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Coming Of Age [version 1.9 HD]

In Coming Of Age you play an 18 year old girl named May who has a mother, step-father, step-brother, and an older sister. She needs to get a job, attend college, and either become more corrupt or remain pure. Unfortunately, you are in charge of her decisions…

+ Changelogs
– Version 1.9 contains around 4140 CG (~300 new CG added in 1.9)
– A new event with May and her mom.
– A new event with the old neighbor.
– Expanded the 2 “default” events that can be seen at the clothing store when wearing the top + skirt outfit.
– A new event while watching TV with her dad. This will become available after unlocking the last event from v1.8 with her (step)dad.
The new events has 2 variants which each have 2 different ends. So 4 variants total.
– From 25 shame or lower May will now be sleeping nude. A slightly different CG will be displayed the next morning based on May’s lust level.
– A new event involving Gina’s father.

– Made some changes to the last part of 2nd stage job at the clothing store to make it less grindy.
– removed some older events from the webcam event in most stages. The older events can still be viewed inside the recollection room.
– The old neighbor cleaning event can now be repeated after all events have been seen.
– Installed the mouse mod for Falxon-XP with update script. To remove it rename the current game.ini and rename to game.ini

– The correct outfit is now displayed when working out at the gym when scale is set to 90% and opacity is enabled.
– Made some textual correction and fixed actor names in toy demonstration event with her sister Mia.
– Removed an incorrect CG when May is shaved during Christmas event.
– Removed some code that prevented players to see the 5th old neighbor event without panties.
– Time is now forwarded properly after the Kelly+May strip show.
– Time is now forwarded properly after playing 4th stage webcam event.

– Fixed crash when saying yes to cumming inside at the 5th event with Blake when you said yes at the 4th one too.
– Fixed 5th stage of the webcam even in the recollection room.
– Added the glory hole events to the recollection room.

– Version 1.8 now contains around 3850 CG (400+ CG have been added in 1.8)
– Added 4 new events which can be triggered during the clothing store job. (One to stage1 and three to stage2!)
– Added new dance event at the strip club. (Becomes available after Kelly’s event.)
– Added new event at the strip club after the one above.
– Added new event with Blake.
– Added new stage of the exhibitionist contest!
– Added new photo shoot event!
– Webcam events up to stage4 have been added to the recollection room.

– Replaced all the CG (and added a few variants) for the First, second and introduction stage of the webcam event.
– Made some changes to the clothing store job. You won’t have to walk to the backroom anymore when starting or finishing the job.
– Event skipping now also works for the clothing-store job. (No events will trigger when used though!)

– Fixed a bug which caused the overlay picture of the 2nd outfit to pop-up even when the overlay picture was set to disabled.
– The 5th teaching assistant even now adds 1 corruption as intended.
– Fixed some map errors.
– The Kelly stripper even should now trigger correctly after finishing the 4th stripper the 1st time instead of two times.

– The 5th community services event now has a no panties variant. Can also be viewed in the recollection room if you take her panties off.
– Added a mobile wardrobe which will allow May to change her clothes anywhere as long as there’s no active event in which case you’ll get a message.
– Added a no panties variant of the “Petting” events.
– Added a no panties variant for the college gym changing room at Friday.

– Fixed some typo’s and other minor corrections. May should now be properly addressed as (step)daughter all the time while watching TV with her (step)dad.
– Replaced one CG of the 2nd clothing store job.
– Updated FalconXP mod to version 1.01.


– The park exposure event should work properly now when taking off her panties manual.
– Fixed a bug not able to trigger the stripper event while working as piggy waitress if you’ve viewed the new stripper that was added to v1.7 event first.

This should fix the bug where you’re unable to complete the first Fliers job for Garret.

– Version 1.7 contains around 3415 CG. (1.6 contained around 3215 CG)
– May can now walk around topless inside the house and have breakfast without wearing a bra.
– Added 2 repeatable events with her dad while watching TV. One for each option.
– Added an item “panties” which will allow to walk around without panties.
– Added no panties variants of the old neighbor event in the morning.
– Added several no panties events variants (Class, Shopping)
– Added a new event in the teaching event chain. (Celia)
– Added a new stage of the fliers job. (Garret)
This new stage has 3 mini stages and a small optional event afterwards.
All these come with 2 variants (panties en no panties)
– Added a new event at the strip club. (After spinning around on the pole)

Coming Of Age v1.6
Most of the new content will be part of a new job.
The new job consists of several small stages so It might get a bit grindy to see all of then all with not as much content on the side available yet. I could have chosen to do less, but I was on a roll and just wanted to finish it up in one go.

