Poster Time Shifter

Time Shifter [Version 0.9.7]

Time Shifter is a text based, open world game for adults about time travel. You live a gray routine life, and every day regretting about missed opportunities. But with the help of a strange wristwatch, you move to the past, and now you have a lucky second chance… to change your life.​

+ Changelog

Mr. White’s Mini Questline
• Added a new quest in the chemistry classroom – Ethan, you look like a smart guy.
• Added a new quest in the grocery store – One round-bottom flask and a few packs of big matches
• Added a new quest in the chemistry classroom – The night of science begins!
• Added a new quest in the living room – Fucking hell…
• Added a new quest in the cafeteria – Introducing our new chemistry teacher!

Side Quests
• Added new unlockable side quest in the Library: Judith`s quiz: The Time Traveler`s Wife
This side quest unlocks after you complete Judith’s quest “Welcome to the library!” in the Library.

• Added 2 new photos with redheads.
• Added 2 new photos with ebony.

• Added new action in the Basement – Look around: Basement

• Added new room in the Your House – Basement.

• Added a new character – Mrs. Anderson.
• Added reputation bar with Mrs. Anderson.
• Added a new character – Mr. Taylor.
• Added reputation bar with Mr. Taylor.

• Added step by step walkthrough for Mr. White’s Mini Questline.

Cheat Codes
• Added 2 new cheat code.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed critical bug with “Use computer” action in the computer lab.
• Various small bug fixes.

Release date: 13 June, 2024
Genre: Real porn, Male protagonist, Text based, Animated, Voyeurism, Sandbox, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Incest, School setting, Time traveling, MILF, Big tits, Male domination
Censorship: NO
Developer: HotLoad
Platform: Windows / Linux / Mac
Version: 0.9.7
Language: English
Size: 955 MB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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