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Chloe 18 Fake Family [version Chloe18 New v1.0]

Chloe18 Back to Class stopped when Chloe Needed To make everyone Think That she isn’t that much of a slut herself, and Taylor is worse. Take the Part of Trevis, He tried to be a criminal to impress a girl, and failed terribly. Now with the help of Chloe, Trevis will pretend to be Taylor’s Brother. What at first it seems like a good place to hide, now while pretending to be her Brother you need corrupt Taylor and her whole family, (not that you don’t want to)
Enjoy chloe18’s world from another angle, With the hot and realist girls you know and like…

+ Changelog
Chloe18 New 1.0 Final:
The game has 14 endings.
-120 animations sex animation.
-So many side activities and optional stuff, from the good old nightlife and glory-hole, to actual office work.
-Chloe’s college experience has been completely overhauled. She can now engage in a variety of activities, such as art modeling with some unique outcomes. Swimming classes? Absolutely. She can also get detention, embark on side quests, and discover secret college quests, among many other things.

Chloe v0.4:
Good Wife Route
Chloe and her husband are in an open relationship.
Chloe is still loyal to her husband, and she is willing to do anything for him even at the cost of her own happiness.
Chloe meets a professional athlete while talking at an addiction meeting.
Her husband gets jealous and he starts accusing her of being disloyal.
A hurt Chloe goes to her counselor Gregg to mediate and help save her marriage and family.

Bad Wife Route
Chloe and her husband are in an open relationship.
Chloe feels that her husband is being disloyal by sleeping around without telling her,
so she starts to do anything she wants to fulfill her own happiness.
Chloe meets a professional athlete while talking at an addiction meeting.
Her husband gets jealous as he knows that Chloe slept with him, so he accuses her of being disloyal.
A pissed off Chloe threatens her husband with divorce,
so he goes to Chloe’s counselor Gregg to mediate and save his family.

Chloe 18 Beta 1 Release:
This is supposed to be the last update before the final version.
after the final version Back to Fake family and AMY update(please stop asking she is next I promise)


17 New sex animation
New car wash activity
Taylor corruption route
New location full of activities (gym)
SCENE REPLAY added as requested(finally)
a lot XXX new scenes with no Sex animation
Kayley selfie video add
Mackenzie selfies unlocked
New scene with Taylor’s mom
A total of 6 new side quests to help to keep track and find new content

Fixed Bugs:

ALL scenes with Makenzie in the library now can be seem
no crash or getting struck when Chloe runs out of underwear
some Engish Errors were corrected

To be fixed bugs

game can go under 0 days ( gonna be fixed only on final release)
random stuck on College (very rare) if someone can reproduce this bug 100% please contact me
Some quests may stay as ????????? instead of completed

What is new in Alpha 3:
Hanna’s Quest can be finished (7 new animations)
By running at the park 3 new scenes with Emily. You will need to run 4 times for every scene
All reported bugs has been fixed(I Hope)
To see all Hanna’s scenes you will need to reset her quest. On the quest menu there will be a option to reset it, after you finished

what is new:
Quest markers add to the game
3 New intros with it’s own story lines and scenes
start Hanna’s quest (her first scene only)
Night town it open
Glory-job (9 scenes one clothing variation so far)
P**** management added
secret quest that you are no supposed to find

Initial Release
19 new scenes, a intro most game mechanics
-Now you can buy and use Chloe’s Cowgirl/ginger outfit at her show
-Almost 50 new **** scenes
-To get the new Part of College just do the new director’s quest(Taylor should message you Monday)
-Kiss Teacher ass action Was added(finally)
-Diane Frist scene added(ask help form the nerds to unlock it)
-Red-widow Finally get *** scenes(5x)
-Kaoru DVDs where added to see as Trevis(should be removed in future updates for a better way to get them)
-Kaoru’s scene are mostly REMADE or remaster, but there re 2x entirely new scenes
-10~20 Pizza Girl and Kayley scene Could not be finished in time and will be added in a Smaller update Late January
-Meet the Dog in the park and a new fetch Option can be use to meet and fuck a “NEW” ****
-New interactive Scene with the **** Scenes(give your opinions on it)

v0.60.1 quickfix:
-fixed some strange icons that may show on some texts
-fixed achievement list when checking in on Trevis’ PC
-fixed crashed on Camshow when you clicked icon AFTER the show ended
-Cam show start is faster/ Actual Cam show is slower(so you can do more stuff)