Coming Of Age V1.5:

– Added an option for May to call her (Step)dad daddy only in the new scene thus far.
If you’re using an exciting save and have already viewed the 1st scene you’ll need to set the family relation again under settings to see the proper text in the new event or else you’ll see only 0!
It now includes a setting to use the nickname or leave it default.

` Version 1.5 now contains over 3000 CG. (1.3 contained around 2715 CG)

– Added Two new events when May is working as a stripper. The 2nd event will need to be played twice to see both animations.

– Added new event between May and her (Step)dad.

– Added new event with female family member.

– Added several small and one slightly larger interaction between May and her mother during the morning.

The event will change depending on the relationship level with her mom.
They will only trigger while wearing the Red top+skirt or the Pink shirt + shorts outfit.
The later events will only trigger wearing the later outfit (Pink shirt+Shorts)

– Added a new stage to the webcam event.
You’ll need to repeat the 4th stage to trigger it.

– All the stripper events have been added to the recollection room.

– The 5 mini-events after the 5th modeling shoot have been added to the recollection room.
You should be able to watch these if you have already seen/unlocked then before.

Coming Of Age Changes:

– Made a small fix to the 3rd clothing shop event which prevented one of the CG to be properly displayed.

– Replaced 3CG of the 3rd clothing shop events. (Bathing suit)

– Reworked Gym locker event with Gina.
Fixed lots of spelling/grammar errors, replaced most of the CG and added a few new ones.

– Lowered Gina points required to view the scene after the cheerleader event from 4 to 3.

– Fixed Lots of spelling/grammar errors of the library events and made some small textual changes.

– Fixed some spelling/grammar error for the 4th event with May’s mother.

– Players should now be able to trigger the events involving Lilly during the gym instructors job even if they skipped/missed the whole first stage of the gym instructor job.

Coming Of Age v 1.4
– Version 1.4 now contains around 2715 CG. (1.3 contained around 2469 CG)
– Added new event with the neighbor.
– Added two new events with a male family member.
– May can now start working as a stripper if her shame is low enough. (includes 2 new events)
– Added a new event after working at the gym during the 2nd stage of the instructor job!
– 3 out of the 4 events that can be seen during the clothing store job have been added to the recollection room.
(Events have also had there grammar checked/corrected. Only when replaying them in the recollection room for now!)
– The last part of the cheerleader event with Gina has finally been added to the recollection room.
(I’ve also partly edited the text/grammar for this Event. Only when replaying it in the recollection room for now!)

Coming Of Age v1.3

– Version 1.3 contains about 2469 CG (1.2 had around 2286 CG)
– Added a new event for the old-neighbor.
– Added a series of small exhibitionist events. (5 total)
– Added a new event with the science teacher.
– Added the 4th exhibitionist contest. This event consists of 3 separate events!
– The mini-events after the 5th modeling event have been added to the recollection room.
– Added a the 3rd small event while working at the strip club while wearing the piggy outfit.
– Added a small event with the old neighbor in front of his house during the morning.
– Added an option to disable the night shadow effect during at night.
Disabling it might help if you’re experiencing slowdown problems in the city at night.

Coming Of Age Changes:

– Removed the trigger for the outdoor exposure quest from the balcony exposure events.
The event is now triggered after the 1st exhibitionist contest has been completed and May’s exhibitionism is 18 or higher.
– Changed the exhibnist values needed for the outdoor alley exposure event slightly.
– You can now start the library job on the first day right after the introduction instead of day2.
– 5th modeling event can now only be started during the morning or the afternoon.
– Added some lines to the final “Homework” scene with Daniel. Mostly about losing her viginity and possible pregancy.
I also fixed a dozen of spelling mistakes and fixed a small error when replaying the scene in the recollection room.
– replaced 2CG of the May showering at home that had the wrong resolution.
– Replaced the standing picture for the pink towel and the gym outfit at college by less ugly ones.
– Reduced the number of work-outs needed to trigger the weightlifter event at the gym from 4 to 2.
– Reduced the number of work-outs needed to enable push-ups in the gym from 2 to 1.
– added a message to each exercise in the Gym when May’s confidence won’t be raised any longer.
(Each exercise will only increase her confidence twice!)
– Both events in the bathroom with May’s mother now triggered automatically instead of having to walk inside
the bathroom.
– Made some changes to event triggers of Daniel homework events. Play can now choose to postpone event and give him
a call later. Waiting too long and you will no longer be able to trigger the events!

– A lot of changes has been made the way some of the earlier events are triggered.
Instead of a fixed time/date they are now triggered by combination of shame level and/or other parameters.
Affected events:2nd photo shoot, Spying on sister, Spying on brother, Sister balcony event, Balcony expose event,
Clothing store job start, Cheerleader event, Christmass event.

