed missing Tasha interactions in morning
Fixed The Pit upgrading past maximum level
Fixed John/Chanel pronouns in conversation
Fixed Sophie’s green outfit should now load correctly
Fixed Tasha should be friendlier when texting
Fixed Ava images not displaying correctly during her bedroom training event
Fixed Diana x Penny random event now loads correctly
Fixed Room Slaves now have an interaction when orally servicing MC’s with a vagina
Fixed Several typos have been corrected
Fixed Syntax errors in Diana and Chanel’s interactions

The Company – Update 5.8
Update Summary
Update 5.8 expands the existing dream and interaction content for many characters, as well as the Cheat Menu

General Updates

The cheats field has been removed from the game, replaced by a new Cheat Menu. Players can pick and choose which cheats they want to use from a list before starting the game. The Cheat Menu will be inaccessible after that
The bedroom PC unlock has been separated from the Debug Menu unlock, and now has its own cheat
Additional new cheats have been added to the game!
11 new dream events have been added each for Ava, Dakota, Sophie, Diana, Penny, and Chanel
7 new dream events have been added each for Kagney and Elsa
These dreams are, for the most part, unlocked by increasing Affection and Corruption with the associated characters
To help with that, 10 new interactions have been added for Ava, Dakota, and Diana. These can be accessed when you would normally be able to initiate a conversation, with new options being added as Affection and Corruption increases

System Updates

Use of cheats is now tracked in-game to help with troubleshooting


Fixed issues with Diana’s serum routing

The Company – Update 5.7.2
General Updates

Added three new MCS3 serum options for Diana
Added new MCSX ending for Diana
New Random Event – Diana x Cubicle Orgy
New Random Event – Diana x Penny
New Random Event – Diana x Kagney
New Random Event – Submitting to Diana
New Random Event – Diana Submits
New Random Event – Spoiled – Requires Ava dosed to deliver coffee
New Random Event – Laundry Day – Requires Ava dosed for sex
New Random Event – Dakota’s Bookmarks – Requires Dakota dosed for porn
New Random Event – Not That Bad – Requires Dakota dosed for oral
New Random Event – Good Timing – Requires Tasha dosed for sex
New Diana Convo – Such a Good Pet
New Diana Convo – I Think I’ll Keep You
New Diana Convo – If I Did Take A Master…
New Diana Convo – New Arrangement

System Updates

General description updates have been added to Diana’s office when she’s in to highlight physical changes. We’ll look at rolling these out everywhere in the future


Fixed some missing images
Fixed typos

The Company – Update 5.7.1
General Updates
New Diana Dose – “Morning Greet”
New Diana Dose – “Taming the Beast”
New Diana Dose Content – “Clerk’s Pet”
New Diana Dose Content – “Mistress on Top”
New Work Event – “Diana’s Kiss”
New Work Event – “Bark For Diana”
New Work Event – “Go Fetch”
New Work Event – “Walkies!”
New Work Event – “Suddenly, Tentacles?”
New Work Event – “Chanel Scolded”
New Diana Convo – “Feel Like I Can Open Up”
New Diana Convo – “Not So Bad Maybe”
New Diana Convo – “I’ve Had Other Pets”
New Diana Convo – “Don’t You Just Love Being My Pet?”

System Updates
Diana’s serum testing is now available from The Computer

Fixed error with Training Button in The Pit
Fixed dialogue in Diana’s Sophie Info event
Fixed issue with looping Diana’s serum path
Fixed some missing/broken images
Fixed several typos and context errors

The Company – Update 5.7
General Updates

Diana’s serum handling has been brought in line with other updated characters’
All serums through the first tier of MCS-2 are enabled in this update
New Random Work Event – “Pulled Into Records”
New Random Work Event – “Diana Caught?”
New Random Work Event – “The Strawberry”
New Random Work Event – “Diana and Sophie”
New Random Home Event – “Problem Client”
New Random Home Event – “The Yearbook” (Ava’s Lover Route)
New Diana Dose – MCS1 – “Easy Access”
New Diana Dose – MCS1 – “Kinky Interests”
New Diana Convo – “Feeling Frisky”
New Diana Convo – “You Taste Incredible!”
New Diana Convo – “Regarding Sophie”
New Diana Convo – “Regarding My Coworkers”
New Diana Convo – “Feeling Sexy”
New Diana Convo – “Sharing Interests”
New Diana Convo – “This Has Been Fun”
New Diana Media – Add for “Easy Access” dose

