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The Mansion [version 0.95]

Just fired from work, you arrive at your girlfriend’s house to see that she is cheating on you with another man. Then you receive a message from an old friend, he invites you to live in his mansion to rebuild your life. But your friend hides a sinister secret that you must discover as you progress through the story. In the mansion you will meet multiple women who will require your attention.

+ Changelog
Fixed bug when you take the car keys and no work the car.
Extended plot, rescue Elsa and Andrea.
Added Lilly again in the plot.
Added 9 new fight in the game.
Now you can buy bandages and heal yourself anywhere.
New scene with Sara.

fixed bug in the clothes store
fixed bug with edward, when you talk with him
fixed bug, now you can find blue mushrooms at the river
New scene with Emma in Dusk Castor warehouse

Fixed some text bugs in various parts of the game.
Fixed bug with Bella.
The fight box has been reduced in size so it can be played on mobile.
Fixed a bug in the diary.
Fixed bug in the fight in the garden.
Fixed bug with Rose in the first date
Added new fight in Rose’s first date
Fixed a bug that prevented you from going to Emma’s house after William stopped you from entering his store.
Fixed bug with Rose’s date quest , now you can complete all the events.
2 new scene with Rose.

Added new scene with Rose(third date)
Added 4 new fights (two thiefs in a third date with Rose and fight with police chief and William)
The name “Hercules” appeared at certain moments, replacing the player’s name.
The power of enemies in fights has been modified. After a review, they will now be easier to defeat.

Fixed jewelry fight

Fixed bugs at the fight.

New combat system added. (I recomend start new game)
The old “fights” in the game have been replaced by a new, more interactive combat system where the player must defeat the enemy.
Now, the player’s statistics affect the fight.
Perception: Increases the probability of blocking and performing a counterattack. It also increases the player’s maximum action points (AP).
Agility: Increases the chance of dodging and reduces the chance of missing attacks.
Strength: Increases the damage of attacks.
New statistics added:
Endurance: Increases the player’s maximum health.
Action Moves: The points you have to perform attacks.
Life: If it drops to 0, you lose the fight.

Endurance can be increased in the usual exercise bar.

When the player is defeated, they will appear in the hospital.
To heal life, the player must go to the hospital and spend money.

Added 8 fights + intro fight:

Fight 1: Joseph in the intro
Fight 2: Lender
Fight 3: Pimp’s Lair Thug
Fight 4: Jewelry Store Thug
Fight 5: Joseph in the garden
Fight 6: William
Fight 7: Date Thief 1
Fight 8: Date Thief 2
Fight 9: Fight with Edward

Two new scenes with Rose at the hospital.

Fixed Azumi scenes in the gallery
Fixed few more little bugs with jessica.
New scene with Azumi when she is in the company, now open two scenes that will appear randomly every time you go with her to the urgent and quick meeting room.

Fixed bug in the date in the center with Rose
Fixed bug in Rose’s flat when you go for the first time
Fixed bug Magnus when you try to buy a house
Fixed bug with Mrs. Dubanoski
Fixed bug with Jessica and Tiger
Fixed bug with Rose in her office
Fixed bug when Lily disapear
Fixed a bug where two mission objectives overlapped on top of each other
Fixed text error after drink of the bloody fountain in the castle
Fixed text error in the lab of the college when Jessica dissapear
Now sell cocktails give you more money
Now work in all places give you much more money
Added a button in the inventory that leads to the street for when the player gets stuck
Added new scene with Azumi

Fixed animations of love bar
Fixed the action to give a drink to Richard
Fixed bug in the gallery with Sophia and Elsa
Fixed bug when you meet Sophia’s mom for first time
New scene with Bella
New scene with Isabella

Added new story with Bella
New content buying Bella house. Go to Bella at the castle town an bring her to her new home
New scene with Bella

Fixed bug with Albert and railcar
New content buying Isabella house (complete her quest)
New scene with Isabella

Fixed bug in gallery
Fixed bug with Albert and railcar
New content buying Isabella and Bella’s house.
New scene with azumi
New scene contruction womans
New content with Bella and Isabella

