Enchanted [version]

Enchanted is an adult porn game where the main hero has to move to his relatives – his aunt and her two daughters. The outcome of this adventure depends on the player. Many types of fetishes and different storylines are planned to be realised. You can play either male or female. You can choose a backstory of your character that slightly affects your relationships with others. You can also pick your level of dominance, defining the plot of the game.​..

+ Changelogs
– new elder cousin’s tasks: buy a bra and ass training
– new Spell: Spell of Limpness (converts a cock into a clit if possible. Cock should be less than 7 cm. The clit size depends on the cock size.)
– younger cousin’s forced sissification event: talk to her after the second hypnotherapy session
– elder cousin’s gym event: available for female and trans characters, becomes available for a sissy character after getting the ass training task (should have at least 1 point of eager sissification)
– bimbo: hypnotherapy stage 1
– dom: date in the park with the younger cousin
– Red Light District: scenes with a new character – Venus Lux (transgender)
– sissy: hypnotherapy stage 3 was added
– forced sissification event (to activate, choose ‘elder cousin forced…’ when aunt comes at morning. Then go to room after some time, the elder cousin will come to punish you )
eager sissification event (when aunt catches the main hero sleeping in girls underwear, choose ‘I was curious’ option. The aunt will come to your room later)
– new sissy tasks: body waxing and voice training
– bimbo: introductive hypnotherapy
– the maid can give the main hero a massage now
– fixed the bugs with showing flats and other minor improvements
– custom start back-end reworked: checkboxes instead of links with page refreshing
– lifehack: ‘learn all the spells’ button was added
– added new aunt replies for teaching her spells
– added the next sucking competition scene
– aunt and younger cousin react if the main hero wears female clothing (works for blouses, skirts, socks, yoga pants, heels and flats)
– a new setting: player’s text color can be changed depending on feminity/masculinity
– Spell of Softness and Spell of Hardness change player’s portrait (at the moment works only for the first four male archetypes) ty Kellianne
– minor bug fixes
– quality of some texts (main story content mostly) has been improved, some spells were renamed ty Buckler
– Latin skill rework: sub-skills are removed, a couple of learning level 1 scenes (only when you start to learn it the first time, not available later) were added (alone and with the aunt), new characters: Rachel, a succubus, and Kayden, a nun.
– maid humiliation scene (available after buying blouse and skirt; when choosing work, pick to do chores without effort)
– buying gstrings scene (available after buying flats, includes a bit of SPH content)
– lapdance suggestion for the elder cousin
– Credit of Trust – new quest of the main story line
– sucking competition received the second stage with lollipop
– new event with cosmetics during the cosplay help work
– three new jobs available at weekends: waiter/waitress, walk with a dog and babysitting.
– bimbo: new lesson about cosmetics
– new scenes in the brothel with Jessica
– and other minor changes and bug fixes
– new locations: mall men and women toilet
– added a lesbian voyeur scene in the women toilet (just visit it, this event is repeatable)
– new content for 15$ patrons: stripclub and brothel in the red light district and a sex scene with Jessica
– SPH-content additions to the aunt’s morning panties event (requirements: SPH content enabled, not wearing chastity, cock size less than 10 cm)
– pole dance suggestion for the elder cousin
– a short intro scene with Jacob starting slavery storyline
– ‘Live and learn’ quest has received a simpler progress bar
– new elder cousin task: buy flats
– the next stage of the hypnotherapy was added
– new task for the bimbo storyline
– new setting: 12 hours time format
– fixed a serious bug with checking item types that didn’t allow proper game walkthrough ty Becca
– fixed: going to the theatre with aunt is counted as an interaction

– new test feature: custom start – allows to mark completed quests or stages right at the start of the game. Available for 5$ and above patron tiers
– new Spell: Spell of Garrulity – increases player’s lips size
– casting spells at the altar does not require an empty gem in the inventory anymore ty GBae9
– fixed one of aunt’s dialogs ty Sneylor
– first introductory quest of the bimbo storyline – choose a feminine character (female or transgender), don’t work several days in a row, until you get a message from the aunt, then talk to her
– female socks choice is increased to 50 options
– new item: male thong (sold in the sexshop, 25 options)
– notifications link in the sidebar was removed, notifications appear in other pages they belong to
– fixed a funny glitch with the money dollar sign ty big d

– shops redesign: more stylish and comfortable clothing selection
– panties choice increased to 40 options
– new item: nightgown (50 options)
– new Spell: Spell of Fatness (increases ass size)
– new activities in the gym (increase and decrease ass size)
– work and sleep scenes have additional descriptions if the main hero wears chastity or buttplug
– sissy storyline: new talk with the younger cousin (unlocks after aunt catches the main hero sleeping in panties)
– fixed missing transfusion gem image in the online version
– changed elder cousin’s schedule: she goes to the nightclub at 22:00
– fixed buttplug insertion gifs, added a new buttplug gif for characters having a cock

– new item: sissy pouch (sold in the sexshop, 21 options)
– face lines is replaced with body features (extremely masculine, masculine, androgynous, feminine, extremely feminine) with pictures displaying it.
– new options for the Spell of Suggestion:
Aunt – masturbate only looking at the main hero – use the Spell, aunt will come at night during sleep
Elder cousin – striptease – you can ask her anytime to do it
Younger cousin – naked yoga – use the gem, then ask her when she practices yoga
Maid – sexy cleaning – you can ask her anytime to do it
– sissy path: new elder cousin’s task – buy blouse and skirt
– fixed missing Spell of Suggestion option for the aunt
– fixed broken haircut image for two last male archetypes
– fixed wrong incorrect image while choosing two last male archetypes in the cheat menu

( – first part of the aunt’s theater event (a scene with multiple dialogs and choices, affects aunt’s opinion) – new city locations, including Honours Board – list of contributors and patrons who wish to leave their name in the game forever – new clothes: formal dress (26 options)

v0.1.2.9_nb Fixed:
– multiple notifications of completed ‘Lost and found’
– aunt’s ‘Taste of Victory’ dialog
– ‘Live and Learn’ quest display of learned spells

Main story:
– quests ‘Flush Bluch’ and ‘Communicating Vessels’ are merged into one quest ‘Live and Learn’
– added five new spells: Spell of Suggestion, Spell of Corruption, Spell of Motherhood, Spell of Power, Spell of Obedience
– new talk option with the aunt: about spending free time – will lead to the go out event in the next update
– effects of using Spell of Suggestion on aunt and cousins
– cuckold scene (visit elder cousin’s room, when she fucks her boyfriend)
– name, money, arousal and player’s portrait parameters are updated instantly as the player presses the “Set” button
– fixed missing names of the week
– added the missing “Trigger” button for the main story scene
– added the arousal option (to the stats dropdown menu)
– added perks option
– added breast, pussy, ass and anus size options
Other changes:
– two new perks: Dominant / Submissive behavior – names are self-explanatory
– the elder cousin starts the dialogue when the player visits the pool – only once a day
– sexual interactions and toy insertions increases pussy or anus size
– pussy / anus size decreases a little bit every day
– elder cousin’s new activity: fucking
– check out yourself page is redesigned again
bug fixes:
– fixed missing image for the “Cast Spell of Revelation” passage (online version)
– fixed orgasm statistics when watching porn

Release date: 13 August, 2019
Genre: Real Porn, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Toys, Corruption, Transformation, animated,, milf, incest
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: January Night
Platform: Any platform play Flash videos
Tablet: It isn’t required
Language: English
Size: 846 MB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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