Wicked Rouge

Wicked Rouge [version 0.9.5a]

Take over the family business in one of the most recognized pleasure districts in Hana city. However, you realize that your father’s business was struggling and counting its last days before closing the doors, but with the intervention of the local boss-like figure, you’re given a second chance to keep the building. With barely enough money to survive the coming months and a few courtesans in training, you’ve decided to return “The Red Petal” pleasure house to its former glory.​..

+ Features
3DCG interactive world – Manage your business and interact with your surroundings and other characters.
In-depth management simulator – Train your girls, upgrade your brothel, hire staff, keep track of your and courtesans health & energy level.
Progress through the story – Follow the lives of four beautiful courtesans and enjoy the story as it unfolds.
Side activities – Unlock new events by upgrading your building or interacting with various characters all over the world.
Animated busts & scenes – All the scenes are semi-animated to imbue life into the characters instead of showing only static images.
Fully uncensored & animated sex scenes – Lots of beautifully animated sex scenes.
The game crafted with passion & love!
+ Changelog
v0.9.5 A
– Fixed issue with the requirement of Nekomi to be in the party and changing her stats during “Shadows In The Dark” quests.
– Fixed issue which would cause the “Shadows In The Dark” quest to be skipped.
Dev Post

Cheat password for v0.95a

v0.9.4 A
– Fixed a crash when meeting shrine maidens under certain conditions during exploration map in Kuromaki Crossings.

v0.9.3 A
– Fixed issue with Umezou battle turn portrait causing a crash for some android devices.

v0.9.2 A
– Removed “Hire Mercenaries” button from regional map. (Mercenaries are being replaced by the story characters like Umezou or Nekomi)
– Fixed Umezou and Nekomi not being added to the party at certain story checks.

– Fixed Umezou and Nekomi not being added to the party at certain story checks and added extra safeguard check during “End Day”.

v0.9.1 A
– Fixed requests window buttons not working.
– Added additional check to avoid issues with missing image files references to old “Mercenaries”.
– Removed the “AudioStreaming” plugin which potentially causes issues for Android.

v0.9.0 A
NEW in Wicked Rouge
– Fast forward combat
– Improved combat, new skills, enemies (18 new types), mechanics and much more.
– Added day indicator.
– New equipment pieces and items.
– Option to upgrade equipment.
* Added Exploration MODE.
– New “Kuromaki Crossings” map.
– New “Bandits Caves” map.
– New “Nakatori Valley” map.
– New “Admin. Hideout” map.
(new content for 1-2 hours Part A)
– Added mercenaries. A way to fight against Tomomitsu henchmen during end-day events.

CHANGES in Wicked Rouge
– New battle backgrounds.
– Lots of changes to various GUI/Game mechanics (New shop window, option to change characters, mercenary recruitment option removed).
– Changed dojo purpose.
– Increased maintenance fixing costs.
– increased maids daily costs.
– Tomomitsu endgame calculates only when reached 100%.
– Regional map “Fist” action “Night Raid” reduces 50% Tomomitsu influence instead of 30% now.
– Changed Dojo function.
– Removed the “Training” option from the dojo.
– Removed Authorities.
– Improved “Locations” menu.
– Aggressive actions (regional map combat) against Tomomitsu reduces x2 his influence.

BUGFIX in Wicked Rouge
– Fixed Yura resting.
– Fixed wrong Dojo LVL 2/3 cost value.
– Gallery crash when the game can’t detect a save files fixed.
– Fixed mercenary resting.
– Fixed Kisayo regional map function when canceling the map with “ESC” and cannot access the menu.
– Fixed wrong end day profit value if the player is in debt.
– Fixed event with Nekomi at the lake.

CHANGES in Wicked Rouge
– Fixed grammar up to v0.7.3. Please report any issues.
– Fixed Yura’s resting issue.

The gallery works for new saves, if playing using older saves, just synch “saves” using the “office book” option.
Some events require conditions unlocked. Read the changelog for more in-depth information. Proofreading wasn’t applied, things currently are a little bit complicated and I’m in no position to hire additional help currently, but I did my best, hope grammatical errors are not that noticeable.
There was a tiny shift in the writing especially the sex scenes. I still trying to discover my way of writing and the way I realize my scenes. I tried to write them more detailed and hotter, I hope you’ll like them.
Also, I utilized some tricks I learned while animating, small details should be noticeable and I’m sure I’ll be able to bring you even better scenes with time.
Need testing, I’ve manually updated some internal RPGM mv code with newer PIXI and some java additions, highly untested, but should result in a more stable game with fewer bugs/crashes. Report any weird thing happening.
Added Tomomitsu influence growth events (He starts attacking establishment), authorities suspicion ending.
Made multiple adjustments and I hope currently the game is more pleasant to play. That includes the separation of “Study” and “Night activities (Lobby & Stage work). Courtesans can study and work simultaneously.
Lots of bugfixes and VIP/End game shouldn’t bug out anymore.