Change in the cast, the actress playing Isabella is now Blake Blossom.
New scene with Isabella
New character Azumi
New character Mi Slutty
Fixed bug with bella

Fixed bug with Rose in the park
Fixed some little bugs
Improve more game text traduction in english
Added new story with Bella
Added new scene with Bella

Fixed several bugs with Elsa, now the progress doesn’t stop
Fixed buy and sell buttons
Fixed bug with salad
Now you can find blue potion after Edwards abandone the potions room
Improve more game text traduction in english
New event and dialogues with Rose
New scene with Rose

Fixed new bug with monster and moscow mule, and Sara panties
Fixed bug with threesome with Nancy and Andrea in nancyroom the scene don’t repeat anymore
Fixed bug with Exit button in the pub
New scene with Sara (You need cocktails), now you can meet her in the street, town center, and side walk, and talk to her
New dialogues with Sara
Improved the style of the buttons for using objects in the backpack
Improved the game text.

Fixed bug buy clothes

Fixed bug with Sara in the walk
Fixed bug with scroll bar in the inventory

Added icons to the shopping items in the stores, bob, fuel station and pimp
Fixed bug with monster and moscow mule, and Sara panties
Fixed bug with threesome whit Nancy and Andrea
Fixed bug with cola
Added new talk with Bob
Added new texts in all game
Added new scene with Sara
Improved the English text in the introduction.

Fixed vending machine
Fixed conversation with hooded woman
Extended plot in the castle
Added new scene with Jennifer
Added new inventory
Improved the English text in the introduction

Fixed bug with vending machine
Fixed bug with Jessica at motel
Fixed a bug with Sophia and blue mashroom
Fixed a bug with Jessica in Tiger’s apartment.
Fixed bug when you bring Lab Jessica to Tiger
Fixed error in the garage
Fixed bug trip with Jessica Tiger’s daughter
Fixed bug with Sophia and blue mushrooms
Added secondary girls gallery (Angel woman, Rita, Marie, Director Olivia, Mrs. Duabonski, Jesscia in cantine, Jessica in lab, Jessica meeting by Marie, Clara, Bella and Madison)
Upgrade avatars images
Extendend content after talk to hodded woman about black robe and enter the castle
Added threesome scene with Nancy and Andrea

Fixed bug with vending machine
Fixed bug with Jessica at motel

Fixed a bug with Sophia and blue mashroom

Fixed a bug with Jessica in Tiger’s apartment.

Added in-game gallery scenes featuring the main girls.
Fixed bug with Moscow mule in sidebar.
Now you can sleep without energy restrictions
Fixed empty bottle refilling in toilets at the end of the game.
Cyndi can help you refill a bottle, but the splash may fail! (you won’t lose the bottle)
Fixed bugs with Jessica Tiger in her apartment.
Added red potions in the green house when Sophia is in college and the player has 0 potions.
Added progress love bar animation
Fixed spend time (sidebar button) when in the forest of an abandoned village
Added new font style
Extended content with Jessica Tiger, you can travel with her and see her father
Added a new scene with Mrs. Dubanoski.
Now you can shower at Marie’s apartment and at Mrs. Dubanoski’s house
New scene with Sophia (optional)

Fixed bug with monster energy
Added new content with Jessica
Added new scene with Jessica

The remaining content with Jessica has been added.
The bug when building the railcar has been fixed.
The bug with Bob from the weed sale has been fixed, now you will be able to talk to Tiger.
The diary has been updated, it will now display the main mission you’re currently on to prevent the player from getting lost.
The speaking content with Jessica has been added.

