Innocent Witches

Innocent Witches [version 0.10 Beta]

Amazing and at the same time, a strange story was told to me by an old acquaintance by correspondence. He told me of the time when he was nothing but a simple guy, yearning for a young female flesh. But due to the thunderstorm of events, in which he was cast, he found himself at a disastrous end. His birth was shrouded in mystery, and his goals were that of a simple man. His youth could be the envy of all. But to live through his destiny and bear the entirety of it, is even beyond my power.
He will recite you a tale about the students who changed his life. And many women who he met, and how they have changed his fate.
We are about to take an endeavor into a magical world, that has not seen a wild debauchery since the fall of the Bewitching Guild.
The old magical school, that above all valued purity and chastity. And we also hear about a young doctor, who grew tired of old witches, and who dreamed of young and innocent witches. Many familiar characters will meet us there; some of them will take on roles you would have never expected to see them in. Child’s tale transform into the one for an adult. You have never seen them like this. What was hidden or held back from the inquisitive, but naive child’s mind, will be revealed with most obscene details…

+ Changelogs
v0.10 Beta
0. All the fixes and adjustments that were added in 0.9.7B are also present in 0.10B
1. Added chapters 5 and 6 to act 1 (new plot)
2. Added two new fullscreen scenes with two prefects
3. Added a new fullscreen scene with Helena
4. Added a new fullscreen scene with Minerva
5. Added a new fullscreen introductory scene with Xandria
6. Added Live2D animation for the first Ginny’s scene
7. Added Live2D animation for Susan’s “Inner Rod punishment” scene
8. Added first part of casual dialogues for prefects
9. Added a new location – “Road to Hagrid’s Hut”
10. Added a new location – “Gryffindor male dorms”
11. Some of the side quests, like Ginny’s quest and seasonal events, are now available in more chapters and will carry their progress between chapters
12. Slightly expanded the scene with Moaning Myrtle
13. Implemented numerous fixes and adjustments specific to 0.10.4A, based on your reports in Discord and other platforms (<3 thanks!) 14. TODO: don't forget to add more bugs before the release! v0.10 alpha
1. Chapter 4 in Act 1 was updated and integrated into the new story
2. Swimsuits quest in updated chapter was remade and remastered
3. Added 6 new locations — Faculty Entrances, Abandoned toilet and Prefects Bathroom
4. Added a fullscreen scene with a new side character
5. Added Live2D animation for Luna’s bedrooms scene (available in old plot and as a memory for now)
6. Carefully ported the most popular bugs from Python 2 version of the game to Python 3

1. Integrated Community translations into the game
2. Ported the game to Python 3 (Ren’Py 8+)
3. Updated some of the art for many characters to make them more unique
4. Fixed pause button placement on Android
5. Updated Sonya’s leveling mechanic
6. Vampiress’ quest can now be repeated if it was failed
7. Improved performance during several transitions (such as when a new day starts)
8. Nola now correctly blocks the door in chapter 3 (new plot)
9. Fixed interaction with perverted magazines in chapter 3 (new plot)
10. Text will now scroll in the dialogue window if it goes outside the frame
11. Added new backgrounds to the dressing room
12. Dialogue history is now accessible during the interactions at the table
13. Added two new polaroid photos
14. Added xray and drinking game to act 2 (new plot)
15. Fixed many bugs that caused the game to crash
16. Added Christmas and Halloween quests from act 1 to act 2, as well as other quests (new plot)
17. Added several new memories
18. Added icons next to the cursor for many objects when hovering over them
19. Added explanation about the difference between new and old plots
20. Added exit zone for Hagrid’s Hut location
21. Numerous other fixes and adjustments based on your feedback and reports <3
22. At least three new bugs were added for each fixed one

v0.9 beta
This time… it’s time! 0.9B is finally ready for release!
In this update, we’ve expanded the second chapter in act 2 with side content. Most of it is introduced in the new side quest, which starts automatically on Friday’s night. It includes three full screen events, with main and side characters, as well as a bunch of mysterious and lewd encounters. On top of that, numerous fixes and QoL (quality of life) improvements were added as well.