– Building upgrades cost only coins now.
– Different window skin for choices and “improvements”.
– Improved establishment upgrade GUI
– Revised starting map

BUGFIX in Wicked Rouge
– “Wanderer” and “Pedler” classes crashing the game at the start of “intro”.


Possible fix for “freeze” error during management dialogues in the office.
Experimental additional changes to courtesans profit calculations.


Fixed “low maid efficiency” indicator not showing.
Added mental states.
Added requests.
Added talents with additional new features. (use item “reset talents” which is acquired by revisiting the office (inventory>keyitem)).
Now shows when courtesans rank up and gain talent points.
Added erotic performance.
Fixed stage profit calculation. (Fudeyo&Yura were skipping theatrical drums improvement)
Changed energy formulas.
New formulas how profits are calculated all over the board.
If max rank reached while studying, courtesan will rest instead.
Removed establishment maintenance daily cost.
Improvements makeover.
Increased rooms and improvements cost.
Increased materials cost.
Increased potions cost…
Fixed HP regeneration for courtesans when they get sick.
New event(REQ): Fudeyo with a married couple sex scene (req: C rank of all skills or the total sum of 784exp points of skills).
New event: Intro to an erotic dance performance.
New event: Kisayo introduction event remake.
New event: Nekomi intro event.
New event(REQ): Saka lesbian sex with “black widow” (sex scene 4 animations)(req: B rank of all skills or the total sum of 1568exp points of skills).
New event: Kisayo hotspring sex event.
New event: Black widow introduction (req: B rank of all skills or the total sum of 1568exp points of skills).
New event: Master asks Mei how she’s doing.
New event: Saka and Yura check on Mei.
New event: Fudeyo talk about courtesans with Mei.
New event: MC and Mei chat in the garden.
New event(REQ): Yura becomes customer “wife”. (req: C rank of all skills or the total sum of 784exp points of skills).
New event(REQ): Mei with inexperienced guy. (req: C rank of all skills or total sum of 784exp points of skills).
New event: Kisayo with MC in the garden during night.
Event changed: Added a section of story where mei gets her new room when she becomes a courtesan.
New event: MC trains with Nekomi (requires dojo and day>37).
New event(REQ): Yura with a giant man. (req: B rank of all skills or total sum of 1568exp points of skills).

Small other changes not worth mentioned here.

Fixed “The old dojo” quest completion.
Fixed “Dojo” upgrade bug causing an empty scene if clicking on upgrade lvl 3.
Fixed frame rate drop during scenes with additional bust (for example intro with creepy smiling assassin).
Fixed “Stage” profits.
Minor changes to shrine buffs.
Fixed transparent Umezou pictures in the dojo.
Fixed AP error in Dojo when training.
Multiple fixes to “skip intro” function.
Fixed icons not showing up when maintenance&cleaniness are low.
Added maid efficiency percentage indicator if below 75%
Fixed Fudeyo’s not working event after an encounter with her brother.
Slightly better reputation gain.
Fixed “skip intro”.
Fixed UI not showing on mobile devices (android).

Fixed “images not found” for linux, mac, android
Fixed off-center text in some of the dialogue choices
Other minor fixes not worth mentioning

Fixed version display on the title screen
Fixed various pictures display bugs during intro’s

New title screen.
Added combat.
Added relationship window.
Added parameters window.
Added skill window.
Character class pick screen at the beginning of the game.
New short unique intros to each class.
Fixed fade-in effect opening various menu’s/overview screen/when transferring into new maps.
Fixed girls overview screen open/close scene
Fixed bugged mouse cursor when you leave girls overview.
Fixed City Map icon on the selection (added hover effect).
Reworked variable display in overview map etc. Basically new (better) method to display UI management aspects etc.
Added Action Points
Fixed variable display when skills pass their maximum in the girl’s overview screen.
Fixed cursor bug when playing windowed mode and you leave game screen/return with the cursor.
Small changes in the story.
Added party hud.
Added dpad for android.
Added party rearrangein Wicked Rouge
Added mercenary hiring in Wicked Rouge
Added Regional Map (gameplay addition)
Added internal pleasure house traveling between rooms
Added 6 girls rooms in Wicked Rouge
Added Dojo in Wicked Rouge
Fixed auto resting incorrect values when checking when to rest and HP restoration.
Fixed End day UI after the first night with Fudeyo.
Fixed auto resting cancelation upon leaving girls overview screen.
Fixed Mei first time giving no money if she’s sold to the customer.
Fixed Mei after the first-time event (busts problems)
Added entertainment low food&drinks indicator
Added various visuals indications (low maintenance, low cleanliness, low food, low drink, etc.)

Fixed Fudeyo’s brother arm cutting event for android (progress bar not filling up).
Fixed Oshi showing up in the training room.
Fixed sex training scenes restarting/bugging.
Fixed black screen on start up.
Minor income balance changes&small fixes+tweaks.

