General Practitioner 2 [version 0.0.10]

Meet a “General Practitioner 2”! Live the life of TWO doctors in this brand-new medical simulated Visual Novel. Andrew and Julie are siblings and MDs and they recently inherited a once-renowned medical clinic from their aunt. Join them in rebuilding the clinic, hiring staff and living their lives.​

+ Changelog
Dear fellow doctors,

I hope this message finds you well. It’s been quite a while since our last communication, and for that, I sincerely apologize.
The silence wasn’t due to a lack of effort or intention
but was the result of significant changes happening behind the scenes. Since our last update in October, the ownership of the game has transitioned, bringing with it fresh perspectives and exciting new ideas. With this,
we’ve taken time to rethink, rework, and revise
our beloved game General Practitioner 2 from the ground up.

One significant change that I’m thrilled to share with you is the
restructuring of our gameplay schema
No longer will you need to click on rooms or grind content to progress the story.
Now, the game progresses in “chapters,” which offers the chance to delve deeper into the lives and experiences of our characters.

You’ll have the freedom to choose which character to play first
—Andrew or his sister Julie—and then, should you wish, you could restart the game to explore the content and storyline of the character you didn’t pick initially. This ensures that all game content is playable and fully accessible, regardless of your initial choice of path or actions.

Furthermore, the game will allow you to develop relationships not only between Andrew and Julie but also with the three nurses working at the clinic. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for new characters arriving soon. And that’s not all—we’re also excited to share that new chapters and stories are already in the pipeline, designed to keep you entertained and intrigued!

We’ve also made medical exams a part of the story.
As a player, you’ll need to tackle these one after the other, paving the way for progress in relationships and helping to increase the awareness of our two young doctors.

We are genuinely grateful for your continued support throughout these changes.
We recognize that our hiatus from updates has been longer than we all would have liked
, but we assure you it was for the good of the game. We believe these changes will enrich your experience of General Practitioner 2, making it more engaging and rewarding.

Lastly, and probably the most eagerly awaited news, I am thrilled to announce that the next update will be released right away! We are as excited as you are to dive back into the game, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of the improvements.

So, get ready to embark on new adventures, encounter new faces, and unravel new stories. Thank you again for your patience, your support, and your enthusiasm—it means the world to us. Let’s gear up for a remarkable journey ahead in the world of General Practitioner 2!


General Bug Fixing
Added more than 120 new HD pictures
Removed the option to “Work” at night
Added 10 casual conversations with nurses whenever you go to the clinic. Conversations change depending on the nurse you hired.
Some medical jargon has been simplified throughout the game. I revisited many statements and changed them completely to be more understandable to the general public.
Added 25 medical “tests” to earn knowledge points. To do such tests you need to choose “Study” from the daily choices screen. Some tests might appear more than once, but that is working as intended as you will find it easier to earn points as you also learn some medical terms and conditions.

You can access the medical tests by choosing to “study” on the daily planner.


Charles Owens examination is now available to play. Charles recently discovered a condition while urinating and needs more tests done. The examination includes kinky scenes.
Maria Miranda’s examination is now available to play. Maria is a pediatric patient who arrives with her dad after finding blood in her urine
Elsa Esposito’s examination is now available to play. Elsa’s examination will focus on conversation options and your relationship with her. If you go to the bar after her examination you will find her there and continue her story.


Added a new introduction to the game, introducing the main characters, their background and personal stories.
Chapter 1 – Julie: Added a story by the lake with Andrew after day 35
Chapter 1 – Andrew: Added a story by the lake with Julie after day 35
Chapter 1 – Andrew and Jane: Added Victoria’s Secret encounter, dinner, spa and optional sexual encounter after day 35

General Bug Fixing
Fixed an issue which, in some cases, caused the descriptions for Andrew and Julie’s stats to be wrong (i.e. “Nymphomaniac” with a sexpertise of 0)
It is now possible to change Andrew’s nickname “Andy” when starting a new game.
Andrew’s nickname “Andy” has been fixed to include the customized nickname throughout the game
Fixed a crash during Johnathon’s examination
Fixed a typo during Jennie’s examination referring to her ailment as “Stomach Pains” instead of “cough”
Fixed a crashing issue during Daniel’s examination

+ Developer Notes
This time there are two of them!
Choose to live each chapter of the main story from Andrew or Julie’s point of view. Different paths mean different stories to unfold, people to meet and consequences to play!
Make them professional, respected doctors or corrupt them down to a path of money, lust or even crime! While a sibling might be a saint, the other one might be the exact opposite! Who knows where you could get them into!

Clinical cases
In the best tradition of the General Practitioner franchise, dozens of clinical cases to explore. Choose the correct way to diagnose an illness with the renewed codex, or do your best to ruin people’s lives by giving them a wrong diagnosis. You could also try and get some extra cash by threatening them by exposing some dirty secrets to their family or local police. It’s up to you.

Medical accuracy
Written with deep research and the help of a real MD, General Practitioner 2 focuses on medical accuracy. Every medical information you will find in the game is consistent with the actual medical knowledge. Please remember this is a game, however, and if you need medical help you should always ask your doctor to help you.

New gameplay in General Practitioner 2
Hire new staff members and manage the hospital in a new story-based gameplay. No more idle days trying to figure out what to do. The game is a full story and even hiring staff and managing stuff (!) is always story-oriented. No chapter will be like another as you get to know pediatricians, midwives, tech gurus, social media marketers and nurses!

Game over IS possible
Make the wrong choices and the clinic will be shutted off. You will need to balance your bad habits in a way the Medical Board won’t open an investigation against you. And if they will… It’s up to you to change their mind.

Optional Sexual encounters
You can try to flirt and romance dozens of characters in the game, including coworkers and patients! But beware, not everything is what it looks like!
The game won’t be rated 18+ on Steam since Vanilla mode will always be active. Vanilla mode is a feature which disables nudity content. You can find every information about Vanilla mode and how it works on the game’s main website!

General Practitioner 2: are you ready to become a doctor again?

Release date: 12 July, 2023
Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, female protagonist, multiple protagonist, big tits, sandbox, vaginal sex, adult doctors, anal sex, oral sex, groping, big ass, lesbian, interracial, management
Censorship: NO
Developer: Bruni Multimedia (Other Games: General Practitioner1)
Platform: Windows, Linux
Version: 0.0.10
Language: English
Size: 1.88 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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