Here’s the full changelog:
Expanded chapter 2 in act 2 with new side content
Added a new side quest with multiple sub-quests
Added three fullscreen events, two with main girls, one with a side character
Added Live2D animation for a certain scene at night near the lake
Removed consequent skip cap when sleeping without any activities
Added several costumes and other items to the dressing rooms
Added an ability to activate community translations
Adjusted continue button functionality during scenes to be more player friendly
Numerous corrections and adjustments based on player feedback and reports (thanks!)
Long-awaited bugs were finally added to the Innocent Witches

0.9a Bugfix
Fixed a bug when starting the game!

0. All changes and fixes introduced in 0.8.3-beta update are also included in this version
1. Added a continuation to the new story – chapter 2 in act 2
2. Added two new fullscreen scenes (available in new chapter)
3. Added a new location – Hagrid’s Hut
4. Added 6 collectable photos. Get them all! (available in new chapter)
5. Added 3 new costumes for Sonya
6. Outdated bugs were successfully updated
Full list of changes can be found in changelog.txt file, or in the Extra section in the game itself.

Enhanced Live2D animation engine to support more seamless transitions between movements
Fixed existing inconsistencies in Live2D engine to reduce flickering during scenes
Added “Sandbox” mode to Hermione’s “Book of Runes” Live2D scene (available in the memories)
A bunch of cosmetic UI fixes and additions for different in-game mechanics
A couple of bug fixes across the game
Shown the new coder how to efficiently add game-breaking bugs
(Saves from 0.8.1-beta are compatible with this version)

v0.8.1 Beta
Added Live2D animation for Hermione’s «Book of Runes» scene (old plot + memories).
Fixed «Mysterious Fan» quest in Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot).
Fixed appearance logic for the night creatures in the office.
Updated art for Halloween events (Luna, Hermione, Susan).
Fixed a number of game breaking bugs in Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot).
Fixed triggers for Halloween events (they should start correctly now).
Fixed glitchy visuals when interacting with the keyhole in the office.
Corrected a number of typos.
Expanded functionality of Live2D engine in Ren’py to support future content.
Improved bugs throughout the game.

v0.8 Beta
1. Added Halloween events for each of the main girls in Act 2 Chapter 1 (new plot)
2. Added new Halloween costumes for main girls
3. Added “Mysterious Fan” quest available starting from Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot)
4. Extended the polyjuice event in Act 2 Chapter 1 (new plot)
5. Added “Risky Student” quest starting from Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot)
6. Added Daphne encounter in Abandoned wing (new plot)
7. Added hidden quest in Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot)
8. Added random creatures that can appear during the night before sleeping (new plot)
9. Added a couple of new achievements
10. Added and updated several music tracks
11. Various small fixes and adjustments here and there (new plot)
12. Optimized existing bugs and added several new ones

0.8 Alpha
1. Adjusted the story in the prologue and act 1 chapters up to chapter 3
2. Added a fullscreen scene in chapter 3
3. Added several spicy side quests available in chapter 2 and 3
4. Added a teaser for one of the new characters
5. Added a new system for buying and selling items (it will be actively used in future chapter 4 and 5)
6. Added a scene involving two Slytherin girls in act 2 chapter 1 (new plot)
7. Added two new music tracks
8. A number of polishing and QA adjustments and fixes based on your feedback <3
9. This version includes all the additions and fixes from Innocent Witches 0.7.2-beta
10. We heard you like bugs, so we put more bugs in our bugs so you can enjoy bugs while playing with bugs.

1. Updated saving system internals to make saving much faster
2. Added the ability to change the opacity of the dialogue window
3. Boosted saves and persistent files manipulations replaced with a more convenient system
4. Fixed game crash during bedroom random encounters
5. Updated Irma Pince minion
6. Updated Forest Girl minion
7. Added Wiki button
8. Added a bunch of memory scenes
9. Added dressing room for Nola
10. Added background minions in the library
11. Added the ability to change the background in dressing rooms
12. Added new items to the changing rooms
13. Many smaller fixes and adjustments based on your reports (thanks!)
14. Bugs.

