Long Story Short [version 0.5]

You will be playing as a guy, who’s never really clicked with girls too much. You’d much rather spend your time on the computer than dealing with real-life relationships. However, It’ll all quickly start to change shortly after diving into the story. Your best friend, Joe, has made a significant change in his life, and he is there to pull you out of your comfort zone into a new lifestyle. Vanessa, Joe’s girlfriend, and Ann, her shy friend, are just two of the girls you’ll encounter early on in the story. Are you going to build a relationship with sweet, shy, Ann? Maybe you’d corrupt her instead? Heck, why not try to steal Vanessa away from Joe?

+ Changelogs
None yet


– Fixed a bug where parts of a dialogue with Chris(near the end of the game) on Vanessa’s blackmail + Ann love route were missing
– Windows\Linux will no longer keep saves in the game folder, so you will no longer need to copy your Saves directory between releases.
There is now an automatic check that will move those saves to the new location for you when opening the game.
Copy your Saves folder to the game folder(same as before) and open the game. This time the game will show a quick message saying the files are being moved and your saves will be transferred to the new location.
Note! This is a move operation, not a copy. While nothing should go wrong, you might want to backup your saves folder (just in case).
The new Saves location is in the appdata folder.
TL;DR – Copy your Saves folder to the game folder. Open the game. Saves will be moved to the new location.
– Save pages should now work as intended
– The Mac build now works properly.
– Disabled a swipe gesture to open menu on Android since it interrupted with game-play. Use Back button instead to open the menu.
– Fixed a bug where some saves on Insta would not load properly as well as some scenes from the Truth or Dare game.
– Fixed a minor issue where Credits sometimes skipped the first credit page and caused a delay.

The story continues! At the start of V0.4, you will go to the bar to celebrate Joe’s birthday.
If you aren’t on best terms with him you will still be there but under different circumstances 😉
The bar scene includes 4 different branches so make sure to check them all!
Then you will unlock 2 different scenes for Vanessa and\or Ann each.
Important notice:
If you are on the hate route with Ann (you told her you don’t like her when she came over) the version will end after the bar event.
But don’t worry! That route will get more content in the next version.
Overall, this version has 3 times the renders and 3 times the story than in previous versions. I hope you guys like it!

LSS 0.2.5 is not as linear as 0.2, it has better replay value. Its overall length is the same as 0.2 and it has more renders!
Truth or Dare? Our MC and his friends dive into a very daring game of truth or dare…
Framework \ General
– Ann & Vanessa menu themes added – Check out the theme option in settings if you feel like spicing up your menu 🙂
– Added game name to saves – This resolves an issue caused by placing multiple of our games in the same folder and sharing a Saves folder for different games.
For now, we still show saves with no game name (so you get to keep your old saves). Once we can safely assume most or all saves have been converted, we will only display saves for the relevant game.
This issue arises only when you place multiple games in the same folder. We still recommend avoiding it if possible.
To make sure your save was converted to include game name, simply load it and override it by saving again.

The story continues! Added routes for both Vanessa and Ann. Joe’s got a nice surprise! Some Insta girl gets oddly popular.

Release date: 25 March, 2020
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Romance, Corruption, Voyeurism, Lesbian, Group Sex
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Kamo
Platform: Windows / Android
Version: 0.5
Language: English
Size: 690 MB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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