– May no longer has to talk to Mike to get her pay after finishing her job at the clothing store.
– Added a hint at college for the first Janitor event when the proper conditions are met.

Coming Of Age Bug fixes:

-Fixed: May should no longer get stuck inside the photo studio when starting the 5th or 6th event during the afternoon.
-Fixed: 6th modeling event can now be triggered during the evening.
-Fixed: Leaving the adult shop should no longer result in be a repeating message after the cam toys quest has been completed.
-Fixed: When going to the toilet at college while one of the Janitor events is active and choosing to keep the door locked should now show the right event.
-Fixed: Replaced wrong CG that was displayed during the 2nd training event with Jack/Sister
-Fixed: Players should no longer be able to skip a stage of the balcony exposure event when May’s exhibition is high enough but hasn’t got the new outfit yet!
-Fixed: Quest tracking of the balcony expose events should now work properly under all conditions. (I hope.)
-Fixed: May’s avatar should now change into the right outfit and back even when the standing picture has been disabled under settings.
-Fixed: May’s avatar will now be changed back to the correct one after finishing the 3rd fly-er job.

Coming Of Age v1.1.2
-Corrected names of 3 more CG that resulted in CTD.
-(Gym at school, Event at clothing store and the last event with Mia.)
-Bug-Fix:Game should no longer crash at start of the library job.
-Bug-Fix:Corrected filename of the panties steal event which led to crash.
-Removed debugging NPC from May’s room.

Coming Of Age v1.1.1
-Game resolution has been increased from 1087×768 to 1280×960.
-Around 180CG have been added in 1.1. Game now contains more then 2000 CG.
-Added new event involving the science teacher.
-Added 2nd stage of the gym instructor job. (Will need to replay at least 3 times to see all variants)
-Added 3 new mini events for the waitress job at the strip club.
-Added new event with May’s Mother (see Event guide on how to see this event if you’re using old saves!!!)
-Added new event in which May will have to perform community service. (I Don’t want to spoil too much!)
-Added new photo shoot event.
-Added a tiny event at the end of Celia class event on Mondays. It changes slightly depending on your progress in the teaching assistant event chain.
-Added the 3 “Homework” events with Daniel to the recollection room.

Coming Of Age v1.0
– 190+ CG have been added (inc 4 animations). Total CG count for 1.0: 1850+
– Added a few more small npc interactions when May is wearing her new outfit. (note: Some of them may not be human!)
– Added new sleepwear and some small events while wearing them (during breakfast).
– Added new event with the Janitor!
– Expanded/reworked the sleepover event at Gina’s house with one big event and a smaller one. (You’ll need to replay the sleepover event to see this!)
– Added a small exhibitionist event. (This will be available after reaching a certain exhibitionist level.)
(Includes 3 variants (normal/with bush/and shaved. If you’re using existing saves you’ll might to load older save with no panties day triggered to see all variants.)
– Added CG/variant for the library Job, Clothing store job (Both stages) and the Cafe job for May’s latest outfit.
– Added a small event at night when May can walk naked around the house.
– Added 3rd stage of the exhibitionist contest! This event is bigger then the previous 2 stages.
– Added a new event at college (this one is placed between The 2nd and 3rd event of the teaching assistant events)
– Expanded the 4th webcam event with another option.
– Added all the Exhibitionist contest events to recollection room.
– The new event during class, while may’s wearing her new outfit was expanded so that it can now be triggered during
all classes instead on Monday only.
– Replaced all 7 CG of the changing event at the beach together with Gina with less ugly ones.
While I was at it I overhauled the text and fixed a bug which caused the wrong picture to display during this event.
– Reworked the way the exhibitionist TV events are linked into the game.
They will now becomes available shortly after the exhibitionist contest has started.
This way I feels it’s integrated into the game more logical.
– Made some changes to the way the Janitor events trigger.
It should now be possible to trigger the next janitor event even if you skipped (said no) in the previous one.
(This won’t work if you already said no before in an old save!)
I also changed the event so that the choice to keep the door unlocked is grayed out when the requirements are not met yet.
This way the players knows they can trigger an event when certain requirements are met.
– Quest change of clothes should now finish properly in the quest log. Only works for new games.
– Fixed bug 3rd Janitor not unlocking in recollection room properly when you choice was facial.

Release date: 28 September, 2021
Genre: RPg, 3DCG, Erotic Adventure, Female Protagonist, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Big Ass, All Sex, Humilation, Groped, Family Sex, Old Man, Lesbian, Voyeur, Teacher, School
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: crazybat
Platform: Windows
Version: 1.9 HD Modded
Language: English
Size: 1.67 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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