This one consists of four side quests with yummy rewards like a fullscreen scene with one of the prefects, teaser of the new uniform for the prefects, as well as a number of other additions and fixes.

Here’s the full changelog:
0. (Most of the new content is available in the new story)
1. Added four side quests with juicy rewards
2. Added a fullscreen scene with one of the main girls
3. Added new uniform for the main girls
4. Restored unofficial meetings with main girls
5. Added random encounters in the corridor
6. Added new minions in bedrooms for the last stage of the main quest
7. Updated x-ray acquisition and functionality in new plot
8. Slightly updated the new plot scene with Minerva
9. Added 7 new music tracks
10. Fixed a number of annoying bugs (thanks for the reports!)
11. Added a number of QoL improvements
12. Added new bugs in accordance with multiple requests

v0.7.1 Alpha
1. Fixed the error caused by sending letters in some chapters
2. Fixed Marcus floating in the cabinet after a certain event
3. Fixed game crashing after the age check on some Android devices
4. Fixed numerous visual glitches and bugs in the new chapter
5. Fixed music and sound glitches in the new chapter
6. Polished the new chapter to make the gameplay smoother overall
7. Updated alchemy minigame interface
8. Added undressed state for Andromeda’s portrait in the new chapter
9. Minerva’s encounter in the new chapter can now be replayed via memories
10. Fixed other bugs and glitches and added new ones for you to enjoy in Innocent Witches

v0.7.0 Alpha
1. Added the first chapter of the updated plot
2. Integrated Live2D Susan’s scene into the game (no need for additional animations file anymore)
3. Integrated Live2D animations in the showers into the game
4. Added alternative scene with Minerva
5. Partly updated Helena’s and Minerva’s idles
6. Added a bunch of new and updated sexy minions
7. Added several new locations
8. Added three plot-related interactive events
9. Introduced several new characters for future events
10. Reworked and updated some of the core game’s mechanics based on the feedback
11. Added three new music tracks
12. Updated preferences screen to make it more user-friendly
13. Updated saving system and added new ESC menu
14. Updated interfaces throughout the game
15. A bunch of other fixes and adjustments based on the feedback
16. Bugs

0.6.5 Final
1. Fixed animations being stuck in certain situations (special thanks to those who helped with debugging).
2. Fixed an exception with transferring persistent data from a very old version.
3. Fixed several notification and goals issues.
4. Fixed a rare crash during transition to the next day.
5. Fixed incorrect swimsuit demonstration in Act 1 Chapter 4.
6. Fixed incorrect speaker portrait during Cho Chang encounter in Act 1 Chapter 4.
7. Other minor fixes and adjustments in Innocent Witches

1. Fixed a rare crash during transition to the next day
2. Fixed incorrect swimsuit demonstration in act 1 chapter 4
3. Fixed incorrect speaker portrait during Cho Chang encounter in act 1 chapter 4
4. Other minor fixes and adjustments

1. Updated Daphne’s animation in main menu to Live2D version
2. Fixed several critical problems with Sonya’s leveling
3. Fixed animations being stuck in certain situations
4. Other fixes and bugs

1. Hermione’s background animation in main menu was updated to Live2D
2. Fixed errors with saving/transferring game progress
3. Fixed a bug caused by sending letters to multiple recipients
4. A bunch of fixes and adjustments based on the players’ feedback (Thanks!)
5. Updated old bugs and added several new ones

1. Fixed the Book of Runes event
2. Fixed incorrect/missing translations
3. Fixed the Wheel of Fortune (WoF) event
4. Added slightly different endings for the WoF event based on the difficulty
5. Random bedroom encounters should be reachable now
6. Further updated the drinking minigame interface
7. Fixed Xandria interactions in Act 2 Chapter 2
8. Adjusted the difficulty/time-to-finish of some of the minigames
9. Added the option to use old music from the previous versions
10. Fixed problems with saving/transferring the progress
11. Other fixes and adjustments in Innocent Witches
12. New bugs