Fixed bug in the college

Fixed bug with maze
Fixed bug with lender quest

A couple news scenes
New scene with the woman’s plane
Fixed two bugs
Upgrade interfaze, start menu and links!
In this update the roulette is deactivated, the jobs will give more money
New cheats codes

Fixed all bugs when talk to Jessica in the laboratory

Fixed bug in Jessica lab

Added quest with Jessica in the laboratory
Adde new scene with Jessica in the laboratory
Added skip time button
Fixed a couple of small bugs

Fixed bug in Rose cite

Now you can train to 30 strength
Added new scene with Rose
Added new scene in the library of college
Added new Jessica character

Fixed error when you try to find Olvia’s house
Added +5 avatars selections

Fixed bug with Olivia in her office before give her the money

Added cheat console in the mall
I have also increased the number of avatars you can choose at the start of the game by +5
I have fixed the bug to be able to access the content of vegan food in the university and I have added a new scene with Mrs. Dubanoski if she is chosen to be the director, there will also be a new scene with Olivia.
Now you can take the Jessica that you find in the canteen to Tiger
New scene with Jessica

1. Now you can choose between 5 photos to select the avatar that you like the most.
2. I have added continuation to the college plot now you can get the vegan ingredients and unlock a new scene with Mrs. Dubanoski and Olivia
3. I have also fixed some previous bugs

1. Fixed error with Noa, now before complete her quest you get love with her and you can have sex.
2. Added new scene with Olivia.
3. Fixed bug with Madison and some more bugs
4. Updated diary
5. Added new character Mario
6. Updated plot with Jessica in the college

1. Fixed bug with Madison and added back button with Noa when you tak to her in her house

1. New scenes with Madison
2. New content with Tiger
3. Fixed bug with Marie

1. New character Olivia
2. Find Jessica
3. New scene with Jessica

Update 0.69
1. Fixed bug with blue potion
2. Added another way to get the black robe
3. Added a forest in the initial town to be able to collect wood
4. Date with Rose in the forest and new scene
5. New scene with new girl

1. Fixed some bugs
2. Fixed backpack
3. New location “college town”
4. New character Mrs Dubanoski “Sophia’s mom”
5. New scene with Mrs. Dubanoski

1. I fixed a bug in nancy’s house when you go to sleep automatically
2. Added sex scene with Jennifer, when tou have a bue potion and talk with her 3. Added a couple of new conversations with the hooded woman and preparing to enter the castle
4. Fixed bug when you don’t impreganetd Isabella and go ahead at the port to get sulfuric acid

1. I have fixed a bug with Tiger, when giving him a moscow mule, the mission with Nancy’s panties was always restarted 2. I’ve added a little scene with Jennifer when you go back to her house to talk to her for the second time 3. You can take the blue concoction to Sophia to analyze it, you will unlock a cutscene with her 4. You can collect blue mushrooms for sophia to replicate the blue concoction

1. Fixed bug with church key

1. Bugs fixed
2. Find elsa in the church
3. New scene with Elsa

1. Bugs fixed
2. New scene with Bella in her house
3. extended plot, now you can enter in the church
4. Now you can increase your perception in the town`s river

1. You can travel in the railcar.
2.Now you can unlock Noa’s house and visit it recurringly with new scenes.
3.New mechanic added to the player, now the player will get dirty when he exerts himself and you will have to take a shower, if he doesn’t take a shower it will have negative effects with women and reputation.
4.Now you can work at the hotel Negative reputation will affect some things in the game.
1. I’ve fixed the Sakura bug, the bug that didn’t allow you to move forward when you’re a prisoner in the police jail, and the bug with Albert and the railcar, besides a error with work in the pub.
2. I have added a function for Sophia to plant mushrooms, so you don’t have to go back to the maze all the time to get them, but you can go back to make 2 cocktails a day
3. I have added new dialogues and situations, now the jewels that you steal in the police station will be found by the police if mc carries them, this will make you not be released from jail and your reputation will decrease for being a thief, the jeweler no longer will let you into his shop, you can also buy them to avoid this.
4. You can give a jewel to Emma to increase her love more easily.
5. Now the railcar will be complete and available to ride, but the content is still under development, I’ll try to get it ready for the next update.
6. You can smoke weed with Tiger who will send you the mission to find his daughter, unlock the car keys from Sara’s panties and to be able to travel for Tiger’s daughter. This content is still under development.
7. I recommend starting the game from the beginning since there was a problem with my pc and I lost the version I was uploading. I have fixed everything and added the missing content as it was, improving some things. Thank you for your patience and I’m sorry for what happened.
1. I removed several bugs like the bug with Nancy in the kitchen
2. I corrected several plot errors such as the commissioner who came back to life and some more
3. Added roulette again
4. Added jennifer house
1. I’ve fixed an inconsistency with the commissioner. You saw him again after his death at the police station, not now.
2. A small visual improvement to the sidebar
3. The hospital, now when you lose a fight, you will wake up in the hospital
4. A new character, Rose.
1. Fixed the commissioner’s quest
2. Added Jennifer house
1. Fixed Nancy in pub and police station
2. Fixed Noa in Elsa’s house
1. Now you can have frequent sex with Sara.
2. I have added a Quest Tracker to make things easier for players.
3. I have added some short messages with brief explanations.
4. The plot now progresses, the player will go to the police cell if you helped Richard before he died if not he will not go to the police cell.
5. You can meet Noa in Elsa’s house and complete her quest
1. I’ve fixed a few bugs that don’t affect the plot
2. Now Sara is awake
3. Now you can buy a lantern and discover a new passage to return to the graveyard and the garden maze

