Wicked Rouge

Wicked Rouge [version 0.2.1 Bugfix]

Take over the family business in one of the most recognized pleasure districts in Hana city. However, you realize that your father’s business was struggling and counting its last days before closing the doors, but with the intervention of the local boss-like figure, you’re given a second chance to keep the building. With barely enough money to survive the coming months and a few courtesans in training, you’ve decided to return “The Red Petal” pleasure house to its former glory.​..

+ Changelog
Fixed black screen issue during animations.
Fixed “Pray for knowledge” bug resulting in insane exp rate.
Fixed “The Red Petal revival” quest failing bug.
Fixed option to call Fudeyo even though she’s in “trauma”.
Small tweaks&fixes

Added touch support to sex training heart mini-game
Added touch support to expanded dialogue choices
Fixed map travel arrow keys leading to an empty list
New event: Saka talks with the client (1 sex scene (2 animations/Anal scenes))
New event: Talks about religion, unlocks Sacred shrine.
New map: Sacred shrine
New function: Pray for various buffs
Added sex scene: Donate to the shrine to get sexy with shrine maidens (2sex scenes (4sex animations)). Additional content will be added later.
Added 12 new animations to sex training.
New event: Yura is bored
New event: Fudeyo’s asks Saka how she’s doing
New event: New sheets
New event: Talk about reputation
New event: Fudeyo’s murderous brother
New event: Saka&Yura at the beach
New event: Dream
New event: Yura’s group sex
New event: Talk with Fudeyo&Mei asks
New event: Mei trips
New event: Mei scolded
New event: Umezou about finances&Mei start
New event: Everyone finds out about Mei
New event: Mei virginity check (1sex animation)
New event: Choice [take Mei virginity yourself || sell her virginity to the client] (2 animations)
Mei prostitution & training unlocked!
New event: Mei&Yura interaction
Small income balance

Grammar fix thanks to NINJAOFORTHANC and Marutain.
Fixed the issue with the quest log showing wrong variables for “The Red Petal revival”.
Fixed the issue with a mouse click, not forwarding the message and message buttons not showing up. (can occur again, use “Enter” and inform me which scene causes trouble)
Corrected overview display of choice of study. (studying “beauty” previously showed as “charm”)
Fixed Saka/Yura quest “first step” competition.
Fixed variable display for Yura’s energy during the resting end day event.
Starting a reputation increased, resulting in better profits. (no need start over, it’ll be applied automatically)
Fixed capitalization of some images for Linux support.
Added scroll bar to various menus.
Increased total savegame slots to 35.
Reduced sickness effect to health regeneration reduction from /2 to /1.4.
Increased profit for an entertainment room.
Increased profit for the guest room.
Increased profit for the hot spring room.
Increased profit for ordinary yujo.
Decreased profit for courtesans.
Added a bonus to Fudeyo prostitution earning. (professional trait)
Fixed problem with not updating correct variables upon upgrading rooms/buildings. (bedrooms max girl slot or office income bonus)
Fixed issue with not updating the correct variable’s popularity.
Added low maintenance and cleanliness notification about reputation loss.
Low maintenance can trigger bad events. (girls get hurt, low profit for that day)
Girls dialogues at the office and training room are merged now (Training room/Office room use the same dialogue tree). You can issue activity commands in the training room now, except sexual training is still exclusive to it. Quest etc. can be activated in both rooms.
Fixed Oshi management report.
Reduced micromanagement in dialogues.
Used different zip method for mac version. It should work now.
Added an option for girls to rest and return to work automatically when their health reaches your designated threshold.
Removed damage to reputation if customers not served in the entertainment rooms. (if 0 food/drink)
Lowered reputation gain for all activities.
Reduced food/drinks consumption rate for entertainment room by 2x
Rebalancing all rooms/building/courtesans/ordinary yujo profits to less dramatic. (previously early game was too hard, end-game too easy with insane profits)
Reduced damage to health after sex training for the player
Increased player energy amount.
Removed daily exp loss.
Rebalanced sex training. Carresing&Service will require more energy (10).
Reduced training sex night. service gain.
Improved training sex fetishism gain.
Added skill tree framework accessible through the overview window.
Added additional window at the “end day” event. It’ll display profits after wage/maintenance deduction to get a better idea of how much you earn or lose from a certain activity.
Added a “Joyous Day!” event. Occasionally this event starts and for straight two days profits and reputation gain increase.
Increased resting regeneration speed.
Added notification to sexual training once your hp is below 50% informing about efficiency.
Changed how building upgrades display materials needed.
Other small fixes&tweaks.

Release date: 22 November, 2019
Genre: 3DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Vaginal sex, Handjob, Footjob, Prostitution, Oral sex, Creampie, Animated, Brothel management, Humor, Drama, Virgin, Trainer, Simulator, Creampie, Teasing, Groping, Sexy girls
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: fidless
Platform: Windows / Android
Version: 0.2.1 Bugfix
Tablet: It isn’t required
Language: English
Size: 924 MB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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