1. Added introductory CG scene with Hermione
2. Added new Hermione’s minigame
3. Added new tutoring scenes for Daphne and Susan
4. Added second date scenes
5. Reworked drinking game interface to make it more user-friendly
6. Added introductory scenes with Xandria
7. Added Christmas event with tasty rewards
8. Updated and added several new music tracks
9. Hermione’s interactions with phoenix received additional art
10. Added new costume for Sonya
11. Added unlockable journal notes for Daphne’s and Luna’s minigames
12. Added random bedroom encounters. Who knows who you can meet there ?
13. Added casual dialogues option when drinking with Minerva
14. Slightly increased the quality of the art in the main office
15. Added easier version for the statue minigame in Act 1
16. Added new memories
17. Updated the game’s engine to version 7.4.0 (better performance)
18. Other bugfixes and adjustments in Innocent Witches
19. Added new bugs

v0.6 BETA (Upd)
1. Made it possible to transfer some of the progress between versions (includes memories, Sonya, achievements, dressing rooms, as well as game preferences and screenshots). This functionality should work starting from this version.
2. Added introductory dating scenes with main girls.
3. Added bonus shower scenes for Daphne and Luna.
4. Sonya and achievements are now global and their progress is shared between different playthroughs.
5. A ton of fixes of numerous bugs throughout the whole game.
6. A new interactive statue mini-game was added to Act 1 Chapter 3.
7. Added proper hinting arrows to the early chapters of Act 1.
8. Reworked and updated Hagrid interactions in Act 2.
9. Act 2 Chapter 1 has different flow of events now.
10. Many events in Act 2 Chapter 1 were polished or changed.
11. Act 2 Chapter 1 can be finished now.
12. The quest journal received an additional hinting functionality.
13. The quest journal received a cosmetic overhaul.
14. Numerous hints were added to the quests throughout the game via hinting in the quest journal.
15. Added a warning message to the events that are not yet finished.
16. The message about new version of the game should now work correctly.

Here are some of the fixes:
1. Fixed drinking game bug where you could lock yourself out
2. Fixed Chapter 4 passage issues
3. Fixed Luna scene indentation error
4. Fixed Hermione skirt bug
5. Fixed bug with new scene staying stuck on screen
6. Fixed Chuglerita being broken
7. Fixed skip menu options in Innocent Witches
8. Fixed Susan in Chapter 4, being broken upon insulting her
9. Fixed unclear and broken goals in Act 2, Chapter 1
10. Many other smaller fixes (thank you all for your reports!)
11. Added new bugs

Complete edit of chapters through chapter 4, text and flow
Added hinting arrow system that guides you through clicking, only works up to chapter 2
Added ambient sounds, that happen when you open the window or doors, or change location
Added continuance of drinking game
Added test functionality of minigame with Hermione (not yet complete)
Added new Susan minigame, with rewards
Updated objectives as things changed in game
Added small rewards for choices in chapter 2
Added more main plot to Act2 Chapter 1
Added spying on girls prior to dating scene in chapter 4
Added dating scene in chapter 4
Swimsuit quest is simpler and easy to follow, ripped out a lot of redundant text from chapter 4 (We apologize this sucked up a lot of development time but has been the biggest complaint)
You now pick a Waifu at the beginning of that chapter and only solve/read papers of one girl
Added sound functions to support random sounds (not in use atm)
Added function to enable fining Markus for bad actions
Built scripts to swap out translations as we will be redoing the engine completely in the future, so we had to do this to support it
And last, but not least, a new scene with one of the girls, finish Act2 Chapter goals, and you will see the steps required for it in your goals, once you are on the right track.
Things that didn’t quite make it:
Minigames with Luna, Daphne and a special minigame for Chapter 3
Side dating scenes for Act 2

About the new scene:
We now have movement continue while text is displayed, this is a custom module we made for Innocent Witches and is not standard renpy behaviour
Due to this, we have added intro sounds, that have loops queuing after, which then play while the animation is happening, once the player continues, the outro music is queued, this makes it so the sound is seamless, regardless of how fast you play through the scene.
This also means, you might get annoyed by some of the loops and sound volumes, please remember you can adjust them to your taste. We had many discussions and debates about sounds and music and the fact is, it’s not easy to reach a consensus when people’s tastes are different. So if you hate the music, and want a poll about it, ask in Discord.