2. I have reviewed the game and fixed some bugs, I have repaired the images for linux and also added some more content, I hope you enjoy it.
1. Fixed error with the images and other errors in the beach
2. Improve 1/3 of the english in the game
1. Fixed error in the beach with the images
1. Fixed error in the steel factory and a few more errors with linux system
2. work gives more money
3. recibe regard from the Lender
4. You can return to the abandoned village
1. Fixed error in the street
1. Fixed Promenade error, if you have 0.63, you can download only the 0.63.1 html
1. Fixed Cyndi back button error
2. Nancy temporarily disappears with corruption +90
1. Fixed a couple of bugs
2. Fixed corruption Nancy
1. Fixed a couple of bugs
1. Complete revision of the game and solved most of the bugs
2. If nancy was kidnapped, you will find her again.
3. Added police station
4. Meet John again
1. Fixed Nancy
2.”Hardman in the act”
3. Updated walkthrough
4. Fixed bugs
1 . fixed a few errors
1 . You can give the steel to Albert
2. Now you can free Sakura and take her to the hotel (patreons)
3. Skill Up is now capped at 25
4. Sophia will ask you for “samples” for her research (patreons)
1. Visual change
2. Buy steel
3. Find nancy in the park
4. You get more money at jobs
5. Bug fixed
BETA v0.59
1 . Multiple bug fixes and new content. New fuckable character, Emma. Now you can raise strength more than 15 and perception. Added charisma.
2. Added content for patreons
BETA v0.58.6
1 . Fixed error with Sophia an bottles
2. Fixed bug in Nancy’s house
BETA v0.58.5
1 . It is version 0.58 but with a little more content and the bugs that blocked the advance fixed.
2. Added Elsa’s dream
BETA v0.58.2
1 . Fixed multiple errors
2. Fixed error in Sara’s room
BETA v0.58.1
1 .I have fixed some bugs of version 0.58
2. If you already have version 0.58, then you can download only the html
BETA v0.58
1. I am expanding the plot of the game
2. You will be able to access the mausoleum that John is trying to open.
3. New character Albert, he will help you find Elsa, he will ask you to build a wagon
4. You will find Sara
5. You will meet Richard again
6. Fixed sex with Nancy
BETA v0.57.1
1. Fixed error with John dialogue in the graveyard.
BETA v0.57
1. Now, if Sophia disappeared, you will be able to find her again when you return to the mansion, for this you must return alone, without Andrea.
2. Sophia will make you a red concoction that will be used to cross the street on the other side of the cemetery, you will need to bring her mushrooms and an empty bottle. If Sophia left the mansion for ever, you can find concoctions at her old workplace, Andrea to accompany you, you will have to spend a concoction with her.
3. Added new content when traversing the sinister street. You will find a clue about Elsa.
4. Now Nancy will be able to make cocktails at her house after leaving the mansion.
BETA v0.56
1. Fixed: When Richard expels you from the mansion and you haven’t discovered Tiger yet, you can find the hammer in his workshop and go back inside.
2. When you are expelled from the mansion you can spend the night in a hotel or sleep in the park.
3. If you helped with Andrea’s debt, she can walk you back to the mansion after John opens the door to the garden maze.
4. You will be able to warn Andrea of the danger. If you have enough love with Nancy and Andrea, it will trigger the live with Nancy event.
5. New scene with Andrea when you return with her to the Mansion, you can get her pregnant.
BETA v0.55
