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Lust Academy [Season 2 version 1.2.1d]

You play as a normal 18 y.o. guy who’s life is about to change forever! You’ll find out about the whole world full of magic and sexy adventure that awaits you at Cordale – the oldest academy of magic and wizardry in the New World. The most important thing: don’t forget to get to know other students and teachers! We’re sure you’ll find most of them… charming!​

+ Changelog
Season 2 v1.2.1d
Here’s what you’ll find inside:
Over 535 new beautiful renders.
A thrilling story told through 13 different scenes.
An introduction to the new essential characters in the game.
20 hot and juicy 60fps HD animations for your gallery.
Several grammatical errors and bugs fixed in 1.1.1 scenes.
And if you’ve already played the alpha version, here’s the short list of changes made especially for beta:
Extended the scene where Ashley and MC travel to the Academy with new juicy renders.
Improved dialogues & fixed some typos.
Fixed minor bugs all across the game.
And for those who played the beta version, we have the shortest list of changes in the history of Lust Academy patches…
Fixed a lot of bugs and typos across the game.

Season 2 v1.1.1d
Access to the first part of the Season two prologue. Travel with MC to Samantha’s parent’s house and spend some quality time with Samantha, Ashley, Olivia, and Don. Solve the mystery of Mister X and get ready to travel back to Cordale academy of witchcraft and wizardry!
We know you’re interested in details, so here’s what you get playing Lust Academy Season 2 v1.1.1:

11 new enticing scenes with Samantha, Ashley, Olivia & Don.
370 new beautiful renders for the scenes mentioned above.
13 hot full HD 60fps animations in Lust Academy.
New design of the Main menu background.
Save file transfer feature for those who played season 1 and don’t want to lose the progress.

If you’ve already tried version 1.1.1. you’re probably interested to know what’s new in v.1.1.1d.
And to be honest – not much. This patch is about polishing scenes, fixing some typos, improving dialogues, etc. So the list looks like this:

Fixed a few bugs and typos.
Improved some dialogues in Lust Academy.
Fixed some graphical glitches on renders.

625 new top-notch renders split among those 15 scenes
105 new beautiful renders for Visual Novel and active objects
Added Visual Novel version for 0.7.1
35 new scorching hot 60fps HD animations for romantic scenes
20 new charming Lustagram photos
New lesson in Victoria’s class is available in Sandbox only
Eastern eggs in Sandbox only, including a scene with a new girl
Added several decorative & active objects across the Cordale
Updated BIO in Character Info
3 new episodes were added to the Gallery
Don’t forget about the season 1 Outro scene
Added sound design for X-scenes, including female moans
Added final infographics with the progress of the main characters to the endgame screen
Now you can re-watch all animations at the end of the scene
Improved some old dialogues
Fixed several bugs

Added new hot renders for work in cafe minigame.
Reworked some dialogues in Audrey’s storyline.
Reworked some dialogues in Haley’s storyline.
Reworked some dialogues in Samantha’s storyline.
Reworked some dialogues in Amelie’s storyline.
Reworked some dialogues in Willow’s storyline.
Fixed a bug with character progression tips.
Minore bugs fixed all across the game.

12 new massive scenes with everything! From epic magical encounters to love stories and nightmares!
Visual Novel version for 0.6.1 scenes!
480 new beautiful renders with Haley, Leona, Samantha, Audrey, Victoria, Adele, and Mina.
20 new interesting renders only for VN version.
30 new mind-blowing 60fps animations to ensure you get the best user experience from new scenes.
New girl – meet Dakota, Samantha’s old rival that’s here to crash the party once again.
Added the possibility of going to the bathroom to shower and jerk-off to previous sex scenes.
Added an option to change camera angles in sex animations!
Added useful tips for the new day preloaders.
Added an active object: cauldron in potion’s class which you can activate anytime to brew potions.
Added a new recipe to Potions.
Added animated objects on the map.
Added new animated objects scattered across game locations.
Improved hints on some routes in Character Info.
Fixed bugs in Audrey’s route logic.
Fixed some character sprites in the Living Room.
Fixed a problem when you couldn’t refuse sex in Naomi’s route.
Xmas Special small update – we’ve removed Xmas Special from the main menu. Now you can access it through an easter egg in MC’s room in the dorm.
Increased the number of house points you get passively.
Returning books is now rewarded with 2 house points.
Minor interface improvements.
Fixed several bugs.

Added notifications at the beginning of a new game day.
Added camera angle change (only in one scene with Naomi so far).
Adapted code to allow translations into other languages
Fixed several structural errors.

More than 500 new top-quality renders with your favorite characters!
New dynamic and intriguing scenes for Leona, Samantha, Lily, Amelie, Adele, Lucy, Vanessa, Sadira, and more!
19 new custom-made 60-fps animations! Beautiful, as always.
Three new beautiful locations in Dale.
New scenes in Dale with Haley, Lily, Samantha, and Audrey.
New character in Dale.
New awesome map!
New 18+ scenes added to Gallery.
Improved Calendar system.
Improved some old dialogues.
Repaired menu and interface bugs.
Scenes from the last release have been added to the VN version.
Fixed 10 unfortunate animations.
Removed the limit of 5 slots in Character Info favorites.
Improved MC name detection when viewing the Gallery.
Fixed errors in Amelie and Audrey root logic.
Increased the size of the scroll slider in Lustagram.
Optimized function to calculate results when drawing glyphs.
Added a Background transparency setting for Android.
Fixed typos in old scenes.
Fixed minor bugs all across the game

We present you an exciting mini Visual Novel that includes:
– More than 230 colorful renders.
– 6 top-quality 60fps animations.
– Scenes with your favorite characters: Haley, Samantha, Naomi, Lily, Audrey, and Elijah.
– New charming character.
– New atmospheric locations.