1. Fixed most of the critical bugs that were reported to us by the players
2. Probably added a couple of bugs as a result

1. Dark path in chapter 5 is now passable!
2. Continuation of Luna’s scene
3. Additional scenes for dark path added
4. Miniskirts quest line, you can get 2 shorter skirts on the main girls now (more later)
5. This will allow you to buy new things from an old friend
6. Dressing room added
7. Peeking on the girls in the shower introduced (minimum functionality)
8. Quest to introduce drinking game added
9. Drinking game itself added (preliminary, basic functionality) to make money
10. Sexecution catalogue and market introduced
11. Dark path special scenes with Susan for tutoring
12. Dark path scene with Hermione
13. Manipulation/Fervor mini-game added
14. Continuation of Diadem quest line added
15. Combining and breaking apart of items mechanic
16. Special scene with Daphne introduced
17. Easter egg with portraits is in game
18. Portraits now have random texts
19. Haggling with Filch mechanic added
20. Chapter 4 was slightly overhauled (updated with goals + fixed bugs + more streamlined now)
21. Added an option to change the speed of scenes/events (can be accessed via the “Advanced” tab in preferences)
22. Ability to save screenshots into the in-game gallery (can be accessed by hiding the interface via the button in the dialogue window, or by pressing “H”)
23. Bunch of different QoL fixes and additions for interface and translations

1.Act 2 begins! (there are several additions in act 1 chapter 5 as well)
2.New scene with main girl (these scenes are on light path for now)
3.Dark path can now allow you to suspend Hermione and Daphne as well
4.Drinking scene bonus for Hermione and Daphne added
5.Art added for Hermione and Susan interactions with Markus tutoring
6.Added Christmas decorations for Marcus’ office! (better late than never)
7.Updated idles for Nola and Ginny
8.Ginny’s scene was updated
9.Changing room added (WIP, only Daphne is partially added at the moment)
10.New commissar scenes with all girls
11.New random interactions with portraits (WIP, may be broken in pre-release)
12.Dark path continues up to our next minigame which is still WIP (sorry)
13.Memories were added for all girls
14.Changes to Daphne Bathwater event
15.Many quality of life improvements and additions
16.Fixed a multitude of bugs
17.Added new bugs in Innocent Witches

1.Added new manipulation abilities (both dark and light).
2.Added plot, ability to wear diadem.
3.Added lock mechanism (requirement for sex scenes).
4.Added new scene with a main girl!
5.Many requirements for said scene.
6.Redesigned the screen that pops up when error happens to be more user-friendly.
7.Added a way to get more memory fragments for Sonya (can be accessed via her menu).
8.Added early stages of tutoring, light path is fleshed out partially, for 1 girl.
9.Dark path is not complete yet.
10.Added memories, you can replay scenes (around 80% of them at the moment). Some of them have additional bonus content.
11.Added poses for manipulation scenes for future releases.
12.Increased the amount of galleons which Marcus can get (advance the plot to unlock this).
13.Fixed bugs.
14.Added bugs.
15.Started working on the next scene with one of the main girls!