System Updates

Several Pit Slave surgery costs have been reduced by up to 50%


Fixed various typos/syntax errors
Fixed issue preventing players from profiting off of cubicle slaves
Fixed duplicate pit slaves appearing in scenes together
Fixed issue when crafting serums preventing serum crafting even when all materials were present
Fixed offboarding issues if Tasha leaves office
Fixed image display issue with roomslave
Fixed image display issue with Tasha

The Company – Update 5.6.1
General Updates

Slaves can now be assigned to “Morale Duty” upstairs in the Cubicles area
Slaves assigned to Morale Duty yield 20% of their sale value every week, added to your weekly paycheck
You may now choose to take one slave home with, being able to interact with them from your bedroom
Players will receive paycheck bonuses on Freeplay now as well equal to 10 * Weeks Played
Serum sales now has a new UI
Serum crafting has an updated UI

System Updates

The “Pit Upgrade” menu has been replaced with the “Training Options” menu, functioning the same way but having a “New!” flag when a level up is available
New slaves are exclusively female. Players may change this under the new “Training Options” menu
Players will now start with one free slave
Slaves must now be max level before they can be sold or repurposed
Confirmation scenes have been added for off boarding a slave
Players now start with 2 TP, up from 1
The first TP upgrade now yields 2 TP, down from 3
The second TP upgrade now yields 2 TP, up from 1
Values of positive traits have been doubled
Values of perks have been tripled
Unlocking a perk with the matching “Bonus Perk” grants a large bonus value. Try giving an already Submissive slave a Breeding Kink!
Starting Slave Value increased from $15,000 to $25,000


Fixed several context/syntax issues
Fixed issue preventing surgery adding to slave value
Fixed incorrect handling of slave value during perk checks

The Company – Update 5.6
Right now you can only sell slaves when you’re done with them. Previously announced alternative options are coming in Update 5.6.1
Many bugs from Update 5.5 have not yet been addressed. They will be squashed with Update 5.6.1

General Updates
The Pit has been completely reworked. No trace of the old system remains!
The Pit unlocks in the same ways as before, and the same characters can still become unique slaves
New slaves can be acquired from Craig once per day for $30,000
Slaves now have generated backgrounds and training histories, which will be displayed on their landing pages when you train them
Slaves now have still images associated with them based on age, gender, and hair color

System Updates
Slaves are generated with a randomly selected, and often negative, Trait
Traits will need to either be worked around or leaned into when deciding how to train your slaves
Slaves now acquire 1 XP every time they’re trained. At 5 XP they can be leveled up, to a maximum of Level 3
As you train your slaves, they’ll lose and acquire Willpower, Sexuality, and Loyalty stats in the background. These stats determine what possible Perks are unlocked when a slave levels up
Stats and perks are used to determine how a slave reacts towards different training options
Training slaves uses a new resource: Training Points (TP)
Players start with 3 TP per day, which can be increased through pit upgrades
Training slaves uses “only” TP, and does not cause time to pass
The Pit itself can now be upgraded and leveled, up to a maximum level of 6
Every time you generate XP for a slave, you will also generate that much XP for The Pit, which requires 10 XP to gain a level
Leveling up The Pit unlocks several perks, including more cell slots, high max TP, more training options, etc.
Slaves can now be sold directly (and immediately) from their landing page
The value of a slave is based on their XP, level, perks, and trait, and can potentially be extremely lucrative!

The Company – Update 5.4
Update Summary
Update 5.4 adds Tasha’s more confident and outgoing route to the game, opening her up to spicier interactions.

General Updates

Tasha’s “Outgoing” route has opened up, starting with the option to “Develop her exhibitionist side”
This route allows existing content to return to the game, as well as opening up several new scenes and events
Club Pearl has been added as a location, unlocked via Tasha’s outgoing route
When you visit Club Pearl there’s a 50% chance Tasha will be there, unlocking an alternative event
Community Event “Family Bonding with Tasha” has been added to the game. You can invite Tasha over on the weekends to initiate the event if you’re actively having sex with Ava, Dakota, and Tasha
Add random event “Closet Kiss” for Tasha’s “Confidence” dose
Add random event “Silent But Horny” for Tasha’s “Saleswoman” dose
Add random event “Suck It!” for Tasha’s “Saleswoman” dose
Added “Hard Sell” random event to Tasha’s “Star Saleswoman” dose
Added “Establishing Dominance” random event to Tasha’s “Top Energy” dose

