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Survival Guide [Day 6.5]

You are a loving husband who, after leaving the city, returns to the epicenter of an unknown virus. The hero now is in search of his wife and tenant, who disappeared after the outbreak. Will he be able to keep his good feelings for the world, stay alive, and, most importantly, protect his loved ones? That is what you will find out by playing Survival Guide!​

+ Changelog

Day 6.5 Alpha

~17k words in total
3 new animations
2 lewd scenes
1 new small mini-game
Day 6 content plus a start of day 7 content
Possibly some bugs.

Day 5 Alpha

~15k words in total
2 tease scenes with variations
1 lewd scene
Small mini-game
Continuation of the story (Day 5 content)
Possibly some bugs and spelling mistakes (as usual).

Day 4 Beta
This version contains mostly bug/spelling fixes and one new lewd scene.
Day 4 Alpha

About 80 new renders
3 short animations
11,000 words in total
3 lewd scenes
Probably some bugs or spelling mistakes (didn’t have enough time to check it all )

Day 3 Alpha

About 100 new renders
2 animations
New sound effects
About 9000 words in total
A few bug fixes in Survival Guide
Probably more bugs & spelling mistakes 😉

Day 2 Beta

About 100 new renders
3 new animations
About 6500 words in total
Small changes to menu layout

Also beta release includes

1 new animation
1 new scene
Bug fixes
Official Android version

Day 1 Beta
We have slightly reworked the old script
A big bunch of spelling mistakes were fixed
Compressed images to reduce file size
Changes to internal structure of the game (old saves won’t work, sadly)
Reworked some old renders
A brand new main menu design (thanks to cuckoo4cocoapuffs)
2 animations added
A new choice at the end of the game that leads to two different animations

Day 1
About 100 new renders.
1 animation.
Fixes to previous version.
Another point&click mini-game.

Survival Guide – Initial release

+ Developer Notes:
Main planned tags in Survival Guide:

Vaginal Sex
Anal Sex
Mini-games are going to be limited to point & click (should be easy enough for sandbox/minigame haters)

A few things from me, the dev, to keep in mind:

The writing is not the best. I am neither a professional writer nor a native English speaker, but trying to improve.
All characters are implemented in a cartoonish style, make sure you’re OK with that before playing 🙂
There’s no grind in the game. All sandbox elements are quite short and easy to get around.

Release date: 24 May, 2023
Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, point&click, incest, big ass, big tits, teasing, sandbox, handjob, vaginal sex, masturbation, virgin
Censorship: NO
Developer: RazzyBerry
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Day 6.5 Alpha
Language: English + Spanish translation
Size: 528 MB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]


  1. últimamente no hay un juego que se instale. lo eh probado en 2 teléfonos y nada. después de descargar que venga a salir una nota diciendo que el archivo es posible que esté dañado, ya jode demasiado.

    1. Good afternoon!
      I installed this game on my Android smartphone and everything downloaded for me (android version 12).
      Below you can see screenshots of the installation of this game:

      1. good morning. that is not the reason. Both my phones have Android 12 and updated software. Many of these games after downloading, give a file error at the time of installation or say, file damaged.

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