1. Continuation of the main story.
Quest with a diadem.
Continued with Elena.
Quest with violation of REMEMBER.
The tendency of girls to violate REMEMBER.
Now you can slowly solder the girls.
2. Light and Dark path for passing the game, the choice affects the game.
Get a permanent position at Hogwarts.
Follow the bright path, find the girls diaries.
Follow the dark path, trick the girls into violating REMEMBER.
3. New location, bedroom in the office.
4.New costumes available for girls in the store (so far only 2, more in the future).
5.New costumes for Sony.
6. Updated the magazine, added tracking tasks for the fifth chapter.
7.Shorter skirts are now available in the game (skip)
8. Added mechanics of locking the game, while not in use, backlog for scenes in the future.
9. The fifth chapter can be completed with one girl or with all four at the same time.
10. Merlin moved to the right side of the corridor, it became easier to notice him.
11. Added tasks with all the girls, for the light and dark path.
12. The location of the flywheel of time is now random, transparency depends on the level of attentiveness.
13. Quest for additional options in the store.
14. Scenes in classrooms.
15. We increase our authority in the eyes of girls, medical examinations are just around the corner.
16. Added all the emotions in the fifth chapter.
17.Now you can follow the calls of the characters on the calendar.
18. A bunch of bug fixes in Innocent Witches
19. Added a wagon and a mountain of bugs.
20.And some other changes!

Everything is ready for the introduction of the first sex scene with one of the main girls in the next update.

1.X-ray and Influence have level 2 now:
This means panties can be made transparent
Influence will bypass stat checks to level 10 now
2.The way dialogue is displayed has been completely overhauled internally
3.Other internal changes to the code and clean up
4.Many, many, many bugfixes in Innocent Witches

1) Added support for Android: this is our first release for android, please let us know how it works for you!
2) Added new location, second corridor, this will allow us further into the castle in the future.
3) Extended Susan’s minigame and rewards
4) Updated Hermione in Chapter 4, completely overhauled most of the text for brevity, gave the player more control for skipping text with her
5) Updated the Ginny scene, it’s now repeatable AND you can get her naked
6) Added new position for Markus in text, corruption is coming, soon!
7) Additional scene with Minerva added, and a new outfit
8) Updated all Marcus minions for consistency and better art
9) Added many bug fixes in Innocent Witches
10) Created more bugs

1.Fixed display bug on layered images (this is what took the longest)
2.Made Ginny scene repeatable through summons
3.Enabled Influence for all things requiring stats
4.Updated tooltip for Influence, it will even hint when you use it for Ginny
5.Fixed other bugs, related to critical tracebacks
6.Time turner now works even when levels are capped
7.Ginny diary guesses now work in russian
8.Fixed many other bugs in Innocent Witches
9.Probably added a few more elsewhere.

Added new Ginny Quest line, with additional minigame, sexual scene (More will be added to the scene in 0.4a)
Converted the entire game internals to english as the native language, this will allow additional languages supported going forward and speed up development
Added peeking on all main girls.
Added additional main story progress on commissar positions with all 4 girls
Added a new mini-location (zoomed in office table), to allow new interactions with the girls
Redid every translation because we flipped the internal text.
Added many dependencies on stats
Adjusted stats to make the grind less-so (we hope)
Added additional easter-eggs with Ginny (you’ll have to look for them)
Added emotions in many places where they are missing (still have much more to go)
Fixed Ginny to not be broken if you lose the key, you can get to it in chapter 5
Updated the abilities buttons layout and issues with beta buttons
As noted above, Diary for Ginny is now decryptable, you will have to play her mini-game first
Added logic to corral player to the right path in chapter 5
Added additional riddle questions for Nola
Added chapter 5 objectives (YAY!)
Made it so you can buy pills from Snape, removing the hard limit set
Added hinting for most menus (it tells you what the level requirement on the stat is)
Fixed many many bugs in Innocent Witches
Probably added just as many new ones!