System Updates

The Affection and Corruption system has been completely revamped, now with visual feedback on characters’ current levels
Every new level of Corruption and Affection unlock a new short interaction with that character, accessible any time you could initiate a conversation with that character
Currently, these new scenes only apply to Tasha and Penny, but will expand to all applicable characters over the next few updates
Affection / Corruption now scale from 0 to 100, and you can earn up to 2 points per character, per stat, per day, outside of interactive events which can potentially break this limit. This means you can “potentially” max a character’s Affection and/or Corruption within 2 months of game time
Affection / Corruption is now displayed as a graphical meter next to character names in dialogue boxes. The intent is that this will help identify characters you can build a relationship yet, though this is currently not fully reflected. Additionally, the meter displayed will be Affection OR Corruption, whichever is higher
Every 10 points in a stat will update the meter, and every 20 points will act as a milestone
These events will use a time slot, and offer some bonus to Affection, Corruption, Dominance, or Arousal
The Character menu has been updated with these new meters


Several syntax errors fixed
Several typos fixed (Like, a lot)
Fixed dialogue errors for Chanel
Fixed dialogue errors for “Traitor” event
Tasha’s “Sleepover” dose now correctly unlocks her phone number if you don’t already have it
Fixed continuity issues in Dakota’s conversations
Fixed references to outdated serum content
Fixed issue preventing Tasha’s apartment from unlocking under certain conditions
Addressed issue with tails being referenced correctly in The Pit
Fixed issue allowing players to potentially skip the Christmas Eve event
Fixed issue preventing Ava’s “Ava’s Bride” morning events from triggering
[LOCAL] All major NPC’s now use the imgNPC.js manifest file, including portraits

Update 5.3 adds Tasha’s redesigned serum route to the game. This update allows players to explore the “Loving” path of her route.

General Updates
Tasha’s serum routes have been completely remade
Currently, she only has a single route
You can also choose to interact with her without using serums. Her no-dose route will trigger after 14 days of game time with an event after work. You will have had to trigger her gender reveal event first.
Tasha’s gender reveal event now happens the first time you try to use a serum on her, and will not consume the serum
Tasha’s Apartment has been added to the game
Once unlocked, you can choose to go there in the evening when leaving work once every three days
Several new events added to the game, including a number of naughty office encounters, and the ability to invite Tasha over to your home for the day
New conversations added for Tasha
Once Tasha’s Affection is above 1, you can give her headpats in her office
You can now call and text Tasha
System Updates
Added new/updated images for Tasha
Added new playtime tracking
Several syntax and grammar fixes

Update 5.2 sets to finalize home content, adding in Ava’s “Maniacal Matriarch” MCSX ending and squashing any last minute bugs.

General Updates
“Maniacal Matriarch” MCSX ending has been added to the game. Initiating this ending will act as a true “ending” to the game, so it’s advised to save prior to using the MCSX serum on Ava.
Accessing this ending requires you to go down Ava’s “Free Love” serum route, taking the “Dommy Mommy” path further down the route
While effectively ending the basic player experience, this route offers new content and and scenes to experience. The loop will never break, so keep that in mind.

System Updates
Ava’s MCS3 and MCSX serum tier options have been streamlined
Several new or higher quality images have been added to the game’s media.

Fixed Dakota’s morning location display
Fixed several typos, formatting bugs, and syntax errors
Fixed broken links on title screen
Fixed issues assigning Ava morning tasks on applicable routes
Fixed pathing issues surrounding John’s “Dom John” route
Fixed missing images for Kagney and Tasha

Update 5.1 focuses on Ava’s more loving MCSX endings, while also adding some new content to her existing routes.

