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Dog Days of Summer [version 0.4.2]

Dog Days of Summer is about a young girl named Vivian entering into the last summer before she graduates college. She soon meets a mysterious woman named Tara who sets her on a more erotic course. Where she takes it and how her summer plays out will depend mostly on the player…

+ Changelog
Des sex scene
Des bathroom scene
Eva sex scene going to party with Des
mom after party
mom after not go to party
Fixes –
Add naming save slots- implemented (though I am still tinkering with it so it may change in the future)
Reworked some of the sub path. Made it so now if you are being blackmailed and chose to lick Harper’s pussy you will now be considered of the sub mindset. Also fixed a bug in the Harper teach path where the switch was not set properly. My bad. I suggest starting a new game if you want more sub content.
Hall of Fame at the end of the game. This is just a special thank you to all my $15 backers or people who have contributed a lot of money or other form of support to the game. Don’t worry. Once your name is in the Hall of Fame there is no getting out of it.

Added the hotel scene with the mom
Changed the music for the sex scenes
A lot of grammar and spelling fixes. Thank you Schnuup

v0.4.0 Preview
Finished the scene between the mom and Evaline if she is living at home and you did not go to the party.
There is also a small introduction to the party when going with the mom to the party.

The game should now end properly at all points. (if not please let me know)
some grammatical fixes.
Update Monday v0.4 preview
Hello everyone. So this is just a little update. I am not going have the party finished by next Monday so instead here is a little preview to help tied you over. My hope is to have .4 done in about 2 weeks.
I am making this preview free to everyone however the update will be the normal one dollar and up.

added scene after meeting with Rebeca.
finished scene in the bathroom
reworked the scenes with Evaline after leaving the VIP room.

a lot of spelling and grammar through the entire game
fixed a lot of image bugs either not displaying or not going away
several back end bugs

v0.3.8 Beta
added party content with Des
this also includes if Evaline is going or if she is not.
party includes 2 different threeway sex scenes
alternative regular sex scene
lots of making out
other sex scenes not involving Vivian.

went back and reworked a lot of the back end content for the game. any saves before 3.8(Preview) will most likely be broken. Should be the only time this ever happens.
fixed several wrong dialog so should be consistent with your choices.

v0.3.8 Preview hotfix
The only new content here is if you didn’t go to the party. Where you will come home and ‘talk’ with your mom. And because of the back end work this version will probably break your saves. So you will have to start a new game

earlier dialog lamenting about going to the party even if you lied about it.
dialog with Tara referring to Des being with you when with your mom.
several switches that weren’t set right. – If you can load back up to entering Ms. Harper’s office. That should fix all of them. Otherwise you will probably need to start a new game.

Evaline shopping(partial sex scene with several variants.)
added new opening menu.
added missing music

Shopping with Des
Shopping with mom
Shopping if no plans were made.


a morning scene after spending the night with Evaline that I forgot to add previously.
added a short scene if you either tell Ms. Harper off or are able to bluff your way out of her blackmailing you.

several bugs and other errors.
hundreds of grammatical mistakes.

v0.3 Beta
Same as the last 0.3 version only now in renpy instead of Visual Novel Maker

0.3 Full
A lot of dead ends. (Sorry about that.)
The night out with Des should now activate properly.
Several Grammatical mistakes.

Added music and sound effects.
Added a night out with mom if you do not go out with Evaline or Desiree/two variants of the scene. (Didn’t like how it just jumped if you did not do either.)

Version 0.3 beta

The quit button now works on the tittle screen.
Normalized some of the sound effects to they are more even with the rest of the sounds.
More grammatical fixes.
Several back end variables that were not being calculated correctly are now fixed. (Recommended you load from the second morning to make sure they are all counted.)
Auto saves now save in slot 1 instead of 14.

Morning with Des after the sleepover.
Morning with Mom.
College Morning.
College Afternoon.
Evening with Evaline
Evening with Des
Last day of class
Went back and added a lie option when talking to your mom about going to the party.

Fixed the long load times between some of the scenes.(should also fix any crashes it was causing.)
The game now auto saves before a choice.
Fixed several dead choices. All choices should now work.(this will unlock some additional scenes.)
Fixed a CG not appearing when Tara kisses Vivian.
Fixed several spelling mistakes along with other grammatical reworks.
Fixed Evaline’s name showing Eviline.

First release

Release date: 18 October, 2020
Genre: 3DCG, Female protagonist, Lesbian, Big tits, Big ass, Masturbation, Teasing, Mobile game, Sex toys, Oral sex
Censorship: NO
Developer: BlackWeb Games
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 0.4.2 + Walkthrough
Language: English
Size: 938 MB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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