– Fixed bugs with autosaves
– Fixed problem with disappearing interface
– Fixed gallery problems
– Fixed Molly and Sam bugs
– Fixed some typos and logic problems
– Fixed other small errors and bugs

– New game mode – Visual Novel. – If you like the story but hate Sandboxes – try this new feature to get maximum positive emotions from Lust Academy.
– More than 550 new top-quality renders with your favorite characters!
– Including 15 exciting Lustagramposts.
– New dynamic and intriguing scenes for Leona, Haley, Samantha, Naomi, Victoria, Sabrina, and Audrey.
– Over 14 new custom-made 60-fps animations! Beautiful, as always.
– Reworked Character Info sorting system.
– Added new clues for Calendar.
– Reworked Alchemy with a new potion crafting system.
– Improved some old dialogues.
– Optimized scrolling feature.
– Repaired menu and interface bugs
– Fixed bugs in the Calendar
– Fixed minor bugs all across the game

— Hotfix

– More than 550 new top-quality renders with your favorite characters!
– Over 27 new 60-fps animations! Careful not to get burned, ’cause some of them are scorching hot!
– Reworked avatars for Character Info and Calendar.
– Reworked Character Info sorting system.
– New potion lessons and new recipes to learn.
– New potion crafting system.
– House points distribution system reworked.
– Inventory and profile combined.
– Notifications reworked.
– Tutorial improved.
– Reworked and improved Lustagram mechanics.
– Added new content to Lustagram.
– Added LGBTQ+ switch to Settings (can be enabled/disabled) at any point.
– Added personal LGBTQ+ switch for characters that have those in Charinfo.
– Added $50 allowance bonus for the house that wins the weekly competition.
– Improved some old dialogues.
– Repaired menu and interface bugs
– Fixed bugs in the calendar
– Fixed minor bugs all across the game

– 5 new scenes ( Dale with Elijah and different VIP scenes in the club.)
– 140 beautiful renders. For the previously mentioned scenes.
– 20 new animations. For the previously mentioned scenes.
– New Sound-design. For most of the V0.2.2 scenes.
– Updated Quest Log.
– Updated Navigation.
– New Minigame: Fishing. (Ask Gordon in Dale.)
– Scenes updated: Journey to Dale, Naomi in the library, Behind the club. (New text only.)
– Fixed various bugs and typos.

– New zone: Dale.
– 7 New locations
– 12 new characters!
– 55 new 60fps animations.
– Around 1000 ultra-quality renders.
– More than 27 new scenes with new and old characters.
– Improved UI\UX.
– Improved Navigation and Quest Log.
– Improved Lustagram: more photos, live feed, and answers to some of your comments.
– Reworked mini-games.
– Added 1 new mini-game.
– New and improved sound design.

– NEW: Android version (hope it works fine)
– Fixed prologue mini game crashes
– Fixed problem with Sama’s room in the prologue
– Fixed “Memory run” problem
– Fixed some typos and logic problems
– Fixed other small errors and bugs

– Fixed Lily bug, now you can turn in books
– Fixed Naomi bug
– Fixed bug with quest log
– Fixed some problem with duels
– Fixed other small errors and bugs

– NEW: Over 800 renders
– NEW: More than 30 animations in 60fps
– NEW: Sandbox mechanic, discover Cordale Academy
– NEW: Interface with Quest log and Fast-travel system
– NEW: Sound design for v. 0.2.1 + some minor fixes for 0.1.2
– NEW: 4 new mini-games

v0.1.2 Hot-fix
– NEW: Gallery (now you can replay all erotic scenes)
– NEW: Added a few renders and text, to make some scenes more logical
– Fixed some bugs with sounds
– Fixed bugs with minigame crashes
– Fixed grammar errors
– Fixed bug with “Return” button in the main menu
– Fixed android version text space. Now it’s smaller

– Fixed bug with mini game

– Fixed critical bug, cause crashes the game
– Fixed bug with sounds
– Changed renders without ps
– Fixed not working button in menu

– Over 200 renders
– More than 25 animations
– 3 New girls + 3 side characters
– Updated interface in Lust Academy
– New Sound-Design for v0.1.1 and 0.1.2
– New in-game locations: Main Hall, Entrance Hall, Inner Garden, Campus, Mystic Forest

– Added Android version of the Lust Academy, enjoy!
– Fixed a critical error where the game won’t run.
– Added an option to skip voyeurism scenes.
– Added an option to expand photos from Lustagram.
– Added emoji to Lustagram.
– Refined UI elements to improve the user experience in the main menu.
– Fixed text readability so it doesn’t blend into the background.
– Fixed small visual bugs that appeared after animations
– Added default Name and Surname for the MC.
– Fixed typos and grammatical errors.

v0.1.1 Release
Lust Academy First Release
Added 140 + renders
Added more than 10 full animations 60 fps

Release date: 1 July, 2022
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Sandbox, MILF, Big tits, Big ass, Oral sex, Titfuck, Stripping, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Teasing, Virgin, School setting, Humor, Romance
Censorship: NO
Developer: Bear in the Night
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Season 1 Full + Walkthrough/Gallery Mod + Season 2 v1.2.1d
Language: English
Size: 2.44 GB + 510 Mb

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]


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