General Updates
Added “Mommy Bride” MCSX ending events. These events adhere to the normal MCSX cooldown timer, and the second event will trigger when you try to leave for work in the morning
Added “Tightest Family” MCSX ending content to the game. All events will unlock naturally through gameplay culminating in a new sleeping arrangement
New morning event “Filling In” when Ava dosed for Threesome content
New daytrip options when Ava and Dakota are dosed for threesomes
On Ava’s “Mommy Bride” route, you can now choose to sleep in Ava’s bed after sex
If bringing lunch to work from Ava, your meal will be reflected when having lunch with Penny, Tasha, or Sophie at work
Updated Ava and Dakota ISS structure for “Tightest Family”
Updated various scene descriptions for “Tightest Family”
Added new day trip after Ava’s “Mother Lover” MCS3 dose
Added new Friday breakfast sequence when Ava is MC’s bride
Added new Friday breakfast sequence when Ava is dosed for Oral
Update passive content for “Mommy Bride” MCSX ending
Add “Dakota’s Musing” random event
Add alternative wakeup events when Ava’s dosed to be your lover
Add option to request wakeup method on Ava’s “lover” route
Added Ava’s “Maid Massage” event to non-futa maid route
Added “Playing Hooky” event if Ava’s dosed for threesomes with Dakota. Will trigger on occasion when leaving for work
Added new ISS routing to start events from room when on Tightest Family ending
New random event: Ava’s Movie Night
New random event: Peeping Neighbor
New random event: Risky Business
New night event: A Little Privacy?

System Updates
You can now toggle autosave from the sidebar, potentially speeding up gameplay
Ava’s “Sell to Company” MCSX ending will now also trigger if you’ve dosed Ava to be an escort

Fixed formatting errors in several scenes
Fixed several broken flag checks
Fixed several macro errors
Fixed typo in surname pool
Fixed issue preventing Tasha from resetting after resetting John’s Dom route
Fixed issue with Ava’s “Wedding Night” event not flowing correctly
Fixed issue with events being incorrectly added to active event database
Fixed broken profile images
Fixed consistency issues with Dakota’s living room event with her friend
Fixed cooldown issue preventing certain scenes from playing out during Ava’s “Morning Coffee” event
Fixed issue causing Ava’s “Sell to Company” ending to not trigger with the correct timing
Fixed issue potentially removing MC’s ability to not wear underwear
Dialogue updated for Ava’s ISS on “Ava’s Bride” ending
Ava’s “Broken Home” ending should now route correctly
Ava’s “Ava’s Bride” ending should now still trigger the “Clothing Break” event
Added failsafe to Christmas event to prevent possible broken passage
The CMD1 “Lenny” scene will no longer trigger in Free Play mode
Free Play mode now correctly unlocks the hair growth enhancement serum
Fixed location error for Dakota
Fixed ISS flow issue for Sophie
Fixed broken images during morning events
Fixed broken artwork call for Tasha event
Fixed issue that would cause coworkers not to acknowledge MC transformations
Fixed dialogue flow for Penny’s ISS event
Fixed various formatting errors
Fixed AvaMaid events not unlocking correctly
Fixed Kagney’s broken display in Character menu
Fixed commentPenis widget
Fixed Ava-related pregnancy discrepancies
Fixed event flow for Dakota’s Friend event
Fixed dialogue flow for Dakota room sex event
Fixed gender recognition in “May the Best Win” event
Fixed Julia’s outfit not properly updating after BMB1 dose
(local) – Fixed imgKagney.js and imgElsa.js not being imported into game

v5.0 Complete

Update Summary
Update 5.0 adds two new MCSX endings to Ava’s serum route, as well as several new events and a few backend updates

General Updates
Due to several functional updates being made, Update 5.0 will not support save files from earlier versions of The Company
Ava’s “Broken Home” MCSX ending has been added to the game
Requires dosing Ava down the path to bring strangers into the house
Overwrites any non-MCSX doses applied to Dakota
This ending will primarily affect events around the home with Ava and Dakota
This is not a happy ending
Ava’s “Ava’s Bride” MCSX ending has been added to the game
Requires dosing Ava down the mental break route after giving her the Strange Strapon
This ending primarily affects how events play out around the home, specifically with Ava
After completing the MCSX events for this ending, your living arrangement will have been changed, and a new random event will unlock
1. New content has been added to Ava’s non-MCSX “Futa Maid” ending
2. New content has been added to Ava’s “Sell to Company” MCSX ending
3. New random events involving Penny and Julia will unlock after completing this ending!
All told, this update introduces over 14 new random events, not counting new variations to static events, as well as a few new conversations

System Updates

Free Play now starts the player at the first meeting with Sophie at the lab, rather than at the very beginning of the game
The MC will now also have a random surname given at character creation
Ava’s morning “visits” now have a 3 day cooldown
“See Dakota Masturbating” random event now only unlocks once you’ve seen Dakota changing in her room after dosing her to tease you
Dosing Penny to be more dominant will also add her Domme outfit to your outfit collection
Several passages have been reformatted on the backend for easier tracking and updating
Autosave now titles save files as “Chapter – Date” rather than default titling
Manual saves now allow for custom save file names, while also allowing to save with new default titling with a single click