-Chloe is now 100% playable
-77 new Sex animation
-17 New Bella pics and messages added
-Stripper Job remaster
-Night Club/bar totally Remake form scratch(was voted)
-13 new story line
-New jobs(from delivery to Stripper)
-New camgirl mini game
-NEW 2d side scroller 6D RPG(not mandatory to play)


-added 39 new sex scenes
-Several new places as attic, backyard. and more places at the map, park, coffee-shop and several smaller ones
-Several new quests
-Police can now be found on map
-A new heist
-High FPS mode, can be change at home, or by pressings “F”
-MAX crime stat is now 100
-new Pics and messages from Bella added on the new place

– fixed Crash on New game and dates

Halloween update:
-Especial update With Halloween Party(find in Taylor’s PC)
-21 new animation
-side story Style But now it’s inside the actual game
-11 new Real life themed song to give more life to the update
-Play the Halloween party with Chloe or Trevis and try to get the good ending
-Every Girl has 2 or more NEW sex scenes
-In game walkthrough added(For this update only)
-NO OLD BUG HAVE BEEN FIXED YET (This HUGE update was done in only one month, so no time fair that)
Extras Notes:
-wife and Kaylee were cut from this update, since they will have her own update very soon
-This is a side story update, inside the main Game, big enough to be considered a game by itself
-A Halloween only stand-alone game may come eventually

Chloe 18 Fake Family v0.2
-29 new Story achievements
-17 new hidden Pics of Bella
-27 new animated sex scenes
-Amy can be dated at a new date place(unlocked only after You can control Chloe)
-Chloe is now playable every Monday(after you reached step 4 on her plan)
-Chloe have her own stats + Slut and horny meters
-Pizza-girl minigame added + strip tease mini-game
-you can review any sex scene on Someone’s PC
-gymnastic Training with Taylor(other girls to be add later,Taylor will get more too)
-Kaoru added to the game
-new Meetings with tomboy
-A new heist(get if from Kaoru)
-Quick heist now let you choose what stats to get Bonus for
-Stats cap is now 50
-stats are more easy to get and more abundant
-new animated sex-scenes: Chloe:9 others: Kaoru-PizzaGirl-Tomboy-Taylor-Amelia-Amy
-About Amy: She will be a slow corruption, but since its a sex game you will be able to unlock and fuck other girl while at it
-added Antialiasing, texture filtering and Vsinc to MAC. it will look way better on MACs now
-Full-resolution Pack added as a optional download
-Secret cheat Menu added
-all old bug where fixed or are now features( the latter is more likely)
-Expect new tasty bugs made with extra care and love

Chloe 18 Fake Family v0.1
NO BUGS ans as long you dont report it will still this way
71 achievements – 71 NEW Fully animated scene each with several end options(inside -outside ETC)
50 story achievements
49 Bella Hidden Achievements
Some girls Are animated outside the sex scenes, so they move they arms, head, blinks and change face expression as you talk to them Explore
Taylor House with her whole family moving around
Explore Taylor’s college take classes , and much more
Drive around an ugly 2D MAP in GTA2 style(my art sucks)

Release date: 8 December, 2023
Genre: Male Protagonist, animated, masturbation, oral sex, vaginal sex, voyeurism, cheating, school setting, simulator, lesbian, male domination, exhibitionism, tit-fuck, 3dcg, spanking, teasing, stripping, anal sex, bdsm
Censorship: NO
Developer: GDS (Other Games: Chloe18 – Back To Class)
Platform: Windows, Android (ver.0.4 New)
Version: + Crash fix + Walkthrough + Gallery Unlock + Cheats + Chloe18 New 1.0 Final
Language: English
Size: 5.15 GB + 3.16 Gb

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]


    1. fake family is not currently available for Android. For this platform there is a version “Chloe 0.4”. You can download it by clicking on the “Android” folder. fake family may be available soon! Check the Android folder sometimes.

        1. There will be no Android version of this game. However, other GDS games are available on Android (if you haven’t played them yet).

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