Fixed black screen issue during animations.
Fixed “Pray for knowledge” bug resulting in insane exp rate.
Fixed “The Red Petal revival” quest failing bug.
Fixed option to call Fudeyo even though she’s in “trauma”.
Small tweaks&fixes

Fixed black screen issue during animations.
Fixed “Pray for knowledge” bug resulting in insane exp rate.
Fixed “The Red Petal revival” quest failing bug.
Fixed option to call Fudeyo even though she’s in “trauma”.
Small tweaks&fixes

Added touch support to sex training heart mini-game
Added touch support to expanded dialogue choices
Fixed map travel arrow keys leading to an empty list
New event: Saka talks with the client (1 sex scene (2 animations/Anal scenes))
New event: Talks about religion, unlocks Sacred shrine.
New map: Sacred shrine
New function: Pray for various buffs
Added sex scene: Donate to the shrine to get sexy with shrine maidens (2sex scenes (4sex animations)). Additional content will be added later.
Added 12 new animations to sex training.
New event: Yura is bored
New event: Fudeyo’s asks Saka how she’s doing
New event: New sheets
New event: Talk about reputation
New event: Fudeyo’s murderous brother
New event: Saka&Yura at the beach
New event: Dream
New event: Yura’s group sex
New event: Talk with Fudeyo&Mei asks
New event: Mei trips in Wicked Rouge
New event: Mei scolded in Wicked Rouge
New event: Umezou about finances&Mei start
New event: Everyone finds out about Mei
New event: Mei virginity check (1sex animation)
New event: Choice [take Mei virginity yourself || sell her virginity to the client] (2 animations)
Mei prostitution & training unlocked!
New event: Mei&Yura interaction
Small income balance

Grammar fix thanks to NINJAOFORTHANC and Marutain.
Fixed the issue with the quest log showing wrong variables for “The Red Petal revival”.
Fixed the issue with a mouse click, not forwarding the message and message buttons not showing up. (can occur again, use “Enter” and inform me which scene causes trouble)
Corrected overview display of choice of study. (studying “beauty” previously showed as “charm”)
Fixed Saka/Yura quest “first step” competition.
Fixed variable display for Yura’s energy during the resting end day event.
Starting a reputation increased, resulting in better profits. (no need start over, it’ll be applied automatically)
Fixed capitalization of some images for Linux support.
Added scroll bar to various menus.
Increased total savegame slots to 35.
Reduced sickness effect to health regeneration reduction from /2 to /1.4.
Increased profit for an entertainment room.
Increased profit for the guest room.
Increased profit for the hot spring room.
Increased profit for ordinary yujo.
Decreased profit for courtesans.
Added a bonus to Fudeyo prostitution earning. (professional trait)
Fixed problem with not updating correct variables upon upgrading rooms/buildings. (bedrooms max girl slot or office income bonus)
Fixed issue with not updating the correct variable’s popularity.
Added low maintenance and cleanliness notification about reputation loss.
Low maintenance can trigger bad events. (girls get hurt, low profit for that day)
Girls dialogues at the office and training room are merged now (Training room/Office room use the same dialogue tree). You can issue activity commands in the training room now, except sexual training is still exclusive to it. Quest etc. can be activated in both rooms.
Fixed Oshi management report.
Reduced micromanagement in dialogues.
Used different zip method for mac version. It should work now.
Added an option for girls to rest and return to work automatically when their health reaches your designated threshold.
Removed damage to reputation if customers not served in the entertainment rooms. (if 0 food/drink)
Lowered reputation gain for all activities.
Reduced food/drinks consumption rate for entertainment room by 2x
Rebalancing all rooms/building/courtesans/ordinary yujo profits to less dramatic. (previously early game was too hard, end-game too easy with insane profits)
Reduced damage to health after sex training for the player
Increased player energy amount.
Removed daily exp loss.
Rebalanced sex training. Carresing&Service will require more energy (10).
Reduced training sex night. service gain.
Improved training sex fetishism gain.
Added skill tree framework accessible through the overview window.
Added additional window at the “end day” event. It’ll display profits after wage/maintenance deduction to get a better idea of how much you earn or lose from a certain activity.
Added a “Joyous Day!” event. Occasionally this event starts and for straight two days profits and reputation gain increase.
Increased resting regeneration speed.
Added notification to sexual training once your hp is below 50% informing about efficiency.
Changed how building upgrades display materials needed.
Other small fixes&tweaks.

Release date: 15 May, 2021
Genre: 3DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Vaginal sex, Handjob, Footjob, Prostitution, Oral sex, Creampie, Animated, Brothel management, Humor, Drama, Virgin, Trainer, Simulator, Creampie, Teasing, Groping, Sexy girls
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: fidless
Platform: Windows, Android
Version: 0.9.5a
Language: English
Size: 1.57 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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