Dakota’s MCSX “Dogkota” events now function properly, allowing you to finish the route
Elsa’s fertility is now tracked uniformly
Dakota will now join you and Ava for breakfast in Free Play
Maid Ava will now offer oral in the living room, even if you’re capable of fucking her
1-Fixed a number of location tracking inconsistencies
2-Fixed visual bug when texting Sophie and Diana
3-Fixed incomplete event removal when completing Dakota’s “Pornstar” MCSX ending
4-Fixed issue collecting royalties when completing Dakota’s “Pornstar” MCSX ending
5-Fixed issue allowing MC to acquire infinite “Dakota’s Bra” items
6-Fixed dialogue bug during Chanel and Tasha’s ISS
7-Fixed issues preventing Thanksgiving event from triggering properly
8-Fixed issues preventing Christmas Eve event from triggering properly
9-Fixed issues preventing Dakota’s “Pornstar” MCSX ending from progressing properly
10-Fixed errors is certain comment widgets
11-Fixed various JS issues in The Pit
12-Fixed various broken image calls
(local) Fixed Lisa’s imgLisa.js link

v4.3 Complete

General Updates

Loading a game past December 31st will roll the save back to December 31st
MCSX now unlocks on February 1st in Story Mode
Penny’s “Dating” condition has been changed. You now need to have visited her apartment at least once to be considered dating
Tasha’s “Dating” condition has been changed. You now need to have dosed her to meet you in your lab with some some extra attention to be considered dating
Sophie’s “Dating” condition remains the same, requiring you to be on her casual/romance path as far as it can currently go
Added community Ava’s Bathroom Surprise event, requiring Ava to be equipped with the Strange Strapon and on her dom route
Added community John’s Bathroom Train event, requiring player to be on Dom
John route with Tasha having turned on the MC

System Updates

Added a failsafe that ensures if at any point MCS-3 is unlocked, MCS-2 will unlock as well
Random event chance has been increased from 50% to 65% to compensate for removal of random conversations
Permanent Sissy/Bimbo transformation now correctly checks to make sure you’re already a Sissy/Bimbo before locking you into that state

The Company Fixes

1-Fixed the Christmas event. Honest
2-Fixed backend issue to avoid any potential link errors on title screen
3-Fixed issue allowing player to skip the Christmas Eve Guest Selection event
4-Fixed wardrobe menu on mobile devices
5-Fixed issue allowing you to dose Jag with TFM1 infinitely
6-Fixed issue preventing Dom John route from progressing in Free Play
7-Fixed various issues with the front desk scenes
8-Fixed various issues with John’s ISS routing
9-Fixed issues with Ava’s ISS routing
10-Fixed macro errors during Sophie’s office sex scene
11-Fixed broken images with Ava
12-Fixed major issue with macro leading to some weird recognition of anatomy
13-Fixed several macro errors and typos

+ Cheats

Cheats can be entered via the Additional Notes field during character creation
Cheats are not case sensitive
Multiple cheats can be entered at once by separating them with spaces

Current cheats include:

CHANELNUMBER5 – Start the game with John already turned into Chanel
XYZZYSPOON- Start the game at 20 maximum stamina
IDCLIP- Start the game with 9,999 days of birth control
GLITTERINGPRIZES – Start the game with $500,000
BLACKSHEEPWALL – Start the game with 30x MCS-1, MCS-2 and MCS-3
WHORUNBARTERTOWN – Start the game with 5,000x all lab materials
FASTPASS – Sets all serum cooldowns to 1 day
ZZTOP – Start the game with all clothing and toys unlocked
JUSTINBAILEY – Enables Debug Mode at bottom of sidebar
10CCSOFTITS – Starts MC off as a Bimbo
BESTBOI – Starts MC off as a Sissy. If MC is Female, this cheat will only tank dominance
The “BACKER” cheat has been removed in light of new cheats
Remember, winners don’t cheat! (Unless they’ve already beat the game, of course)

Release date: 30 April, 2024
Genre: HTML, Big tits, Seduction, Corruption, All sex, Lesbians, Oral sex, Anal sex, Hardcore sex, Real porn
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Westane
Platform: Any platform play Flash videos
Version: 5.9 Full
Language: English
Size: 2.83 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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