1.Relationship bars for all main girls (WIP, they will not provide additional content or checks atm)
2.Added Paths and abilities, you get 1 investment point, per level increase of each stat (check your journal to use)
3.Updated stats for Marcus, they were negatively being impacted(unintended effect).
4.Updated the effect of the time turner to negatively impact relationships with the girls
5.Implemented the X-Ray ability, you can now see through the girls tops, use before summoning (only works on the main 4 girls atm, it will have multiple levels of use in the future)
6.Introduction of Chapter 5, you will now enter the corruption phase and relationships here.
7.Nola door blocker has multiple ways to unlock access to the castle through stats (intellect is the easiest way out level 2)
8.Created open world experience where the player can navigate through out the castle and go to different parts, depending on time of day
9.Introduction to grading papers to make money (Chapter 5)
10.Ability to shop markets via the brochure, certain items increase relationship, others are negative (Chapter 5)
11.Summon girls for swimsuit of your choice (Chapter 5, waifu is easiest, can be used with X-Ray)
12.Updated the Important notes, it was a day off for people skipping text
13.Corrected grammar, and translations further
14.Made Hermione’s minigame easier with the ability to give up
15.Updated Ginny path to be accessible from Chapter 5 as well, if not done in Chapter 4
16.Fixed waifu selection blocking Ginny
17.Added a lot of Sonya hinting for Daphne minigame
18.Fixed other bugs in Innocent Witches
19.Added bugs

1.Reworked system for character display, now it is more flexible and allows to add more functions to it in the future. (Possible bugs)
2.Introduced characteristics, now they are actually being used.
3.Introduced time-turner for week-skip function. (early development function)
4.Added two new mini games for Daphne and Hermione, nice prizes included.
5.Added missing emotions.
6.Simplified waifu and swimsuit branches.
7.Edited English text. (courtesy MC Nietzche)
8.Edited Russian text. (Courtesy MrFrost2005)
9.Fixed many bugs in texts, code and visuals. (Courtesy of all of our players and supporters, that send us their reports)
10.Updated MC’s diary in Innocent Witches.
11.Added new items for the inventory.
12.Added new bugs.

1. Continuation of waifu branches (for all the heroines)(10 new types of swimsuits!)
2. Finished the 4th chapter.
3. Added significant number of clothes for Sonya.
4. Added level mechanic for Sonya.
5. Added hints for the swimsuit quest.
6. Added a small quest for Filch access.
7. Added secondary objectives tracking in the journal.
8. Added continuation of Ginny.
9. Added a mini game in Ginny branch.
10. Continuation of the quest with Nola.
11. Rework of the body and clothes for Daphne.
12. Updates to the Luna dream branch.
13. Updated first encounter with Helena.
14. Added new achievements.
15. Added Harris encounter.
16. Added emotions for Helena and Auriel.
17. Mistakes fixed in dead end for swimsuits.
18. Innocent Witches Bugs fixed.
19. Another pile of smaller polishing touches.
20. Bugs added.
21. Further text editing.

+ Walkthrough
+ Gallery unlock/Cheats
Android: Everything is preinstalled, so memories unlocking button is available in “extra” -> “extra”, and boosted save creating button is available when you start new game and choose a chapter.

PC / Linux / MAC: First close the game if it’s running, then create a file named erecto totalus, (works only for the public version, patron’s only version has its own code that is available on the download page at our website) in the same folder where the game’s executable file is located (Innocent Witches.exe), any extension will do, for example .txt. After that a new option will appear in “extra” -> “extra”, which will allow you to unlock the memories. Additionally, when starting some of the chapters via the New Game menu, you will get an option to start it with lots of gold and high stats.
Relevant name of the unlocking file for each current version is always available on our site

Release date: 11 June, 2023
Genre: Visual Novel, Interactive, Sexy Girls, Small Tits, Beautiful Ass, Erotic Content, Sexual training, Striptease, Trainer, Magic, School, Anal sex, Vaginal Sex
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Sad Crab
Platform: Windows / Linux / Android
Version: 0.10 Beta + Walkthrough + Save + CG ImagePack + Full Animations + Cheats + Gallery Unlocked
Language: English, Russian
Size: 1.62 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]


      1. There was a bug at first release, now they uploaded again the full version. At the first release of 0.9A it didnt work.
        The file you have now is not working.. Can you upload the new version with the fix please?

  1. The game just freezes after the qge confirmation then cuts off what to do please advice

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