1. I have extended the plot, now you will be able to access the other side of the garden labyrinth door with the help of John.
2. Nancy and Sophia will disappear if you don’t warn them, you can trigger Sophia’s event even if you haven’t been kicked. I have fixed some bugs related to the event.
3. Elsa will be kidnapped by Joshep.
4. Fixed bugs and plot errors from the previous version.
BETA v0.54
1. The threesome with Lily and Andrea is now optional
2. Added buttons to trade juice with Elsa and to sell juice to Tiger
3. Extended plot, now you can get the fourth gem after cheating Joseph
4. Now you can drink with Richard once a day, this will lower his suspicion a bit.
5. Fixed previously bugs
BETA v0.53
1. Added event with Sophia. Only if Richard kicked you out of the mansion and you tell Sophia to leave for safety.
2. Added new character, her name is Sakura. She is in the port club after pay Andrea’s debt.
3. Fixed previously bugs
BETA v0.52
I recommend downloading the new version and starting from the beginning to avoid errors with the new update. I’m sorry for the inconveniences.
1. Now you can tell Andrea about John’s existence in the basement.
2. Added threesome with Andrea and Lilly. It will only happen if you have enough love with Lilly and she is in the living room when you have sex with Andrea.
3. Now when Andrea leave the mansion, George creates a strip club and Andrea will be there.
4. Now when the player is expelled from the mansion they can return and the characters will be there. But if Richard sees you, he will expel you immediately.
5. Fixed previous version bugs.
6. You can bet more money on roulette. Also buy 15 items at a time.
BETA v0.51
1. Fix Sophia bug, now gives you the maze key without fail. Nancy no longer disappears from the kitchen.
2. Fixed a few more annoying bugs.
3. Now Andrea can have a face full of semen. (In the future there will be more game with Andrea)
4. Added being able to spend time, in various places. (Park, beach and guest room)
5. Now when the energy drops to 0, the protagonist goes to sleep directly without wasting time.
BETA v0.5
1. Fixed errors
2. Added Love bars
3. Added basement quest
4. Added Richard suspect bar and history
5. Added Lender quest
6. Added Jewelry quest
7. Added gems quest
8. Added cult sex of Elsa
9. Added blowtorch quest
10. Added Andrea pimp quest
11. Added Andrea now live with Elsa
12. Added Work in casino and work in pub
13. Added Sophia in park date
Alpha v0.06
1. Improved text
2. Start improved
3. Casino added
Alpha v0.05
Fixed 0.04 version errors
Added new beginning
Added skip button
Alpha v0.04
Fixed multiple grammatical errors and several bugs
added new key
new dialogues
and more
Alpha v0.03
Added Basement
New character: “Tiger” mechanic old man
New character: “John”
Added new objects:
talcum powder
Rewrite phrases and dialogues
Alpha v0.02
Fixed videos and size game (all).
Added content with Elsa now can change your sperm bottles for her personal juice.
Alpha v0.01b
-Fixed bugs
-Nancy creampie passage fixed
-Guest room nap fixed
-backpack fixed
-Garage nap fixed
-Richard tequila sunrise fixed
-Lily fixed
-Andrea sex fixed
-Bathroom fixed
-Bob fixed
-Sprite fixed
-Several grammatical errors fixed

Release Date: 20 June, 2024
Genre: Nudism, blowjob, threesome, real porn, vaginal sex, anal sex, real sex, creampie, drugs, degradation, perversion, corruption, netorare, male protagonist
Developer: Rustlerman
Censored: No
Version: 0.95
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Size: 2.95 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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